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Triple As the nuclear arms race escalates in the Middle East the Mossad KGB Egyptians and Fedayeen terrorists will play out the final violent moves in a devastating game where the price of failure is nuc

  • Title: Triple
  • Author: Ken Follett
  • ISBN: 9780451212085
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
  • As the nuclear arms race escalates in the Middle East, the Mossad, KGB, Egyptians, and Fedayeen terrorists will play out the final violent moves in a devastating game where the price of failure is nuclear holocaust

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    • [PDF] Download ã Triple | by Ï Ken Follett
      104 Ken Follett
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      Posted by:Ken Follett
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    1 thought on “Triple

    1. This is a fun, 'spy' based novel. Although the main character is a spy, he spends the majority of the book pulling off a mission. But there are two other spy characters that get involved, giving the book it's name (I think).Early in the book, the main character is tasked with stealing a huge amount of Uranium for Israel. However, Follett does an excellent job of presenting the story in a political free manner somehow. If anything, he comes across as Israel neutral, which is quite the accomplishm [...]

    2. Efectivo como - casi- todos los de Follet, pero para mí a distancia de Alto Riesgo, La clave está en Rebeca o por supuesto Los pilares de la Tierra. 7/10

    3. Another fun spy novel/action thriller by Ken Follett! Triple is about operative Nathaniel Dickstein is given the task of stealing 200 tons of Uranium for Israel to produce the atomic bomb, for the war against the Middle East. But it turns out Dickstein isn't the only one after it, the Russian KGB is after the Uranium, and a team of Fedayeen Terrorists are after it as well. After reading a couple chapters I understood why the book was titled Triple, it involves 3 different parties that are after [...]

    4. Que livro mais estranho!Carregado de cenas exageradas, inverosímeis, impossíveis, forçadas e muito pouco realistas.Um dos piores livros do Ken Follett!

    5. So, I'm done with my 14th Ken Follett novel (all read this year) and if someone were to ask me to select the best 5 it would be a mighty difficult task. The way he weaves a story based on historical facts is simply stunning. Triple is another masterpiece - a Spy thriller based in the year 1968 when Israel were believed to have pulled off a mighty coup by stealing a huge consignment of Uranium ore(see attached pic). The opening scene/prologue sets the story up beautifully wherein all the major ch [...]

    6. Nathaniel Dickstein é o protagonista deste novo livro de Ken Follett publicado pela Presença. Original de 1979, Triplo, talvez devido aos três agentes duplos que trabalham para diferentes países, é um livro de espionagem, muito ao estilo de James Bond. E não falta a bond girl, uma mulher exótica e demasiado bela por quem o protagonista, como não podia deixar de ser, se vai apaixonar.Opinião completa aqui: marcadordelivros/2

    7. Another great book by Ken Follett. This is a thriller that will keep you turning the pages. Looking forward to the next release, as I have now read all of his books that I can find.

    8. As a fan and author of historical fiction, I am a great admirer of Follett's work. However, this one was a bit too much James Bond for my taste. Still a good read overall.

    9. Tecnicamente, gli ho assegnato una stellina, perché credo sia esattamente questa la valutazione più adatta a rappresentare il mio stato d'animo durante la lettura Però una cosa bisogna dirla: questo, a modo suo, è uno di quei libri che fanno parecchio ridere, ragazzi Se "Die Hard" e "Scary Movie" avessero avuto un figlio segreto, credo che il suo aspetto sarebbe stato più o meno questo!

    10. Perhaps my least favourite read of Ken Follett :S Perhaps, it wasn't just "my" topic afterall - shameful to admit I wasn't aware of the real background of the story, moreovere the whole idea of making the nuclear bomb and stealing the input for this operation didn't excite me as much as other Follett's plots.I've read the first 50 pages and I still didn't understand what it was all about: an agent (working for whom?) meeting a professor (why?) at the airport, another double agent (working for wh [...]

    11. Most of the book is a good thriller: good, not great writing; moves quickly; good, engaging plotting. The ending, a slog of action scenes (perhaps I'm spoiled by William Goldman) and too much resolution through killing off bad guys. Or more precisely, killing them off too easily.Plus stuff like this: the Mossad becomes convinced that Suza is working for the arabs. By what mechanism does it become OK for her to marry our protagonist and move to a kibbutz? It just gets assumed at the end that they [...]

    12. Three students who attended the same party given by a lecturer at Oxford cross paths years later in very different circumstances. One is an Israeli agent, one an Egyptian agent and the other a Russian agent. The plot revolves around an attempt by the Israelis to pull off a heist that will put them on a more equal military footing with their Arab neighbours.The main character in Triple is Dickstein, the Israeli agent. He is a bit of a James Bond type, albeit without being such a ladies man despit [...]

