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Doctor Who: Made of Steel

Doctor Who Made of Steel Since its return to the screen in masterminded by Russell T Davies Doctor Who has become a genuine phenomenon picking up countless awards attracting huge audiences and selling lots and lots of

  • Title: Doctor Who: Made of Steel
  • Author: Terrance Dicks
  • ISBN: 9781846072048
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Since its return to the screen in 2005, masterminded by Russell T Davies, Doctor Who has become a genuine phenomenon picking up countless awards, attracting huge audiences and selling lots and lots of books over half a million so far.This thrilling adventure sees the Doctor pitted against one of his most famous adversaries the deadly Cybermen The first book to featureSince its return to the screen in 2005, masterminded by Russell T Davies, Doctor Who has become a genuine phenomenon picking up countless awards, attracting huge audiences and selling lots and lots of books over half a million so far.This thrilling adventure sees the Doctor pitted against one of his most famous adversaries the deadly Cybermen The first book to feature the Doctor s companion Martha Jones, it is sure to be snapped up by all fans of the show.

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      443 Terrance Dicks
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    1 thought on “Doctor Who: Made of Steel

    1. 4 stars because I wish it was longer? Though that might defeat the purpose of it being a "quick read" but I loved this! I thought Terrance's writing was beautifully canon to the DW world and that Ten, Martha and the Cybermen were written perfectly :)

    2. I feel like the shortness of the story really impacted on the plot, which was rather slow. It would have read much better if it had been a longer novel as some things in this needed to be looked into rather than skimmed over. Overall, the plot didn't really deliver.

    3. I picked this up for my 10 year old nephew while I was visiting the Dr. Who Experience in Cardiff. It’s a small 100 pages book ideal for his summer reading. Of course being a major Dr. Who fan myself I picked it up and couldn’t put it down. I love the Dr. Who series but I had never read any of the accompanying books. This novella stars the 10th doctor (David Tennant) and his companion Martha. From the beginning the story was fast paced and definitely had all the hallmarks of a Russell T. Dav [...]

    4. This book is really pretty good for what it is. It's a quick, easy read, and evokes some nostalgic memories of reading Dicks's novelizations when I was younger. Dicks writes a pretty good Tenth Doctor, though I was less happy with his characterization of Martha - at one point, he has her flummoxed by the term "teleportation device", but any companion savvy enough to reference the grandfather paradox on her first trip to the past has got to have enough sci-fi familiarity to know what a teleportat [...]

    5. The Doctor and Martha find themselves returning to Earth so Martha can visit the hospital and check in on her old co-workers. Things are well enough until the Cybermen start showing up stealing high teach equipment. With all the Cybermen believed to have been sucked back into the Void (from the TV series), the Doctor must figure out what the Cybermen are up to and how to stop them. The military gets involved and there are references to Torchwood that tie into the story. This was a very quick rea [...]

    6. I wasn't that impressed. The way it was written, it would have been more suitable for a novel, not a novella. There was a slow build up and no real sense of a climax. It all kind of fell apart at the end instead of a suitable conclusion. On the plus side, it was short and the characters seemed in character, which is always good.

    7. I really feel like the Doctors personality showed through in this book a lot more than before. as in while I was reading it sounded in my head like David Tennant was reading his lines. also a quite interesting story line. I love the cybermen

    8. 2,5 stars.The book was ok, but the lack of pages affected the story. It's a Quick Read, so the story is supposed to be short, but while this worked more or less well in the other Quick Reads, it didn't work that well in Made of Steel. If Martha and the Doctor had been together for the whole story, the detective work might have worked out better. However, the fact that they're not together for about half the story, the subplots that don't add much to the story and the long introduction (long comp [...]

    9. When I saw this book in my local library I was like:And then I was like:Then my face was like:Really, this was probably the only book in Lithuania about Doctor Who. (I checked - we also have Doctor Who: The Invasion of Time). It's an easy and quick read (~ 2 hours). I think it's a great read to every fan. Even if you finished watching the series, the book will remind you the great feeling Doctor Who makes you feel. The style of the book is laconic, simple. It's an enjoyable read.

