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Soul Music

Soul Music Other children get given xylophones Susan just had to ask her grandfather to take his vest off Yes There s a Death in the family It s hard to grow up normally when Grandfather rides a white horse and

  • Title: Soul Music
  • Author: Terry Pratchett
  • ISBN: 9780552140294
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Other children get given xylophones Susan just had to ask her grandfather to take his vest off Yes There s a Death in the family.It s hard to grow up normally when Grandfather rides a white horse and wields a scythe especially when you have to take over the family business, and everyone mistakes you for the Tooth Fairy.And especially when you have to face the new andOther children get given xylophones Susan just had to ask her grandfather to take his vest off Yes There s a Death in the family.It s hard to grow up normally when Grandfather rides a white horse and wields a scythe especially when you have to take over the family business, and everyone mistakes you for the Tooth Fairy.And especially when you have to face the new and addictive music that has entered Discworld.It s lawless It changes people.It s called Music With Rocks In.It s got a beat and you can dance to it, butIt s alive.And it won t fade away.

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    1. Sex, drugs and rock and roll in the Discworld.Except there’s really not any sex to speak of, and to be honest really not any drugs either.But 1 out of three ain’t bad, er, well, I guess that’s 33 percent, so really not that good butBut in Sir Terry Pratchett’s able writing, it is good, as the Discworld experiences rock and roll –or actually, Music with Rocks In as performed by The Band with Rocks In.Imp Y Celyn (which literally means "bud of holly,") calls himself Buddy, and his band m [...]

    2. Discworld Playlist: 1) "There's a Great Deal of Shaking Happening"2) "Give Me That Music With Rocks In"3) "Pathway to Paradise"4) "Born to Rune" two and a half stars

    3. Soul Music was, I guess, my first true love. Um, I mean with Terry Pratchett. Um, I mean you know what I mean. :DSo much so that when I had to pick the topic of my 4,000-word IB extended essay, there was no room for doubt. It had to be Susan. And Death. And the Music With Rocks In. And the life-saving, human-defining importance of rebellion. (Teen angst, ha! teen me would fume. What d'you grown-ups know?)Meet 4,000-word essay here:kalvinagi/?p=92WARNING: Even though this is the least academic o [...]

    4. I re-read this book slowly past few weeks.So slowly I even forgot to added it to GR.Sadly my initial opinion still remains:This is the worst Discworld book I read (but not worst Pratchett's book that title goes to Long earth).That doesn't mean it's bad book but it's way bellow sir Terry's best works.Death is my second favorite Discworld character (first one being Sam Vimes) but like in Thief of time him Susan ended in totally uninteresting plot with overall very weak cast of characters.Soul musi [...]

    5. I am convinced that Sir Pratchett wrote this book for the sole reason of putting in a "grateful Death" joke.It wasn't my favorite Discworld book, but the phrase "Music With Rocks In" is so charmingly Pratchett that I kind of wanted to hug it.

    6. “He had the feeling, once again, that he’d missed out on something somewhere. He’d never really realized it until the last couple of days. He didn’t know what it was. He just wanted to do things. He didn’t know what they were. But he wanted to do them soon.”“There are millions of chords. There are millions of numbers. And everyone forgets the one that is a zero. But without the zero, numbers are just arithmetic. Without the empty chord, music is just noise.”It was just happenstan [...]

    7. Now do you believe in rock and roll?Can music save your mortal soul?Don MacLeanA fab foursome causes wizards to shake, rattle and roll, and manages to bring some hot times (not to mention broken furniture) to the Mended Drum. Suddenly, there's an earworm loose in Discworld, and now everyone's got their toes-a-tappin' and a song in their hearts.Though I can't say exactly what was wrong, this one fell flat for me. It squeaks by with 3 stars ONLY because I liked the Death of Rats, Susan, the swing [...]

    8. Not up there with the best of his stuff, but I should point out at this juncture that since Guards Guards he's been getting marked on a scale relative only to his other books. If I'd picked up this book last week written by some po-dunk nobody it'd be getting five stars and I'd be desperately googling them for websites, blogs and news of their next release.Soul Music is a slightly unbalanced pair of narratives, one about the infringing of rock and roll into the Discworld and the other a rather s [...]

