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The Longest Silence: A Life In Fishing

The Longest Silence A Life In Fishing Thomas McGuane s obsession with fish has taken him from the river in his backyard to the holiest waters of the fly fisher s world As he travels the fish take him to many and various subjects ripe for

  • Title: The Longest Silence: A Life In Fishing
  • Author: Thomas McGuane
  • ISBN: 9780224061018
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thomas McGuane s obsession with fish has taken him from the river in his backyard to the holiest waters of the fly fisher s world As he travels the fish take him to many and various subjects ripe for random speculation rods and reels, the classification of anglers according to the flies they prefer, family and memory right down to why fishermen lie.The Longest SilenceThomas McGuane s obsession with fish has taken him from the river in his backyard to the holiest waters of the fly fisher s world As he travels the fish take him to many and various subjects ripe for random speculation rods and reels, the classification of anglers according to the flies they prefer, family and memory right down to why fishermen lie.The Longest Silence sets the heart pounding for a glimpse of moving water, and demonstrates what a life dedicated to sport reveals about life.

    The Longest Silence A Life in Fishing Thomas McGuane The Longest Silence A Life in Fishing Thomas McGuane on FREE shipping on qualifying offers From the highly acclaimed author of Ninety Two in the Shade and Nothing but Blue Skies comes this collection of breathtakingly exquisite essays borne of a lifetime spent fishing. The Longest Silence A Life In Fishing by Thomas McGuane The Longest Silence As he travels the fish take him to many and various subjects ripe for random speculation rods and reels, the classification of anglers according to the flies they prefer, family and memory right down to why fishermen lie. The Longest Silence by Thomas McGuane PenguinRandomHouse About The Longest Silence With ten books over a thirty year span, Thomas McGuane has proven himself over and over again a virtuoso a writer of the first magnitude, as Jonathan Yardley wrote in the New York Times Book Review. The Longest Silence Vault SI The Longest Silence Interminable waiting unproductive hours on steaming waters under a hot sun can lead a man from fantasy to frustration when the fish finally show, then spook. The Longest Silence by Debra Webb, Hardcover Barnes Noble The LONGEST SILENCE is the latest installment to the SHADES OF DEATH Series and it doesn t disappoint A taunt thriller that will keep you riveted until the end and will keep you thinking about it, long after the final page has been turned. The Longest Silence Shades of Death by Debra Webb The Longest Silence by Debra Webb is a suspenseful and surprisingly redemptive addition to the Shades of Death series Although this latest release is the fourth in the series it can be read as a standalone although I recommend the previous installments as well. The American Scholar Thomas McGuane s The Longest Silence To describe The Longest Silence, by Thomas McGuane, as a collection of essays about fishing is like saying Moby Dick is a novel about whale hunting It leaves out obsession, mortality, the howling fantods, adventure, humor, awe, and a precisely noted reverence for the marvels of the natural world The Longest Silence MidCurrent Buy The Longest Silence on WHAT IS MOST emphatic in angling is made so by the long silences the unproductive periods For the ardent fisherman, progress is toward the kinds of fishing that are never productive in the sense of the blood riots of the hunting and fishing periodicals. Catch and Rerelease The Longest Silence Still Stuns days agoThe Longest Silence is, at its heart, less a book about how to fish than how to live A few words about McGuane, before we rig up our rods He is not, by trade, a fishing writer. Maurice Moore The Loudest Silence Lyrics Genius Lyrics The Loudest Silence Lyrics Woman I don t think there s a word for what that is Man Actually there is a word for that, it s love I m in love with her, okay If you re looking for the word

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      450 Thomas McGuane
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    1 thought on “The Longest Silence: A Life In Fishing

    1. We like to think of the idea of selective trout; it serves our anthropocentricity to believe that we are in a duel of wits with a fish, a sporting proposition. We could do well to understand that trout and other game fish are entirely lacking in sporting instincts. They would prefer to dine unmolested and without being eaten themselves. I was sorting out my books today and came across this little gem that I acquired when I came to France in 2001. I don't normally admit to the fact that I go fish [...]

    2. Rather than give you a "macro" review, I cover my favorite chapters of this book in sort of a micro-review fashion:Back in Ireland - is as pointed and sharp as a tack. The story is as much about a time as it is about a place. McGuane reminds us that the intersection of time and space is unique as a snowflake hitting the warm ground.Twlight in the Buffalo Paddock - McGuane takes us into a seemingly sterile (e.g there's no fish in those casting ponds) and off-beat, urban setting in San Francisco's [...]

    3. This book was good. Thats about the easiest way to explain it. There is a central theme to this collection of short stories, and that theme is tied into the title of the book. Honestly, I almost gave up reading the book after several of the saltwater fishing tales that were set against the backdrop of locales that I will never be lucky enough to venture into. However, McGuane's passion is translated through his writing, and I am glad I finished the entire collection of short stories.The opening [...]

    4. Fishing requires 100% concentration and blocks out all distractions and anxiety. Reading about it is almost as effective but I miss the tranquil background of a chuckling trout stream on a summer's day .This is a fine collection of tall tales, beautifully written and capturing the essence of a sport that is also philosophy and religion to many of its followers

    5. I came upon this book while looking for a book to start during Christmas Break. I had previously heard of this author from my Grandpa and decided to look at some of his pieces. At this point I did not know that Thomas McGuane’s writing matched my taste, but I quickly learned that I would likely enjoy most of his work. After perusing his books online I decided that The Longest Silence: A Life In Fishing was most likely the piece I would enjoy the most. His writing in general is largely centered [...]

