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Pitch Please

Pitch Please Baseball is life the rest is just details Everyone who s played the game has heard those words a time or two But Hancock has heard them his entire life from his parents His family has lived and breat

  • Title: Pitch Please
  • Author: Lani Lynn Vale
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Baseball is life, the rest is just details Everyone who s played the game has heard those words a time or two But Hancock has heard them his entire life from his parents His family has lived and breathed baseball even before he started little league Hancock Parts Peters has a name that inspires grins across many faces, but the moment those faces get their first lookBaseball is life, the rest is just details Everyone who s played the game has heard those words a time or two But Hancock has heard them his entire life from his parents His family has lived and breathed baseball even before he started little league Hancock Parts Peters has a name that inspires grins across many faces, but the moment those faces get their first look at him, those grins slide away Hancock is gruff, filterless, and doesn t give a crap who he offends He is the only man in baseball who doesn t care if he gets an endorsement or not He s there to play the game He s there to win He s there because baseball is his life People think he s a jerk And maybe he is But if that s how he has to come off to get people to leave him the hell alone so he can play in peace, so be it The less people he has to worry about offending, the better Don t let the fear of striking out hold you back Sway Coffman didn t mean to rock the boat She was just there to do her job Sure, she was a woman in a man s world Yes, she beat out several of those men to get the job as head athletic trainer for the professional baseball team, The Texas Lumberjacks And yeah, she now got hate mail from those men But she s good at her job, and she earned the position What she is not good at, however, is talking to men Men seem to see her curvy hips, large breasts and thick thighs and automatically think she is incompetent Because surely a fat girl couldn t get the job treating some of the most fit and athletic men in the world, right Wrong This fat girl got the job, and she is proud of it What else did she get The attention of the sexiest bearded man she d ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on It was enough to bring to her down to her knees in front of that man, the hot and grumpy baseball player, Hancock Peters.

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    • Best Read [Lani Lynn Vale] ✓ Pitch Please || [Humor and Comedy Book] PDF ☆
      485 Lani Lynn Vale
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    1. 4.5 starsIt's been a while since I've read a LLV and I absolutely adored this! Professional baseball player and the head AT falling for each other - yes please!-no cheating-no ow drama whatsoever-om drama -her ex showed up but caused zero problems for the couple-no pushing away-some steamy scenes-no violence-safe-ok epilogue

    2. 5 'Handcocked' StarsO M F GOOOOOODDDDD!!! Talk about a true GRAND SLAM!!!It's the truth, Ladies and Gentlemen, Lani Lynn Vale has yet again knocked out of the park! She did it in Contemporary Romance, she did it in MC Romance, and she did it again, with PNR, so I shouldn't be the least bit surprised when she gives us this brilliant Sports Romance Debut! Seriously, talk about a Midas touch, this story was sporty romance perfection, and you NEED to get Hancock and Sway's story STAT! You won't want [...]

    3. So good4.5 starsIt's been a while since I've read a LLV and I absolutely adored this! Professional baseball player and the head AT falling for each other - yes please!-no cheating -no ow drama whatsoever -om drama -her ex showed up but caused zero problems for the couple-no pushing away-some steamy scenes -no violence -safe -just ok epilogue

    4. I remember when I used to run and preordered this author's books because I couldn't wait to read them But now I just buy the books until the day they're released and lately I haven't even been excited to read her books.I don't know what happened with this one. I just don't know.Could it be the fact that I got tired of the heroine mentioning how "fat" she was? Or her big "tits"?Even in the epilogueCould it be the fact that she had little to no experience? (view spoiler)[ One freaking boyfriend an [...]

    5. Hancock "Parts" Peters is a man known for his reputation being gruff, playing ball, and telling it as it is. Sway Coffman knows she beat out others for her job as athletic Trainer for the Texas Lumberjacks baseball team, but she is the best in her field and is not letting anyone stand in her way. When she meets Hancock for the first time, she is a bit awe struck as she has had a crush on him she can remember. Hancock wants Sway and has a alpha caveman way of wooing Sway. Sway is not sure what is [...]

    6. With a sexy alpha baseball player, a feisty compassionate heroine, humor, major chemistry and just enough drama, Lani Lynn Vale hits an out of the park grand slam with Pitch Perfect!I’m addicted to Lani Lynn Vale’s MC series, all of them and I love her I Like Big Dragons series and she has once again 100% captivated me with Pitch Please, the first book in her new There’s No Crying in Baseball series. Parks and Sway are all I could ask for in a book couple. Sway is the Head Athletic Traine [...]

