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Saving Grace

Saving Grace When Grace O Brien wakes up next to Bernard from IT she blames the out of date bottle of Baileys for making her cheat on her boyfriend of one year nine months three weeks and six days But then she

  • Title: Saving Grace
  • Author: Ciara Geraghty
  • ISBN: 9780340963470
  • Page: 338
  • Format: None
  • When Grace O Brien wakes up next to Bernard from IT, she blames the out of date bottle of Baileys for making her cheat on her boyfriend of one year, nine months, three weeks and six days But then she finds she can t get Bernard geeky dress sense, red hair and all out of her mind It gets worse when Grace s best friend falls in love with a blind date Bernard SomehowWhen Grace O Brien wakes up next to Bernard from IT, she blames the out of date bottle of Baileys for making her cheat on her boyfriend of one year, nine months, three weeks and six days But then she finds she can t get Bernard geeky dress sense, red hair and all out of her mind It gets worse when Grace s best friend falls in love with a blind date Bernard Somehow Grace can t help feeling that she s to blame for all this mess She usually is, after all

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      338 Ciara Geraghty
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    1 thought on “Saving Grace

    1. After her brother, Patrick, dies in a tragic accident, Grace O’Brien finds that her life is spiralling out of control. Things come to a head when, after a night out, Grace wakes up the next morning besides Bernard O’Malley, the newewst member at the firm where Grace works. Matters are made worse because Grace is actually in a long-distance relationship with Shane. As Grace tries to forget about her one-night stand with Bernard, she finds herself more and more attracted to him. Grace also tri [...]

    2. After reading rather a lot of heavy stuff, I was in the mood for something light and picked this up in the library. I was expecting your standard chick lit fare - girl in problematic situation with a man who doesn't understand her or no man at all (even more problematic). You know the type. This was cleverer than that, the writing more crisp, more witty, more alive. When reading the book you became surrounded by the piles of clothing in Grace and Caroline's flat when they were getting ready for [...]

    3. the kind of book that is hard to let go once you start on it. Although Grace does not say much of her guilt but reading to the end she definitely made me feel what she felt. beautifully written to the end ;)

    4. Ich liebe dieses Buch und ich kann es immer wieder lesen. Obwohl einige Themen dabei sind, die ich eigentlich nicht so an Chick Lit mag, kann ich dieses Buch, wenn ich einmal anfange, gar nicht aus der Hand legen. Grace ist ein unglaublich toller, vielschichtiger Charakter, den man manchmal am liebsten schütteln würde, wenn sie von einem Fettnapf in den nächsten stolpert, mit der man aber auch einfach gern einen gemütlichen DVD-Abend machen und mit ihr über Gott und die Welt plaudern möcht [...]

    5. Oh my! Saving Grace was fantastic! But its so sad that this book is not really recognized and appreciated by readers around the world. From the story to the writing, everything was perfect. It was just like I am watching a chick flick movie but just in a book. FILM ATTACK!Just like Heaven, The Wedding Planner, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Going the Distance, 27 Dresses, Brigit Jones, Bride's maids. Yupp, this is what I thought while reading this book.Going on, I would like to divide this book i [...]

    6. this book came to me through a friend and i am glad it didi enjoyed reading this story. i liked how grace's character evolved throughout the story. her character is very relatable. i laughed st most parts of the story and almost cried at the end. i especially loved Patrick's character though he only came to the story through letters and their memories, he has been the most insightful of everyone i think. anyway i'd definitely recommend this one

    7. Wow! This was one of those books I picked off the library shelf, mostly because it was in English, and the back description seemed a fluffy, but I thought maybe it could be a cute, easy romance story.Well yes? But also so much more?? The voice in this piece is absolutely fantastic. Really authentic I think that isn't always easy to do. As in: many people aim for it, but so many also fall flat. "What a bummer. To be beautiful and not even know it If I were beautiful, I would stay home and gaze at [...]

