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Practical Theology for Women: How Knowing God Makes a Difference in Our Daily Lives

Practical Theology for Women How Knowing God Makes a Difference in Our Daily Lives Have you ever wanted to understand the deep things of the Word but been put off by the intimidating vocabulary of theologians Have you assumed that studying the attributes of God is for seminary stude

  • Title: Practical Theology for Women: How Knowing God Makes a Difference in Our Daily Lives
  • Author: Wendy Horger Alsup Wendy Alsup
  • ISBN: 9781433502095
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback
  • Have you ever wanted to understand the deep things of the Word but been put off by the intimidating vocabulary of theologians Have you assumed that studying the attributes of God is for seminary students only Or maybe just for men Have heavy doctrinal themes felt beyond you and your everyday world If so if you ve ever thought theology was too deep, too impractical, oHave you ever wanted to understand the deep things of the Word but been put off by the intimidating vocabulary of theologians Have you assumed that studying the attributes of God is for seminary students only Or maybe just for men Have heavy doctrinal themes felt beyond you and your everyday world If so if you ve ever thought theology was too deep, too impractical, or too irrelevant for your life as a woman this book is for you.As author Wendy Alsup explores fundamental theological issues you ve always wondered about minus the daunting vocabulary and complex sentence structure of academic tomes she brings them into real life into your world and reveals the heart of true theology It s really about simple yet incredibly profound stuff that affects our daily lives, she says Stuff like faith and gaining a right knowledge of God as the foundation for wise daily living.Alsup writes Truly, there is nothing like a good grasp of accurate knowledge about God to enable you to meet the practical demands of your life the practical demands of being a daughter, mother, wife, sister, or friend Let Practical Theology for Women show you the everyday difference that knowing God makes.

    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ✓ Practical Theology for Women: How Knowing God Makes a Difference in Our Daily Lives : by Wendy Horger Alsup Wendy Alsup ¹
      265 Wendy Horger Alsup Wendy Alsup
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ✓ Practical Theology for Women: How Knowing God Makes a Difference in Our Daily Lives : by Wendy Horger Alsup Wendy Alsup ¹
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    1 thought on “Practical Theology for Women: How Knowing God Makes a Difference in Our Daily Lives

    1. I like this book for it's emphasis on practical application of biblical truths. Although it is small & is not intended to cover all the issues of systematic theology, the essentials are discussed in a very easy to understand style. Chapter 4 was my absolute favorite because the author uses real life applications to encourage the reader regarding how to put faith into action & what it really looks like when it's functioning in our lives. This condensed volume is thoroughly edifying & [...]

    2. This book came highly recommended by two pastors wives so I was eager to read it despite my general dislike of the "for women" theology genre. While the author is dead on in the biblical truth that we need to "take our thoughts captive" with and that we must tell ourselves what is true about God from his Word, her pendulum swings too far in the direction of the head and mitigates or even ignores the heart. This is likely a reaction to the over emphasis of feelings based Christian books for women [...]

    3. This is a small, clearly-written overview of theological concepts. Unlike many women's ministry books, there is no fluff and only a small amount of anecdotes to help the reader with application. These anecdotes show that the author is both honest and open, yet focused on God rather than herself. The author grounds each concept in scriptural references and uses a variety of translations and word studies to help solidify the profundity of God's word.

    4. My reasoning for giving this book a low rating isn't to do with the content itself, but more so with the the title and its implications. A better title for this book would be "Practical Theology For New Believers." There is zero content in the book specific to women or our role; rather it is called Practical Theology for Women based on the assumption that because you are a woman you must know nothing about theology and find faith intimidating and something better left to men. In doing this it fe [...]