    9. Every now and then, we get one of those “real world stuff bleeds into the Discworld” books. For example, Moving Pictures involved, as you might guess, a sudden discovery of and obsession about movies. With a Discworld flare, of course. Those books are the ones I seem to enjoy the least. Soul Music is the third book in the Death subseries, and it was one of those types of books. In this case, the sudden discovery and obsession is for rock and roll music although, in Discworld, it goes by the [...]

    10. 40 books on my Pratchett shelf, 40 books to review, if I write one now, there'll 39 books on my Pratchet shelf left to review.But it should be interesting.The way I remember it, through the first half of the DW series, Terry was busy exploring existentialism in different ways, with witches, death (and associates), a fast-running coward, the genius Night Watch (my favorite) before he finally nailed it. He eventually got well comfortable with his own writing, and the series picked up pace, qualit [...]

    11. Remain In Print Sir Terry Pratchett 1948 - 2015Once upon a time I was given a book voucher from my school and with that book voucher I went straight out and made sure I could actually own a Discworld novel rather than having to go to the library. It just so happened to be that small window in time when I would have preferred a Disc novel about music with rocks in than one with moving pictures, and so for a while Soul Music was my favourite book about life on Disc.I went on to criticise the anima [...]

    12. 6.5/10Another solid entry into the Discworld series and the Death sub series (although Death has a relatively small amount of screen time) which this time tackles Rock 'n Roll coming to the Discworld. I love Rock 'n Roll and I enjoy humour so what's not to like?The book started really well and got two differing strands of story line going, one with Rock 'n Roll and the other with Death going AWOL so his Granddaughter, Susan, has to take up the mantle and start to run the show. As the story progr [...]

    13. Not the best but enjoyable enough, as are even the least of Terry Pratchett's books. This one is notable for introducing Death's granddaughter, Susan, who takes on a similar role to that we'll see her in later in the much superior Hogfather. It is highly reminiscent of Moving Pictures which the characters, in true self-awareness, comment upon themselves. However, Pratchett's points are always worth pondering and his adventures surrounding the life force that music can take on is, as I said, enjo [...]

    14. 19 Feb 200820 Jun 201425 Aug 2016Death takes a sort of holiday, so the Death of Rats goes looking for Death's granddaughter to fill the gap. Susan is off in boarding school, being an unusually practical teenager with no memory of her grandfather, when she gets the message. Meanwhile a bard, a troll, and a dwarf meet up and form a band and a magical guitar introduces the idea of Music with Rocks in to the Discworld.The magic that is unleashed has more to do with lampooning record company contract [...]

    15. Nothing is more badass than Death on a motorbike.This book was a bit slow, but really good! Music With Rocks In. What a wonderfully Terry concept. I love Death, and it's great to have an earlier Susan. I love her. I also love the Death of Rats, and Imp.As a big fan of rock music and the Death books, this one really called to me. It's an incredibly fun and charming read. It's another well-crafted one in the style of my more favourite Discworld books so far (I'm reading them in a random, although [...]

    16. Falls into the category of Disc World novels where he is moving through obvious targets such as the music or film industry lacks the bite or philosophical insight you would hope or expect.

    17. Rock n Roll invades the Discworld26 July 2014 Well, I can't believe that I have just finished my 16th Terry Pratchett Discworld novel, and that is over two years (no, not sixteen books in two years, 16 Discworld novels in two years) since I decided that I would give Pratchett the benefit of the doubt and actually read them again prior to writing up a commentary, and this isn't even the last of the Discworld novels on my 'to read' list (I think there are another six, which would bring it up to Th [...]

    18. Susan Sto Helit goes to a boarding school, and for the lessons she's less interested in, she has a tendency to fade into the woodwork - literally. Susan has the ability to fade away, should she so wish it. Turns out, this is because her grandfather is none other than Death, and when he goes missing, Susan, as his closest relative, is required to take over his duties for a while. Being deeply pragmatic and rational, thanks to her first rate education, it takes Susan a while to be persuaded, even [...]

