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Living My Life

Living My Life Anarchist journalist drama critic advocate of birth control and free love Emma Goldman was the most famous and notorious woman in the early twentieth century This abridged version of her two volum

  • Title: Living My Life
  • Author: Emma Goldman سهیلا بسکی
  • ISBN: 9780142437858
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
  • Anarchist, journalist, drama critic, advocate of birth control and free love, Emma Goldman was the most famous and notorious woman in the early twentieth century This abridged version of her two volume autobiography takes her from her birthplace in czarist Russia to the socialist enclaves of Manhattan s Lower East Side Against a dramatic backdrop of political argument, sAnarchist, journalist, drama critic, advocate of birth control and free love, Emma Goldman was the most famous and notorious woman in the early twentieth century This abridged version of her two volume autobiography takes her from her birthplace in czarist Russia to the socialist enclaves of Manhattan s Lower East Side Against a dramatic backdrop of political argument, show trials, imprisonment, and tempestuous romances, Goldman chronicles the epoch that she helped shape the reform movements of the Progressive Era, the early years of and later disillusionment with Lenin s Bolshevik experiment, and Sounding a call still heard today, Living My Life is a riveting account of political ferment and ideological turbulence.First time in Penguin ClassicsCondensed to half the length of Goldman s original work, this edition is accessible to those interested in the activist and her extraordinary era

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      475 Emma Goldman سهیلا بسکی
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    1 thought on “Living My Life

    1. خوندن زندگینامه‌ها همیشه برام لذت‌بخش بوده همونطور که شنیدن حرف‌هایی که آدمها از زندگیشون برام میزنن همیشه جالبه برام، خوندن خودزندگینامه‌ی اما گلدمن هم از این قاعده مستثنی نیست.خوندن ۱۱۴۶ صفحه میتونه برای بعضی خواننده‌ها خسته کننده باشه اما باید تحمل کرد و آروم آروم با [...]

    2. If you want to read the story of a woman who knew everyone worth knowing, originated every radical idea that's ever flitted through your mind eighty years before you did, loved literature, drinking, clothes, flowers, theater, conversation and partieswell, this is the book for you.Inspirational and fun.

    3. «اما گلدمن» (۱۹۴۰-۱۸۶۹)زاده ی سرزمین روسیه ، از خانواده ای یهودی مذهب بود که بیشتر عمر خود را در ایالات متحده امریکا صرف مبارزات آنارشیستی و تلاش در رفع بی عدالتی ها کرد.اعدام غم انگیز کارگران شیکاگو و دنبال کردن اخبار مربوط به آن برای اِمای جوان و کم تجربه که تا پیش از این در رو [...]

    4. یکی از ستاره ها برای ترجمه خوب اثر هست و فقطیک فهرست نمایه برای اسامی بسیار کتاب نیاز دارد شخصیتهای بسیار و گاه معروفی در ماجرا حضور دارند شاید اگر مترجم به اندازه یک خط در پاورقی به خود زحمت توضیح و معرفی آنها را میداد کتاب بهتری میشد خواندن این کتاب تجربه بی نظیری بود مثل این [...]

    5. As to killing rulers, it depends entirely on the position of the ruler. If it is the Russian tsar, I most certainly believe in dispatching him to where he belongs. If the ruler is as ineffectual as an American president, it is hardly worth the effort. There are, however, some potentates I would kill by any and all means at my disposal. They are Ignorance, Superstition, and Bigotry — the most sinister and tyrannical rulers on earth.Confession time : I never got the chance to finish this book an [...]

    6. This is a very intriguing, exhaustive autobiography that puts the lie to many of the flippant treatments you read/hear of Emma Goldman elsewhere. She was not some unbalanced romantic trying to compensate for a bad childhood or an inhumane psychotic, but instead a reflective, caring, passionate person who stood up for issues and people that/who were extremely unpopular in her day (and some of them still are). Her ideas were radical and her critiques of capitalist society salient.Still, it is easy [...]

