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Mirabilis In a French village beset by plague and under siege something incredible is about to happen Her name is Bonne Mirabilis the illegitimate daughter of a saint burned at the stake And she will provide

  • Title: Mirabilis
  • Author: Susann Cokal
  • ISBN: 9780425185322
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a French village beset by plague and under siege, something incredible is about to happen Her name is Bonne Mirabilis, the illegitimate daughter of a saint burned at the stake And she will provide deliverance in ways that will spark dread, awe, scandal, and secret delight Once in a while a first novel introduces a writer with the unsettling confidence to climb veIn a French village beset by plague and under siege, something incredible is about to happen Her name is Bonne Mirabilis, the illegitimate daughter of a saint burned at the stake And she will provide deliverance in ways that will spark dread, awe, scandal, and secret delight Once in a while a first novel introduces a writer with the unsettling confidence to climb very high and jump right in Susann Cokalwent ahead and did it An absorbing medieval novela bounty of storytelling zest and a delight for readersoriginal and convincingunsettling and bold Chicago Tribune Evocativevid New York Times Book Review Cokal s tale of miracles, magic, and madness is a double decker coup making the 14th century seem reald making it matter San Francisco Chronicle A tender, touching, voluptuous book Washington Post This beautifully crafted story about miracles and belief will not soon be forgotten The characters are wholly believable, and the medieval world is presented in all its rich brutality One expects to stay up late to finish the latest John Sandford, but a book about medieval wet nurses with dwarfs and monks and exotic, Sapphic witches Yet readers will, for it is that compelling Library Journal, starred review

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      108 Susann Cokal
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    1 thought on “Mirabilis

    1. Onvan : Mirabilis - Nevisande : Susann Cokal - ISBN : 042518532X - ISBN13 : 9780425185322 - Dar 400 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2001

    2. Fucked up Catholic imagery, medieval lesbians, and a sea of bodily fluids. Definitely not a book for everyone (or most people, actually), but I rather liked it.

    3. Naturally, with my affinity for medieval women mystics and visionaries, I was drawn to this work. The levitating mystics, disappearing anchoresses, and persecution of "witch's" material was all wonderfully rendered. The hardcore lesbian sex passages were a bit of a surprise.I appreciated each chapter being marked by what saint's day it was and the short passage about the disinterment of the artist's object of affections is well, grotesquely beautiful.

    4. While told in the same style as "Catherine Called Birdy" - journal entries with the names of Saints Days- this book was a bit on the weird side for me.The only way i can sum this book up is "Spiritual Lactose Smut."Burp this one baby, because i just can't stomach it.

    5. i gave it ~50 pages and still had no idea what was going on or why i should care. i wanted to read it, but damn, it was confusing and boring and i didn’t want to read any more of it ever in my life. so i put it down, promptly pbs’d it and picked up something else.

    6. I just don't get it. I think there's a literary convention for this type of book based on Catholic history of Saints, but I am really out of the loop. I'm not going to finish this book.

    7. This is a truly strange story set in the town of Villeneuve in 14th century France. The main character, Bonne, is the illegitimate child of a girl who miraculously “flew” in church one day. Throughout most of the novel it’s unclear who her father is – was this Immaculate Conception or not? Bonne’s grandmother says that her father is Pierre, one of the town priests. The priests are almost exclusively concerned with food, money, prestige, and power. The village people are seen as gullibl [...]

    8. I was looking for something 'different' to read, and Boy!, this girl had some amazing Boobs! She could shoot enough milk out to feed two ravaged bears! It was hard to continue reading after the first 40 pages, I just couldn't get into the story. One reason was how the secondary characters were given quotes of odd thoughts and ideas. The story would have flowed so much better without these interruptions. When the English surround the town, Bonne, with her breasts of unstoppable flow, fed them all [...]

    9. I tried to read this y'all. I did. The premise is totally interesting-like: young woman of uncertain parentage is a maybe-saint's daughter. There's a dwarf magician dude and a rich pregnant sorceress and an ascetic sculptor dude. The maybe-saint's-daughter's breast milk has magical healing powers. What's not to like? I wanted to read this before I read The Kingdom of Little Wounds because I heard all sorts of glowing praise for Kingdom. Plus, the plot reminded me of A Stolen Tongue by Sheri Holm [...]

