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Blue Moon

Blue Moon Richard was an alpha werewolf It was his only serious flaw We d broken up after I d seen him eat somebody

  • Title: Blue Moon
  • Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9780441005741
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Richard was an alpha werewolf It was his only serious flaw We d broken up after I d seen him eat somebody.

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      217 Laurell K. Hamilton
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    1 thought on “Blue Moon

    1. When I realized this was the next book ony my list in the series, I was totally bummed. I don’t really care much for Richard. I don’t. I just don’t like him, or crap that comes along with him What can I say? A dramatic and goody boy scout just isn’t the guy for me. It wasn’t until I was about 15% into the book that I remembered all of the delicious things that were awaiting me I’m quoting a pretty large paragraph from the book, but it’s a great way to explain the relationship betwe [...]

    2. If you want to read a synopsis, there are plenty of places for you to do that elsewhere. This is what I thought of the book:Though I did end up liking this in the end, for about the first 1/2 of the book, all of the things I don't like about Hamilton's style were out in full force. She has a tendency toward cliches, ridiculous repetitiveness (Note to Laurell K. Hmailton: ok, its the 8th book in the effing series - if we don't know certain things, we should start from the beginning, but you sure [...]

    3. "You are making this too complicated."Anita Blake is woken in the middle of the night by a call from Daniel, Richard's younger brother. It appears while Richard was in Tennessee studying trolls and such for his master's thesis that he has been thrown in jail for rape. Anita immediately comes to the rescue, along with Asher, Damien, Jason, Jamil, Cherry, and a few other were's, against the explicit orders of the Master of the City, Colin. Can Anita clear Richard's name, keep her troop alive, and [...]

    4. Hey, I found out why Richard is such a whiny dick in this book! His mother - the domineering bitch! Nothing like a horrible, bitchy mother who keeps her sons' testicles in her handbag, to raise a punk-ass, spoiled baby of a son! And, don't forget Richard's brother, Daniel, who we meet, and is just as afraid of their smother, I mean mother.Richard's mommy gets in a bar-fight in this book and Anita has to try and stop her because Richard's brother is too afraid to stop mommy-dearest. Of course, hi [...]

    5. Sex, violence, poor plot, irrational prudishness combined with irrational sexual behavior Dont know what else to say really. Except wheres Larry? The most interesting supporting character has been lost somewhere. And wheres Animators Inc? Does she even have her job anymore (it is mentioned in the end in one sentence and thats it). Oh and Anita is turning into very, VERY unlikeable. She isn't satisfied with ANYTHING! She gets everything she wants and whines about it. Total immature bitch. OH and [...]

    6. 4 1/2I reviewed Blue Moon when I read it many years ago but I can’t find a copy and can’t remember what my thoughts were. I’m sure I thought it was “one of the best books ever” because I was still a fangirl and it features a whole hell of a lot of Richard and back then I was a fangirl of him too. Now? Eh, I can take him or leave him but that’s only because the author turned him into an alpha-hole of the worst kind and replaced him with likes of Micah and the shifter crew. But that’ [...]

    7. First read: May 2006Re-read: July 2017The plot: Anita is called away from her home in St. Louis to a small town in Tennessee where Richard has been arrested on a rape charge. Anita is convinced he is innocent, and with the full moon coming, if Richard isn't freed from jail before then, his parents and his employers will learn he's a werewolf and he could lose everything.What I liked:- Blue Moon was a much more enjoyable re-read than I had been expecting. I despise Richard as a love interest and [...]

    8. If this had been the first Anita Blake I had read, it would have been the last Anita Blake I had read. There is a plot. It is an interesting plot even. The plot, however, takes a different car than the sex that gets pushed to the fore. (Yes, I know the correct expresssion is "the plot took a back seat to the sex", but the plot is farther back than that). The main problem, however, is that in this book I found Anita to be totally unlikable (I wanted her to get hit by a Mac truck). I also think it [...]

    9. The first several novels in the Anita Blake series are great. Funny, scary, a touch gory and a touch sexy. As you read each book, you can really see the character development as Anita becomes more sure of herself and more comfortable with the "monsters". However, some the later books have deteriorated into little more than soft porn for women. Not that there's anything wrong with that. However, I feel it cheapens the series, which features a great role model in Anita as a women who has accepted [...]

