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The Year the Swallows Came Early

The Year the Swallows Came Early Eleanor Groovy Robinson loves cooking and plans to go to culinary school just as soon as she s old enough But even Groovy s thoughtfully planned menus won t fix the things that start to go wrong the y

  • Title: The Year the Swallows Came Early
  • Author: Kathryn Fitzmaurice
  • ISBN: 9780061624971
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Eleanor Groovy Robinson loves cooking and plans to go to culinary school just as soon as she s old enough But even Groovy s thoughtfully planned menus won t fix the things that start to go wrong the year she turns eleven suddenly, her father is in jail, her best friend s long absent mother reappears, and the swallows that make their annual migration to her hometown arriEleanor Groovy Robinson loves cooking and plans to go to culinary school just as soon as she s old enough But even Groovy s thoughtfully planned menus won t fix the things that start to go wrong the year she turns eleven suddenly, her father is in jail, her best friend s long absent mother reappears, and the swallows that make their annual migration to her hometown arrive surprisingly early As Groovy begins to expect the unexpected, she learns about the importance of forgiveness, understands the complex stories of the people around her, and realizes that even an earthquake can t get in the way of a family that needs to come together.Kathryn Fitzmaurice s lovely debut novel is distinctively Californian in its flavor Her rich characters and strong sense of place feel both familiar and fresh at first meeting and worth revisiting, again and again.

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      363 Kathryn Fitzmaurice
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    1 thought on “The Year the Swallows Came Early

    1. Writing is full of lush sensory depictions. Overall plot is unique and engaging (an eleven year old who loves to cook, another one who is an artist!), though not all believable. I liked that Groovy's special talent is cooking and that she has true passion and hope to fulfill her dreams. Same with Marisol and her art. We need hope that our creative lives can be expressed in this world and both of these characters offer that. I just could not believe a mother would have a father arrested for gambl [...]

    2. I love this book. I do. I love the narrator, Eleanor "Groovy" Robinson. I love that she loves to cook. That she is passionate about something and knows what she wants. That she has a way about her--a special way of seeing the world and making those connections that others might miss out on. Her "foodology" for example. I love her vulnerability too. How she has--or had--a simple and idealistic way of seeing the world, but this innocence, this naivety is challenged during the course of the book. L [...]

    3. I also found her chapter beginnings and endings masterfully executed with quick action right at the start and unsolved questions at the end. Endings are hard, sometimes they linger on too long or stop too abruptly, hers was perfectly timed with the right amount of tension. I especially liked the message of non-judgmental acceptance for others. A keenly difficult concept to convey, yet through her characters and action, the idea lights gently on your shoulder like a warm blanket. See my full revi [...]

    4. This is such a cute book! I really loved and enjoyed reading it. It was just perfect. I loved all the characters and the writing of it. It did take me a awhile to read it all. That was because I have been so busy reading my other books, but I finish reading it. I think you all should read it.

    5. SPOILERSI like this book, but as a survivor of decades of abuse I completely disagree with the ending. I also thought it was a little preachy and the advice given was heavy handed. This is not good for victims as forgiveness is often used to keep a victim in his\her place to receive more abuse. I don't believe the father actually changed or would have if this happened in real life. It is so easy for criminals to ignore a mandate to pay the victim. I know this as I never received one penny of res [...]

    6. In Kathryn Fitzmaurice’s book The Year the Swallows Came Early, eleven-year-old Eleanor “Groovy” Robinson loves cooking. She’s writing her own cookbook and plans to attend culinary arts school someday if she can afford it. Even her best friend Frankie’s stepbrother, who owns a local store, gives her some secret family recipes to go in her special cookbook. Things start going wrong when her daddy is arrested as they’re walking through town. Since no one will tell Groovy why, she hurri [...]

    7. Way back in September, I attended a conference given by the children's division of ALA. HarperCollins was nice enough to pass out a handful of Arc's to all us book hungry librarians and The Year the Swallows Came Early was one of them. I stuffed the books in my new "I Can Read" bag (also from the conference-gotta love free stuff!) and carried them home on the plane, only to not really look at the books for awhile. A couple of weeks ago I picked this one up to review for TeensReadToo and fell in [...]

    8. This folksy book is enjoyable. Any book that declares hope for children in less than ideal family situations is great, especially when it has strong characters with dreams that they are working towards even at young ages. Some of the writing drove me crazy (but then that's a short drive). Books which try for a "folksy" feel often have a hard time with time periods, and this one in particular does. I understand that authors may want the timeless approach, but really can you have, for one example, [...]

