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Waiting for Daybreak

Waiting for Daybreak Paige Woodward is a woman without choices Her destitute mother s only hope for a cure isn t covered by insurance When a dream opportunity arises at a brand new pharmacy Paige is willing to keep quiet

  • Title: Waiting for Daybreak
  • Author: Kathryn Cushman
  • ISBN: 9780764203817
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
  • Paige Woodward is a woman without choices Her destitute mother s only hope for a cure isn t covered by insurance When a dream opportunity arises at a brand new pharmacy, Paige is willing to keep quiet about her past to make sure she lands the job.For Clarissa Richardson, the dream of running her own pharmacy comes to a screeching halt when her grandfather hires a too perPaige Woodward is a woman without choices Her destitute mother s only hope for a cure isn t covered by insurance When a dream opportunity arises at a brand new pharmacy, Paige is willing to keep quiet about her past to make sure she lands the job.For Clarissa Richardson, the dream of running her own pharmacy comes to a screeching halt when her grandfather hires a too perfect new girl who seems to be hiding something How far will they go to protect their dreams for tomorrow What will happen when one woman s last hope means ruining another woman s greatest dream

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    1 thought on “Waiting for Daybreak

    1. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's definitely Christian fiction, with a little romance and intrigue tossed into the mix. It's about 3 women whose lives intersect in a small town in Tennessee. It shows how important it is to wait on God's timing, not our own, and what can happen when we neither include God in our lives nor trust Him to know what's best for us. A very good book, regardless of your faith.

    2. Almost a 4. Different story with interesting information about pharmacy operation and rules. Strong interraction among characters right up until the end, which was good but perhaps not completely true to what would happen in real life. Maybe that's a good thing

    3. Great story with many underlying themes. Each chapter, especially at the beginning, carried you to the next one wanting to see what new twist or turn the characters were getting to. Prov. 3:5,6 is the underlying theme, to "TRUST in the Lord" Really enjoyed Ora and he sage down to earth character and honesty, Dawn with her tough life, and Clarissa with her insecurities.

    4. Predictable happy ending. It felt like The Brady Bunch in a book. Not a true picture of life in the world of today.

    5. This was a nice pleasant read, somewhat forgettable though. Paige is a pharmacist struggling to find a good job after an incident at her last job that led to her termination. When she is offered a job at a brand new pharmacy she thinks her prayers are answered--and she hopes that her prayers for her mothers successful cancer treatments will be too. She needs the job to help pay for her mother's treatments, so she's prepared to put up with anything, but when she walks in the first day and is intr [...]

    6. The book started off very slow in the beginning. It took the author over halfway through the book to reveal what really happened to Paige and why she lost her job in Atlanta. The author kept dragging the story out and kept revealing bits of it at at time, but the other characters in the story were interesting as well and they kept me wanting to read on. I loved Ora's character and how she was so influental in Paige's spiritual and emotional well being. God always has a ram in the bush and just w [...]

    7. "Waiting for Daybreak" is Christian general fiction. The characters were complex and dealt with realistic issues. I understood why they acted as they did--even the characters that weren't as likable. The details of the store and job were superbly done, which makes sense since the author was a pharmacist in the past.I could hardly put the book down. The suspense was created by wanting Paige to succeed and her mother to survive her cancer treatment, yet things kept getting worse. But, strangely, i [...]

    8. Two women in the same profession. When dreams clash, who will win?I really enjoyed how this story played out. The plot was very true to life, when it came to making decisions. Clarissa and Paige both were sympathetic, though the one less so as the story progressed.The minor characters were also memorable in their own way. The romance elements of the story were subtle and realistic.This was a quick read for a rainy afternoon and I would recommend this to readers who enjoy a Christian contemporary [...]

    9. Paige loses her job as a pharmacist in Atlanta and decides to take a new job closer to her parent's home. Her mother is suffering from cancer and needs to travel to Texas for treatment. Paige decides to stay at her folk's place while they are away and send as much money as possible to help pay for her mother's treatments.Clarissa doesn't want help from another pharmacist and is quite upset when her grandfather hires Paige. From day one, things are tense between the two ladies. All Paige wants it [...]

