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The Sorcerer's Apprentice

The Sorcerer s Apprentice From the Newbery Award winning author of than books comes a lyrical rhyming tale of a little girl who becomes the apprentice of a fierce old magician Features watercolor and gold leaf illustration

  • Title: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
  • Author: Nancy Willard Leo Dillon Diane Dillon
  • ISBN: 9780590473293
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the Newbery Award winning author of than 20 books comes a lyrical, rhyming tale of a little girl who becomes the apprentice of a fierce old magician Features watercolor and gold leaf illustrations by the Caldecott Medal winning illustrators of Ashanti to Zulu.

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      497 Nancy Willard Leo Dillon Diane Dillon
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    1 thought on “The Sorcerer's Apprentice

    1. Of course this is a classic story, and it's familiar. What is unique about this version is that the art is amazingly superb. The sewing machine was amusing, and I loved the animal characters.An advanced first grader shouldn't have any problems with this, and if they do they need more reading practice.Have fun reading kids!

    2. Some of the most beautiful illustrations paired with rhyming text. What more can I say?First read 1 March 2012Reread 24 January 2016

    3. The story begins with an old sorcerer who leaves his workshop for a day leaving his apprentice in charge with his simple chores to perform. Bored of fetching water, the apprentice enchants a broom to do the work for him. The floor is soon awash with water, and the apprentice realizes that he cannot stop the broom because he was not fully trained to put the spell on to begin with.Unable to control the enchanted broom, the apprentice splits it in two with an axe, but to his surprise, each of the p [...]

    4. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Nancy WillardTarget Audience: Age 7 – 12The classic tale of a powerful wizard and his awkward apprentice is retold in rhyme with a red haired Sylvia who comes to the old magician Tottibo’s peculiar house to learn from him. Her first task is to sew clothes for his numerous creatures of various physiques; dragons, gryphons, panthers, spiders. Although eager to learn spells and magic, Sylvia is warned by Tottibo of the chaos of mistakes in judgment and phrasing in [...]

    5. Kelly Wiegand February 9, 2015EDL54500 Library Materials for Children and YouthTitle: The Sorcerer's ApprenticeAuthor: Nancy WillardPlot: A young girl becomes an assistant to a powerful sorcerer. When he gives her a task, she jumps to use magic before she is properly trained and the situation spirals out of control. Setting: Mount Dragon EyesCharacters: Sylvia; TottiboPoint-of-View: Third-PersonThemes: Responsibility; IntegrityStyle: Folk Tale; PoetryCopyright: 1993Reflection: This story was a n [...]

    6. “The Sorcerers Apprentice” is a tale about a young woman named Sylvia who is learning how to cast spells from a great sorcerer. One day while the sorcerer is napping, Sylvia takes the opportunity to try her luck. She attempts to cast a spell; however, the spell goes horribly wrong and the sorcerer then has to undo her mishaps. This book is written in rhyme with very old classic style pictures. The text and all the pictures are framed by a cream colored box. This book would be appropriate for [...]

    7. 2.5 Stars. It's based on a French poem (that was originally German, according to ) with the same tale such that a young apprentice delves into magic too quickly and ends up bringing inanimate objects to life resulting in mayhem. If the plot sounds at all familiar to you, it should, because Disney's Fantasia with Mickey Mouse as the apprentice comes from the same origins. That was this picture-book's saving grace. The artwork was nice, but I guess I just wasn't in the mood. When I'm not in the ri [...]

    8. Nancy Willard is way, way up there on my list of wonderful (and unusual) children's literature authors, and I'm a huge, huge fan of the Dillons. I'm not surprised, therefore, that I like their collaboration. In this version of this famous tale, the apprentice is a girl. But the essentials are there: the apprentice tries to use magic she's not ready to use and near catastrophe results. Willard's poetry is marvelous and the Dillons' illustrations invite repeated close inspection.

    9. This is a nice interpretation of the tale "The Magician's Assistant" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It's written in rhyme, which reads really nicely, and it's illustrated by the Dillon's so the pictures are AMAZING! I'm just not crazy about the tale - I always think of the Disney Fantasia movie which I don't really care for.

    10. I was going to give this book three stars, but the artwork was so stunning that I had to give it four stars. The story is good -- I loved that the apprentice is a female -- I liked the rhyme, but, as a whole, the book dragged on a bit.

    11. This book was very good, it's told completely in verse which is impressive. It's a little text heavy but good for vocabulary, narrative skill, and phonological awareness. I'd recommend it for ages 4-6.

    12. Sylvia, the new apprentice to the great magician Tottibo, steals one of his spells to complete an impossible task and accidentally creates chaos.Lower grades - K-3Topic - Subtopic: Behavior-Stealing; Fantasy/Imagination-Misc./Other; Mysteries-Magic

    13. It rhymes. Magic can be difficult to learn. Practice is the answer. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Above all don't make it worse by attacking the problem with a magic rusty floating in mid air ax. I learned that a Gryphon is the same as a griffin.

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