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Bound for the Holidays

Bound for the Holidays An invitation too hot to pass up Angela Clarke finds herself bound for the holidays literally Not by one but two gorgeous men a powerful executive and one sexy cowboy Angie expected to spend Christm

  • Title: Bound for the Holidays
  • Author: Mackenzie McKade
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An invitation too hot to pass up Angela Clarke finds herself bound for the holidays, literally Not by one, but two gorgeous men a powerful executive and one sexy cowboy.Angie expected to spend Christmas alone, not in the arms of her new boss after the office party Their attraction is hot enough to melt ice, and his wicked promises alluring What he s offering she hAn invitation too hot to pass up Angela Clarke finds herself bound for the holidays, literally Not by one, but two gorgeous men a powerful executive and one sexy cowboy.Angie expected to spend Christmas alone, not in the arms of her new boss after the office party Their attraction is hot enough to melt ice, and his wicked promises alluring What he s offering she has only fantasized about To her surprise, the night not only involves silk scarves and a set of handcuffs, but one tall dark cowboy.Ryan Tyler has never thought twice about sharing his women with his best friend until Ryan touches Angie She stirs something deep inside him But it s too late to stop the decadent night from unfolding What starts as hot sex with a warm, willing woman turns into something After tonight, Ryan knows he ll never be satisfied with just one taste.Could his fantasy lead to something lasting, or will it only be one night of pleasure Warning, this title contains the following explicit sex, graphic language, menage a trois

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      251 Mackenzie McKade
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    1 thought on “Bound for the Holidays

    1. What did Angie want for Christmas? A sex fest with her new sexy boss! Plus a quick threesome with his cowboy friend who drops by. Add a little tinsel to tie her up, a mustache ride from the cowboy and a few day of sexual escapades and you have a quick, hot read that doesn't try to take itself seriously - so why should you? Ryan and Angie have this sudden intense connection that we are supposed to believe is real and lasting - not sure I was buying that with the whole ménage thing and the short [...]

    2. This is one of those books that is fun and a little naughty but once you're done with it, it's over. You aren't left with any really burning questions about what's going to happen next or how the main characters are going to fare after. And that's okay. This is a book about a woman who gets to have a steamy romp with two hunky men, one of whom she might have a future with. There you go. End of story. There's a little bondage, a little threesome action and ta-da! Yep, that's it.Mackenzie McKade d [...]

    3. This was a sexy little holiday read. The story opens at the company Christmas party with the owner, Ryan, flirting with one of his employees, Angela. They're drawn to each other, and Angela has been attracted to him, so she decides to throw propriety to the wind and she accepts his invitation to go to his house. She doesn't know if she'll have a job tomorrow or if things will be awkward "after", but she wants Ryan and he obviously wants her. When they get there, sparks (and clothes) fly, and all [...]

    4. Nice little short. Plenty of heat. At first I wasn't impressed, but I felt better about it by the end. As usual in novellas, everything moved very quickly but I thought the author did OK with that.

    5. Incredibly hot and erotic. However, I was surprised it ended where it did. I wanted more to the story.

    6. 3.5 StarsThis review was posted at Under The CoversIf you are looking for some heat this holiday season then this short story will warm you up. What could be the worst thing to do at the company Christmas party? Go home with the boss. But heck, Angela knows she's good and she can find another job and Ryan is utterly delicious. But when she agreed to go home with him she wasn't expecting that he'd have his best friend there.Of course Ryan didn't expect it either. Wade is ruggedly handsome, a cowb [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this read. It was hot from the outset and for a short erotic Christmas tale, this has it all. A super sexy boss, an employee who fantasies about the boss but doesn't know whether she should dabble and then when she decides to go with it, incomes the boss's best friend a gorgeous cowboy – let the fun begin! There is enough in the story to get to know the characters as they reveal that family is important to them and although finding the one they want to be with forever is a lit [...]

    8. This book was below average. There was no build up to Angie and Ryan. He says "come home with me" and she agrees. When Wade was added it seemed too easy. Angie didn't question him or ask about him just jumped right in. I disliked Wade because if he got his heart broke why was he jumping into a threesome. Ryan couldn't voice his jealousy about Wade with Angie. Angie blindly went along with everything and didn't show a mind of her own. The sex scenes were good and the only reason I gave it two sta [...]

