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The Evil Seed

The Evil Seed Something inside me remembers It s never easy to face the fact that a man you once loved passionately has found the girl of his dreams as Alice discovers when Joe introduces her to his new girlfriend

  • Title: The Evil Seed
  • Author: Joanne Harris
  • ISBN: 9780751500080
  • Page: 436
  • Format: None
  • Something inside me remembers It s never easy to face the fact that a man you once loved passionately has found the girl of his dreams, as Alice discovers when Joe introduces her to his new girlfriend Ginny Jealous, Alice is repelled by Ginny an ethereal beauty with a sinister group of friends.Then Alice finds an old diary hidden away in Ginny s room and reads about DanSomething inside me remembers It s never easy to face the fact that a man you once loved passionately has found the girl of his dreams, as Alice discovers when Joe introduces her to his new girlfriend Ginny Jealous, Alice is repelled by Ginny an ethereal beauty with a sinister group of friends.Then Alice finds an old diary hidden away in Ginny s room and reads about Daniel Holmes and his friend Robert and the mysterious woman who bewitched them both Rosemary Virginia Ashley, buried in Grantchester churchyard half a century ago buried but far from forgotten.As the stories intertwine, past and present are merged into one Alice comes to realize that her instinctive hatred of Joe s new girlfriend may not just be due to jealousy as she s plunged into a nightmare world of obsession, revenge, seduction and blood.

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      436 Joanne Harris
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    1 thought on “The Evil Seed

    1. I have been wanting to read Joanne Harris's first book for a very long time. Now I got the chance and I'm afraid it wasn't the best experience ever.I found the story a bit confusing towards the end, and that was a disappointment because the whole action was all jumbled. I got the idea of what happened, but I am afraid that I may have lost something in the confusion of narrators' voices. I couldn't understand if it was Daniel's voice or the omniscient narrator's voice from Alice's parts that was [...]

    2. Split between the 1940s and a modern narrative (1980s/90s?), The Evil Seed tells of the havoc wreaked in the lives of two sets of characters by a beautiful and ruthless 'nightwalker'. (Basically a vampire, although this kind doesn't conform to many of the popular myths, eg being unable to venture out in daylight.) In 1948, Cambridge scholar Daniel Holmes rescues a girl called Rosemary from drowning; he falls madly in love, only for her to start a relationship with his best friend. His story, cha [...]

    3. Joanne Harris considera questo libro un po' come il suo figlio negletto, e lo scrive in una nota introduttiva.Io non la vedo così. Io l'ho apprezzato tanto, per me come romanzo gotico moderno funziona, eccome.Ognuno ha un lato oscuro del proprio carattere, e nell'oscurità c'è un'attrazione irrevocabiledice l'autrice in un'intervista.Ed è questo che mi avvince in questo ed in altri romanzi, l'incedere di questa atmosfera scespiriana di ineluttabilità, del male potente, più forte del bene pu [...]

    4. Joanne Harris' first novel is nowhere near as good as her later work. It's a clunky vampire novel, with dual timelines. Half of the novel is set in the 1950s, while the other half is set in modern times. However the two parts are essentially the same- a manipulative and beautiful female vampire arrives in Cambridge, bewitches a gullible young man and continues her killing spree.There were some interesting elements to this novel. I liked Harris' particular rules for vampires. I found myself reall [...]

    5. "Something inside me remembers…"I loved this book, but then it was hard not to, as it has many of the elements I like: mystery, obsession, death, vampires, an old diary, complicated relationships, a great title and a gorgeous cover. I’ve been known to buy books based on less than the above mentioned things. But this, I must admit, having spent a day reading most of it, was such a great story I was sad to see it end. From the start I was captivated by Alice, who makes her living from art. The [...]

    6. Joanne Harris can take the story of the hare and the tortoise as her raw material and use this to construct a majestic novel. In this case it is a potentially very lame theme of vampirism. But in her hands it becomes a three-generation saga with mystery, intrigue and perfectly formed characters - no werewolves, no glistening skin and no crap. In fact the characters and plot are the focus, not the cliché’s about vampires. There is blood and gore but it is not gratuitous. As with all her work t [...]