    19. (Leí este libro a dos bandas, en inglés y en español al mismo tiempo, así que probablemente debería valer por dos)Probably you'll enjoy more this book if you like music, or should I say if you have something to do with music or music business.Is the story of a band of friends that joins the rocky way that leads for a new form of music, a sort of infection of strange proportions that affects to almost all in Discworld. And it is the story of a grandfather and his granddaughter trying to unde [...]

    20. Iskreno rečeno ovo mi je nekako do sada najslabija knjiga u disk svetu. Glavni problem je što imam osećaj ko da sam već čitao knjigu pošto mi dosta stavri podseća na Erika. I sam humor mi u većem delu nije bio tolko zabavan. Ima par baš smešnih situacija ali sve ukupan osećaj je na žalost više jedan veliki MEH.Al dobro idemo dalje.

    21. To this day, this book remains the best commentary on rock and roll, and the rock and roll phenomenon, that I have ever read.The book opens with Death deciding to retire again. This time, there's no apprentice to fill the shoes, but the apprentice had a daughter Death's daughter. So the task of being Death falls on a young girl in a boarding school for rich, noble children who knows nothing about the skeletons in the family closet. Death of Rats, along with Albert, attempt to educate her, but hi [...]

    22. «Quizá incluso una música podía estar viva, si era lo bastante vieja. La vida es un hábito. La gente decía: «No puedo quitarme de la cabeza esa dichosa canción…».No un mero ritmo, sino el latido de un corazón.Y cualquier cosa viva quiere reproducirse.»He disfrutado muchísimo leyéndolo, a pesar de que en un principio sentía recelo de leerlo porque al no ser una fanática del rock me daba miedo no entender las posibles referencias musicales. No ha sido así, sí que Terry hace refe [...]

    23. I am a huge, mega huge, unbelievably devoted Discworld fanatic. However, this is probably my least favorite in the DEATH mini series. I'm not sure why it didn't work for me as much as others did, I think the over-all message that I always look for was sort of lacking. It was fun, it was funny, and of course since it's DEATH that bumped it up a notch because his dialogue as always was spot on. I just didn't care much for the musical sub plot in the book.

    24. Tercer libro del arco argumental de la Muerte. El menos redondo de los tres precisamente porque la Muerte pierde algo de protagonismo centrándose la narración en su nieta, Susan Sto, y en otros secundarios.Pero aún así, vuelve a conseguir a través del humor llegarte al alma, usando como temas principales la Música y el Deseo en esta ocasión.Una vez termines tendrás ganas de escuchar la Música con Rocas Dentro.

    25. Visokoumna satira čovečanstva,sa propratnom pričom o muzici,šoubiznisu i porodičnom nasledju,ispisana bez usiljenosti.Bolno istinito pogadja u metu.Ako još neko u mojoj okolini prokomentariše da Pračet piše za decu,šaljem ga kod Vajmsa na prevaspitavanje :-)

    26. With the exception of The Color of Magic, this is the only Discworld novel I did not like. I'm not entirely sure why; maybe when compared with the lofty subject matter Pratchett has tackled in the other books, a fantasy novel about rock music seemed frivolous. Pratchett definitely belabored the Elf jokes (you'd recognize them); really, once was enough, and twice was pushing it. Past that, I was telling the pages that I got the joke, and would they cut it out. They didn't listen.However, if I app [...]

    27. Kada pročitate: E TO JE PRAVA MUZIKA, S KAMENJEM I ROKANJEM - znate odmah kakav je naslov u pitanju. Duševna muzika. Teri Pračet. Naravno. Ovo je urnebesna storija o tome kako i na koji način je muzika deo svih nas. A sama muzika, ne može da umre :))Na kraju, samo da dodam još ovo: Smrt je uvek znala da imenuje stvari pravim imenom, bar tako kaže legenda :D

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