    10. Blue Moon is my favourite Anita Blake chapter to date. The initial plot takes a backseat through most of the book, but seeing Anita deal with her place in the pack, delve deeper into her connection to Richard and all that that entails was entertaining. I loved all of the secondary characters, and seeing Anita explore the camaraderie of those relationships. LKH has a great talent in developing characters that are complex and compelling enough that makes me want to know everything about them.I rea [...]

    11. I hate to say it but, this is my least favorite book in this series. The first 300 pages dragged so much. Richard is in jail on false charges so Anita comes to investigate and free him. Unfortunately, the master of the city there does not take kindly to super powerful vampire killer invading his lands. There are issues with the local were pack as well. After plenty of killing and countless annoying Anita and Richard squabbles, Anita finally sleeps with Richard. Only to find out that it makes the [...]

    12. I might need to take a little break from Anita and all of her vampires, wolves, and leopards. It's getting to be a bit much. Hamilton clearly must have found her (weird and twisted) audience, but as I've said a bunch of times, I would have liked her series better if she had stayed on the path it looked like she was originally on, with Anita solving preternatural crimes, rather than becoming Queen of the Underworld. You know how it's annoying that Stephanie Plum can't decide between Ranger and Mo [...]

    13. In keeping with her naming her books after places, L.K. Hamilton's novel, Blue Moon, has several connotations. One, it's a place. Blue Moon is a camping area that people come to play or in this case people come to die. Blue Moon is like the old jazz song, "You left me standing alo ho hone" And thirdly, Blue Moon is rare - a full moon twice in a thirty day period - which can spell havoc for werewolves, who are drawn to the lunar light and have a nasty habit of getting hairy at the drop of a paw.I [...]

    14. Whats is wrong with Anita?? how does she not shoot Richard in the leg?? he almost got her killed AGAIN and rapped this time just because he wouldnt lie to crooked cops, he's fine with eating people but you mustn't lie to cops its a sin. IDIOT!Alrighty just to let people know there will be possible Spoilers in this reviewth Anita's men were kinda douches in this book. at the start anita drops everything to run to richard to get him out of jail on false charges and the first thing he tells her is [...]

    15. Book 8 in Anita’s series takes off like a rocket and never slows down. Deliciously, Anita is gaining powers and morphing with her questioning every nuance she doesn't understand. For me, this book showed to be well written with great character and relationship development among were-leopards, were-wolves and vampires.I enjoyed not having so much Jean-Claude in this book. Richard got more time in this book which was delightful in some of the revelations of his escapades.From trying to rescue Ri [...]

    16. Kurgu da olsa bir kadının hayatına öyle ya da böyle giren bütün erkekler yakışıklı mı olur ??? Yok onun saçı güzel, yok bunun gözleri dehşet ayy :P Bayağı ütopik olmuş :DSevgili yazar, Anita'yı yosma(Kitaptaki tabir.Ben başka bir şey derdim de neyse) yapmak zorunda mısın ? Bu ne arkadaş! Hele o kurtların Anita'yı kovaladığı sahnede koptum. Ne için olduğunu tahmin edersiniz artık :P J.C. ile sevgili olup Richard'ın da sadece kendine bağlanmasını istemesi ço [...]

    17. Some friends have read 50 Shades (yes, I do point and laugh when they admit it) and either hate it and want to read a "good" dirty book or love it and want more of the same. Since I am the book guru they come to me for advice and I have none. I don't read "naughty" books. I am a prude. So, to the delight of some contrarian somewhere I have a stack of books I am working my way through in hopes of finding something to recommend. This book was on the clearance rack at the local used bookstore for $ [...]

    18. This is the last one in the series I could read.Up until now they were really good but this onegot a little too erotica for me.

    19. Looking back over my past reviews of this series, I see that a lot of the time I take issue with the same thing, so before I begin, let's get them over with now shall we. It's annoying that everyone's clothing in every scene has to be explained in complete detail. Does Anita even have a job anymore? And what happened to her apprentice (whose name I can't even remember now)? Anita is known as the most ruthless and successful vampire executioner, but yet she hasn't had a contract in ages, and even [...]

