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Christmas is Murder

Christmas is Murder Christmas is murder when you re stranded with a killerNot even a blizzard can keep Rex Graves away from Swanmere Manor a secluded Victorian hotel in the English countryside owned by the eccentric Dah

  • Title: Christmas is Murder
  • Author: C.S. Challinor
  • ISBN: 9780738713595
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
  • Christmas is murder when you re stranded with a killerNot even a blizzard can keep Rex Graves away from Swanmere Manor, a secluded Victorian hotel in the English countryside owned by the eccentric Dahlia Smithings But instead of Christmas cheer, the Scottish barrister finds a dead guest Was it a stroke that killed old Mr Lawdry Or an almond tart laced with poison WhChristmas is murder when you re stranded with a killerNot even a blizzard can keep Rex Graves away from Swanmere Manor, a secluded Victorian hotel in the English countryside owned by the eccentric Dahlia Smithings But instead of Christmas cheer, the Scottish barrister finds a dead guest Was it a stroke that killed old Mr Lawdry Or an almond tart laced with poison When guests die, all hopes for a jolly holiday are dashed Snowbound and terrified, no one can escape the cold blooded killer Rex takes it upon himself to unravel the mystery A biography of President George W Bush found charred in the fireplace might offer a few clues Could the killer be the sherry swilling handyman The gay antiques dealer with the biting wit The quarreling newlyweds Surely it s not Helen D Arcy, the lovely lass Rex seems to be falling for

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      411 C.S. Challinor
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    1 thought on “Christmas is Murder

    1. Rating 3.5With a definite Agatha Christie feel to it, this book reminded me in many ways of her book, And Then There were None. Set in England, a group of people have been invited to Swanmere Manor Inn for Christmas. Before Christmas Day, several of them have been murdered. Rex Graves, a British Queen's Defender, is one of the guests and he feels that it is his duty to try and solve the murders. This was an enjoyable cozy with a good plot. The characters were interesting and varied, and there we [...]

    2. I got a series of five Rex Graves mysteries as a Christmas gift. This is the first of the series. It is written in the Agatha Christie style of mystery and really well done. There’s even the gathering and big reveal at the end.Not a bad first look at this author. The next two go on vacation with me for beach reading.

    3. This is great fun to read. The first book in the series has Scots QC Rex Graves (attorney for those of us in the US) visiting the home/motel of his mothers best friend for Christmas. Arriving in the middle of a snowstorm, Rex is greeted with a dead body and a cast of characters that are as diverse as they are interesting. With more bodies showing up, Rex needs to solve the mystery of who is killing the guests, and why? There are a couple of small "bumpy" spots in the story but on the whole I lov [...]

    4. Oh dear. I haven't seen anything else by this author. Her lead character is a man and I think that was a mistake; she'd probaby do a more convincing job writing about a woman. She gets some details wrong as well -- uses US instead of UK military ranks -- and getting cut off in snow! It's meant to be England! Still, it's better than anything I could write so good luck to her and her efforts helping wounded servicemen.

    5. Pretty light but somewhat fun. People falling dead all over the place. But there is a QC on hand to solve the case before the police even get there.Who poisoned the old man? And how to tie the other murders together? It helps that they are snowed in for the holidays. Plus Rex finds a little lost puppy on his way from the station.

    6. This was a Kindle deal of the day and I got it for 99 cents. It was a fast, easy, fun read, but better than the Patterson/Evanovich/Higgins Clark mysteries I used to read and can't stand anymore (no offense to anyone, trust me, just my opinion! For years all I read was Patterson!). Christmas is Murder was a perfect holiday book for in between the deep heavy books I seem to be choosing lately.

    7. Needed better editing. There were jumps in the plot. The characters were made out of cardboard from cereal boxes. This could have been interesting but was just annoying. Like when you're craving good chocolate and there's only the cheap stuff with too much sugar in it available.A disappointment.

    8. A Christmas themed murder mystery.A group of people snowed in at a manor in the English country side, when murders start happening. I liked the characters and the pace of the book. What I didn't like about it was the motive for the murders, just not convincing enough.

    9. My first introduction to Rex Graves mysteries. A secluded Victorianhotel in the English countryside is home to a succession of murderswith more suspects than the game of "Clue".

    10. I picked this up with a great deal of anticipation. Christmas, snow all around, cut-off from the world, the odd guests, the sinister servants, the piling dead bodies.but where was the terror,the growing distrust, the suspicious glances, the false faces??????????????A totally non-atmospheric mystery. Not keen to read more of the series.First Line: Mrs. D. Smithings requests the pleasure of the company of Reginald Graves, QC at Swanmere Manor, December 23 to 27VP

    11. This is a cozy mystery set in a bed and breakfast in England. The premise is that murders occur during a blizzard and Rex Graves is left to investigate on his own. I nearly gave up on this due to the slow pace of the story, and not really connecting with any of the characters. The reason for the murder seemed a little far-fetched.

    12. Almost thereI almost enjoyed this book. I love the cold British setting and the mystery, but some of the characters where bland. The reaction at the end was strange too. The author must have wanted to wrap the story fast!

    13. I just didn't enjoy this much. It just felt a bit flat. The first murder happened right away and everyone just took it for granted that the lawyer would investigate.

    14. I thought the mystery was okay, but more character development was needed. It was a fast read and enjoyable enough that I will pick up the next one.