    7. My friend gave me 'The Evil Seed' as a gift. 'The Evil Seed' was her debut novel and due to popular demand was re~published (this also happened with her second novel, 'Sleep, Pale Sister', which I have also read and enjoyed). I really enjoyed reading 'The Evil Seed', the story was excellent, two stories are told interwined throughout the book, the story of Robert, Daniel and Rosemary and the story of Alice, Joe and Ginny, are Ginny and Rosemary the same woman? well you will have to read and find [...]

    8. I wouldn't normally read books about vampires and I was disappointed by this book. I read it because I have enjoyed other books written by Joanne Harris. The clumpy story line and voice of the book made it hard to want to pick up and read. I could tell that it was Harris' first book and she had not yet found her 'voice' that she has in later books. It took me a long time to finish.

    9. “Prego di essere salvato, ma sento solo l’ululato del pozzo sotto di me, le mie parole come latino morto sulla bocca inaridita, il crocefisso che si trasforma in sangue sulle labbra. Oggi Dio non è a casa. Lui si accompagna a Rosemary.”E’ possibile scrivere un libro sui vampiri senza nominarli esplicitamente neanche una volta?Sì, è possibile, e ci è riuscita piuttosto bene Joanne Harris, autrice famosa per Chocolat.Non è stata affatto una lettura malvagia, anche se verso la fine si [...]

    10. Okay, let's see I liked this book however I didn't liked that much. The things that I really loved in this one were the atmosphere and the scenerio and also how Joanne Harris used vampires. It wasn't a cheesy vampire's story, thank god (I wouldn't probably handle it to be honest). Towards Rosemary/Ginny I have these hate and "love" feelings, you see, she manipulated people and made them love her at the point that they would risk their lives to protect her, it was her plan of course. Like this I [...]

    11. Este é o primeiro livro da autora, e está bem patente o principio de uma maravilhosa escritora, que escreve livros de uma maneira muito peculiar , entre o sonho e a realidade, entre o presente e o passado entre o real e a pura magia, é assim que eu vejo as histórias de Joanne Harris.Considero que a primeira vez que lemos Joanne Harris estranhamos a sua maneira de escrever mas ao longo da leitura vamos ficando encantadas pela sua escrita peculiar, para mim foi assim, estranhei e depois fiquei [...]

    12. So this was Harris' debut novel that was out of print until people clamoured and they released it. Harris herself seems rather on point about the work in her introduction. I normally love Harris, but not this one.Mortal Love by Elizabeth Hand is somewhat similar and far better. (and no, I don't think there was any plagarism or what not. The sprig of idea is simiilar, and plots are far different).

    13. Um daqueles livros que nem sei muito bem como classificar. Gosto de livros sobre o fantástico mas achei este um pouco confuso, sempre a saltar entre 2 momentos no tempo mas que baralhava um bocado por não ser muito claro esse salto, só depois de lermos algumas linhas. Não foi uma leitura que me tivese prendido mas também não dei por mal emprego o tempo que perdi a le-lo. Mas nota-se que não é de todo o género de livro para o qual esta autora esteja vocacionada

    14. Having finished this book, to quote W.B. Yeats: my wretched dragon is perplexed.Word of warning; this will only be a MINI book review, rather than a full book review, because I think the writing in this novel reflects something that is only 'halfway there'.The Evil Seed is an often confusing. sometimes numbing and other times flamboyantly lovely read - a strange hybrid of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "Lesbian Vampire" poem 'Christabel', and the videoclip of Guns n Roses 'November Rain', with a spri [...]

    15. “Il seme del male” è il primo libro che leggo di questa autrice perciò, sinceramente, non sono in grado di fare un confronto stilistico con altri suoi libri. Infatti, questo libro, ha una storia ben particolare che la stessa Harris ci narra nelle prime pagine raccontandoci di come questo suo ultimo lavoro sia, in realtà, il primo che scrisse venti anni fa.“Il seme del male” è un libro sui vampiri particolarmente versatile che sinceramente rende particolarmente difficoltosa un sua net [...]

    16. Publicado em 1989, Maligna, Evil Seed no original, foi o primeiro romance oficialmente lançado por Joanne Harris. À data com 25 anos, Harris apresentou um romance pseudo-gótico com cenário a condizer, passado em Cambridge, Inglaterra, cheio de oportunidade, mas ainda com poucos dos traços que actualmente se lhe atribuem.Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United KingdomCambridge, local de passagem por excelência, devido à orla estudantil, com vida nocturna, cultura e arquitectura perfeitas, é o c [...]