    9. the characters are believable, the seaside setting is absolutely charming, and Eleanor's tenacity to make things right in the end wraps the story up very nicely. in short, the book is a slice-of-life depiction of the little struggles faced by people from all walks of life in a tiny coastal town. one of my favourites for sure.

    10. As a sixth grader I remember cooking all sorts of desserts. My best friend and I would make kringles or cakes and pies from scratch. I didn't realize she was my yellow brick road to cookdom until I started cooking on my own. My brick road crumbled once I went solo. That's why I get a kick out of authors who have protagonists who love to cook and are good at it like sixth grader Eleanor. She's so good that she starts selling her food at a local restaurant to save up for chef school. But cooking i [...]

    11. 2009 was a notable year for debut juvenile novelists: Suzanne LaFleur, Kurtis Scaletta, Nan Marino, Ann Burg and Kate Feiffer are just a few among the exceptional authors who brought forth their initial novel over the course of the year. In my view Kathryn Fitzmaurice belongs right up near the top of that group.The Year the Swallows Came Early is a rhythmically pleasing story, told with great simplicity and warm, well-detailed characters. Groovy Robinson is a girl who lives an interesting life i [...]

    12. It’s bad enough that Eleanor Robinson (called “Groovy” by her father and all her friends) has to watch her dad being arrested, but then she learns that her mom is the one who turned him in – for stealing Groovy’s $25,000 inheritance from her grandmother and losing it betting on the wrong horse.Not only does Groovy’s dream of going to culinary school some day start to look unlikely, but she’s angry at her feckless father, whom she also can’t help missing. Her best friend Frankie i [...]

    13. Kathyrn Fitzmaurice has captured all the flavors of a successful first novel in The Year the Swallows Came Early. The year the swallows came early is not the only anomaly that occurs during the year you follow EleanorGroovy Robinson in this delightful debut novel by Kathryn Fitzmaurice. [return][return]Eleanor Groovy Robinson is an endearing character with a heart as big as sunshine. As the story begins, Groovy is disturbed when her daddy is picked up by Officer Miguel and taken away in the back [...]

    14. When I was looking for another book on Overdrive, I saw this children's book and was interested. It was available so I got it on my device and read it. One frustration was that it seemed to imply that the setting was near San Francisco, when really San Juan Capistrano is in Southern CA. Other than that, I did like the book which was mostly about a girl and her relationship with her dad. The book starts with the dad being arrested while walking with the girl, Eleanor. She does not know why and wh [...]

    15. Meh.I listened to the audio book of this title, and I was bored. The plot is okay, but the characters are flat and a unbelievable. The main character enjoys cooking and wants to go to "cooking school," and is REALLY SERIOUS about it, but apparently isn't serious enough to know that it's called "culinary school." She makes such delights as fish sticks and scrambled eggs, and cake from a box - really? I've read many books in which children enjoy cooking and actually know what they're talking about [...]

    16. What's worse than having a mother who checks her horoscope every day in order to plan her life? A father who steals from you. Such is Groovy Robinson's life, told through her eyes in a poignant and beautiful story about what it means to be thirteen. About what it means to have flawed parents.The story opens with Groovy and her Daddy walking to town when Officer Miguel stops them. He arrests her father then and there, and takes him to jail, and we're as suprised as Grovvy is with this sudden and [...]

    17. Reviewed by Sarah Bean the Green Bean Teen Queen for TeensReadTooEleanor "Groovy" Robinson dreams of going to cooking school. She plans menus and tries recipes and hopes to be like Betty Crocker. But the year Groovy turns eleven is the year everything changes. Her daddy is suddenly taken away to jail, her best friend's long-lost mother makes a return, and the trusty faithful swallows that migrate through her town appear early. Growing up is hard and families can be difficult - and Groovy is lear [...]

    18. Groovy’s life always seemed pretty normal—until her father gets arrested one Saturday morning as they were walking together. When she explains what happened to her mom, her mom’s unconcerned reaction seems crazy until she tells Groovy that she was the one who called the police.Groovy cannot comprehend why her mother would do such a thing! What could her father have done? After putting off an explanation for what seems like ages to Groovy, her mom explains that Groovy was left an inheritanc [...]

    19. This was a wonderful story, with superb writing. The author's literary style in describing details drew me in, such as her description of the wood of the ocean-side docks being "soft as an old pair of cotton pajamas." I also loved Groovy's story of coming to terms with betrayal within her own family. However, what gave me pause was the difficult time I had figuring out the passage of time between scenes and the time of year it was for the MC. At times it seemed like the story was set during summ [...]

