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The Heist Of The Century

The Heist Of The Century In Albert Spaggiari robbed a bank in Nice by digging a tunnel from the city sewer system into the bank He and his gang cleared out million in gold jewelry gems and cash reserves Spaggieri

  • Title: The Heist Of The Century
  • Author: Ken Follett
  • ISBN: 9780006352020
  • Page: 211
  • Format: None
  • In 1976, Albert Spaggiari robbed a bank in Nice by digging a tunnel from the city sewer system into the bank He and his gang cleared out 8 10 million in gold, jewelry, gems and cash reserves Spaggieri, after escaping from the French police, retired to a ranch in Argentina In 1989, Spaggiari again made the international headlines when he died mysteriously, never revealiIn 1976, Albert Spaggiari robbed a bank in Nice by digging a tunnel from the city sewer system into the bank He and his gang cleared out 8 10 million in gold, jewelry, gems and cash reserves Spaggieri, after escaping from the French police, retired to a ranch in Argentina In 1989, Spaggiari again made the international headlines when he died mysteriously, never revealing the location of the loot Follett and Maurice deliver the breathtakingly compelling story of Spaggiari and the most outrageous theft of the century 4 cassettes.

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    1 thought on “The Heist Of The Century

    1. The true story of the biggest bank heist of the 20th century, told by Ken Follett? It sure sounds like a recipe for a winner of a book, but alas, this one didn't deliver. Follett's books usually are filled with good action and intrigue, even if he has to fall back on some old formulas to do so. He was only the co-author for this though, and somehow the story just came off as "blah." It was mildly interesting, but I couldn't garner any attachment for the main characters, and it felt like more of [...]

    2. Sad. This is really a good story, but lacks the little things like scene, character and dialogue. This was told like a newspaper article. Dry and flat. it is a little like having someone read a court transcript to you, or a police report. Interesting details, humorous situations, but no life breathed into this at all.

    3. I chose this book because it was listed under Ken Follet, not realizing till after that he only translated from French. But the story was so well-written and interesting that I couldn't put it down. Of course, the crime of the century is certainly an interesting topic to begin with. The author obviously put in a lot of research and interviews to try to pin down the real story, given that the few eyewitnesses that hadn't flown the country were involved in the crime and likely prone to lie about i [...]

    4. Wow, what a story. But it lacked pizzazz. It starts out with drama, meanders into supposition, highlights features of the intricate planning involved, and veers off into blunt court-like deposition, and ends in questions. I like each of those styles, but I didn't like the way it was organized. Unfulfilling like smelling fresh bread baking, then getting a handful of flour, eggs, milk, reading the reciped never tasting the bread. Kind of discontinuous. I think it would have been better to lay out [...]

    5. This is a newsy-style retelling of this bank robbery. It's a nice audiobook listen if you are a commuter or spending 4 or 5 hours in the car. It's NOT a Ken Follett work; he merely did a rush English translation of the original in 1978 and it was later marketed as if it was his work.

    6. Made a good audio book while I was on the treadmill. Interesting but not the type of book I would read if it were longer.

    7. This has been sitting on my bookshelf for quite a while, and until I picked it up to read, I never realized it was non-fiction.I can’t say that the book is particularly exciting, and I’m not sure how much of that is actually attributable to Follett. I believe much of the story is translated from an earlier French work (see his take on it at ken-follett/bibliography/t — he even tried to prevent it from being published!). But though the storytelling isn’t very compelling, I found that the [...]

    8. Ich habe mir die Ratten von Nizza als Hörbuch angehört und als Ken Follett - Fan wurde ich ziemlich enttäuscht. Von Spannung kann keine Rede sein und es werden für meine Begriffe auch unnötig viele Personen aufgelistet, die keine Rolle spielen und den den Leser nur verwirren. Das Ende wird eigentlich schon vorweg genommen und die Geschichte plätschert dann so vor sich hin. Es wundert mich nun nicht mehr, dass ich vorher noch nie etwas von diesem Buch gehört habeNoch etwas zu dem Hörspiel [...]

    9. It's an interesting story, but in the absence of the prime suspect, anything said about the perp is sheer speculation. His motivation is not that mysterious. I was slightly troubled by the number of semi-colons. As a writer myself I get a little feedback from time to time and they are officially discouraged here in Canada. Tom Clancy uses them as well, at least in the most recent one I read. Perhaps it's some crazy foreign thing. This story has been featured on 'Masterminds,' a cable TV show, wh [...]

    10. It's hard to find a book without a lot of foul language and that's interesting that my husband and I both agree on. This was a short historical fiction that was actually quite interesting that we listened to on a road trip. The idea of it and the fact that it was true was interesting. The way it was told was kind of boring. I wouldn't say I loved it but it did hold my interest for the 4 hours that it took to listen to.

    11. I read this book without knowing anything about it first. I love Ken Follett and I love Nice, so I figure it was win-win. As the story moved along, I was impressed with Follett’s imagination and ability to weave complex tales and adventures… then toward the end I realized it was a true-crime story! HA HA HA! Just goes to show the old maxim is true: “You can’t make this stuff up!”

    12. Fascinating account of "The bank heist of the Century". If you have seen the movie, of course you must read the book. An easy conversational read. Definitely would be a good kids book and I would assume a great boys book. My son who is 13 is fascinated. He wants to read it next. While an adult book, it is not intimidating, nor long so it doubles as a kids book.

    13. Normally I likeKen Follett's work, but this one was not his best for me. I found myself knowing what was going to happen in the novel without help from reviews or book discussions. I just picked it up because Ken wrote it. The actual opening of the book was so interesting and I was really hoping that excitement was going to carry throughout not no luck. Just disappointment.

    14. Very well researched and well written. Even though I knew the outcome of the heist before I started reading it, the authors did a good job in keeping the suspense going. It is a small book, but very entertaining.

    15. If you're into true crime stuff this should really turn you on. I listened to audiobook read by Roddy McDowell. His reading is outstanding!The story is pretty fascinating esp. how the Nice police overlooked some clues put right in their face.

    16. Very entertaining especially as an audio book. The narrator has an odd but enjoyable accent which adds to the fun, it's almost like listening to a movie and you don't have to struggle with the foreign names.

    17. A bit disappointing. I expected more of a dramatization of the story in the vein of historical fiction. What it read like was a book-length investigative journalism piece. Interesting, but not terribly dramatic.

    18. The story was great, but the writing style didn't deliver. It lacked a climax and read more as an investigative report rather than a non-fiction. I expected more from Follett after being totally enthralled in the Century Trilogy.

    19. This book had promise. but was tedious in parts and speculative in others, so I'm just going to say it was OK. THe obvious comparison would be to Michael Crichton's The Great Train Robbery (which I also listened to) and that is a much more entertaining, tightly written book.

    20. Albert Spaggiari (December 14, 1932 – June 8, 1989), nicknamed Bert, was a French criminal chiefly known as the organizer of a break-in into a Société Générale bank in Nice, France in 1976.Pretty lacklustre!

    21. This is a true story of a huge bank break in. Well constructed and very interesting. I listened on audio and it made the drive go fast and kept me intrigued. Looking at the other comments, I'm guessing reading it is difficult because of all the French names & places.I would recommend audio.

    22. This audio book made my drive to and from work a pleasure this last week! I'd never heard of the heist of the century before, so it was fascinating to hear the intricate plans and how close to complete disaster the plans came so many times. Great read! I recommend this one!

    23. Although the subject sounds interesting, robbing a bank vault by tunneling under the streets of Nice, I didnt find anything particularly extraordinary about this story or the writing. It was pretty predictable writing.

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