    9. Nice Holiday read. Spicy and a little hot! I would say this is a Christmas partyThat the heat was turned up on. What would you do if your bossed asked you over after the party? Angie thought about passing up on the offer, but with a boss as hot and sexy as Ryan, She just couldn’t stop her self. I recommend this to the reader who’s looking for a Spicy Holiday read that’s full of Sexy fun! Happy Reading Everyone:)

    10. Angie takes Ryan up on his offer to come home with him after a Christmas party for their office (he is her boss, she has just begun working with the company). Once they get to his place and start getting romantic, Ryan's cowboy friend Wade walks in on the action, and no one has any objection to him joining in. I really liked this book, great dialogue and lots of passion. It ended rather abruptly, however, it's book one in a series so I think there will be more to come from these two.

    11. Definitely a short read, I liked it but it isn't something I'd probably recommend, the author has much better books. The sex was ok, I thought there would be more bondage based off of the title. I think maybe I expected more because I've read some of this authors other books and this just seemed, rushed? lacking? Not what she usually produces. My favorite part was the food play scene and my least favorite was the heroine.

    12. A little bit more sex than story, Bound for the Holidays by Mackenzie McKade is a hot read. Quick and flirty, this book is as difficult to pass up as Angie’s invitation to spend the night with her boss. Mentions of family ground both main characters but really it’s a simple story of the beginning of their relationship. By the end, I wish I could’ve known more but as it is, I enjoyed Angie and Ryan’s story.Full review is posted at guiltyindulgencebookclubs.

    13. Warning! Explicit sex, graphic language, ménage a trois, and (not as much as you might expect from the title) – bondage. According to the blurb – "sizzles the pages with scorching sex, fantasy and deep emotion." Best of all, like sex sometimes is, this was short, intense, and fun. No messy plot except could this be a lasting relationship question, but the time span of the book is two days – then they are set to fly across the country to meet his parents??

    14. A short quick erotic read that will tantalize and tease. Filled with sexy cowboys , a hot boss = A menage !! Hot, and fast but certainly a treat ! BOndage and BDSM in small doses.Recomended to all who like there reads hot and sexy Quick and fast but filled with goodies to make your toes curl and panties bunch !!A free read from Kindle Definetly worth a read . Smooth flowing storyline, great descriptions and overall and ok storyline

    15. This is a quick, fun, sexy read. The story is an employee hot for her boss and is given the opportunity to be with him at Christmas. The story progresses very quickly with minimal character development and lots of sex. The introduction of a third man was very quick and lasted for a short time. This is a quick sexy read.

    16. A quicky holiday mfm office romance. Ryan has the hots for his graphic artist, Angela and at the office Christmas party, has the opportunity to take her home. As they're getting started romancin', his cowboy friend Wade, arrives early. Ryan and Wade have shared women before, but Ryan's feeling possessive early on but wants to give Angela her fantasies.

    17. This was a short story about a woman with a crush on her fuckably hot boss. After a Christmas work party, her boss invites her to come home with him. Things start to heat up and in strolls her bosses sexy best friend. After a steamy threesome, the boss realizes that he doesn't want to share anymore. Very hot, wish it were longer and I could find out what happened after the story ends.

    18. 2 1/2 stars. A Kindle freebie, I believe (can't remember buying it and I don't think my One Touch-itis has reached the Black Outs stage). Basically Bound for the Holidays consists of sex scenes and the occassional wistful thought about Christmas and family. Sometimes the wistful thoughts of family, particularly the hero's mom, came a little too close to the sex.

    19. Yummy holiday menage!!! Really enjoyed this book and all the delicious bondage play!Super steamy action, good lord girl, you'll need a shower! I do love a smexy menage scene!While it is HEA, the menage is not permanent. I am not always a fan of that option, I prefer the forever sort.

    20. Short story with erotic scenes. Angela is at an office christmas party and decides to go home with the boss. His friend joins them and it is M/F/M. Then the friend leaves and the boss "falls" for her and he decides to take her home to meet his family for christmas.

    21. I downloaded this book because it was free on B&N. If you're looking for a little mindless, smutty entertainment then you will enjoy Bound for the Holidays. If you are looking for plot or character development you won't get it here. This book was smoking hot but it was sex with very little plot.

    22. A delightful,totally hot, short story. I couldn't put the book down. I am so reading the next book in this series as soon as I write this review!

    23. Okay, there's fudging the lines of reality for escapist enjoyment, and then there's this. Safety, as it were, does not come first.

    24. This was a good story. I hope that in the next book it goes back and gives you more information on the ending to this couple.

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