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The Princess Game: A Reimagining of Sleeping Beauty

The Princess Game A Reimagining of Sleeping Beauty They call her the Sleeping Princess but Celeste is far from asleep Celeste has been cursed since her sixteenth birthday just not in the way the rest of the kingdom thinks All they see is her breath t

  • Title: The Princess Game: A Reimagining of Sleeping Beauty
  • Author: Melanie Cellier
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • They call her the Sleeping Princess, but Celeste is far from asleep Celeste has been cursed since her sixteenth birthday just not in the way the rest of the kingdom thinks All they see is her breath taking beauty, marred by her foolishness Only she knows that she retains her brilliant mind And it s a secret she must keep at all costs.Over the years she s grown accustomThey call her the Sleeping Princess, but Celeste is far from asleep Celeste has been cursed since her sixteenth birthday just not in the way the rest of the kingdom thinks All they see is her breath taking beauty, marred by her foolishness Only she knows that she retains her brilliant mind And it s a secret she must keep at all costs.Over the years she s grown accustomed to the necessary deception After all, her life depends on it And she s even found a way to protect her kingdom, working from the shadows But now a dangerous new threat has emerged, one that Celeste can t defeat alone She needs the help of a newly arrived prince One who s altogether too handsome and too charming Somehow she needs to keep her secret, save her kingdom and find a way to free herself from the curse The last thing she has time to do is sleep.In this reimagining of the classic fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty, it s only the princess mind that is asleep And sometimes appearances can be deceiving.If you enjoy clean romance, adventure and intrigue, then try the books in The Four Kingdoms series now Each book can be read as a standalone story However, for greatest enjoyment, they should be read in order.The Four Kingdoms Reading Order The Princess Companion A Retelling of The Princess and the Pea Book One The Princess Fugitive A Reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood Book Two Happily Every Afters A Four Kingdoms Novella The Princess Pact A Twist on Rumpelstiltskin Book Three A Midwinter s Wedding A Four Kingdoms Novella The Princess Game A Reimagining of Sleeping Beauty Book Four

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    1 thought on “The Princess Game: A Reimagining of Sleeping Beauty

    1. The fourth book in The Four Kingdoms series by Melanie Cellier. Princess Celeste of Lanover is cursed. On her 16th birthday the cursed took effect and Celeste "went to sleep". But it was only her mind that slept. To all around her she appears to be foolish and oblivious to her surroundings. But Celeste's mind isn't really gone. She is able to move around the castle in disguise and gather intel to hopefully keep her country safe. When her brother and his bride return from Northhelm, they bring th [...]

    2. Celeste is Cordelia's(from book 3.5) older sister and after Cordelia was my favorite FMC of this series. I really like where the author went with her retelling. Celeste is super smart and beautiful. Unlike in the original, it's not her body that sleeps, but her mind. And even that isn't quite true. Celeste is still super smart, but the curse prevents her from sharing that. Any hint of her intelligence is severely pushed by the curse. Her body language and words have to be carefully regulated so [...]

    3. I loved the premise: the princess is cursed not to fall asleep physically, but mentally (at least everyone thinks she's lost her mind). Meanwhile, she's actually the kingdom's spy master, cursed to hide her intelligence from everyone around her as she attempt to protect her kingdom. Check this one out!

    4. My favorite of this series! All these books are very fairytale. Happy ever afters and predictable endings but sometimes a simple, cute series is what you need! Also, I am incredibly impressed by the beautiful way the author retells a classic fairytale in a way all her own.(This book especially.)

    5. Another delightful retelling from this talented author, this one filled with action and adventure like the others, and plenty of fun romance. These books are quick reads and just plain fun. Recommended for lovers of action-packed tales with sweet romance and likable characters in a well-developed fantasy world.

    6. I'm pretty torn between "Liked it" and "It was ok." This book had some great things going for it. The twist on Sleeping Beauty is awesome. I'm sure you know what it is already, so no need to rehash it. I've never really liked the Sleeping Beauty story . . . and Melanie Cellier's plot actually made it interesting. There's a nice 'moral of the story' at the end too. What damaged my enjoyment of it was the few (though significant) plot holes I came across. Some characters made decisions/had thought [...]

