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Sacred Parenting: How Raising Children Shapes Our Souls

Sacred Parenting How Raising Children Shapes Our Souls Parenting is a school for spiritual formation and our children are our teachers The journey of caring for rearing training and loving our children will profoundly alter us forever Sacred Parenting

  • Title: Sacred Parenting: How Raising Children Shapes Our Souls
  • Author: Gary L. Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780310264514
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Paperback
  • Parenting is a school for spiritual formation and our children are our teachers The journey of caring for, rearing, training, and loving our children will profoundly alter us forever.Sacred Parenting is unlike any other parenting book you have ever read This is not a how to book that teaches you ways to discipline your kids or help them achieve their full potential InParenting is a school for spiritual formation and our children are our teachers The journey of caring for, rearing, training, and loving our children will profoundly alter us forever.Sacred Parenting is unlike any other parenting book you have ever read This is not a how to book that teaches you ways to discipline your kids or help them achieve their full potential Instead of discussing how parents can change their kids, Sacred Parenting turns the tables and demonstrates how God uses our kids to change us.You ve read all the method books Now take a step back and receive some much needed inspiration You ll be encouraged by stories that tell how other parents handled the challenges and difficulties of being a parent and how their children transformed their relationship with God Sacred Parenting affirms the spiritual value of being a parent, showing you the holy potential of the parent child relationship.

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      318 Gary L. Thomas
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    1 thought on “Sacred Parenting: How Raising Children Shapes Our Souls

    1. This book was lent to me by an acquaintance who said that the premise is all about how much parents suffer when they raise children and how that suffering makes said parents more Christ-like than non-parents. My reaction was a mix of "Um, I don't have kids? Why are you pushing this book on me?" and "Wow, if this book is about how all Christians must have kids in order to attain spiritual maturity, then no thanks." (Since I completely disagree with the view that many Christian circles hold in whi [...]

    2. Over the course of my life I've read a lot of books on marriage and parenting and how to get a perfect life in 10 easy steps. This is not one of those books and I loved it. Each chapter left me with hope, not a list of do's and don'ts. I must admit that I cried through each chapter, some out of laughter, some were tears of release and remembering. This book takes you from those early days of sleepless nights with a newborn to letting your kids go. Everything is looked at from the perspective of [...]

    3. "Mothers and fathers, when you give your tiny infant a bath, you are washing God's baby. When you minister to that youngster, can you imagine God smiling down at you? When you fix that hungry six-year-old a peanut butter sandwich, you are feeding one of God's children. Listen carefully -- you may hear God laughing in pleasure. When you hug an adolescent whom other have teased mercilessly at school, you are comforting God's teenager. Are those God's tears dampening your shoulder?" (221).

    4. Exceptional book. The writing is clear and colloquial, and the information is priceless. The caveat, personally, is all examples--it was excessive to me--though some might actually appreciate them. For me, it felt like work trying to find substantial material. But when I found it, it was deep, rich, and worth the wait.

    5. Maybe reading Sacred marriage first took a little of the shine off this book for me, in that Thomas has a similar theme running through both books - God uses marriage and parenting to form our character, and draw us closer to him. However, there was enough new insights in this book to rate it highly. I think the one that challenged me most, was to enjoy my kids, and be thankful for who they are, rather than critiquing them for what they should be. Definitely brings a different perspective on par [...]

    6. Overall, I found this a helpful book. Unlike many parenting books in its field, it discusses the way that God uses parenting changes us as parents, rather than placing an emphasis on how it is a parents duty to change their children. A lot of thought provoking material, but nothing extrememly profound.What I take major issue with in this book is the author’s writing parenting into Christ on the cross. (My husband refers to this as "hijacking the redemptive story.") Thomas is certainly not the [...]

    7. This is the second book I've read by Gary Thomas, and just like the first one, it was FANTASTIC. His approach to parenting is refreshing and new - that it's not about what we should do and how we shape our kids but about how having kids allows God to shape us. Contrary to other parenting books I've read, I was able to fully connect with every single chapter and found great value in his consistent reminder that my focus should be on what God is doing in me through my kids.

    8. If you have a child, ever intend to have a child or have ever been a childis book is for you. LOVED it!!! Literally, I laughed, I cried, but most importantly, the Lord used it to deepen my understanding of how much He loves me and therefore I am called to love my child and all His other children.

    9. As a new parent, this gave me a new perspective on parenting. That parenting is not just for the kids, but that God also uses it to make us more like Christ. It was both challenging and comforting.

    10. One of my all time favorites! This is not a guide to parenting, it's more about how God transforms us into His image through parenting our children.

    11. Gary Thomas knocks it out of the park again. Sacred Marriage is at the top of my personal list of best books on marriage, and now Sacred Parenting joins the top of the list of parenting books. I can't give it any higher praise than just that I needed this book. Every chapter challenged me and resonated with me. Everything points back to the gospel, which is a refreshing reorientation for my heart. I will be referring back to this book a lot, and also referring others to it!Some of my favorite qu [...]

    12. "I try to thank God for my kids more than I ask God to change them.""God care so much about you that he's willing to risk letting you raise one, two, three, or even more of his precious children."This book provided the re-centering I needed. It showed me that being a parent is about raising kids, sure, but it's also about my own spiritual and emotional growth. Like Thomas' Sacred Marriage, the focus shifts off our selfish selves and onto our giving, growing selves. It helps us step back from the [...]

