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Dream Angel

Dream Angel This is an Alternate Cover EditionStephanie Ray s move to South Louisiana is not a welcomed move but things take a thrilling and terrifying turn when she meets the alluring Aidan Bane Thrust into a m

  • Title: Dream Angel
  • Author: Jane West
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 282
  • Format: None
  • This is an Alternate Cover EditionStephanie Ray s move to South Louisiana is not a welcomed move, but things take a thrilling and terrifying turn when she meets the alluring Aidan Bane Thrust into a mystical world of dark magic, Stephanie finds herself surrounded by evil forces Unprepared to face the dangers that threaten her, Aidan offers his powerful protection AlthouThis is an Alternate Cover EditionStephanie Ray s move to South Louisiana is not a welcomed move, but things take a thrilling and terrifying turn when she meets the alluring Aidan Bane Thrust into a mystical world of dark magic, Stephanie finds herself surrounded by evil forces Unprepared to face the dangers that threaten her, Aidan offers his powerful protection Although, his help does not come without a heavy price When Stephanie stumbles upon a private conversation between Aidan and a family member of the Illuminati, Aidan s good intentions become suspiciously questioned.Darkly romantic and extraordinarily suspenseful, Dream Angel captures the struggle between defying our hearts and quenching our desires.

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      282 Jane West
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    1 thought on “Dream Angel

    1. As a depiction of a loving-turbulent relationship between an irresponsible-unstable mother -.d a daughter who knows better, "not everyone turns evil from a bad parent" annoying, stubborn, with limited choicesbut not evil. Find out why this book is called "A Dream Angel" with Stevie, (I loved her complexity and tenacity), with her new friends in the small town of Tangi, Louisiana. Charismatic rich boy Aidan Bane is a little like a paranormal Superman hottie - but the reader is always on edge. Do [...]

    2. Dream Angel (Angel #1) by Jane West is an interesting fantasy young adult novel. At first I thought it was just a young adult novel of a teen with a horrible mother and she was moving frequently and Stevie was complaining frequently but en came the supernatural part, the good part! I am a fantasy freak so this perked me right up. Magic entered the picture and so did a teacher for Stevie. Along came a guy too, of course! Things got a lot more interesting then. Some of the characters were a little [...]

    3. 4 stars - Dream Angel is the story of a young woman who has lived a life of grief, turmoil and uncertainty since her very early days. Burdened with a wayward, unstable mother, Stevie has never had the chance to put down roots anywhere for long, much less to make friends. As a result, she has always felt different, like she didn't fit in. Believing her mother to be bi-polar, knowing her to be promiscuous, lazy and irresponsible, Stevie thinks it is her lot in life to be dragged from pillar to pos [...]

    4. Normally I would describe a little bit about the book but the book blurb already does that and more. I like a little mystery going into these types of stories so I think the description gives a bit too much away. Despite that, this was a creative story and the author does a good job of bringing you in and keeping you engaged. This is not a standalone and does continue into book 2.My only complaint about the story is the main characters are high schoolers and acted like it. I'm an adult and I don [...]

    5. When I first started reading this book, I thought it was the usual YA book but I was wrong. The story is about a teenager learning her true birth and that she was created by the Illuminati. They call her a genetically altered angel. A the Illuminati think they own Stevie/Stephanie. Everyone around her is somehow a part of the Illuminati. Even the guy she falls for is somehow involved. No one is what they seem, characters change when you least expect it and every page is a turner. I couldn't put [...]

    6. The first part of the Angel Trilogy takes place in a small town where gossips spread like wild fire. There is an interesting mix of the occult and science. Stephanie who goes by the name of Stevie lives with her mother and they never stay in one place for long. Stevie's friends have organised her eighteenth birthday party, only she won't be there because her mother has decided that they have to move on that day. She doesn't have a choice. Another town and another new school. Aidan is the mysteri [...]

    7. With a mentally unstable mother, lack of resources and living a nightmare all the time was no way to keep going. Stevie’s life was full of lies and deception. Betrayal was at every pace and her options were almost none. Who to trust? This was a story that kept me thinking from the first chapter to the end. The characters were intriguing, the situations unexpected, strange and sometimes scary. All the time I was guessing about the role of some characters in the story. Liked that there were some [...]

    8. Jane keeps you interested by wanting to know what is happening next. I do have to say there was a lot of huffing and puffing done by Stevie and that started to drive me crazy. If that was minimized I would have enjoyed the story even more. This is book one and you are left with even more questions by the end of the story. It will be interesting to see how the author does in book two and what will develop.

    9. A well written story, with down to earth characters. If you enjoy romance books with a twist this one is for you.

    10. What a fantastic story! Stevie Ray is a teenager with a lot of problems. Her father dies when she's a mere eight years old. Her mother is bi-polar and totally self absorbed. From the point of the father's death, the mother Sara hauls the poor kid from town to town never settling down until they land in a little town in Louisiana. Stevie starts a new school and faces a whole new set of problems. She makes a few new friends and meets a dashing, handsome boy named Aiden who throughout the story is [...]

