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Spackled and Spooked

Spackled and Spooked A mystery surfaces behind the walls in the new Do It Yourself series Avery Baker and her boyfriend Derek Ellis are flipping a seriously stigmatized house rud to have ghosts Soon they ll have even bi

  • Title: Spackled and Spooked
  • Author: Jennie Bentley Jenna Bennett
  • ISBN: 9780425229132
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • A mystery surfaces behind the walls in the new Do It Yourself series Avery Baker and her boyfriend, Derek Ellis, are flipping a seriously stigmatized house rud to have ghosts Soon they ll have even bigger problems and this renovation project might haunt them forever.

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    • ☆ Spackled and Spooked || ☆ PDF Read by ✓ Jennie Bentley Jenna Bennett
      156 Jennie Bentley Jenna Bennett
    • thumbnail Title: ☆ Spackled and Spooked || ☆ PDF Read by ✓ Jennie Bentley Jenna Bennett
      Posted by:Jennie Bentley Jenna Bennett
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    1 thought on “Spackled and Spooked

    1. This was a fun read!Avery and Derek are finally working together. They have purchased a house that has had three murders done by the man who owned the house.It has been said that the house is haunted, but Derek does not think that will be a problem, since the murders happened 19 years ago.But they did not know that there were other things happening on the street. They did find out when they started working on the house.They heard screams when they opened the front door and footsteps in the hallw [...]

    2. Second book in the series, though characters seemed shallower, and the author seemed to be trying too hard. I really liked the first one just as fluff and an interesting home improvement fun story. This one seemed a bit flighty, too many characters- most non essential- it made for a scattered story. Not sure I will continue with the series. Disappointing.

    3. This book was OK, but not nearly as cute as the first one. It was very predictable and I was disappointed.

    4. There have been a whole slew of themed mysteries coming out- especially those themed around things like house renovating or crafts. Some of them just can't seem to stand out when held next to their competitors & then there are some that are just fantastic to read. The `Do-It-Yourself' mystery series manages to hold it's own in a genre that is becoming increasingly competitive.This particular entry to the series finds everyone's favorite fabric specialist working with her boyfriend Derek as t [...]

    5. I'd have given this one 4 stars except that I again figured out who'd done it, why, and how, pretty much from the very beginning. Ditto with the other "big secret" in the story. I'm not usually that great at figuring out mystery novels, and I like it that way, so knowing all along was annoying. However, I still really enjoyed the characters and the story--watching them figure it out, that is.This time, Avery Baker and her boyfriend Derek Ellis have purchased a vacant house to renovate and sell. [...]

    6. Avery and Derek just bought their first house together and are busy doing the repairs and renovations needed to get it ready for resale. The house has a few problems, not the least of which is the gruesome murders/suicide that happened there around 20 years ago. Still, that is the least of their problems after a body is found in the crawlspace/basement of the house.I am enjoying this series, the characters are a lot of fun, there are home repair tips at the back of the books, and the mystery is [...]

    7. I liked the first of this series, but in this book, the main character worked my nerves! It's hard to believe that she was born and raised in Manhattan! As naive and just plain dumb as she is, how could she survive NYC? Won't continue this series.

    8. I have really mixed feelings about this book, while I enjoyed it there were several things that just annoyed me. One was the lack of diversity of characters, except for one older woman who is murdered and a baby who was in a woman's arms, everyone in the story was college or middle aged. There is no diversity in anything including economic status, race, just white middle class, middle aged people. The second is inaccuracies in small details and in time lines. Events often took far less time then [...]

    9. Avery Baker and Derek Ellis, partners in a home renovation and restoration business, get a good price on a home where a murder occurred 20 years ago. Soon after starting demolition they hear footsteps and screams but no physical beings are there. Then when they start digging in the crawl space to shore up the foundation they come across human bones. The regular cast of secondary characters help the local police chief. A solid mystery.

    10. I really like this series! This is book #2. This has everything I love in a cozy mystery- an awesome intriguing mystery, interesting likeable characters, romance & friendship. Avery & Derek buy a house to renovate but people died in it years ago. There are noises while they are working on it, and then they find bones in the crawl space. Someone is unhappy they found the bones but who? Avery & Derek & friends need to find out who is trying to scare them off.

    11. This is taking forever to read because life keeps getting in the way. Flooded basement, cleaning up that, making list of damaged items. Blech. Then daughter getting her Driver's license.Dec. 11: Finally finished this one, the story was just ok for me. The first one in the series was a lot better. I'm not sure if I will look for more books in this series or not.

    12. Avery Baker and her boyfriend/business partner, Derek Ellis, know they are taking a big risk when they buy a house to flip and resell: a horrific murder/suicide happened there years ago, and the place is rumored to be haunted. Avery doesn't think she believes in ghosts, but she starts to wonder when she hears footsteps and there is no one there. However, Avery and Derek soon have even bigger problems when evidence of a more recent murder is uncovered. Avery wonders if they'll ever get the house [...]

    13. A fun book from the shelves in teh break room as work. I picked it up since we are currently working on our house.Avery Baker has moved to Waterfield, Maine, because she inherited her great-aunt Inga's Victorian Cottage. There she has gone into business with her boyfriend Derek Ellis to buy and redecorate houses. Derek makes an offer on a house that has stood empty for years because of the murders that took place there. Avery agrees to go in with him on this. They rip up the carpets and move out [...]