    7. romanticcynicblog.wordpress.cBeware of Spoilers!Star Ratings:Heroine (Sway): 20s??Hero (Hancock): 32yrs oldPlot: 3/5Grovel: noneCheating: noneHEA: yes with kidsTriggers: noneAverage score: 3.5/5Best Line: “Manliness isn’t seasonal, Sway.”Worst Line: “I bit my lip and turned my head away, unable to look at that thick, dark hair and not orgasm.”Personal Review:A solid sports romance between a gruff baseball player and a confident but sensitive athletic trainer.Random Ramblings:•Not a b [...]

    8. 5 Stars!I know I'm gonna take a little heat for my next statement (yes I'm looking at you Renee, ha!) but this is my very first Lani book and you can bet your sweet ass it won't be my last. Sexy. Sweet. Fun. Lighter. Hot guys in baseball pants! Not sure it could get any better than that but Lani's words mesmerizing.Pitch Please was the perfect standalone romance to get me addicted to this author. From the very first page, I was hooked and I couldn't put this book down. Sway and Hancock sucked me [...]

    9. THIS WAS FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!! THIS IS WHAT I WANT IN MY ROMANCES!!! First, I love baseball in romance books, I don't know why but something about that game is just so sexy and I don't know if I'll feel the same about other sports yet. Second, Hancock is just a great character. He's written as this bearded manly man with lots of tattoos but is a total softy with it comes to Sway, his woman. I just adored this story, you have to get to about 20% in for it to really grow on you, before that I thou [...]

    10. Is it just me or does this book and MCs seem extremely childish with very juvenile writing?The writing felt very detached and choppy to me which was very very hard to connect to.May be it’s just me.

    11. There wasn’t a whole lot to the beginning of their relationship. It just really jumped right into it. I still enjoyed the story though. I’m looking forward to more baseball books by LLV.

    12. 5 SMOOCHES!I’ve read everything Lani Lynn Vale has written, and I absolutely love her spin on everyday heroes and the woman who capture their hearts. She’s written about bikers, paramedics, firemen and cops, and I’ve loved them all. Pitch Please is Vale's first at-bat in the sports romance trope, and she knocked it right out of the park! The first story in her new series, There's No Crying in Baseball, had me hooked and eager for more.I loved Parts and Sway! Grumpy and gruff professional b [...]

    13. 4 'superstitious' starsOh my lord! Is it possible to fall in love with a fictional character? If not then get out the record books because Lani Lynn Vale is about to go down in history! One name says it all.Hancock “Parts” Peters!!!!This man is the epitome of what every book boyfriend should be like. Hancock literally had me swooning! This man, oh lord this man. He is a badass catcher with a very short fuse. He doesn't put up with men degrading women. He lets his alpha side shine bright on t [...]

    14. Great start to a new series! This book had it all! An amazing alpha dirty talking hero and a strong feisty heroine that comes off sweet and shy, but don’t let her fool you. Sway and Parts banter was awesome and a great source of entertainment. This book was funny, it was sweet, the characters had chemistry that was scorching! It was so captivating I couldn’t put it down.Hancock “Parts” Peters is a catcher for his professional baseball team and is known as short tempered, tattooed and one [...]

    15. I'll just start out this review by saying HOME RUN!!! Sway Coffman is a woman who sees herself as less than perfect, holding a job in what is usually a mans world of baseball as head athletic trainer of a MLB team where egos and attitudes fight for top billing.Hancock “Parts” Peters is the sexy, consumed by superstitions, current superstar of MLB who also happens to think his teams new athletic trainer is the hottest woman he's ever seen.Sway has considered herself Parts biggest fan since he [...]

    16. Promising plot, but had some issues This story changed trajectories so fast it made my head spin. That coupled with the abrasive cut offs on thoughts, scenes, and ideas made my head hurt. Not to mention the amount of missing plot holes in this was alarming. that's being said, all in all I enjoyed this to a degree. Really really saved this for me, is it's humor. That reason alone is why it's getting the ranking it is. If it didn't have that I would be a sold 2 maybe 1 star. Seriously though. Ther [...]

    17. Yeah. I have a problem with the heroes not groveling. He said some nasty things to her and yeah, no grovel.

    18. Review by: Jennifer(5 stars)Baseball players have a lot of superstitions, like socks that never get washed, a certain routine that they follow, or even what they eat and drink before and after the game. Hancock was all about superstitions, so when the new athletic trainer was sitting in his seat, he had no issues telling her to move. Sway is the new AT for the team, and she has worked hard to get where she was, she didn't have time for a ball player even if it was Hancock. But nothing will stop [...]

