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The Invitation

The Invitation In the three novellas collected here bestselling romancer Deveraux explores some of the limits of the genre she knows so well indicating she may be as spunky as her heroines The first story The Inv

  • Title: The Invitation
  • Author: Jude Deveraux
  • ISBN: 9780671744588
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the three novellas collected here, bestselling romancer Deveraux explores some of the limits of the genre she knows so well, indicating she may be as spunky as her heroines The first story, The Invitation, is set in 1934 Jackie O Neill returns to her hometown of Chandler, Colo an accomplished pilot and a lonely widow Developing her air transport business can keep hIn the three novellas collected here, bestselling romancer Deveraux explores some of the limits of the genre she knows so well, indicating she may be as spunky as her heroines The first story, The Invitation, is set in 1934 Jackie O Neill returns to her hometown of Chandler, Colo an accomplished pilot and a lonely widow Developing her air transport business can keep her happy as a pilot, and her new partner, William Montgomery, promises to make very cozy company until Jackie realizes he is the same little Billy she babysat for many years ago In the second story, Matchmakers, Kane Taggert, who reluctantly agrees to guide four New York City women on a Colorado trail ride, may be enchanted by Ruth Edwards, a calculatingly charming widow, if only he can make it through the two week trip without throttling Ruth s friend, bestselling author Cale Anderson The last story, A Perfect Arrangement, finds Dorie Latham enlisting Cole Hunter, an aging gunslinger with no visible means of support and the beginnings of a paunch, to play husband and help her elude her sister s matchmaking scheme.

    • ✓ The Invitation || ↠ PDF Read by ✓ Jude Deveraux
      490 Jude Deveraux
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    1 thought on “The Invitation

    1. This rating and review only pertains to the short story contained in this collection, titled "The Matchmakers". I know I've read the other two stories in the collection at some point, but all I remember is that the hero in the titular short story kind of creeped me out with his years-long obsession over the heroine and I remember thinking the third story was okay, but that's literally all I remember. I know I've read "The Matchmakers" a few times and I remembered loving it.I recently read "Sweet [...]

    2. Not my favourite. I love Deveraux's books but these short stories just didn't allow her to carry you away the way she usually does. My favourite was the last story "The Arrangement". It was quick but fun and I loved Dorie. The second story "Matchmakers" about Kane the brother of Mike from "Sweet Liar" so it was nice to finally read his story but I think it could have been a full book on it's own to do it right. "The Invitation" the main story, as well as the longest, was not great. I consider it [...]

    3. These three novellas were a lot of fun to read. The Invitation was a bit longer and enjoyable read of an older woman and younger man. Jackie was really struggling to change her thoughts about "little" Billy Montgomery. It was fun to watch her struggle with her belief about what love should be versus it's reality.The other two novellas were short and had fun but different characters in them.

    4. The Invitation - 1930'sJackie O'Neill - independent thinker - no mother, controlling father - babysat & spent a lot of time with Billy Montgomery - 10 years younger than her - at 17, she fell in love with airplanes, and left Chandler & married Charlie - an aging, carefree pilot, and though she never fell in love with him, she loved him & took care of the the details of their life they flew, they traveled the world, she broke many recordsbut 20 years later, Charlie diedd she received [...]

    5. 2.3 stars for this collection of Novellas and short stories.This collection has 3 stories, I wouldn't say that they were the best of Jude deveraux but there okay in the grand scheme of of ends. The invitation - 1.5 StarsThe story I liked least of all , I found William to be too good to be true and his advances towards jackie to be too disturbing and creepy to be called " romantic childhood love "Yet I liked Terri the MC BFF and I lived how things turned out well for her in the end. Now our MC , [...]

    6. I am not much of a short story fan as the shorter the story the less involved the characters or plot tend to be. Jude Deveraux is obviously an exception to this rule. She writes three moving novellas who's characters move you. You end up rooting for them shortly after starting each story.Ms. Deveraux is an accomplished writer as is obvious when reading the novellas in The Invitation. She shows a great imagination that will have yours working overtime as you read. Her description is marvelous as [...]

    7. Not overly complex or deep but a good light read. I read it while waiting in airports so it was perfect for that. It is 3 short novellas that are loosely tied together.

    8. One of my all-time faves of Jude Deveraux. A collection of three stories that all hook into the Montogomery/Taggert family at different points in history. Good stuff.

    9. The Invitation #1: The InvitationA roomful of wisdom, a tablespoon of adventure, a pinch of problems here and there and most especially, a never ending love plus a bucketful of tears of joy. Nellie has been an enlightenment from "The Awakening" up until "The Invitation" and I will never forget what Nellie said in this novel that made me really think hard enough to realize that what she said was and is and forever will be true: "My dear, you don't seem to realize that all there is in life is love [...]

    10. This book contained 3 short stories all in my opinion to short because I enjoyed them all and the endings seem to come to quick.The InvitationAbout Jackie, a 38 year old woman, who is a widow and has come back to her hometown. Takes place in the 1930's and she is a renowned airplane pilot. She is about to head back to the airfield when her plane hits a bird and her engine stops and she needs to make a emergency landing. She ends of being rescued by William Montgomery. They spend the night togeth [...]

