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A Quiet Vendetta

A Quiet Vendetta When Catherine Ducane the daughter of the Governor of Louisiana disappears the cops react quickly But the case gets strange when her bodyguard turns up mutilated and when Catherine s kidnapper call

  • Title: A Quiet Vendetta
  • Author: R.J. Ellory
  • ISBN: 9780752877402
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Catherine Ducane, the daughter of the Governor of Louisiana, disappears, the cops react quickly But the case gets strange when her bodyguard turns up mutilated and when Catherine s kidnapper calls he doesn t want money he wants time alone with a minor functionary from a Washington based organised crime task force.

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      280 R.J. Ellory
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    1 thought on “A Quiet Vendetta

    1. Thought that "A Quiet Belief in Angels" was good but this is even better. Probably one of the best books that I have ever read. Starts off a bit slow but once Ernesto Perez appears and starts describing his life story, you just can't put it down. Very clever twist at the end rounds it off perfectly as well. Also read "Simple Act of Violence" and "Saints of New York" - they are all excellent but "Quiet Vendetta" is the pick of them.

    2. Un autore che regala molto più di quanto prometta.A pagina 1 un cadavere viene ritrovato dentro il bagagliaio di un auto parcheggiata in un quartiere malfamato di New Orleans. Poco dopo il detective che (erroneamente) pare il protagonista della storia segue la solita autopsia che il solito medico legale esegue sul cadavere con il solito ritrovamento di prove di efferata violenza e di peculiarità tipiche di un omicidio rituale… (vi risparmio i dettagli).A questo punto la tentazione di lanciar [...]

    3. Another fantastic book by R J Ellory, but I didn't enjoy it quite as much as the others, particularly Candlemoth, but it's extremely enjoyable and I couldn't put it down. I won't go into the plot details, as this is covered by other reviewers, but I particularly liked (and I know I shouldn't!) Ernesto Perez and the brilliant, Ray Hartmann. They are some of the strongest and likeable characters I have ever come across. Ernesto, in particular for me, as he was the bad guy with a heart of gold. The [...]

    4. The plot was more or less OK. Now that concludes the nice part of this review. The problem is that both protagonists have bruised souls, and tend to ruminate about life quite often. Mostly these ruminations are predictable, repetitious, shallow and boring. Cliché is piled upon cliché, and while the writer's at it, he also tends to elaborate on the history of Cuba, American Mafia Wars, even a little politics. All with an ample supply of names and dates thrown in. Sometimes you wonder why there [...]

    5. Wow, this book took a while to get through and for me was slow starting, but about 1/2 way through it I got hooked. Then I lost it in my house. Luckily I found it before my vacation and finished it. A fun book with unexpected twists and turns.

    6. An ingenious and inventive tale. The daughter of the governor of Louisiana is kidnapped. The kidnapper shows up at FBI headquarters in New Orleans and offers to release the girl only if they will listen to his story. Anxious to save the girl the agents agree and so a history is told. The teller of the tale is a Cuban-American who, through a sordid and violent series of adventures, becomes a Mafia hit man. His story is also the story of organized crime in the United States. All of the infamous na [...]

    7. After reading A QUIET BELIEF IN ANGELS by Ellory, I was struck rigid by its intensity and fine storytelling.And here, yet again, I'm left absolutely dumbfounded by Ellory's masterful Mafia story, which drags you in on a non-stop turbo-charged maelstrom of action from beginning to end.Not for the feint-hearted, as significant and insignificant characters are ruthlessly dispatched with the maximum of violence, that on occasions makes you wince as the full description sifts through to your brain.Bu [...]

    8. Ellory can tell a story, that's for sure. But this one got bogged down in one hit after another. And then there were the "explanations" of several infamous unsolved American deaths or in one case, disappearance. The clever ending doesn't make up for slogging through the middle.

    9. The authorRoger Jon Ellory was born in Birmingham, England, June 20th 1965. At age 7 his mother died and with his father out of the picture already he was send of to boarding school. He returned to Birmingham age 16 and at 17 he spend some time in jail for poaching. After a short career as a musician he devoted himself to studying obscure philosophies and reading. He had a lot of trouble getting his first stories published as UK publishers did not want to publish books set in America and America [...]

    10. A Quite Vendetta is the story which revolves around one man known to all as the Cuban. His real name Ernesto Perez born in the 40's in Louisiana of Cuban/American parentage. Perez spends the early part of his life in Louisiana until his mothers unexpected death, then Ernesto Perez returns to Cuba, old Havana with his father. They begin a new life, Havana in the fifties was a struggle to make ends meet, but Perez has a sharp mind he uses acts of Violence to get ahead until one certain event leads [...]

    11. Lock the door, put your feet up, you will read this in one sitting…After a kidnapping and intriguing murder, a Mafia hitman begins to recount his life story and this novel suddenly becomes the most compelling of R.J.Ellory’s I’ve read to date. As with his previous two books I’ve read, A Quiet Belief in Angels and A Simple Act of Violence, Ellory once more demonstrates his astonishing ability to capture time, place and people in a distinctive, poetic voice that makes reading a joy. I am a [...]