    19. I adore sports romance stories, and I'm a huge Lani Lynn Vale fan, so those two things combined is definitely a must read for me. And Vale's first book in her There's No Crying in Baseball series, Pitch Please, is exactly the kind of story I've come to expect from this author; the story has an amazing hero and heroine who fit each other perfectly, secondary characters who are just as intriguing as the main ones, and the perfect combination of sweet and steamy scenes with several bonus scenes of [...]

    20. *** This and other reviews can be found at imasweetandsassybookwhore ****ARC*Pitch Please is the newest release from Lani Lynn Vale and I absolutely LOVED it!  I knew that this one was going to be a bit different from the rest in the aspect that it is a sports romance but it 100% a Lani Lynn Vale book in the sense it has some panty melting hot males, sassy females as a storyline that you instantly are hooked into.  Also I have stated before baseball as a whole has a special place in my heart [...]

    21. When I re-read a book go to my review and laugh my ass off at how idiotic I sound sometimes. Am I going to edit it though? Nah. Still feeling the brilliance of this book and everything that is Sway&Hancock. 18/02/18We all know I'm a biased bitch when it come to this author right?. So it's all good if I just sit back in my gloat bubble smirking my tits off because I just knew this book was going to be as good as the rest.I have zero issues pre ordering every available book I can from this aut [...]

    22. First impression was that this was a pretty basic book but this was really difficult to read and I don't know if it was me or not. The writing style was hard to follow and there didn't seem to be any structure at all. Nothing really happens, there's just no way I could follow the "story". It was light and safe but I couldn't properly tell you what I read because I ended up skimming so much.

    23. Omg this book was amazing! I laughed, I swooned, I enjoyed it immensely!! I read it in one sitting because I couldn't put it down! Sway and Hancock were awesome together and their banter was hilarious. He was so sweet and protective and I just loved him. I also loved how Sway was no pushover and gave just as good as she got. I'm seriously looking forward to more of this new series!

    24. Shut the Front Door!!!Hollly Shiiittt.I freaking love me a great sport bookOhhhhMyyyyGaaahhhhhThis book has now become my fav from Lani Lynn Vale!!! lolThis book was fan-dam-tastic Y'all. I swear to you, I did not want it to end. The BanterThe Tattooed Dirty Talken Alpha MaleThe Sexual Tensionand The Hawtness of this book was OFF THA CHARTS!!!YesssThis book will make your Kindle combust due to the Hawtness!! lolSo this book was about Sway Coffman, She is the head athletic trainer for a professio [...]

    25. 5 starI was pulled right into this story. The story has laughs, pain, secrets, and heartbreak. This is Sway and Hancock’s story. Sway meets Hancock and does not like his attitude when he wants her out of his seat. But she will always be his biggest fan. He just will not know about that. When she treats him the same as everyone else he is smitten. He wants her and her curvy little body. But she is not convinced that he really wants her. When he gets sick he knows she will take care of him and h [...]

    26. Generally not a fan of sports romance aside from Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ books. Having said that, I really enjoyed this book.Hancock (H) was so hot in the description a grumpy bad boy who has the hots for the head athletic trainer, Sway (h). I really like that he doesn’t see Sway as fat, but rather when he looks at her, he sees his dream girl. Hancock defends Sway from others who call her fat.Sway is also a good heroine. She isn’t TSTL and she’s a good match for Hancock. There’s no c [...]

    27. 3.5 StarsI have been hearing about how wonderful Lani Lynn Vale’s books are, so when this sport romance came across my screen I easily decided to take a shot and discover a new author. Pitch Please is Vale’s first title in her There’s No Crying in Baseball series. Vale starts out HOT with her characters Hancock and Sway. If you are looking for a sport romance that sizzles, then stop reading my review and just go one click. Vale lights up your kindle with these two’s chemistry. Sassy, cur [...]

    28. HOMERUNWhat can I say about this book that I'm sure hasn't already been said. I love the banter the author has going on throughout this book. From the one liners to all of sudden the characters saying exactly how they feel.Sway and Hancock were just about as perfect characters as I've seen in a book. I loved how the moment he saw her he was crazy over her. I also loved how Sway had a big crush on him but didn't let it show. She was a strong curvy woman and was perfectly happy just being her. Wha [...]

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