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The Herb Book

The Herb Book Soothe your nerves cure your cough color your fabrics perfume your bath stimulate your lover spice your sauces stop your nightmares freshen your breath with herbs The most complete catalog of n

  • Title: The Herb Book
  • Author: John B. Lust
  • ISBN: 9780879040079
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Soothe your nerves, cure your cough, color your fabrics, perfume your bath, stimulate your lover, spice your sauces, stop your nightmares, freshen your breath with herbs The most complete catalog of nature s miracle plants ever published.

    • [PDF] ↠ Unlimited ✓ The Herb Book : by John B. Lust ✓
      387 John B. Lust
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ↠ Unlimited ✓ The Herb Book : by John B. Lust ✓
      Posted by:John B. Lust
      Published :2019-02-13T11:49:34+00:00

    1 thought on “The Herb Book

    1. This is an amazing book that I am glad to add to my collection. I have always been interested in botany, gardening and the different uses of plants and herbs and this book is full of over 2,000. It begins with lists of herbs that can be used for different situations (i.e. upset stomach, trouble sleeping), then continues on to specifics on individual herbs, including recipes/preparations for the use of each. There are some beautifully done hand-drawn pictures included throughout as well. A very i [...]

    2. I will never stop reading this book. John Lust opens with chapters on the shared histories of plants and humans, Botanical language and meanings, Wild crafting practice and ethic, growing your own herbs, purchasing, drying and storing herbs, basic guidelines to most traditional herbal preparations, a Glossary of Medicinal Effects and the Herbs that Produce Them, a condensed list of various human conditions and name lists of plants to treat them (with page number plant can be found in the book).T [...]

    3. Most books on herbal healing wander and focus on what the author or editor pleases. This book is organized like a dictionary. It is a true reference. If you ever wondered what any herb really does, what other names it has, or how it has ever been used - then this is the book for you. At one point I saw that it was out of print. That would be a terrible oversight. It is *the* herb book.

    4. There is NO comparison to this book. It covers not only description,but medical uses, folk lore, color used in dyes, culinary uses, it's amazing how much, & how thoroughly each herb/plant is covered! It's a "Must Have" book if you're learning about, or need/want to learn about an herb or plant's properties. An absolute 5 star rating. This book by John Lust should be (and is by many) considered the "standard" for its thorough information.

    5. This book, for me, became the most sacred book in my herb collection. The information given, while concise, was complete and organized well so you can navigate through the book easily. Alas, I left my last copy in NY and don't know where to find another.

    6. The herb book is the best all natural medicine book I've ever come across. I carry it with me everywhere. Any kind of herbal mixture I've made out of the book has always worked wonders. Definitely a must have for any person who prefers holistic health

    7. This book has just about everything you need to know about herbs, it's easy to find your specific ailment and it then lists over 20 herbs that heal for each. It teaches you how to use the herbs in everyday cooking, as well as recipes for teas and how to make tinctures.

    8. The best book on herbal usage bar none. I am on my fourth copy, I keep lending it out and it never finds it's way back. . .

    9. Terrific dictionary-format reference on every medicinal herb imaginable. Cross-referenced to find herbs based on the illness you have, to find which illnesses are treatable by which herb and so on.

    10. Given To Me For An Honest ReviewJohn Lust's book The Herb Book: The Most Complete Catalog of Herbs Ever Published is a very good one to add to your book collection. It is a great reference book. You can look up herbs by their common name, their scientific name and what ailments you want to treat. I also helps you to identify herbs. This book also tells you how to use herbs but it does not tell you how to grow them. I recommend this book. I look forward to more from John Lust.

    11. I'm not an herbalist, but I've tried a few of the herbal remedies listed in this book. It's a good, thorough reference, and it has the best indexing of any book I've ever seen: the herbs are alphabetical, but there are indexes for types of illnesses, types of remedies, and more, making it easy to find something when you don't know much of anything. It even lists remedies for boredom.

    12. The book was spectacular! In terms of information, that is.The contents were almost herbs from America and Europe (though cultivated) but I there were only a few herbs in the list that are naturally here in the Philippines, so I kinda doubt that it could be very handy for me. But at the last pages, it contained etymology of the herbs. I like mythology, so it hit the spot for me.

    13. Great reference book. with nice clear illustrations which help when out wild gathering. Formated like a dictionary, and as someone who enjoys herbal teas - this book was a wee gem - also very helpful for cooking as well.

    14. I couldn't say more, to sum up what you get, without repeating the complete title itself. If you want to learn about "everything" herbs, this is it! Descriptions (drawings are included to help identify) of plants, medicinal remedies with recipes. Expertly indexed!

    15. This is one of the classics of herbal medicine. My copy is filled with highlighter underlines. A must for anyone who is serious about learning the medicinal properties of herbs, plants, flowers, vegetables, and fruits.

    16. This is one of my favorites. I use it regularly for reference. I highly recommend this book for any herbalist's shelf and for those that only dabble.

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