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Cats Prowl At Night: A Bertha Cool Mystery

Cats Prowl At Night A Bertha Cool Mystery None

  • Title: Cats Prowl At Night: A Bertha Cool Mystery
  • Author: A.A. Fair
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • None

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      463 A.A. Fair
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    1 thought on “Cats Prowl At Night: A Bertha Cool Mystery

    1. This is another in the Donald Lam/Bertha Cool mysteries written by Erle Stanley Gardner, using the pseudonym of A. A. Fair. In this book, though, Lam is in Europe and does not appear in the book. Lam is really the engine that drives this series and, as a result, this is one of the weaker books in the series.The book opens when a businessman, Everett Belder, hires Bertha in connection with a difficult problem. Because of a lawsuit against him, he has transferred all of his assets into his wife's [...]

    2. So far, my favorite entry in the Cool and Lam series. Bertha is on her own here and the bad guys better watch out!Gardner is obviously having a good time playing with the Bertha cool character in this book. Seeing how far to take her and maintain a good story. He pushs the characters in all sorts of areas and it really makes the story come alive. I would have liked this to have continued into other volumes and drop the mystery thing and see what other trouble Gardner might have stuck her in.The [...]

    3. "Cats Prowl at Night" is the first Erle Stanley Gardner book I've read -- he wrote it under the name A.A. Fair -- and it was a real disappointment. I have to assume his Perry Mason books are better, or I can't imagine why anyone would read him today.The characters in "Cats Prowl" are cartoonish even for pulp fiction, the solutions to mysteries are given solely through characters explaining to one another what happened, and the crimes themselves come off as passionless and almost completely blood [...]

    4. I really enjoy these old mysteries, penned by the same pen or typewriter from which came the great character, Perry Mason. A.A. Fair was the pen name Gardner used when he wrote his private eye novels featuring Donald Lam and Bertha Cool. This time around, Donald is vacationing in Europe, perhaps a euphemism for being in the war, since the copyright date in the jacket indicates 1943. I know that other novels reference him having served. I think, if I recall correctly, Lam saw enlisting as his dut [...]

    5. Erle Stanley Gardner published 28 books in his Cool and Lam series under the pen name A A Fair. At its best, this series juxtaposes two mismatched detectives, heavyset, dense, penny pinching Bertha Cool, and slightly built, clever Donald Lam, the real brains of the outfit. This novel is a bit unusual for the series in that Donald Lam is nowhere to be found -ostensibly vacationing in Europe. Thus, "Fry me for an oyster" this book is lots and lots of Bertha Cool, and no Lam. Also, it involves a ho [...]

    6. In this story, Bertha is on her own, as Donald Lam is vacationing in Europe. A man (Everett Belder) comes to her with a problem. Some time ago, he was facing a judgement, so he transferred his assets into his wife’s name. The ploy worked, but now he is in difficulty, as he needs to pay off a debt and things are not well between him and his wife. The man Belder owes the money to is also in financial difficulty, so Belder wants Bertha to act as a go-between and arrange a reduced payoff. Belder i [...]

    7. I wasn't aware A A Fair was Earl Stanley Gardner, and hadn't read any of this series before. I enjoyed Bertha Cool as a detective. She's almost the opposite of the usual female detectives of the time period (I'm thinking of Miss Marple or Miss Silver) so adds some fun to the plot. I'll definitely pick up more of the series as I run across them.

    8. Mostly it's a good book for it's vibrating dialogues. It was the first time that I read a book from this author, and so I met for the first time Bertha Cool, the main caracter. She's the kind of manly woman who puts people in their right place and doesn't get intimidated by anyone; I liked her. The plot also is good, and the deaths are elaborated in a different way; smart.

    9. Donald is away on vacation in this edition, changed from his original war-time service, so Bertha gets the full spotlight. An interesting character, but the cleverness of Donald is missed.

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