    13. In this book, I was hoping to find some sacred space in this journey called parenthood. I was hoping to find support for the natural inclination that I have, that parenthood might be one of the holiest, life-changing journeys I embark on. Instead, what I found - only making it as far as chapter 2, is a politicized critique of parents who may have more trouble setting limits. I was so disappointed. The content of the book could have appealed to liberals and conservatives alike without the very di [...]

    14. As a new mother, I needed a good book to read about how to be a better, more dedicated parent, to give my son a good understanding of life. I love how this book focuses on raising gods child, or in other words recognizing the gift that a child is from our heavenly father. When I get frustrated as much of my shortcomings as at the times I cannot soothe my little guy in the way he needs in that moment, I am amazed at the thought of a perfect, all-encompassing love arity, which our Heavenly Father [...]

    15. There are good, Biblical thoughts in this book that I would recommend to anyone who is a parent. I found myself wanting a bit more Biblical depth and fewer anecdotes at points, hence the three star rating as opposed to 4 stars.

    16. This book takes a look into the challenging, rewarding, life changing, expensive undertaking we know as “parenting.” Instead of “Self-Help” direction, it advises parents to look, listen, yield and submit to what God is saying and doing through the dynamics between parent and child. God established parent/child relationships for His good purpose; He works in individuals through all aspects of life, so why wouldn’t He use our most intimate connections to bear the greatest impact.“The t [...]

    17. MY REVIEW:Gary Thomas has written a thought provoking book that goes beyond the how-to's of parenting to the deeper issues of how parenting shapes us spiritually. I appreciated his open and honest sharing from his own life as he presented his ideas of how parenting is not just a responsibility but rather an opportunity for great spiritual growth. I set this book down with a renewed hope toward the big, small, and daily challenges that come with being a parent as I gained a clearer focus on the t [...]

    18. Not a parenting book, per se, but a must read. Helped me to understand how my the parent-child relationship (and the love therein) with my children mirrors the Parent-child relationship with God. Not having had grown up with a father figure, it was very difficult for me to understand how to love God as "The" Fathereing as how I had no knowledge of what a daughter/father was like. I still don't, but in reading this book, I think it's the closest I'm ever going to get. It flips the role of teacher [...]

    19. Really appreciated the overall theme of this book. As the book jacket will tell you, it's not a "how-to" parenting book, but instead focuses on the idea that God uses the very act of parenting to encourage our own spiritual growth. Not a completely new concept for me, but really affirmed the fact that yes, parenting is tough, and that's a good thing in some ways because the struggle itself can lead me closer to God if I let it. It got a little repetitive at times, and some of the stories were a [...]

    20. WOW! If there was a parenting book that I would recommend to every parent THIS IS THE ONE!!!! Its not a how to book, there are no 'do this' or 'don't do that' but somehow this book spoke more to me about my role as a parent and what the important things I need to focus on than all the other parenting books I've read put together (and I've read a lot!). This book is so Christ centred! Every aspect of parenting has got this one focus in mind and as a parent of a very difficult child it was refresh [...]

    21. The only thing preventing me from giving this book five stars is that I felt it became a little repetitive. I don't like parenting how-to books. As a woman pregnant with my first child I feel overwhelmed enough without trying to cram processes and three-step methods into my head. Not to mention the fact that I believe in trusting my instincts and learning from the community of people around me. This book is not a how-to manual; it's a why-to manual. The author's message is to allow parenting to [...]

    22. This is the best book on parenting I have ever read! I shed tears of sadness, joy, thanksgiving and anticipation in many parts of the book. Very encouraging and inspiring because I can fully relate to what the author is saying and he shows his readers another way of looking at the different experiences in parenting.

    23. This book is so good! It is about allowing your children to teach you to be more Christ like. We never really know who we are until we face trials and children bring many trials to life, feelings of anger, selfishness surface, feelings you never knew you could possess and this can make you change. Seeing your children mirror your behavior can cause you to become an almost different person after the journey. It is about God's using your children to sanctify you to Christ. Very well written and ea [...]

    24. Fantastic book on parenting which was focused much differently than most parenting books I've read. Thomas sought to teach about how the act of parenting can form us spiritually. If you are looking for a 'how-to' parent book this isn't for you: However, if you are looking for a deeply reflective, moving look at how God can use the act of parenting to change us in just about every way possible you've come to the right place. Well written book! I'll be coming back to this one again, I'm sure.

    25. Enjoyed the perspective that this book gave. Often we think about what we can do for our kid, forgetting what they truly need to be done. We often forget that children also have a life of their own and they need to walk out their lives. Our role as Godly parents is to guide them along the right Godly path so our children can eventually fulfill that Godly purpose. It is not until we learn about ourselves and walk righteously ourselves that we are able to fulfill this role. Very thought provoking [...]

    26. Received this book as a gift after my son was born, and I really enjoyed it. I learned how God uses our children to teach us, rather than us teaching our children. I never considered that before reading this book, but it is so true. It is not a typical "how to" parenting book, but it is just what I need on the days when I have no patience. I am reminded that God has given my this little boy because he trusts me to raise His child. There is no greater responsibility in life. The message was an im [...]

    27. I appreciated the way that this book didn't sugar coat parenting and the experiences related to being a parent. It was very validating for me and turned out to be one of the best parenting books that I've read. I liked the no nonsense approach. However it is important to note that it is VERY bible based and makes a lot of Christian references. If that kind of thing makes you uncomfortable, stay away.

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