    8. I picked this up thinking it would be a quick and easy fluffy read for me; how wrong I was!I was definitely surprised by this book; I really enjoyed the writing and Geraghty made it so the characters and situations were so relatable and realistic and I really enjoyed the writing style - everything seemed to flow so smoothly.Yes this was a romance story but it had that little extra which just set it apart from the rest. You could understand why Grace ended up in bed with Bernard even though it wa [...]

    9. The combination of having read and really enjoyed Finding Mr. Flood by this author and Ciara Geraghty’s visit to Bailieborough library last Saturday meant that I couldn’t resist buying her first book and reading it immediately.I’m really happy that I can say that this book didn’t disappoint me. Maybe I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as Finding Mr. Flood, but the difference wasn’t big. Saving Grace brings the reader another interesting and fun story. A story that deals with real issues [...]

    10. I've been doing things backwards lately. This is the second or third time in the past three months where I'll read books out of the order in which they were published. And I'm talking about books that aren't in a series. Usually what happens is that an author can be compared to a fine wine; getting better with age, because with each book, they gain confidence and write better. I was a little worried I was not going to enjoy or like this book as much as I did her second book, "Becoming Scarlett," [...]

    11. Ciara Geraghty is writing the story of Grace, waking up in her colleagues bed when having a 1 year, 9 months and 3 weeks relationship. The story situates in Belfast in the year 2004. The weeks after her drunk night, Grace seems to finally get over a terrible loss of the year before and has a change of mind concerning her way of life.Main character in this book is Grace, with her best friend Caroline besides her. Caroline is a stunning lady, winning every men's heart within 5 seconds. Throughout [...]

    12. Some years ago, I read Becoming Scarlett by Ciara Geraghty and didn't really like it. For me, it was way too clichéd and I thought I'd never read one of her books ever again.Yet here I am, reviewing Saving Grace by - guess what? - Ciara Geraghty. And once again I feel like this book is one big cliché and the story could have been told in half the amount of pages. Our heroin, Grace, is a corpulent, ginger 29-year old who has amazing tits, the most stunning hair you've ever seen, a handsome assh [...]

    13. Imagine Bridget Jones with red hair, transferred to Ireland, add a bitof past drama overshadowing life and you have Grace, heroins of SavingGrace.She is involved with Shane, who as the reader soon learns is a selfabsorbed, arrogant and superficial guy, who spends 6 months out oftown to push his career. Grace wakes up one morning in bed with hercolleague Bernhard, who is in IT, geeky looking, but warm and verylovable.Grace had lost her brother in an accident, they had been in Spain,when Grace ran [...]

    14. First book read by this author. I found this a nice easy read . Characters well fleshed out and enjoyed the storyline. Will be looking out for others to read by this author.

    15. Grace is struggling to come to terms with her brother’s death and what happened in Spain, her mother blames Grace for the death.Grace wakes up with a bad hangover and that’s not all, Bernard (new Guyfrom IT) is in the same bed as her, she has a boyfriend Shane is she going to reveal all? She shares a flat with Caroline (Shane’s sister) so she decides to forget all about it, but is that easier said than done?Shane is always busy with work and hates being pinned down, however her sister Clar [...]

    16. I really liked this book. It was a bit shallow at first with Grace's one-night-stand, her seductive friend, her boyfriend she can't get over, her drinking, partying and a job she doesn't care about. But what kept the story going and kept Grace likable was her grieving over her brother. Another flaw is that there is quite a number of characters so it was hard to keep track of. Some of the plot twists I could see a mile off. But I loved the Granny character. She brought out the best in Grace and s [...]

    17. Light, easy to read and there are plenty of us out there, I'm sure, who can relate to Grace. Apologetic for being overweight, apologetic for smoking, apologetic for drinking too much, apologetic for spending wages as soon as it hits the bank Apologetic for being the child who survived when the beloved son died. Grace's journey is one of acceptance - accepting herself, the inner her, the her not defined by her poor money management, inability to quit bad food, drink and cigarettes. The her that h [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this. Better than the average chick lit, it was realistic and had some depth. I couldn't leave it alone and found myself thinking about it when I wasn't reading it which is always a sign of a good book in my opinion.I would say that I enjoyed it more than the last couple of Marian Keys but this is an unfair comparison given that this is the first novel of hers I've read and so the author hasn't proven yet whether she will fall into the trap of repeating the same old formula and [...]