    7. I'm seriously reading these so out of order Celeste is Celine's older sister (Celine who joined the twins for their adventures across the sea and the Princess Tourney). Vague mentions had been made in the other books, but this was a treat.Spies! Dual identity, clever princes and even more clever princesses! Family plots and scheming! True love!This had it all. Though I did end up disliking Celine in this. Maybe because it's set 4 years prior to when the twins and her begin their adventures so he [...]

    8. Sleeping Beauty? Try The Scarlett Pimpernel. This had more in common with that story than with the classic fairy tale-- but that's okay! Honestly, I've never been a fan of Sleeping Beauty in any of its retellings. The Princess Game had a lot of nods to the fairy tale, but its substance, and the character herself, reminded me SO much of the Scarlett Pimpernel. Super cute, like the others in the series, and probably my favorite so far.

    9. Instead of Sleeping Beauty going to sleep on her 16th birthday, this tale has the princess Celeste fall under a curse that makes her appear to have lost her mind, or more specifically, to have become a mental and emotional child. However, she retains her intelligence and, indeed, is one of the most intelligent women in the kingdom. She finds a way around the curse, which does not allow her to reveal her true mind to anyone, by going undercover at night when nobody guesses Celeste is not safe in [...]

    10. (I received a digital copy of the book. Thanks to Melanie Cellier!!)I'm in love with this final book just as I had been with the other ones. Infact I felt a little more attached to this one. I guess it has something to do with it being the last one in the series. I'm delighted that a new series of beyond the four kingdoms is coming up. Its always hard to say goodbye.This book is great and I have liked William since the last book. His name is just suiting of a prince. Celeste is a good princess a [...]

    11. ***Edit: I guess I am the only person who wasn't fond of this book. I don't get why every review is "5STARS! BEST BOOK EVA!!" So as a peace offering, I'm changing the rating from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 stars. 2 and a half stars *1/2What a load of garbage.After the good first two books and the OK third book in this series, it baffled me just how bad this one is.You'd think this book would be good after all the build-up of Celeste's curse in previous books. But NOPE! OF COURSE it ended up being a dumb cur [...]

    12. This was a very interesting version of Sleeping Beauty. I really liked Melanie's take on it. I liked that Celeste had her intelligence intact within her and was working for the safety of her country and no one in her family had any inkling of it as she was the air head on the outside they all believed her to be. Aurora was a wonderful surprise - Celeste's freedom to be her true self without the curse stopping her, and her beauty not getting in her way. She could work to help her country by being [...]

    13. Now this! This is what I love! What a twist! I have wanted to know about Celeste ever since she had shown up. Though I will admit to not giving her much attention in the Princess Companion. Anyways, a cursed princess? Well, how is she cursed? She's the prettiest princess. That can't be a curse?! Well, it seems to be her mind. They say it's sleepingrt of like she turned stupidy not quite that either.So Princess Celeste has been cursed to act as if she was missing one too many apples from the appl [...]

    14. A very impressive tale. Sleeping Beauty isn’t one of the fairy tales that is frequently retold, like Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast, but this retelling jumps those hurdles beautifully. Twisting the “sleeping” to be all of Princess Celeste’s intelligence was a smart move, and the contrary actions between the two personas was fun and interesting to read. I especially liked how the villain/evil godmother conflict was resolved. Lots of nuance is given to these characters, which I wasn’ [...]

    15. New take on an old taleCeleste the Sleeping Princess isn't "sleeping", her curse is more mental than physical. She has found ways around her curse which how she became the postmaster Aurora. She uncovers a plot that could destroy her kingdom. With the help of the Prince, her network of spys, and her little sisters Celine, the plot thickens to unravel about her aunt who cursed her as a babe.I think that the curse being of the mind was brilliant. I like how she able to work around her curse.

    16. Nicely done!I think the story of Sleeping Beauty is one of the most boring fairy tales aver written. But this retelling is the best I have ever read. The author really made this interesting by not having the princess actually asleep bit just having her mind/intelligence asleep. I love the way she incorporated her alter ego Aurora as a spy. I also like how the princess wasn't a helpless floozy waiting to be saved. I stayed up and read this late into the night until I finished itLooking forward to [...]

    17. Yay, I finished the series! Lol This final book was interesting and entertaining even though the curse was a little annoying or confusing at times. Also, it was a little unbelievable that if Celeste covered her face, except her eyes, that Prince William or even her sister couldn’t recognize her. Lol Kind of like Superman and Clark Kent. ;) But, overall, I enjoyed the whole series and liked the spin the author took on the different fairytalesd how she weaved them all together. If you like clean [...]