    20. This children's novel is set in the California town of San Juan Capistrano. Eleanor Robinson has the nickname Groovy, given to her by her father. She loves to cook and constantly works to develop her skills planning to go to cooking school one day. She is friends with the owners of a local restaurant The Swallow and often helps them out. Groovy's father is a bit of a drifter, and keeps changing jobs, while her mother is a hairstylist hooked on horoscopes. As the book opens, Groovy's dad is pulle [...]

    21. Groovy Robinson wants to go to cooking school. She plans and cooks all of their meals. Her father is her biggest fan of her cooking. That is until he is hauled off to jail. Groovy runs and tells her mother. She is shocked to find that her mother is the one who called the police. She is more upset to find out the reason why. How could her father steal from her? Frankie lives with his stepbrother Luis and the run Swallows restaurant. Frankie is bitter because his mother left him with out telling h [...]

    22. Groovy dreams of going to cooking school. She cooks for her family and keeps a book of all her recipes. Her life is going well until the day her dad is arrested right in front of her. She finds out that her mom turned him in because he stole and gambled away Groovy's inheritance. Now Groovy has to come to terms with her anger and sense of betrayal at her parents actions. This is a wonderful story about a girl coming to grips with her situation. She has to grow up and face the fact that her paren [...]

    23. Eleven year old Groovy—yes, she’s a cool as her name—has all the ingredients for a happy life. Add one part Mom, one part Dad, a sprinkling of good friends, and a dash of a beautiful seaside town. Mix all together and Groovy has a perfect childhood. Until the day her father is taken away in a police car. Groovy finds herself running to tell Mama what happened, only to learn that Mama herself is the one who called the police. As Groovy learns the truth about her Dad and that her inheritance [...]

    24. At first I was a bit skeptical about how good this book was. I didn't really choose to read it, everybody else in the book club did. After all, it sounded pretty boring, a girl in a town with her best friend who loves to cook with her mom and dad in a troubled relationship and at first it starts out slow. After I got around the middle I started realizing how deep the story was. Everybody had a problem in the story and it was real. Nobody's family life is perfect, Groovy's dad was put in prison, [...]

    25. I was extremely disappointed in this book, which most reviewers seemed to like. It was as though the author had gathered the components of a children's book and worked on each one, inserting it into her story, until she had what she felt was a winning drama for elementary-school age kids. The writing is vapid, there are elements that are introduced and then go nowhere (the key to the safety deposit box), and there are about four or five sentences in the book which do not even make sense. The boo [...]

    26. Probably better than a 2 but there were a number of things that I found just not right - e.g. I think she has the right ideas but has forgotten the capabilities of 11 year olds. Overall it is the story of learning to forgive people and to accept people the way they are because even swallows are not totally consistent. Somehow all the threads didn't fit together very well - it was choppy - cooking/swallows/Eleanor's father/ Eleanor's mother/Frankie's mother/Marisol's art and possible friendship/h [...]

    27. This is a charming debut novel, that tells the story of young Groovy Robinson, an aspiring chef who is crestfallen when she learns her father has gambled away her savings and her mother has reported him to the police.While Groovy's father is in jail, she learns about the power of forgiveness in her life and others as she watches her best friend Frankie struggle with his mother's abandonment and realizes that things are not always as simple as they appear. Fitzmaurice has created a cast of intere [...]

    28. Recommendations do make a difference - this is one of those "literary" books I would not normally pick up were it not for rave reviews. Yes, it is a "quiet middle grade" book that would probably never hit the NYT bestseller list but it is memorable all the same. A coming of age story with deep themes: betrayal & forgiveness but voice/character cannot be underrated. The narrator has a remarkable distinctive voice that reminds meof Sharon Creech but with with a mature, west-coast feel. A weigh [...]

    29. I really loved this beautifully written first novel by Katheryn Fitzmaurice. This is the story of 6th grader Groovy Robinson, who loves to cook and hopes to someday go to cooking school. The people in Groovy's life include her astrology reading mother, her father who goes to jail in the first chapter, her best friend Frankie, who has his own family issues, a schoolmate Marisol, who becomes a good friend when they discover something they have in common, and her long dead great grandmother whom sh [...]

    30. In this first novel by Kathryn Fitzmaurice, Eleanor "Groovy" Robinson is faced with one of the hardest and most painful challenges in life: forgiving a loved one who has badly let you down. In this case it is her father who not only ends up in prison but as it turns out has lied to her and stolen from her. Groovy has an amazing group of friends (seemingly more mature than most of the adults in this novel) who encourage her and support her in making things right again in her life. I admire the pa [...]

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