    14. As the second book in the series, Spackled and Spooked, picks up a few months after the previous book. Avery is now romantically involved with the hunky Derek. And they’ve decided to start a home renovation/restoration business.Derek picks their first property. A ranch where a brutal killing happened 2 decades ago. And then the footsteps without anyone else in the house start…Creepy? Yup. A fun page turner, definitely.While the past murder intrigues, another body also turns up. Poor Avery ju [...]

    15. Spackled and Spooked is an unexceptional series mystery about renovating houses that is set in Maine. Avery Baker and her boy friend and business partner, Derek Ellis, buy a late '50's early 60's ranch that has been empty for a while because it is reputed to be haunted. They intend to renovate it and flip it. In the process they find a not-so-supernatural explanation for the haunting and solve a murder. Avery says that she graduated summa cum laude from Parsons The New School of Design. That's h [...]

    16. This book was great! I can't wait to read all the others in this series. The main character renovates and flips old houses, and when a skeleton is found in the crawlspace of her latest project, a home where a man murdered his family many years ago, she hopes to solve the case and clear the house of its haunted stigma. She also wants to get back inside the house so she can keep working. Even though I don't really know anything about home renovating, I found this book to be really fun- the level o [...]

    17. As I wrote in my previous review about the D-I-Y Mystery series from Jennie Bentley, actually I like how the author tells the story. Writing mystery novel from first person point of view is quite hard, I believe, but Bentley nails it. The characters presented in the series are also interesting.But unfortunately I have to say that I felt quite disappointed after reading the second novel. The plot is way too easy to be predicted. At about the half way of the book, I became pretty sure about the ma [...]

    18. I bought this cozy because of the title. I really thought I was going to get a new-to-me paranormal cozy. I didn'td that's okay. Good, in fact. Wee hint of ghosty activity, the rest is good ol' fashioned cozy mystery fun.Avery is a neat lead character, still has issues with taking on this house renovation in this tiny little town in Maine, when she could be back in exciting Manhattan creating her textile designs. The extra characters are filling and a good combination working with Avery on figur [...]

    19. Murder Interrupts – Construction DelayedFlipping a house finds Avery and Derek flipping out over murder.*** Anyone who does home repair expects some unexpected and unpleasant surprises during remodeling. Avery and Derek, co-partners and friends with benefits, were well aware that selling a house where a murder/suicide was committed a long time ago could be a sticking point when the renovation is completed. What they didn’t expect was to find a skeleton in the crawl space or a new murder next [...]

    20. The second book in the A Do-It-Yourself Mystery is just as good as the first; I loved it even more because I was already attached to the characters. Outstanding plotting, great writing and wonderful characters are all hallmarks of Ms B's novels. This one kept me flipping although I zoned in on the villain from the beginning but there were so many real possibilities. That is one of the things that always hits me; although the characters are suspicious of almost everyone, their reasoning is, well, [...]

    21. Good second book. Avery and her new business partner/boyfriend, Derek, buy a house to renovate but there are rumors it's haunted.What I liked:* The main character - Avery. She isn't perfect, she is giving this new life a try and seems to be an interesting person.* Avery and Derek's relationship. It is nice and laid-back. No triangle.* Decent mystery. Some things I knew pretty quickly, but some were in doubt until almost the end.What I didn't like:* A bit high on the coincidence meter. Stuff Aver [...]

    22. An easy read for those days that you just want a no brainer. Being a Realtor, I thought it would be fun to read a mystery having to do with renovating a house to sell. It was not a cliff hanger. It was more of reading how they were going to figure out who the murderer was, which was almost handed to you near the beginning of the book when Avery hears someone outside her house one night, and the next morning finds an electrical connector in the yard. I won't explain everything so I don't give awa [...]

    23. This is the second book in the home renovation and design mystery series. Avery and her new boyfriend Derek, having finished renovating the cottage Avery inherited from her great aunt, buy a 1950's ranch house to flip. 20 years previously a man had murdered his wife and in-laws in the house, then turned the gun on himself. The house has been vacant since. A visit to the crawl space under the house reveals human bones. Whose are they and how long have they been there? Will Avery and Derek be able [...]

    24. Avery has settled into her home in Maine. Her boyfriend bought a house for them to renovate, decorate and flip. Twenty years ago, a man had murdered his family and they bought it from the surviving son, now an adult. Their renovations are interrupted by strange footsteps and noises. Since neither one of them believe it ghosts, they continue. As they are renovating, another body is discovered and the mysteries begin.Another delightful book with Avery and Derek and the endearing characters of the [...]

    25. book #2. Tami Paxton's friend wrote itok. not as good as first.Avery Baker and her boyfriend Derek buy a house to renovate. Been empty 17 years since Dad shot mom and in-laws then himself. 5 y/o Patrick runs away. Now Patrick sells the house through his lawyer. It's "haunted."Turns out to be creepy former h.s. guy. He'd killed the h.s. girl who supposedly ran away to Hollywood at grad'n. He'd buried her under the empty house which now Derek found! They all had gone to h.s. together, including th [...]

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