    7. Living My Life, Emma Goldmanعنوان: آنگونه که من زیستم (خود زندگینامه)؛ نویسنده: اما گلدمن؛ مترجم: سهیلا بسکی؛ تهران، نیلوفر، 1385، در 1146 ص، شابک: 9644483200؛ موضوع: سرگذشتنامه انا گلد من، آنارشیستها، ایالات متحده قرن

    8. Yep, five stars like I thought. I may not have enjoyed this memoir for lyrical qualities and literary conventions. But, feck lyrics and conventions. Through her memoir, Goldman subtly reminds her reader to keep things in a perspective of sorts (a couple conceptual steps back, if you will). What's more important? Literary conventions or humanitarian ideals? Money and power or love and dignity? I've been moved by many a memoir, but Goldman's holds a special place (right next to Jensen's A Language [...]

    9. One of the greatest autobiographies I've ever read. Emma Goldman had a commitment and a fire about her politics that I've never seen before. She was under threat of illegal imprisonment for most of her life and yet somehow still found her way out of both the United States and the Soviet Union a free woman.

    10. This book not only tells the life story of an incredible human and woman, but also gives fascinating first-hand accounts of several historical events, including the free speech and conscription fights in the US and the first few years of the USSR.

    11. There’s a horrible tendency to believe American rebellion started in the late 40’s/early 50’s with the Beats, psychic reaction to the horrors of the A bomb, the flowering of a socio-economic class called “teenager” and it’s beloved rock and roll. People wrote poems at Walden pond, hobos hopped freight trains and there has always been a party in Chinatown, but somehow it doesn’t get credit for being as sexy as Elvis to modern minds. Obviously American rebellion goes back much furthe [...]

    12. A month and a half after starting this but it's finished (and I only read the abridged edition). Goldman is a phenomenal writer - easy to digest, simple and direct but soulful with her spirit never broken. Arrest, prison, Soviet Russia - it only fuels her desire for the true revolution.She uses a phrase frequently to describe anarchy. She calls it "the beautiful ideal," something I think is accurate. Anarchy as a philosophy is an ideal, and unlike a lot of people I think idealism is a good thing [...]

    13. Ms. Goldman's role in the Kronstadt Rebellion of 1921 is the best reason I can find to recommend this book, and I wish she would have spent more time talking about it and why she supported the rebellion, rather than presuming her readership understood the story in advance.Other than providing a rare firsthand account of said rebellion, much less from a source unsympathetic to both the Soviet state and the west, I am hesitant to recommend the book.Goldman was a part of the conspiracy to murder He [...]

    14. I read this when I was transitioning from far left activism to Torah Judaism, and this was the perfect book for it. Emma Goldman was as far left as they come – an anarchist at the dawn of the 20th century – but she was Jewish, and I agree with her grandmother, who said to the warden while bringing her Passover food to eat in prison, “My Chavaleh does more for the poor than the traditional girls.” You can’t help admiring Emma Goldman after reading her autobiography, even if you don’t [...]

    15. This book was amazing. I never thought a nearly 2,000 page autobiography of a woman who lived 100 years ago could be so inspiring, funny, poignant, thought-provoking, educational, honest, and sad. Goldman was an incredible writer — the book mixes momentous historical events which she lived through and participated in, and small-scale vignettes about her personal life and relationships to other people. Both are fascinating.As a social justice activist, it's was also riveting to read a firsthand [...]

    16. From modest accounts of her own unbelievably brave stance against the various forms of violence of the (United) State(s) to loving descriptions of hundreds of incredible people which Emma met during her activities, and to testimonies almost too terrible to read of the abominable farce of the Russian revolution, this book swept me of my feet and immensely encouraged me to stand on my own feet at the same time. A personal drama and a rare historic perspective, even if repetitive in style at times, [...]