    11. Got at a library book sale awhile back (having read Jude Deveraux' book - the Mulberry Tree years ago). I had no idea what to expect & was surprised more as each of the 1st two stories endedFirst story set in 1934 & was enjoyable though a few things bothered me about it including how she too so long to realize William & Billy were the same personSecond story is modern & had to take a small break after finished book 1 to start it. Very different, but also enjoyable. Biggest proble [...]

    12. searching for something to read I came across this one and had to see what it was all about. Three novellas in this book. As I opened the cover I found that my mother had given it 4 stars for part 2. I had to know why, she is a complete tight ass with the ratings. Part 2 is about a stud that is widowed and has twin boys. The studs mom wants to fix him up and has arranged him to be the guide for these women on an excursion on horseback. Yup, think just like City Slickers. Remember, this is a nove [...]

    13. Three wonderful Jude Deveraux stories. I always love when Jude throws in references to previous books like Chandler and Eternity Colorado(Twin of Ice/Fire, Eternity, Wishes), MacTarvit whisky (The Duchess), Tynan Mills (The Temptress) and the clothing shop Paris in the Desert and Joshua Templeton (Eternity).My favorite is Kane's story (The Matchmakers) but I may be biased because of my love for his twin brother Mike's story (Sweet Liar) where we were first introduced to Kane and his incredibly p [...]

    14. Three great stories set in the Western US and some even involve the handsome and lovable Montgomery men or the down to earth amazing Taggert guys. Each story was enjoyable and made me appreciate the men from the west. I have read this book several times and I enjoy it every time. I especially enjoyed the story with the man that can not hide his feelings for an older woman from his past. It was so sweet and he was such a wonderful man. My next favorite was when Kane Taggert has to handle the wome [...]

    15. the book includes 2 stories that go along with the Montgomery/Taggert seriese Invitation - Jackie O'Neill who is widowed and returns to her hometown to start up an air transport business. Jackie finds a business partner for her company, William Montgomery whom she realizes could be more that a business partner but then remembers him from her past.Matchmakers -Kane Taggert is a widower, father of twins, and has a twin brother Michael. Kane find himself persuaded to escort 4 women on a trail ride [...]

    16. Three short stories, and each different, so a little bit difficult to rate as a whole book.I disliked the first story - strangers kissing and feeling hot is not my thing, and Montgomery's throwing money around no. We know they are RICH, but I prefer them when they tone it down. 1 star for "The Invitation"The second was one of the most funny romances I ever read from Jude Deveraux, so I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though the ending was a bit rushed. 4.5 stars for "Matchmakers"The third story was [...]

    17. The first story is a bit long for me; Jackie cares too much about what others may think. The second was far too short for me; I liked Kane Taggert when I first met him in Sweet Liar and feel this was too glancing a look at his own love story. The third felt out of place to me; while I enjoyed it, there was no end and no connection to the Taggerts or Montgomerys (which the other two were ripe with).

    18. Only read "A Perfect Arrangement" so far. Despite the exaggerated characters, I was really liking the story - it contains solid humor, and really fun interactions that also had depth to the characters. But the last part frustrated me. The heroine has several TSTL moments, and then the story ends over the course of about a page. I never use to understand it when people wrote that the author "gave up," but now I get it.

    19. As usual Jude's book kept me awake reading until the eatly hours. Once I pick up any of her books I just can't put it down. This is a trio of stories. To be honest I can't see why they are packaged together. The first two are both Montgomery stories set in the same area many years apart,so they can fit. The third one is not related in any way . They are all great stories just a little short for me.

    20. I don’t read many short stories, but I had this one and they all took place in Colorado, so I picked it up. And the stories were actually perfect for my busy schedule the last few weeks. I’ve always enjoyed Deveraux’s romances and this was no exception. I think she tells the story from the man’s point of view extremely well. Overall, a nice selection of storiesre details on my blog stacybuckeye.wordpress/201

    21. Read this book before but it is fun to read about the Montgomery and Tagget families. Three separate stories in one book. The first story (The Invitation) I had read before, the second (Matchmakers) sounded somewhat familiar but the third and best (A Perfect Arrangement) was new and definitely the best of all three.

    22. Again I picked this book at the library and when I see it on google I see it has more pages than the book I have. Have found this and The Matchmaker are not stand alones but in one book. I feel I am missing something when books are like this.

    23. I am not sure what to read first (the duchess or this one) but after quite some time, i finally decided to give this first a try!Once again, Jude Deveraux created a masterpiece of her own which will bring us to the realm of unexpected romance, love, and belonging.

    24. I love Jude Deveraux's books because they are fast, fun and easy read romances. I love this book because of the story in the Rocky Mountains.

    25. It is really good for a short story.Jackie was a little annoying to me sometimes, but I loved William (Billy).

    26. FabulousFun.ly little story. Faster end than I like. No build up. Half the story depends on the reader knowing her other books.

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