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Voodoo Planet / Star Hunter

Voodoo Planet Star Hunter Great Sci Fi novel Andrew North was a pen name of Andre Alice Norton born Alice Mary Norton She received the Gandalf Grand Master Award from the World Science Fiction Society and the Damon Knight Mem

  • Title: Voodoo Planet / Star Hunter
  • Author: Andre Norton
  • ISBN: 9780839824176
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Great Sci Fi novel Andrew North was a pen name of Andre Alice Norton born Alice Mary Norton She received the Gandalf Grand Master Award from the World Science Fiction Society, and the Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award from the SFWA.

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      180 Andre Norton
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    1 thought on “Voodoo Planet / Star Hunter

    1. I used to really like andre Norton - when I was in 6th grade. My first science fiction book ever was "Galactic Derelict", by Norton, and I"ve been hooked ever since. However, my reading tastes have changed over the decades, and this book is quite dated. I read the first story, 'Star Hunter', and found it so poor that I did not read the second, Voodoo Planet. Maybe her more recent books are better?

    2. Two Norton science fiction books in one package should really get a 3.5 star rating; 4 for Star Hunter & 3 for Voodoo Planet. In Star Hunter young man is mind-melded to help a gangster run a scam, but of course things don't work out right. Voodoo Planet could have been written by Edgar Rice Burroughs for a space travelin' Tarzan. Really voodoo planet is rather juvenile. But if you like science fiction and Andre Norton I would pick this one up.

    3. This book collects two of Andre Norton's novellas in one package. Both have to do with planets where safaris are conducted for the pleasure of wealthy offworlders, and both leave the reader wanting more in terms of either explanation or detail.The first, "Star Hunter" (1961), is the better of the two. In this one, the safari leader on the planet Jumala has cooked up a scheme whereby he can exact revenge on the space syndicate that has done him dirty. His scheme involves planting a young man on t [...]

    4. Recently I'm buying and reading all the Andre Norton space books written from the 50s to the 70s that I have not read before. They are all written up to her high standards but man, are they stereotypical of their time. All the men are men, the women are non-existent(except as weak side-kicks), and the aliens are nervous. Just kidding. Only not really. I grew up on Andre Norton's Witch World novels and these Solar Queen novels and Voodoo Planet (where the voodoo is never satisfactorily explained) [...]

    5. 2 stories. Voodoo Planet involves the Traders series. While waiting for another ship to show up, 3 members of the crew are invited to a planet that makes a living by running hunting tours. There is a problem with a medicine man who is causing an uproar. The crews helps defeat him. Star Hunter involves a man who can no longer pilot a spaceship because of an injury. He works as a guide for the Hunters guild. He comes up with a plan to trap a criminal. The unwitting person he chooses does not react [...]

    6. This one I have read multiple times.Two entertaining novellas. The first, Voodoo Planet stars a young man named Dane Thorson, who is trying to escape into space, and has to settle for a berth on a Free Trader ship, the "Solar Queen." They are heading for a rim planet, hoping to make money and not limp home a failure. They get entangled in a native's bid for power, and the greed of some nearly undo all.The second, Star Hunter, tells of two men who are working together in search of knowledge about [...]

    7. I'm not reading Star Hunter. I don't think I ever have, but I'm not doing so now, anyway. Voodoo Planet, on the other hand, is the third story in the Solar Queen Series, sandwiched between Plague Ship and Postmarked The Stars. It's not particularly characteristic of the series, but more like Android at Arms and Dread Companion.

    8. Skipped Star Hunter as I wanted to read Voodoo Planet. As a sequel to Sargasso of Space and Plague Ship I thought it might be fun. But it was mildly disappointing. Characters were woefully two dimensional and, even for the 1950s, there was more ethnocentrism than I could enjoy. Oh, well At least it was short.

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