    10. Terrance Dicks is one of the oldest and most prolific Doctor Who writers and authors of all time. He has been involved with the series from the start, so it’s nice to see him offer stories for the latest incarnations of the Doctor. “Made of Steel” is a pretty standard Who story where the Cybermen threaten to assimilate the world with only the Doctor and Martha in their way.Dicks writes in a confident manner, but his storytelling is rather dry. The characters don’t really come alive, even [...]

    11. +1 Enjoyable plot, and it read as a DW episode++1 The Tenth Doctor's characterization ++1 Martha didn't technically have a lot to do, but her attitude and response to danger situations were on point. She tries to find solutions to the problem at hand, thinks actively about a way to escape when captured and keeps a cool head at all times (instead of following the traditional (sexist) trope of the 'damsel in distress'). She also gets to be snarky at the Cybermen while being their prisoner and I lo [...]

    12. “Made of Steel” by Terrance Dicks****Tenth Doctor and Martha in a fast read.“' I'm even thinking of fixing the chameleon circuit. The only trouble is, when the circuit was working, I could never find the thing again. I mean, if you can't remember what the TARDIS has changed into '” (p23)“'He will return,' said the Cyberleader. 'We are attacking this planet. He has an emotional attachment to this planet. That is his weakness. He will hear of the attacks and return.'” (p34)'Where did y [...]

    13. One trip to the gym was all it took to polish off this slim volume. The "Quick Reads" series is never going to feature books as well-developed as full-length novels, but it's fascinating to watch Terrance Dicks -- the master of "Doctor Who" novelizations & concise storytelling -- turn an equally deft hand to the 21st century version of the series. His greatest triumph is that he manages to capture the 10th Doctor & Martha very well, with only a limited page count to work with.

    14. Basic Doctor Who storyThis was a basic, no frills Doctor Who adventure. I mean, how much exposition can you have in 100 pages? Have an hour to kill? This is the book for you.

    15. On a tendance à ne pas attendre grand chose d'un quick read, ce qui rend la surprise de tomber sur Made of Steel encore meilleure.D'abord parce qu'il répond à une question qu'on s'est tous plus ou moins posé, ne serait-ce qu'en regardant la cyberwoman de Torchwood: quand le Doctor a renvoyé tous nos copains métalliques interdimentionnels dans le void, il ils sont devenus quoi ceux qui avaient été créés en route sur notre bonne vieille Terre, sans avoir été contaminé par les particul [...]

    16. Review first published on My Blog. Check out all my reviews there.Quick Reads with David Tennant as the Doctor and Freema Agyeman as his companion, Martha Jones. Cybermen are attacking in England but only a few are ever seen. When Martha and the Doctor end up at her hospital for a visit, the Doctor is drawn into the investigation and Martha is taken captive by the Cybermen who want the Doctor's help in releasing the rest of their army from the Void.As it says on the cover, it's a quick read whic [...]

    17. While I did enjoy this book, I feel that the characters of both the Doctor and Martha were not written as well as they have been by others. While there are times that the Doctor is true to form there are others where he seems a much darker character than Tenant ever played him. Also Martha seemed much more 2 dimensional compared to her portrayal on the show. My final complaint is that rather than UNIT being the military presence it's the standard armed forces which seemed at odds with the tradit [...]

    18. Since its return to the screen in 2005, masterminded by Russell T Davies, Doctor Who has become a genuine phenomenon picking up countless awards, attracting huge audiences and selling lots and lots of books - over half a million so far.This thrilling adventure sees the Doctor pitted against one of his most famous adversaries - the deadly Cybermen. The first book to feature the Doctor's companion Martha Jones, it is sure to be snapped up by all fans of the show.As a fan of the show, I snapped it [...]

    19. This is the second title in the "Quick Reads" series. First one was I am a Dalek. This is more like a novella. Less than a 100 pages. Read it under an hour. Still a fun read. I'm getting a little tired of the Doctor in manic mode speech. It's becoming a short cut. A very tiring short cut. I mean, yeah, it's the way Tennant delivers dialog and used once in the story where it's like appropriate but not three times in less than 100 pages. But overall it was a nice little adventure. Cyberman trying [...]