    19. In a funny way, i wish i had never read this book. mainly because i am now heartbroken that its over. Saving Grace is both chick lit and something more than that. Grace is such a stunning character that everyone can relate to: we've all worried about the size of our bottoms, all fretted that our parents are disappointed in us, all dated someone unsuitable and all fancied someone we really shouldn'tGrace's story moves at a lovely pace and every moment you wonder when this beautiful woman will get [...]

    20. Irish Charm? = CheckFunny? = checkWonderful character? = checkGood plot? = checkBeautiful romance? = checkI loved this story, it defeated the clichés of what the standard chick-lit hero is meant to be (hilariously executed). I loved the first scene and the lunch-box comment. It's uproariously funny. There are also tearjerker moments and sizzling romance. Right from the start it hooks you in with its wit and comedy.Full of Irish charm, it has the right balance of comedy, emotion, drama and roman [...]

    21. I liked this book, even kind of loved it. Not in an all encompassing way, but in a "reading this is easy" way. It felt nice to read it. I lost my brother in a car accident last year, so a lot of what the main character, Grace, was feeling I could relate to and understand. A book that probably won't make you cry unless you have felt the pain of losing a sibling, but still an amazing and witty read. I caught myself laughing out loud at some points too, so it felt balanced and comfortable. Really l [...]

    22. Deze beschrijving beloofd erg veel, maar eerlijk gezegd had ik het anders verwacht. Het verhaal is eigenlijk erg goed maar ik vond het zodra ik het boek instapte erg rommelig overkomen en druk, dat had van mij allemaal iets minder gemogen. Het kwam als een orkaan op me af, ik ben toch verder gaan lezen, en zoals ik al zei het verhaal is gewoon goed en je wil toch het einde weten. IK heb nog twee boeken liggen van haar en hoop dat ik me daar beter in voel anders geloof ik niet dat ik ze uit ga le [...]

    23. I won this in a blog competition a while ago, and was so excited to be able to read this.I really really enjoyed this book, it was poignant, sad and funny and I really took the characters to heart. I have read Becoming Scarlett by Ciara Geraghty, and I really enjoyed that too. Will definitely be reading Ciara's third book.I would highly recommend this book, and in fact Ciara as an author. A very good read.

    24. 'Saving Grace' by Clare Geraghty was a typical chick-lit story with girl struggling to find herself, rotten boyfriend, kindly guy who is possibly Mr Right, girlfriends, family. I find pages of wedding preparations a cliche, though other readers may find descriptions of dress trying on, pre-wedding nerves, the actual wedding etc. enthralling. I tried to really like Grace, but was annoyed with her inability to shed the obviously rotten boyfriend.

    25. A great first novel by Ciara Geraghty, it is Irish chicklit at its best - watch out Marian Keyes. I really enjoyed reading this book and did not want it to end.Full of funny moments but also sad ones, the book is well written and entertaining.The protagonist Grace is someone I could imagine being friends with or knowing, in reading the book you feel as if you are really there with her.I hope Ciara has already started writing her second novel!

    26. Not bad chick lit. Very well written characters. Story okay, not as good as Finding Mr Flood, which I really enjoyed. Then again, I started Becoming Scarlett and couldn't finish it, so I do find this author a bit hit and miss. She writes wonderfully, but some of her themes aren't the most interesting. I do kind of feel like I've read the "dead brother" trauma storyline many times.

    27. I found this a little harder to get into then the other Ciara Geraghty books I've read, but once I did I couldn't put it down! Rich, warm, funny and with a lot more substance than your standard chick lit. I highly recommend it You come away feeling as if you have been on a journey with the characters Always a sign of a good book ☺!!

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