    5. Wendy does a great job of writing a very approachable, short, concise book on the basics of the Christian faith. Are you wondering what Christians really believe? Wendy does a great job of explains the basic doctrines of the Christian faith in words and examples that anyone can understand. This book is for the new Christian that is trying to understand her new faith. This book is for the woman who has gone to church her whole life but not sure how God and theology have anything to do with the da [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this. The verses were spot on and the chapters were short. I love that the focus is Jesus and the theme of his redemption woven throughout the Bible. I remember the joy of discovering that Jesus is the Prophet mentioned by Moses in Deuteronomy, so when the author mentions the beauty of seeing "the connections between Jonah and the gospel, between Judges and Jesus Christ ", I could relate. Her story of God's faithfulness was encouraging and set up the practical aspect of the book [...]

    7. this is a great little book jam-packed with gospel truths. My least favorite part about this book was that it was called Practical Theology for Women, when really it was just theology for everyone with a bird on the front. However, I understand she was targeting women because women desperately need to know their theology but are typically too busy, too overwhelmed, or too afraid to try. Wendy lays down some thick theology in this book, but it is in no way heavy or overwhelming. the chapters are [...]

    8. My review of this book is based on my experience with it as the study book for a small group of seminary students' wives that met throughout the school year. I was biased against this book from the start. After reading some of my husband's books from his classes, I felt that this book was overly simplistic. When I received it and saw how small of a book it was, the girliness of the cover and the title itself, I sort of predetermined that I wouldn't like it. My opinion hasn't changed too much ove [...]

    9. I’ve been a Christian for 15 years. I’ve always avoided the word theology. I did not understand it and it scared me. That is until I came face to face with “Practical Theology For Women.” This book helps you discover what theology really is. Why we need to know what theology is and how to apply it to our lives. It also leads us how to live a life theologically.Do you personally feast on God’s Word daily? Or do you find one word or nugget and choose to survive on it daily, weekly, month [...]

    10. I would like to clarify that this is a great book for someone that is just learning about Theology. Everything is spot on and explained in a way that is easy to understand and easy to apply to ones own lifeHowever, this book really doesn't hold much meat to it. Its a wonderful refresher, but not much to grasp on as far as anything very deep. I also finished this book confused as to what in the world it had to do with women. Am I not smart enough to understand deeper theological books and simply [...]

    11. Studying it has shown me the depth, and simplicity of theology for everyday life. It has been so peaceful to study something slowly and simply, allowing God's character to shine through to our mind and heart.

    12. A simple and clear overview on practical theology, as it applies to women. This would be a great read for anyone looking for an intro to basic theology or others who are just looking for a refresher.

    13. This short book has everything, for men as much as women: a gospel tonic, arguing that theology is applicable through the unpacking of God's nature and works

    14. I don't know why it took me so long to find this book but Im glad I finally did. Alsup is clear, practical, and so encouraging. I bought five copies to give away for Christmas.

    15. "Theology, at its most basic sense, is simply the study of God. Proper theology is not complex, but it is fundamentally important for all believers, because knowing our God and understanding his character are essential tools that enable us to exercise wisdom in our daily lives. As we study who God is and what he does, we are equipped to deal with the big and small issues of life. Knowing God and acting in faith in light of those beliefs is key to a life that is pleasing to God. Know him, and the [...]

    16. In her new book Practical Theology for Women, author Wendy Horger Alsup shows women that theology (the study of God) isn’t just for men or for academics, but it’s for all Bible-believing Jesus followers. In fact, she says that studying who God is and what He does is “the root, foundation, and framework for practical living that reflects wisdom and understanding.”So many theology books are so academic and formal that the reader feels talked down to. Not Practical Theology for Women! Alsup [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this book. I have been in a weird funk since I came back home from school. I was used to daily being constantly encouraged in fellowship and taught new things about Christ outside of straight Bible study. I was used to always talking about God with other people, hearing their discoveries about the treasures they had been show by Christ through their study and gaining of knowledge. But, not that I am at home, it is not as easy to be filled spiritually as I was at school. I have t [...]

    18. "Practical Theology for Women," written by Wendy Horger Alsup, is an excellent introduction to the basics of Christian theology. Each chapter is roughly ten pages long and gives a short overview on some of the most central elements of theology. Alsup readily admits that she has "only touched the surface" of the topics addressed within her writing (151). However, I would wholeheartedly recommend this to a new Christian, someone just beginning to study theology, or someone wanting a refresher on b [...]