    17. It is amazing how this compassionate, vibrant, obstinate woman is able to transport the reader from the transformation of her life from early adulthood to mature adulthood as though we are right there with her through it all. Although I do not necessarily agree with her political views, she gives a unique and valuable perspective both on the bourgeoisie of American Capitalism and on the disappointing realities of Russia's Communist Revolution. A must-read for anyone who wants a better understand [...]

    18. This is the story of a woman who lived the fullest possible life. It's just a tragedy that what she dreamed of, what many people of her time dreamed of, was destroyed by the Bolsheviks. She saw the Communist reality in Russia and very quickly understood its demonic statism which she knew, and which it did, lead to disaster. A little long-winded at times, perhaps, but always enthralling for people intrigued y the question of how to change society for the better

    19. I can hardly address the subject matter, about which I know little - though that itself is a reason to read the book, the subtleties of the thinkers of the era that for better or worse did remake the world are a mystery to many of us today, despite having been well documented.But aside from that it is an absorbing good read from a woman who did indeed live life.

    20. The best way to learn history is from the people who lived it and this autobiagraphy is the best one I've read.

    21. Emma Goldman was inspiring and almost superhuman. Her life contained an immeasurable amount of struggle for the liberation of humanity from capitalism and the state.The metastory of Emma Goldman is quite sad. Having lived a large portion of her life in the United States, she adopted it as a homeland, and was promptly deported. Because Russia was in the midst of revolution, she therefore considered that her homeland. But conditions became so malformed there that she was forced to sneak out. And s [...]

    22. I discovered Emma Goldman a decade ago through the E.L. Doctorow masterpiece Ragtime. The professor asked for historical research on one of the characters, and that's how a conservative, orthodox undergrad wound up at the little shelf of anarchist theory in the basement of the Brigham Young University library. Reading E.G.'s biographies and letters I was introduced to this gracious, charming, sane, and brave woman, and ergo had my world flipped upside down.And for all that I never read her autob [...]

    23. this is such an epic masterpiece! i can think of at least 5 reasons why you should read this:1. for the sordid details of Emma's many love affairs and open relationships.2. for a view into the political and economic realities of the United States at the turn of the last century, which i don't know have ever been better explained than through Emma's immigrant, anarchist eyes.3. for Emma's comments on virtually every radical and left-wing figure the 1890s - 1920s, including her relationships with [...]

    24. This edition is abridged (I don't know, for the life of me, where you can find the full thing --it seems to be out of print), and sometimes the transitions did come off as somewhat jarring. Still, it was over 500 pages long, and worth every single one of them. Emma Goldman lived in one of the most interesting periods of American history, or rather, during a period in American history where things were exactly the same as they are now, but instead of targeting Muslims, the (then) "war on terror" [...]

    25. Last time I started this, I could not get into it. This time -- maybe because I am taking a brief series of classes in Yiddishkeit at Green Apple Books sponsored by the Workman's Circle -- I am really enjoying it. I also read Vivian Gornick's biography of Emma, so I have a better overview. But I'm finding Emma's own retelling of her life very engaging.J.Edgar Hoover called Emma Goldman "the most dangerous woman in America," and this book tells you why. Goldman is a terrific writer -- she can com [...]

    26. A very inspiring work by the anarchist-communist. Goldman tirelessly committed herself to the Cause and her beautiful ideal. She lived to motivate the masses and teach workers of the more sustainable and just alternative of anarchism. Her autobiography begins by giving insight into the injustices of being an immigrant, and throughout the book, the reader learns a first-person account of all of the movement's major demonstrations and events of the late 19th and early 20th century in the United St [...]

    27. Récit passionnant. La traduction française ''Épopée d'une anarchiste (1886-1920)'' vaut le détour.«L’intervention insolente de ce garçon m’avait rendue furieuse. Je lui répondis de s’occuper de ses affaires. j’en avais assez qu’on me jette toujours la Cause à la figure. Selon moi, une cause qui défendait un si bel idéal, qui luttait pour l’anarchie, la libération et la librté, contre les idées reçues et les préjugés, une telle cause ne pouvait exiger que l’on renon [...]

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