    10. Interesante novela medieval. Mucho misticismo, milagros, personajes con rasgos sobrenaturales de carácter, aún así el catolicismo y el paganismo van de la mano.Relata la vida milagrosa y siempre al límite de Bonne, muy creyente pero a la vez obligada a cometer 'herejías' para sobrevivir.La novela es bastante misteriosa en partes, de no tan fácil lectura en otras, pero termina encerrando bien la historia de la protagonista.Punto positivo por los hechos históricos y la trama desarrollada.Pu [...]

    11. I'm always interested in saints, religion and female protagonists, so overall this book appeared to be something I would naturally enjoy. I did find it strange at first, but I quickly let go and let the author set the stage… reading the book almost like a script as opposed to a novel and it became a much easier read for me. Even still, the book took me a long time to finish - two and a half weeks or so. The characters are rich, the story is full of surprises and it is complicated. I enjoyed it [...]

    12. I felt that the first 300 some pages were a bit of a slog to get through however there was a turning point towards the end of the book that changed my opinion. If all of the book had been as good as then ending I would have given it 4 stars. I can see though that if there wasn't all the background and narrative that occurred in the beginning, I would not have felt as invested in the fate of Bonne and her benefactor. I was a little disappointed that the end had come so quickly after I felt the bo [...]

    13. This tale is based on the scant thing known about Blessed Bonne/Mirabilis who lived in 14th c. France and later became a saint. She was a wet nurse who fed the people of Villeneuve during the English siege of their town. The story itself was very interesting; the writing, however, was at times very vague and ethereal, rather like eating cotton candy, when it just dissolves into nothingness. It took me a while to feel immersed in the book. Interesting foundation for a historical novel, but I feel [...]

    14. Saints , sinners , miracles, lesbianism, dwarfs and breast feeding. Yes, I agree with those who say that this is a weird book. It is but is also a strangely compelling read. I admit I thought tossing it aside at the beginning of it but I persevered and it got better as I read further. So at the end , despite all the weirdness of it, I say that I enjoyed this novel and I will read more books from Susann Cokal

    15. This one was tough - to review, not to read. There is a trend right now of writing psuedo-historical novels full of gothic themes and intrigueat never really go anywhere. Was this a book about faith? Was this a book at sexual mores of this time period? Was this a book about not much of anything? Yes, yes it was. Also, throwing in random lesbian themes to make your book more "timely" or "relevant" - it was old 5 years ago.

    16. A wonderfully unique novel set in medieval France. The main character is a wet nurse who miraculously keeps the whole town alive through a siege. She is the friend of a pious sculptor and provides lodging to an impious dwarf with a dark soul, but whose evil intents are repeatedly thwarted and end up working for the good. It's a compelling story of jealousy and the miracles of generosity.

    17. Mirabilis by Susann Cokal surprised me for its clever look into life in plague times, in religious fervor times, in saint and devil times. The story centers on a woman who perhaps was a virgin who gave birth, or who perhaps was raped by the local priest, but the book soon evolves into the life of her daughter. I enjoyed the thought-provoking nature of this story and its wider significance.

    18. God, this book is weird.****************Three months later:Gah, completely underwhelmed. The last third of the book was completely disjointed and neither I nor the author seemed to care what the hell happened.

    19. I didn't finish it, but skimmed through it. It's a really dark read, and at times, kind of weird. Expected the darkness, but it went in certain directions that I just didn't feel like trudging through.

    20. How Cokal manages to make her stories so beautiful, violent, twisted, and optimistic all at the same time amazes me.

    21. Don't bother. The only thing remarkable about this book is the time the author dedicated to describing the protagonist's long, flat, wet-nurse nipples.

    22. I gave up. The prose was too flowery and obtuse and I just couldn't stand it even though the premise was interesting. Maybe I'll come back to it some other time, but for now, nope.

    23. I was hoping for another Red Tent but shouldn't have bothered. This book is not very well written and the breast feeding fetish the author seems to have is weird.

    24. i was so excited to readthis one, but the ongoing breast feeding was way too much for me. I couldn't even finish it. just ridiculous, and not in a good way. Avoid this one.

    25. Bizarre. I think that is why I liked it. It is one of those books that one will either love or hate. I have recommeded this book to a friend or two and they just did not get into it.

    26. An unusual story and very weird in parts, but I really enjoyed reading it nonetheless. I liked reading about what life was like in the 14th century.

    27. I read this book, thought it was odd, and immeidately listed it on eBay.Why then, three years later, do I still think about it? I actually like it afterall!

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