    20. Richard is arrested on trumped up rape charges by crooked cops who want him to stop interfering in local matters, so Anita and the gang go down to bail him out. Soon it becomes clear that the police are happy to kill everyone while Anita deals with werewolf politics, supernatural psychos and learning to rule her pard.OK this book was a real let down for me. Anita has turned from feisty human to whiny bitch in this book. It was obvious that she was going to have sex with Richard which was fine bu [...]

    21. After book 1-7 showing Anita as one tough babe, Hamilton decided that this book becomes the window to seeing Anita's vulnerability. I always enjoyed Anita's kick ass attitude but this twist to the character made me love Anita more. It's a complete circle already. A girl wth beauty, power, and incredible strenght who is not just capable of doing efficient job but also is vulnerable to pain and love.What is alarming about the book for some is the injection of the sexual aspect of the characters in [...]

    22. I have had a huge break from reading Anita Blake series. It was one of the first vampire series I get involved in and previously I really enjoyed it. But after few books I decided I need a break and it took me a lot of time to come back to the series. I still like it in spite of the love triangle I usually hate in every book.The story is good and grabbing with lots of pack and shifters stuff. However, some parts are rather dark and I'm not sure about what to think about them but I didn't feel th [...]

    23. A potentially great story line with Richard having been accused of attacking a woman, something readers will know he's not capable of, and needing to get out of jail before the full moon reveals his werewolf secret and destroys his life. The reasons behind this set-up were really intriguing and made for a very interesting plot. Unfortunately large chunks of the book were taken up with Anita's burgeoning sexuality and a chase through the woods as the werewolf pack lose control. Instead, what star [...]

    24. This piece of whatever is barely worth the paper the book was printed on, and I listened to it on audiobook. I want to like the Anita Blake series so much, I really did get a kick out of the first three or four, but first I started to get kind of bored with the whole Richard/ Jean Claude blah blah blah, and then she just starts raping people. I have no problem with an author using rape in their story IF its actually important to the plot, and IF its treated with taste and respect, but just casua [...]

    25. Didn't like this one as much as the others. Maybe it's because she prayed to get rid of a demon? And it said, "Thank you,"? Or maybe it's because she has sex with anything that moves and gets mystical powers from it. It seems like at the end of every book she either hates Jean-Claude, Richard, depending on who she just spent a lot of time/had sex with, or herself. And how many titles can she have? She's a necromancer, Lupa, nimir-ra, animator, triumvirate member, human servant, and Vampire execu [...]

    26. Sexual angst and powerTo be perfectly honest, I threw this book away after I finished. I wanted urban fantasy with some side romance and got a horror erotica instead. Some people will be happy that the story is full of sex, talk about sex, misunderstandings about sex, sexual abuse, cheating--with 'permission', and open relationships. The book ends with Anita wondering if God has forgiven her and concludes that he may be too merciful. I agree. (view spoiler)[ The vampire turns out to be essential [...]

    27. Anita barely sat down in this book. There was so much going on. But not so much that you were completely overwhelmed. Anita also is a complete badass even though she feels out of control. I really missed Jean Claude. I'm hoping to see more of him in the next book. This was a really great read. Although I felt the ending was kind of ridiculous. There were tons of battles and tough situations but she survives the final battle with prayer? I mean I guess that is the only way to defeat a demon but c [...]

    28. I enjoyed it. But boy, there was so much going on it was hard to keep track of everything; to keep it all straight in my mind. I know why people say the earlier books were best. And at times, I kind of agree. But then again, there are a lot reasons one could say it is even better now.I will keep reading them, I think. Unless things suddenly take a really shocking turn in upcoming books, I don't think I will give the series away any time soon.

    29. This started out as my favorite book of this series. I love the MC, Anita. The author writes entertaining dialogue not only for the MC, but also for the other characters. She writes emotion well, without getting all wordy, mostly by describing a simple gesture that says much. These books have been a fun escape for me. This would have been 5 stars, but the last half brought it down a star, but I'm not complaining (except for maybe Jean-Claude didn't have a big roll in this one).

    30. The worst book of the series till now for me. Didn't like it one bit. The next one HAS TO be better, right?

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