    12. Sublime! The best book I ever read since now, I am aware I have a lot too read still but this novel has everything I like, crime, mafia. The way of writing and the pace and timing, going back and forth in time is excellent. The end a 10+.Sublime! El mejor libro que he leído hasta el momento, siendo consciente de que me queda mucho por leer todavia, pero lo tiene todo esta novela. La manera en la que esta escrita y los tiempos, pasando del presente al pasado son excelentes. El final un 10.

    13. Hier probeert Ellory net iets teveel te vertellen, met een hoop uitweidingen naar verschillende ‘bekende’ moordpartijen én nog een blauwdruk van de geschiedenis van Cuba erbovenop. Dit maakt het zeker geen gemakkelijk boek om eens tussendoor te lezen Een ietwat ontgoochelend einde, en net iets te bloemrijk, typerend voor een boek uit het begin van zijn carrière. Toch blijft dit één van mijn favoriete auteurs.

    14. Ontzettend veel spannende boeken worden tegenwoordig tot het genre 'literaire thriller' gerekend. Er zijn maar weinig boeken die dat predikaat ook echt verdienen. Een volmaakte vendetta is zo'n boek: erg goed geschreven, onderhoudend, met interessante personages en een ijzersterke opbouw. Ellory heeft zichzelf overtroffen. Een volmaakte vendetta, een volmaakte thriller!

    15. Absolutely fantastic read, superb twists and turns, strongly recommended. This is my second RJ Ellory read, after Candlemoth, and I'm looking forward to following it up with others by the same author.

    16. Five stars. WOW. This story - the stories within this story - are superbly written. All 500+ pages. If it would've been a cake, I'd have eaten it. That damn good. If you love history, suspense, intrigue OMG. Just take my word. (Sorry - still on my book high, here)

    17. What an interesting book! I do not like violence as a rule but listened to the audiobook and the narrator was exceptionalought the book to life.

    18. Prachtige verhaallijn. 3 generaties Cuba, Amerika en een beetje Italië. Castro, Kennedy, Hoffa Het gaat over trouw en ontrouw, waardes en keuzes maken. Het gaat over 2 vaders. Een aanrader!

    19. I don't know how to rate this book. I loved it. I almost hated it. It was beautiful and terrible. Amazing writing, fascinating story, but oh soooooooo dark.

    20. A Quiet VendettaAuthor: R.J. ElloryReviewed by Fran LewisEnter the world of a Medical Examiner as he takes you through the process of discovering a corpse, placing it on the table, seeing where it was found and the work needed to identify the person in order to show respect for who he/she was. The car is unique, the smell is overwhelming and the case will prove to be unusual as one man finally comes forward after seeing a lone car sitting for three days, peers inside the window and what he finds [...]

    21. This is the seventh book by R.J. Ellory that I have read. He's written a couple of my favorite books. This wasn't one of them.What I like most about Ellory books is a strong main character that is very understandable and relate-able. A certain angst that I just get.That character is missing here.A Quiet Vendetta is anything but quiet. It's a long-winded spiral from a police procedural down into a synopsis of the history of communist Cuba, as much detail and evil doing as you could possibly want, [...]

    22. 3.5. J'aime sa facon d'écrire, même si parfois les descriptions sont extrêmements longues. J'avais l'impression d'être en Louisiane, ce que j'ai apprécié. Le titre est bien choisi, parce que "Quiet" c'est le bon mot. C'est long et lent et moi qui adore les psychopathes, au 6e meurtre, je commencais à en avoir assez, J'ai aimé l'imagination des affaires non résolues qui soudainement avaient une explication ;-) mais j'avais deviné pour la fille donc ca lui a enlevé une demie-étoile, je [...]

    23. Phew. That was a long book! I listened to this as an audiobook I randomly borrowed from the library, and although it's a departure from the kind of thing I normally listen to, I still enjoyed it. It didn't hurt that I had a long car journey to help me get through a good bit of it. Although it's a thriller of sorts, it's not really much of a 'thrilling' thriller and is more suited to those who take pleasure in enjoying the careful and descriptive writing as there are a lot of details we are treat [...]

    24. A QUIET VENDETTA. (2005 in UK, Amer ed. 2012). R. J. Ellory. ****. Mr. Ellory is as fine a writer as you will likely come across in today’s world. He is British and lives in Birmingham, though his novels are not set there. This novel is a hefty one, and provides, through its principle character, a rather complete history of the Italian-American Mafia – although there are certainly a lot of suppositions involved. The focus of the book is Ernesto Perez, a Mafia hit man now in his late sixties. [...]

    25. For a book I picked up on a whim, it was a surprisingly enjoyable read. I definitely wasn't expecting much - a normal thriller/police procedural, but not something that drew me in this much.This book starts with a murder. But not just any murder, the guy's had his heart cut out and placed back in. Plus, someone drew the sign of Gemini on his back. At the same time, Catherine Ducane, the daughter of Governor Ducane (Governor of Louisiana) disappears. When the kidnapper calls, he makes a strange r [...]

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