    6. Exceptional! One of the better angling books I've read; and I've read a bunch. Snobbish in parts, whimsical, and sad. Above all, honest.'Fishing should be a ceremony that reaffirms our place in the natural world and helps us resist further estrangement from our origins.' ~ McGuaneCome to find out, I have been the subject of evil sorcery. I find myself, the past few years especially, that I have lost much of why I fell in love with fishing in the first place. It's not about the best tackle, it's [...]

    7. This is one of the great fishing/travel books of all time. Whether it will ever have a wide enough readership to be recognized as such is another matter. This guy can describe the feeling in an angler's heart as he watches a bonefish approach a lure in the crystal blue water over shallow florida keys sands in a way that makes you feel like you have been there and done it yourself.Treading the thin line between pretension and exquisite descrciptive prose, he draws the reader into his world of fis [...]

    8. I'm grateful to be done with this so I can go on with my life, as I did not care for it. I'm not really into fishing, but I've read plenty of essays focusing on subjects that didn't particularly interest me. I can learn a lot that way, and most essays on such topics find ways to be interesting to those not already aficionados. I really did not find that to be the case here, and I'm fond of McGuane's writing. The language level was there, and his images were good. I like his laid back, reasonable [...]

    9. This is, without question, one of the finest collections of angling essays ever written. A novelist by profession, McGuane applies his formidable skill with language and his unique voice (a bit cynical, a bit curmudgeonly, a bit nostalgic) to the fishing life and produces the rare gift of writing that digs deeply into the meaning of the sport without overly sentimentalizing it. I rarely read a book twice and I enjoyed this even more the second time around. Masterful.

    10. I don't think it's hyperbolic to say that McGuane is the best stylist of anyone in his field, and the book's worth the read for that aspect alone. The only flaw to me was that the book lacked urgency, in a way that sometimes was a patient reflective tone, and sometimes came across as a lack of intensity. I'm not sure what to ascribe it to, given how well McGuane handles everything, including the should-be-cliche topic of a fisherman through the seasons.His pieces on permit fishing are especially [...]

    11. I'm not one to read fishing literature. Although I may occasionally fish, I hardly an enthusiast. I picked up this book on a recommendation, expecting to feel hoehum about it when done. Not so. This is a wonderful set of stories most notable for the superb craftsmanship of the writing. A book for anyone who loves wonderfully told stories.

    12. Thomas McGuane is likely the only member of both the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame. Consequently, his essays on fishing are a cut above the zing! went the line stuff that usually characterizes outdoor writing. At turns witty, at turns downright poetic, McGuane's writing is what sells this book, and if you're into fishing, all the better.

    13. This is a series of stories about McGuane's experiences fishing. It's very similar to the Jim Harrison or Guy de la Valdene books about fishign and hunting that I also enjoyed, who also appear in the stories.Well worth reading on a vacation, or in a deer stand just looking at animals and not really hunting as I did!

    14. The Contemplative Art of Fishingt something I've really considered before. A book of essays about ecology, history, taxonomy, human competition, what it means to take time to contemplate what it means to be being human through fishing. Enjoyed this and feel I will return to it.

    15. I have always enjoyed McGuane's rambunctious and sometimes raucous fictional tales. This is a book for folks with a serious interest in fly fishing. And while I have done some fly fishing, actually the only kind of fishing I truly enjoyed, this was way more information than I had any desire to handle.

    16. A series of outstanding essays about McGuane's sporting life, and evidence of why McGuane is one of my heroeswhat other writer has such an interesting and fulfilling external life to match the one created by his or her heart and mind.

    17. Covers the topic from a wide variety of locations and always with an eye to fresh insight, even if it comes from fond memories. This is sporting literature, not 'how to', and stands up to re-reading. Arguably McGuane's best work.

    18. Great readTook me a while to read it, since every chapter I read made me sit back and think for a few days. The author is exceptional at making the reader feel as though they are right there on the river.

    19. It could be the best book ever written. It's about fishing. Every story! Oh and life, philosophy and stuff. But mainly fishing. If I know you and you haven't have been given this for christmas then I'm either about to or I don't like you.

    20. McGuane has mastered the essay. Or maybe he simply loves fishing and the outdoors and it pours through his words. I'm glad I discovered McGuane, because now I have a new writer to read. I know he's not new to most, but he's new to me, and this is like finding treasure.

    21. such a great book, this guy has a way with words and has lived such an amazing life, a kin to Jimmy Buffett but yet different. If you like fishing of any kind you will enjoy this book.

    22. It is a book of essays about fish and fishing and more so the spiritual act of connecting oneself to the rivers and the lakes and the seas.

    23. It had promise but didn't sustain my attention like Ted Leeson's 'The Habit of Rivers' or just about anything by Gierach. Solid, don't get me wrong, just not enthralling.

    24. This is an awesome book, one of the great collections of fishing writing. If someone were planning to become an outdoor writer, they should try to pattern their work on these essays.

    25. A somewhat dry, but beautifully written book, with loads of encouragement and information for the fly fisherman.

    26. Read this one because you love to fish. Because you fantasize about all the places you likely will never fish. Because Thomas McGuane is one of the great ones of the last forty years.

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