    18. I have loved each story in this series, but this one was my favorite! So good and so well written! I love the clever reimagining and the characters, the humor, the romance, the​ adventure. I was snatching every moment possible I to read this story. I also love that she proves you can write a great story without sex and bad/foul language. That is true talent! There is only one bad thing about this books and the restey end! I want more! I will be impatiently waiting more of Melanie Cellier's boo [...]

    19. I love these books this one is a little funnier than the other ones but it also has more romance, being the retelling of sleeping beauty it makes sense but it is light enough for a teenager to read and enjoy! I am also a Christian so I love the morals that it teaches in all of the books of this series. And I can't wait for more to come out! they are page turners and hard to put down but it also has action adventure and mystery which are some of my favorite things to read so if you like action my [...]

    20. I loved this book! Might be one of Melanie Cellier's best yet. Some minor typos- like commas in the wrong places and such- but otherwise I can see that her writing has improved since The Princess Companion (which was also fantastic and I recommend reading it if you haven't already!). I loved the storyline! The themes/messages were also well translated into the story, and they didn't feel forced or cliche. Celeste's curse and inner struggle were interesting to explore and I enjoyed the romance as [...]

    21. I loved it! It had romance, action, intrigue and a totally new and creative spin on Sleeping Beauty and her curse. Oh my, I devoured the book in a day, and it makes me want to read the series again from the beginning Celeste/Aurora was an amazing character to get to know- Her inner struggle with hatred and bitterness, how she learned the freedom of forgiveness. She became strong, using her limitations and 'weakness' to an advantage.A must read for anyone who enjoys a good retelling!

    22. I think this has been my favorite since the first book. I admit, I was a bit skeptical at first -- the curse was a bit hard to follow for me, it seemed muddled and under-thought. However, the more I got into the story, the more I was able to keep track of the curse. It may have been a bit too convenient, but it worked well anyway and the story had a very nice flow to it.Well told, entertaining and fun, an overall satisfying read.

    23. I think this may be my favorite of the Four Kingdoms series. Cellier has done a wonderful job making the story of Sleeping Beauty more than a simple fairy tale. The princess in this story has an engaging secret and winds up being much more interesting to me.If you have enjoyed other stories by Cellier, I expect you will enjoy this one as well. Lovers of fairy tales, adventure and clean romance will also enjoy this tale.

    24. A clever twistWhat a clever twist to the Sleeping Beauty story! All of Ms Cellier's Four Kingdoms stories have been well written , with well developed characters and plot. While classified as Young Adult these are enjoyable by readers who are well past "young". This last book ends as if Four Kingdoms series is at an end, which would be a shame. There are several other characters who would do well as central figures.

    25. Definitely a great ending to the series Celeste is trapped inside her head cursed to sleep at least mentally. What a fun twist to sleeping beauty. I love her alter ego aurora. So glad I got to see all four kingdoms resolved Although I can't help wanting to know more about the family. Does her brother ever find true love?

    26. Beautiful reimagining of a classic fairytaleI have LOVED these books so much! This was a fantastic addition. Like always, Melanie Cellier has managed to take a well known story and completely rework it into a gorgeous, multi-faceted gem with romance, adventure, flawed characters and masterful character development. Clean, I'd rate it PG

    27. Maybe my favorite of the main stories so far??? Celeste was quite a character, her reimagined Sleeping Beauty was fascinating! William didn’t come to life quite as much in this book, but I think it’s because we already knew him from 2 books. This story was also so creatively redone. I really enjoyed all of it! Now we just have to see about Frederic, Cassian & Celine

    28. This was an adorable book. It was well-written, and I especially loved the characters. They jumped off the page. They all felt fully formed. My biggest issue, though, was the premise. Having her mind sleep rather than her body was interesting, but I thought the way it played out was a little contrived. BUT that was my one complaint. It was an enjoyable read.

    29. It’s a beautiful story of a girl who learns to let go of hate and bitterness, and instead find freedom in forgiveness. It has action, love, intrigue… and besides a few kisses and injuries, is completely clean and engaging.--Wondering about the content?The BookSeeker - Princess Game

    30. Worth reading Such an amazing twist to have an intelligent princess who is forced by a curse to act like a fool in public. The strong characters especially female ones in these books plus the fact that the author makes true love a journey not a eyes lock sorta thing makes this the perfect fairytale.

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