    17. Di base, io ho un grosso problema con la Harris: quando si tratta di giudicare i suoi libri divento penosamente parziale e tendo ad essere fin troppo comprensiva con difetti che ad altri scrittori non perdonerei mai e poi mai. Quindi, avvisàti.The Evil Seed è il primo romanzo scritto (1989) e, al momento, l'ultimo pubblicato: si sviluppa su due periodi temporali, ma i luoghi sono gli stessi, gli stessi i protagonisti, identici i ruoli ricoperti duranti gli anni. La figura attorno a cui ruota t [...]

    18. I am so glad I finally finished this book after it dragged on endlessly, making me skip across the pages and for the first time testing my learned fast reading skills on a work of fictionWhile I may have loved the gothic aura and slow creeping suspense of the story several years ago, today I just found it mostly boring. Sure, the author knows how to weave a tale, with captivating, though not necessarily likable, characters and a clever plot. However, the voice of the book did not call out to me [...]

    19. Soooo, I liked it pretty much actually, I was a bit afraid when I saw the general ratings of the book, of course we have to keep in mind this was the first book that Joanne Harris wrote and we can't expect it to be has good has the others in all aspects. This idea of the vampires was good, I liked the suspense, this book has two main voices, Alice and Daniel, that are divided per chapters, and they are intertwined and we only discover how while we are going through it. The only thing that I thou [...]

    20. досить непогана книжка, хоча залишилося враження, що авторка її не допрацювала, що це якби чорновий варіант книжки що написала не все, що хотіла. Особисто мені хотілося більш прописаних головних героїв, особливо Розмарі-Джинні, її внутрішнього світу, так би сказати і взагал [...]

    21. This is the only Joanne Harris book I've read (so far). I picked it up at the discount pile and now I know why it was there. Still at that moment I was intrigued by a book about vampires from a writer that's since chosen a completly different route. With a female villain that seemed like an actual villain instead of another soapy story, this book looked like it had that going for it. But in the end, what a letdown! Clumsy story, changing from one narrator to the other (yes there's two of them), [...]

    22. Dark and gothicHaving read many of Joanne Harris' novels I expected the poetic descriptive force of the narrative but was surprised by its darkness. A wonderful Gothic novel. The inter twining narratives are strong and distinctive.Although slightly verbose at times I believe that this a characteristic of the genre.

    23. It was like meh. It took a long time to get to the point and when I say long time I mean like, 200 pages. The fourth part of the book I actually liked, there was a lot going on, lots of action. But the rest of it was a waste of a tree.

    24. In un certo senso ha la sua morale: se un vostro ex si fa risentire, mandatelo a quel paese ed avrete salva la vita

    25. Have thoroughly read Harris's other later works so was looking forward to her debut novel, and although it is a different style I enjoyed it and good see raw talent there that has blossomed.

    26. Un libro che funziona poco più che a metà.Il seme del male è il primo romanzo della Harris (sebbene sia stato pubblicato in seguito), e per questo motivo all'apparenza sembrerebbe quello un po' più immaturo, ma l'idea è originale e il suo stile è riconoscibile ed è facile farsi trasportare dalle sue parole incantatrici. La vicenda parte intrigante, così come è interessante la struttura del romanzo stesso. Due punti di vista, paralleli ma dal percorso molto simile, si alternano: all'uno [...]

    27. I got this book from a buy-books-by-weight fair and I have never been disappointed earlierThis is light read. Though it involves vampires, the story is well written and wants you to keep reading. The book is divided into two eras, actually three, but the earliest is just referenced. The chapters are divided into 'One' and 'Two', each talking about the past followed by the current, which I found troubling at the beginning but eventually got used to. I found the end confusing, but then again that [...]

    28. Joanne Harris is one of my favourite authors and her books never fail to delight and intrigue me. This one I think is her first novel but it doesn't show in my opinion! She is a natural writer - one of those gifted people who can spin magic with words and effortlessly depict people and place. The setting for this novel is Cambridge which sprang to life and reminded me what a truly beautiful city it is. This book contains two intersecting stories - one set in the late forties and one set today. T [...]

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