    11. I love reading a variety of genres, this being one of them. I felt that I had an instant connection with the main character in this book, Stephanie/Stevie Rae. All Stevie wanted was to be a normal girl, she wanted to plant roots in one town and know she could make life time friends, not live out of a suitcase and have to be ready to move any day of the week when she arrived home from school. No connections  with the past and an uncertain future that seemed to put them in more of a dive than the [...]

    12. This book was downright gripping! The author didn't waste any time jumping into the excitement of the story and keeping me rushing along each line to find out what would happen next. A brilliant plot, starring a troubled and neglected teen, and filled with one mystery after another. Stevie is eighteen years old and working on finishing her last year in high school. Her mother forces her to move to a small town in Louisiana, making her start over in a new school and find new friends. It isn't lon [...]

    13. Loved reading this book. Didn't want to put it down, so finished it in one day. I love paranormal and fantasy type books and at first I was like, ok this is ok, but not what I'm looking for. I kept reading and it did not disappoint. By the end I was like no! What happens next. Great read!!

    14. Dream Angel is an intriguing tale of deceit, treachery, murder, and the occult.Stephanie Ray suffered abuse and neglect all her life. She struggled to put up with her Mom Sara’s bipolar disorder and their sudden, frequent moves to new towns. As Stephanie described it, “it was not a walk in the park.” She claimed that she dreaded Sara’s highs, lows, and manic episodes, and her mother’s roller-coaster stints left her little time for fun stuff. Her only friends were her neighbor, Miss Noe [...]

    15. Dream Angel is a paranormal romance set in Louisiana. Stephanie Ray is on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, when her mother forces them to upsticks and move once more. They settle in a tiny backwater town and Steph is left to fend for herself, while her mother gets herself a new job, a new man and is rarely seen at home.Steph is befriended by Ms. Noel a lady with the gift of sight, she takes Steph under her wing and introduces her to the idea of spirits who live beyond the veil.At school Steph [...]

    16. Poor Stevie has had a rough start to life. Her father died while she was still a child and she has been raised by an alcoholic mother who is also bipolar. Stevie and her mother move from one crummy hotel to the next keeping all her worldly possessions in a suitcase that she lives out of. Stevie finds herself in a small town named Tangi where she is pursued by Aiden. Aiden appears to be every woman’s dream, attractive, rich, and drives a hot car. Knowing the type, Stevie tries her best to stay [...]

    17. Jane West has do it again with the continuing story of Stevie, Jeffrey, Dom and Aiden. This time we start with Stevie waking up in an insane asylum after being found guilty of killing her mother and several of her boyfriends. She was amazingly was released for no reason. The Illuminati had worked j ed their magic again but not without a price.Jeffrey and Dom was waiting for Stevie with a mansion and buckets of money that Aden had k left her. Stevie was told Aiden was dead. A lot went on while sh [...]

    18. Dark fantasyThis is a dark but compelling tale. The story kept me flipping pages. Definitely not for a younger audience. The ending has me wanting more.

    19. This is the first book of the (An Angel Novel). I have a hard time believing anyone giving this a bad rating. I love the story. My heart went out to Stevie and all the hardships she has had to face with her selfish mother, Sara. She holds down a job and keep her grades up even under the impossible. For the first time a boy takes an interest in her and being the spitfire she is she fought him often. But there were times he wasn't so nice to her. But as the story goes on, Aidan is always there sav [...]

    20. Please note that I was given a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Just before her eighteenth birthday, Stevie Ray’s mother abruptly decides that she and Stevie need to leave town. Stevie’s devastated to be leaving the friends she’s made over recent months, but she’s grown accustomed to her alcoholic, bipolar mother’s impulsive moves. Arriving in a Louisiana town, Stevie is befriended by a couple of people, including the handsome Aidan Bane, and her neighbor, Ms. [...]

    21. Dream Angel by Jane WestWow. This is an unusual and new take on supernatural and illuminati stories. I was curious when I read the synopsis, and the story did not fail to impress. From page one I was hooked. There are so many dark and twisty turns and you don't know who to trust. Stevie has been thru hell over and over again, her mother leaves no room to allow your pity. Her friends or frienemies are in and out of your trust even to the very end you do not know who is good or bad. Can she trust [...]

    22. Stevie Ray is about to celebrate her birthday and Sara her mother decides it is time to flit yet again to a different town .I shant spoil the plot (I hate doing that)There are some VERY strong characters in this book ,ones I want to follow, I just love Ms Noel she is fabulous ! And the ever so camp Jeffrey!Aiden Bane and Stevie have to get together, there are enemies along the way

    23. I really enjoyed the pace and depth of the story? So many twists that kept me guessing. It got a tiny bit slow about two thirds in but in retrospect that was pivotal to built up towards he ending. I have already purchased book two and am looking forward to delving back into the world of the illuminati. I find this topic highly interesting. It was what drew me to the book in the first place. If you love a bit of mystery with plenty of twists and a gentle love story then this is a must read for yo [...]

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