    13. This is one of Follett's early efforts and is very good.a British Jew who attended Oxford and then served in WWII before being captured and sent to a concentration camp is the main character. After the war he emigrates to Israel and becomes a topflight Mossad agent. His assignment in 1967 is to hijack a uranium shipment needed by Israel so that they can make their own nuclear weapons. This assignment brings him back into contact with several of his former student associates at Oxford prior to WW [...]

    14. Dreifach ist im gewohnten Follett Stil aufgebaut; einzelne Erzählstränge laufen zusammen, kreuzen und ergänzen sich perfekt. Die Charaktere sind wie immer sehr fesselnd, haben ihre Geheimnisse und Schattenseiten. Ein gutes Tempo und spannende Wendungen sind auch hier wieder Teil der Geschichte. Einzig und allein der Showdown war dieses Mal ein wenig kurz und hätte gerne spektakulärer sein können. Nichtsdestotrotz hat mir Dreifach sehr gut gefallen und ich bin froh, dass die Lies-Mich-Chall [...]

    15. One of Ken Follett's older spy novels. A quick, easy, enjoyable read with the bonus of shedding some light on the history of Israel. Would recommend if you are a Follett fan, but it's a pass otherwise.

    16. The book is about the espionage triangle between Russia/Egypt in one corner and Israel and Palestinian in the other two corner. It was started slow when the author trying to establish the story between all parties.or maybe it was me not having enough attitude to remember all the details :-) But if you could have a little bit more patience, all are getting more exciting towards the end. The closure however, was quick and painlesso quick and too easy. All in all, there are parts in this book that [...]

    17. A little confusing at times and, as Follett will do, goes into so much technical detail. This story talks about the race to develop nuclear/atomic weapons sometime around the 1960's and 70's. A spy novel with three countries competing for ways to get plutonium, Russia, Arabs and maybe Palestine. (listened to the audio)

    18. This was a pretty good spy novel/action thriller. The major players had personalities and motivations, the story flowed at a good pace and nothing seemed to contrived. The book is pretty light on plot twists, though there is one pretty big one. Otherwise it's a straightforward story without being too predictable.

    19. ShowstopperRead this a as a holiday read,couldn't put it down. Thought the plot got silly at one point but was redeemed by the pace of this thriller . Excellent thinking man's James Bond.

    20. What a great read! Highly recommended! I was shocked to find no movie was made of this beautifully-plotted, highly-visual spy-action thriller."Triple" just moved to the top of my list of best action-thrillers, & I have read scores of them. Why?(a) based on fact. Action-thriller-readers must admit in their heart of hearts that a very good read based in historical fact leaps to the top of the pile for its credibility factor. See Elaine Davenport's non-fiction book 'The Plumbat Affair', publish [...]

    21. Complex story starts with 3 young men at the end of WWII meeting in Oxford - an English Jew Nat Dickstein, an Arab Yasif Hassan, and a Russian Rostov. Their lives intertwine 25 yrs later when Nat is a member of the Mossad, and Hassan and Rostov are also both spies. Nat puts together an intricate plan to steal uranium to give the newborn and embattled Israel nuclear bombs to protect themselves from other Middle Eastern countries with the bomb. In the middle of this, Nat falls for an English profe [...]

    22. Cativante na maioria da viagem.A base da história é um episódio interessante da história das tensões entre Israel e o Médio Oriente.Nós somos transportados nesta viagem nas marés da espionagem e contra espionagem, e muitas vezes somos arrastados para dinâmicas tão complexas que nos perdemos na viagem.Esta história em muitos momentos é pontuada pela espectacularidade hollywoodesca sacudindo em doses apropriadas a dinâmica do enredo.Na minha opinião só não leva 5 estrelas pela din [...]

    23. I am a fan of Ken Follett's books. This one was no exception. At first I was very leery of it because it involved the Middle East, and I am not to crazy about that area of the world. But once I started the book I was captivated. The book was about three spies, one from Russia (KGB), one a Palestinian refugee, and one from Israel. Dickstein, the Israeli, was trying to get uranium to Israel, hopefully to use it to make an atomic bomb. Sources had told him that Egypt was trying to get a bomb also, [...]

    24. Che bello d’estate sotto l’ombrellone lasciare scorrere leggermente la lettura sulle pagine incalzanti di un romanzo di Ken Follett. In questo le spie israeliane, russe, egiziane, i fedayin palestinesi (forse ho anche dimenticato qualcuno) vanno vanno a caccia di un carico di uranio che, dotando Israele della bomba atomica, contribuirà a mantenere la pace nel mondo. Gli esperti di storia contemporanea storceranno il naso, così come i pacifisti convinti, ma è letteratura, svago, con una sp [...]

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