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Truth, Lies, and O-Rings: Inside the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

Truth Lies and O Rings Inside the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster What they didn t want you to know We all watched in shock and disbelief when Challenger was lost Probably no one felt disappointment and regret than Allan McDonald who had warned us not to launch tha

  • Title: Truth, Lies, and O-Rings: Inside the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster
  • Author: Allan J. McDonald James R. Hansen
  • ISBN: 9780813033266
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What they didn t want you to know We all watched in shock and disbelief when Challenger was lost Probably no one felt disappointment and regret than Allan McDonald, who had warned us not to launch that day His story tells of loss, grief, and the eventual rebuilding and recovery Robert Hoot Gibson, former Space Shuttle pilot and commander A major contributWhat they didn t want you to know We all watched in shock and disbelief when Challenger was lost Probably no one felt disappointment and regret than Allan McDonald, who had warned us not to launch that day His story tells of loss, grief, and the eventual rebuilding and recovery Robert Hoot Gibson, former Space Shuttle pilot and commander A major contribution to a difficult episode in the history of human spaceflight Roger D Launius, Division of Space History, Smithsonian Institution McDonald tells the heartbreaking tale of how he saw his words of warning ignored, and the fateful consequences of that decision Donald C Elder III, Eastern New Mexico University On a cold January morning in 1986, NASA launched the Space Shuttle Challenger, despite warnings against doing so by many individuals, including Allan McDonald The fiery destruction of Challenger on live television moments after launch remains an indelible image in the nation s collective memory In Truth, Lies, and O Rings, McDonald, a skilled engineer and executive, relives the tragedy from where he stood at Launch Control Center As he fought to draw attention to the real reasons behind the disaster, he was the only one targeted for retribution by both NASA and his employer, Morton Thiokol, Inc makers of the shuttle s solid rocket boosters In this whistle blowing yet rigorous and fair minded book, McDonald, with the assistance of internationally distinguished aerospace historian James R Hansen, addresses all of the factors that led to the accident, some of which were never included in NASA s Failure Team report submitted to the Presidential Commission Truth, Lies, and O Rings is the first look at the Challenger tragedy and its aftermath from someone who was on the inside, recognized the potential disaster, and tried to prevent it It also addresses the early warnings of very severe debris issues from the first two post Challenger flights, which ultimately resulted in the loss of Columbia some fifteen years later.

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    • [PDF] Download ✓ Truth, Lies, and O-Rings: Inside the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster | by ò Allan J. McDonald James R. Hansen
      304 Allan J. McDonald James R. Hansen
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] Download ✓ Truth, Lies, and O-Rings: Inside the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster | by ò Allan J. McDonald James R. Hansen
      Posted by:Allan J. McDonald James R. Hansen
      Published :2018-06-14T01:16:27+00:00

    1 thought on “Truth, Lies, and O-Rings: Inside the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

    1. Depressing but fascinating. I couldn't put the book down. The amount of CYA that was done, the level of non-cooperation with the Rogers Commission by NASA MSFC and ThiokolI'd wish it weren't true. But some of the astronauts that I've worked/interacted with, as well as the former Shuttle PM (Wayne Hale) recommended the book, so I think it is probably more true than not. More terrifying, the shuttle crews that this disaster impacted (because Challenger was not an isolated o-ring incident; it was j [...]

    2. I listened to a Freakonomics podcast about failure and it referenced this book during an interview with Allan McDonald (freakonomics/2014/06/05/fa). It's a long one - almost 600 pages - and it took me awhile to get through it, but I enjoyed the read very much. Although the book was at times overly technical for my tastes, it was a fascinating read about the known O-ring problems in the solid rocket motor joints that precipitated the Challenger explosion, as well as the investigation into root ca [...]

    3. This is the first extensive account I have read of the Challenger disaster. The book seems so patently biased to me that I am left wondering how much of it I can believe and feeling that it's necessary to read another account. However, after 500 pages on Challenger, it's definitely time for a break.The good - It's detailed. To a fault. McDonald was there for most of what happened before and after the disaster, and so the details are covered in-depth. I really feel McDonald omitted nothing signif [...]

    4. A testament to one of the greatest case studies on existential risk, Al McDonald's text is one of the most exceptionally documented, detailed and insightful works on the emergence of catastrophic risk produced.As one who manages enterprise and operational risk in global financial processing, Al's work provides an invaluable illustration into the encroachment of the political into the realm of technical risk. I've yet to encounter a similar work that is so well documented and objective, yet makes [...]