    15. I'm a bit late with this delightful Rex Graves Mystery called Christmas is Murder, but I guess it's never too late for a good murder mystery. The first in a series by C. S. Challinor, I purchased this just before Christmas and was already reading another book, with a second that I couldn't wait to get into. This story, set in the Swanmere Manor Hotel in the southwest of England, moved along quickly with interesting characters, lots of murders (each one a different method from the last), and a wh [...]

    16. I looked forward to reading Christmas is Murder because it seemed like a good book to read with a cup of tea in one hand and a Christmas tree blazing in the corner. I wasn't disappointed in that. I don't read a lot of modern mysteries, so this was sort of foreign to me. There were a lot of things I liked about it. Christmas. England. Almond tarts. Puppies. But there were a few things I did not like.A good thing: you don't have to wait long for people to start dropping. I mean, the book IS called [...]

    17. Opening Sentence: “…Rex re-read the card before thrusting it into his coat pocket in preparation for his trip, wondering again at the formal nature of the invitation…”A sweet ‘locked-room’ type story. Rex Graves is a Scottish barrister who has been invited to the remote Swanmere Manor for a relaxing Christmas break. Dahlia Smithings, a friend of Rex’s mother, has converted her family home into a small hotel. Remembering the happy summer holidays he spent there as a child, Rex accep [...]

    18. This is the first book in a series of murder mysteries sleuthed by Scottish barrister Rex Graves. I was not terribly impressed, but I will at least give #2 in the series a try before abandoning this sleuth.Eight guests, three servants, our sleuth, and the proprietress are assembled for the Christmas holiday in an English Victorian mansion-turned-hotel in Sussex. You will not be surprised to learn that a massive snowstorm has isolated the festive party from the outside world. This storm is so bad [...]

    19. This book was a surprisingly enjoyable read. The mystery is a locked room mystery paying clear homage to Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. As a matter of fact, Christie's book is brought up by the characters themselves in this book as they ponder how similar their own situation is. I thought this was a clever touch. I enjoyed the snowed-in setting of the old manor the characters are stuck in, and Rex Graves is a very likable "detective" (although he's not technically a "detective", he [...]

    20. Christmas Is Murder is the first book in C. S. Challinor's series starring Scottish Crown Prosecutor Rex Graves. He has received an invitation to spend Christmas at a English manor-turned-hotel from a friend of his mother's and, since it beats spending the holidays alone, he goes. By the time he arrives (on makeshift snowshoes made out of tennis rackets with a new stray puppy in his coat pocket), a death has already occurred and the local authorities and medical personnel cannot make it through [...]

    21. #1 Rex Graves mystery. Rex, a Scottish barrister, has been invited to spend Christmas at a hotel run by an old friend of his mother's, and as he hasn't heard from his girlfriend in ages (she's off to foreign parts volunteering or something) he accepts. Upon arrival, he discovers that there's been a death, an elderly man who apparently had a seizure of some sort in the common room. One of the other guests, a paramedic, tells Rex privately that he believes the dead man was poisoned. As a snowstorm [...]

    22. I wanted to like this book more than I did because the author has a cat and she donated part of the proceeds of the book to charity but it's basically a very run of the mill British manor house mystery. There is a cute dog in the book but he plays a very marginal role. A bunch of people are stranded in a B&B in the south of England for days by a blizzard, someone gets murdered and the amateur detective steps up to solve the mystery before the police get there. Really? A blizzard in the south [...]

    23. This book had all of the highlights of my favorite cozies - English countryside, old manor house, cut off from the outside world, and non-gory murders of characters to whom the readers are not attached. The pace was fast with a murder at the outset and bodies continuing to pile up throughout the story. Snow, Christmas decor, descriptive foods, and a puppy were a bonus. Most of the clues were available for the reader to pick up along the way, though the detective did keep some observations to him [...]

    24. I was looking for a Christmas murder - not a cutesy one involving gingerbread, thank you. I was looking for something with an edge, something that involved a manor house and maybe some snow. This one was a 99 cent download, and it was 99 cents well spent. The protagonist is Rex, a Scottish barrister, a prosecutor for the Crown, who has been invited for a Christmas holiday at an inn owned by a friend of his mother's. The woman lost her son in the Iraq war. She is an odd hostess. There are a lot o [...]

    25. Of all the many renditions of Agatha Christie’s seminal whodunit masterpiece And Then there Were None, this is one of my faves! Set in a secluded Victorian Inn in the English countryside, the mystery revolves around a motley crew of characters – all with secrets to hide. Lo and behold, a man is poisoned to death and many others end up joining him in his eternal dirt nap. Trapped by a blizzard, the group of doomed guests are unable to escape the wrath of a cold-blooded killer stalking the hal [...]

    26. Christmas is Murder takes place in today's world with a nod to Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None in style and setting, yet is unique in its own right. The story takes place in England when all the guests at a "bed and breakfast" type hotel get snowed in over the Christmas holiday. The story is interesting and will keep you reading. I enjoyed that there was enough mystery to keep you thinking, but enough clues where you can have a pretty good idea what will happen in the end.A critique o [...]

    27. A classic English country house murder mystery. But this time, it's Christmas and a blizzard has isolated Swanmere Manor, a small exclusive hotel, in West Sussex, England. Rex Graves, QC, receives an invitation to travel from Scotland to Swanmere by its owner, who is a friend of his mother's. Graves arrives at Swanmere by walking two miles through the blizzard from the train station in the village using tennis racquets as snowshoes--no wonder England had an empire with men such as these--only to [...]

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