    10. a girls mom has cancer, her dad cant afford treatment. the girl works in a pharm where a mistake with the meds was made causing a man to die and get in a crash where the people sued. she was let go. a man offered her a job in a pharm near her parents house. she moved in there while they were out of state getting experimental treatment for her mom. the head girl at the pharm had it out for her and blamed her for mistakes not her fault. she was let go, her dad had to sell his work truck and equip [...]

    11. Nov book club book. Excited as this was one of our new favorite authors from last year. I didnt like it quite as well as her other book, but did really like it. It shows how easily mistakes can be made that can change multiple peoples lives. I didnt realize till after I was done with the book that the author actually was a pharmacist, prior to being a novelist. That made this even better, knowing that she actually possessed the knowledge to do this job. I like it when authors research something [...]

    12. Pretty good book, by a pharmacist about 2 fictional pharmacists. Only one complaint - Vasotec is an ACE inhibitor NOT a beta blocker and the assumption that she should have caught the diff in drug strengths with computer alert but I agree often the pharmacists get blamed when it truly is not their fault (seen it many times) and nothing happens to the nurses and doctors involved. Liked the characters, just wish there were more spiritual discussions between other characters than just Ora and Paige [...]

    13. Two women's lives cross, based on both of them being pharmacists and both having personal needs that put them together. One is a really mean woman, filled with jealousy and malicious behaviore kind of fictional character a person loves to hate. Circumstances brings both women to a point of making decisions about their actions and lives that have a wonderful ending. A great story about women in conflict and how outside the grace of God, those conflicts are hard to resolve.

    14. Christian fiction is always uplifting to me. I very rarely have read one that I wasn't impressed with. Kathryn Cushman did not disappoint. I really felt a connection with Paige and her problems. The only reason I didn't give this a five is that I would have liked to see a bit more about the Christian walk in this book. I felt like there were some really good opportunities for the author to open up a bit more with Clarissa and Dawn as well as Tony. I will read another of this author's books.

    15. Kathryn Cushman set herself a paradigm with A Promise to Remember and hasn't disappointed with Waiting for Daybreak. Deep, complex characters are fast becoming Cushman's trademark. Paige and Clarissa drew emotional responses from me like few books do. Even the secondary characters are fascinating. Combine those with a riveting storyline and you have a novel you'll not put down until you turn the last page. Novel Reviews and I give it our highest recommendation: a 5-star read!

    16. A story of three women in the same work environment. One is a believer, one only thinks of herself and her personal gain, and one has no faith in herself. The story is about Faith. About having faith. There are several Bible references throughout the story interwoven into the situations. At first I felt that it was "another story,", but then I realized it's message. A story of hope for Daybreak.

    17. 2plus to 3- This was a Christian book that I was given to read. Not too great, not my cup of tea. The main character is a pharmacist who lost her job due to carelessness, or was it?? Her parents are counting on her to help cover the cost of her mom's chemo treatments and the new pharmacy manager that she is working for sets her up for failure due to her own weak agenda.

    18. Two women, both pharmacists, with different dreams for their futures. Both seem to be willing to go to great lengths to preserve those dreams; both seem to have things to hide. Chick lit, christian fiction. took me just a bit to get into this one but that might have been more from trying to read so late at night instead of it not holding my attention!

    19. I couldn't give 1/2stars. I thought it was more 3 1/2star level. It had plenty of mean-girl drama. I felt that there were a few loose ends that needed resolved at the end. I think the end wad tied up too quickly and a bit sloppy. But, I was still hooked from the beginning so it must not have been too bad.

    20. great book! i am really enjoying kathryn's writing/novels. it is a simple story with a dash of keeping the faith/believing in His timing. It made me anxious because I was just waiting for the "shoe to drop" with Paige's situation and I just wanted to hop into the book and scream at Clarissa :) Sweet ending!


    22. 4* Kathryn Cushman books remind me of Karen Kingsbury in some ways. They are emotional and written for women. But I think Cushman characters face harder issues and have tougher choices to make. I recommend.

    23. One of my friends gave me this book to read, I read the first few pages thought oh how interesting and then as the story progressed I kept on reading . I would recommend it. goood book.

    24. 6 - the book seemed to drag in the middle when Clarissa was setting up Paige and before she got fired. Otherwise, the ending was good. I liked the bible versus that were added into the story.

    25. One of those books you'll read into early morning hours and one that makes you late for work! Only a few books have made me want to cry - I felt so bad for Paige.

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