    5. My father worked for Morton-Thiokol at the time of the Challenger disaster. While he hasn't read this book yet, he says that this is the person he trusts to tell the truth. It was great to hear this first-hand account and to compare it to my father's stories and my own memories. I was surprised at how much I actually understood as a child. There were a few surprises, but not many. I guess my father did a good job explaining it all.Allan McDonald writes like you'd expect an engineer to write. The [...]

    6. I think most of us know the official causes of the Challenger disaster. But this book examines the disaster through one of the engineers aside from Roger Boisjoly that raised concerns about the launch. While some of the sections are repetitive through the book, because of the technical complexity I find it a necessary evil. Having said that, the book is remarkably easy to read and doesn't have the mish-mosh of TLAs one would expect of engineering and scientific writing. The background, the accid [...]

    7. OMG, finally got through this freaking book. It was tough to finish. I really like the information in it, but the writing was not pleasant. He repeats himself over and over, sometimes from one page to the next. He also includes SO MANY unnecessary details! I don't care that you ordered pizza while you were figuring out your speech. Hell, I don't care when or where you were figuring out your speech. Just tell me about the content. This book could have been half the length and would have been a ve [...]

    8. Great book. Space Shuttle and aerospace is just part of it. This book details how hard it is to speak up and do the right thing before and after an event. Must read for people in management to learn how putting money and profit first is not a wise idea when lives are involved.

    9. This is a difficult book for me to review. It is a very technical book, chocked full of engineering terminology, acronyms and complex engineering concepts. It was a hard slog for me, with no engineering background or experience.The Challenger disaster was so tragic and sadly it was totally avoidable. McDonald's book details the failings of NASA and Morton Thiokol to prevent the preventable, resulting in the deaths of seven astronauts in a fiery explosion, witnessed by families on the ground and [...]

    10. Being an engineer myself, this book showed me that when people are put into difficult situations that very few react for the better good and stand up to tell the truth but Mr. McDonald did. Allan McDonald should be celebrated for his courage to take on his employer and NASA about what really happened the day of the Challenger disaster. Not only did he speak up, he was relentless in getting the shuttle program back up and running.I fully enjoyed hearing this story from the man himself with exact [...]

    11. A very personal accountIf you're a space techno geek and want to really understand the problems Challenger faced and the misguided decision to launch that fateful day, this is a book for you. Al McDonald became the most hated man by NASA and Morton Thiokol management in the aftermath of Challenger. McDonald who raised concerns about the Orings for over a year was the first to tell the world what the inner dialog between NASA and its contractor MTI was like the night before the launch. Afterward, [...]

    12. Fascinating overview of the Challenger disaster and government dysfunction, from a whistle-blower who revealed the underlying causes of the accident to the Presidential (Rogers) Commission. Too long and too full of engineering details and personal squabbles in places, but who cares, it's a great historical document. McDonald was right about everything that mattered, and suffered quite a bit for his dedication and opinions.

    13. A worthwhile readI found the book to be highly informative and a compelling read at times. As at least one of the other reviewers pointed out this book has a highly technical slant that could leave many readers in the dark. Also I found that some material was repetitive as if the author anticipated you picking up the book in the middle.

    14. Reads like a technical manual. If you paid attention to this in 1986, then most of it will be a highly detailed, highly technical recounting of this unfortunate event from the perspective of the ultimate insider. And you'll be reminded once again that this national tragedy could have easily been avoided.

    15. Interesting aspect of the disaster. I liked the first hand accounts of some of the key meetings earlier in the book, but grew tiresome of the authors insistence that his memory is perfectly accurate and everyone else is wrong. Having learned much about the fallibility of human memory, I think there are multiple experiences that happen in any event. I didn't finish the book.

    16. This is a deep and technical read, mostly quite good. It's a little heavy-handed--I think he made his point perfectly well without the occasional banging on it. There are a few cases of summarizing material from earlier in the book as if it weren't there and the reader were completely unfamiliar, which can be a bit jarring.

    17. Excellent book, and the most comprehensive telling of the Challenger disaster yet published. Technically informative without being dull or repetitive, it was a very enlightening and entertaining read, containing everything from tragedy to farce within its covers. Highly recommend.

    18. Behind the scenes view of what took place before, during & after the Challenger disaster. Also set the stage for the Columbia disaster later on. Great read if you want to more than what was fed to us by mainstream media.

    19. A must read for anyone interested in understanding potential devastating consequences from making unethical decisions, written by the technical expert who tried to stop the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger. A valuable addition to one's professional library.

    20. Read it for my work book club. Too long, needlessly detailed, sometimes very interesting. Wouldn't recommend.

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