    20. Made of Steel really is a "Quick Read", a short novella in a line aimed at helping people learn to read. A fun read from the pen of Terrence Dicks, an old pro at writing episode-length stories. (He was script editor in the Pertwee era and wrote for 4 Doctors on tv, as well as penning most of the Target novelizations.) I'm most struck by his ability to let us know a little about even the lowliest of guest characters, often just before they get killed. It's a brief tale about Cybermen that survive [...]

    21. Uma leitura simples e directa, que é o que esta colecção de romances curtos do inefável Dr. Who promente. Desta vez temos um potencial ressurgir epidémico de Cyberman, com modelos esquecidos após uma invasão onde os humanos prevaleceram a acordar e tentar resgatar os companheiros robóticos enclausurados para lá de um buraco negro. Um punhado de modelos obsoletos de Cymbermen parece imparável pelas armas terrestres, mas com uma ajuda inteligente do Doutor a coisa resolve-se. Simples, se [...]

    22. Meh The adventure starts out ok, but I found it never really delivered. It was started and finished without really GOING anywhere. Martha seemed fairly flat and shallow (she never was the greatest of companions, but this made her seem worse) and while the Doctor was. . .well, mostly in character, he never really got a chance to shine either. All in all, the story seemed more like a short story one might find in a magazine, than a full blown novel.Not *bad*, but definitely not one of my favourite [...]

    23. Another fascinating tale of Doctor Who and Martha against the remnants of the Cybermen that were destroyed at Torchwood Tower when the Doctor opened the Void and sucked them all in. It even went as far as to mention that Martha's cousin had worked at Torchwood at the time, which, if you've seen the episode, it actually is Freeman that plays that part and becomes a Cyberman during the episode. Very interesting. As far as the book goes, it's another tale in the long history that is the Whoniverse [...]

    24. Another fun, fast Doctor Who read. These are part of the "Quickreads" program designed to encourage British children to read. I figure as an American Adult it should be about my speed. These are fun quick adventures and reading them is like finding an episode I forgot to watch. The first one I read featured the 10th Doctor and companion Rose Tyler, and this one paired #10 with Martha Jones, so it was like spending time with old friends. I'd definitely suggest these little books to any fans with [...]

    25. This story shows that it's possible to create a good and even gripping story on merely 100 pages in a QuickRead. Perfect pace, the vibe which was very prominent at the beginning of S03 was well captured and overall well written. The only point I didn't quite like was the ending. This was too fast and a few pages more to solve this would have probably been an advantage. But thankfully it doesn't ruin the story.

    26. Ez jó volt, némileg izgalmasabb történet, mint az előző két Quick Reads-kötet volt. Ráadásul a századforduló után játszódik, és Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is szerepel benne – igaz, alig pár mondattal, ennél azért többre számítottam volna. Carruthers kapitányt bírtam, meg VII. Edward is laza volt. :DÖsszességében tényleg kellemes olvasmány volt, talán ez tetszett eddig legjobban a Quick Reads-ek közül.

    27. Of all the monsters found in the universe of Doctor Who (and they are way more than a few), Cybermen are at the very top of those that scare the hell out of me, more so than Wheeping Angel. (Daleks don't count since I find them über cute Yes, I'm weird). Their whole "Resistance is useless" chills to the bone. They are, to me, what the Borgs are in Star Trek.Anyflip, this story, like many of the Doctor does not disappoint. It is well written, well paced and full of Doctor humour.

    28. Enjoyable and quick read (99 pages but with quite a large font).Not convinced by the author's impression of Martha, she's savvier in the show than she is written here. The Doctor's pining after Rose got old for me really quickly in the show, I didn't need it here too (and it was quite heavy handedly done as well).One thing, did Martha and the Doctor not have a conversation about her cousin working at Torchwood Tower in the show? Or was that in a fanfic I've read?

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