    19. 3 stars feels a little harsh, but due to the lack of half stars and the fact I don't feel I can give 4, it has to be 3. I'm going to write a longer review on my blog in the next few days, but briefly: there is a lot of good in this book; many useful and insightful observations and good knowledge. However, some of the depth the author goes into is deeper than can be adequately explained in a book this length. It gets a bit muddy at times, which is a problem when the aim is to help women understan [...]

    20. This book is an excellent primer to whet one's appetite for further study. Wendy Alsup's writing is "real", honest, easy to read, enjoyable, and thought-provoking. One of the things that I love about this book is that it is a gentle introduction to "Christian-ese". Alsup unpacks words like sovereign, holy, justification, sanctification, glorification, etc. Often, I'd love to recommend a book to a young Christian but wonder if it will be "over their head". "Practical Theology for Women" lays a so [...]

    21. There are three main sections in Practical Theology for Women: 1. What Is Theology?, 2. Who Is Our God?, and 3. Communicating with Our God. The first section discusses the meaning of theology and faith and how they are related. The second section, which I think of as the heart of the book, looks at the roles of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in our lives. God is our Father, the sovereign, compassionate, wise one who disciplines us, the Son is our Savior, our example, our bridegroom, the one wi [...]

    22. I love basics. This is a great book for women who want an intro to the study of God and how this knowledge can be lived out practically. I liked when Wendy says our need to "know God and live as if we know Him" (paraphrased). This book is simple yet covers a lot of important topics such as who is God, what is Faith, who is Jesus in relationship to us and how do we communicate with our God through the Word. Pretteh nifteh! I would recommend it as a starter book for girls I know who are desiring t [...]

    23. This boon is very short and feels very watered-down, almost as if the author is saying what she thinks people want her to say. I get the impression from this book that the big tough theology questions should be left to men. Not so! We as women are also co-heirs with Christ and the richness of scripture is available to any who take time to search it out. While this may be a great "starter" book, especially for new believers, please don't let this be the extent of your studies in theology. Draw ne [...]

    24. I just read this book for the second time and realized this is one of my favorite books. Sure the title may sound overwhelming or stuffy (as I recently learned while trying to tell family about it) but it speaks truth and knowledge to my heart and soul. It's applicable in so many ways and seasons of life that I know this will not be the last time I pick it up. I wholeheartedly recommend it to women in all seasons of life.

    25. I desperately need to read this again; it was that good. I was most deeply moved by Wendy's explanation that the Bible is not just a story book full of tales about people whose characteristics we should or should not emulate (i.e Jonah, Esther, Daniel, etc.). The OT and NT fit together and dots are connected in big ways when we read Scripture knowing that Jesus is the connecting thread. I can't wait to dive into my own personal Bible study now!

    26. To be clear, this is a primer; the shallow end of the great theological pool. It's a place for us to dip our toes and adjust to the waters before diving deep. A lovely place for the theologically young to begin but still an excellent refresher for those of us who have been treading these waters for awhile. A book that women AND men could equally be served by.

    27. i felt it was a confusing mishmash of topics. Frankly, I think any woman should be offended that she has to have a theology book written for her. True, there are many theology books that are difficult to read, yet, there are many that are written for the average lay reader that are clear and concise.

    28. Great brief overview of some core Christian doctrines. Wendy has a great way of putting things - very visual. I wish it went a bit deeper, but a great start and really helps the reader see how doctrine and theology is intrinsically practical to the Christian faith.

    29. I loved how clear and relevant this book was. The author really did make theology practical for the modern woman. Her view of God and constant urging the reader to rest in God was both a challenge and an encouragement.

    30. Knowing God is intensely practical and should inform every part of our lives. Theology the study of God is exciting, interesting, and immensely practical. This book is a great introduction to good solid theology and how it can inform our every day lives.

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