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The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif

The Rugmaker of Mazar e Sharif The Rugmaker of Mazar e Sharif traces an Afghani refugee s extraordinary journey from his early life as a shepherd boy in the mountains of Northern Afghanistan to his forced exile after being capture

  • Title: The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif
  • Author: Najaf Mazari Robert Hillman
  • ISBN: 9781921088551
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Rugmaker of Mazar e Sharif traces an Afghani refugee s extraordinary journey from his early life as a shepherd boy in the mountains of Northern Afghanistan, to his forced exile after being captured and tortured by the Taliban, to incarceration in an Australian detention centre and finally, to freedom.

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      373 Najaf Mazari Robert Hillman
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    1 thought on “The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif

    1. Inspiring and heartfelt account of what causes a man to leave his homeland and family and the following perilous journey. An antidote to the mindless bigotry I hear regularly in the media and from Australians about this issue. I can only be grateful that someone has had the good sense to make this book required reading for the young people of this country. With any luck this type of literature may slowly bring about a change in the way the general public views the part they can play in the pligh [...]

    2. While the book was well written, I just found it very difficult to finish. This book just simply didn’t peak my interest unfortunately :(

    3. quietly furious about the Howard government's treatment of refugees and determined to put a human face to the hardships endured by refugees, he has found an Afghani rug-maker, Najaf Mazari, and crafted his personal story into a moving tale of courage and tenacity.This is the story of how Mazari, when confronted with persecution and possible death at the hands of the Taliban, decided to leave his wife and young child, flee across the border to Pakistan, make his way across the Indonesian archipel [...]

    4. This work is an outstanding achievement. The craftmanship of Hillman's writing ensures an economy of narrative without losing the authentic voice of the Afghani author. There is a growing collection of works by or about refugees in Australia. These are important works, and I struggle to see how anyone can read them and fail to be moved. How can our political leaders ignore stories like Mazari's, with so many well-written books demanding attention in the popular non-fiction market? How can succes [...]

    5. Had to rad this for school in 2012. I started the book with my own opinions about refugees in Australia. But as I went along, I got to see the terrible devastation in which Najaf was forced to come to Australia by boat. The account was moving and helped me form different opinions of refugees in Australia.

    6. This is one of Wills year 12 books. Thought provoking, easy to read and beautifully written. Now all I have to do is convince Will of that

    7. This is an important book that should be read by all who take our safety and peaceful lives for granted. I appreciated reading a more authentic perspective of the experiences of an asylum seeker. Too often people watch stories on the television news and read the articles in the newspaper and label these groups as queue-jumpers or criminals, attaching unfairly negative connotations to them. This book allows readers to understand the motivations and contexts of the lives asylum seekers lead and th [...]

    8. Even though you know he's going to make it through all the hurdles, because you're holding the book in your hands, you're still captured by his experiences. You find yourself cheering him on, wanting him to finally make it to Australia, the sanctuary from all the hardship he lived through in his own country. This is the first book that has made me cry and laugh - definitely pulled on my heart strings. An incredibly poignant account in its simplicity. I'd love to send copies to our pollies in Can [...]

    9. The Rugmaker of Mazar-E-Sharif is a beautiful and wise book. I'm not sure from which author comes the magic. Najaf has an amazing story and Robert Hillman has captured the voice and pathos of that story. The combination of these two men is electric, portraying the hope, courage, the endurance and joy of an Afghan refugee fleeing the Taliban. From author Arnold Zable: told with great intelligence, humour, poetry and integrity.

    10. The recount of an asylum seeker who has lived through the 'Australian experience'. A few pearls were included about his life in Afghanistan, including one pretty horrific scene where he hides from the Taliban in a claustrophobic hole. However, the book was so badly written I found it frustrating to plough through.

    11. Chosen as a book club book - one man's refugee experience. Najaf is a very likeable character, however his simplistic views of the democratic process of the West frustrated me at times. His experience of the Taliban and the systematic massacre of his people was chilling.

    12. Totally changed by mind about the way Australia handles the issue and care of asylum seekers. This should be required reading!

    13. 2 1/2 stars. This is one man's story but is obviously representative of many. It doesn't delve deeply into the politics and history of Afghanistan but is a messaged conveyed using allegories and and a simple recount style of narration about life for many displaced and threatened people. I'm not sure there is anything new or striking about this book but it is obviously a cathartic process to recollect and come to terms with ones past.

    14. Have to admit that I couldn't quite make it to the end. Found the writing style a little irritating

    15. ‘The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif’ is a truly powerful and heartfelt biographical novel which expresses a strong pro-asylum seeker message. It deeply explores the struggles of a man who made the difficult decision to travel to Australia without his family, in hope that one day he would reunite with his family and start a new life. While this book is a real eye opener into the struggles of refugees, I found the structure and content throughout to be quite frustrating and dry. I disliked the dis [...]

    16. Never have I read such an immersive collaborative autobiography. The language and imagery made every event that happened to the characters even more impacting. The writing almost seemed like poetry at some points, creating beautiful and heart-wrenching scenes. The themes in this novel are well developed, such as family, war, greed, hope and much more. That said, I found the end of the novel ending too quickly, I think they could have added a few more chapters to show his current life and how his [...]

    17. Although I enjoyed the story and can appreciate the hardships and the utter desperation that people in countries such as Afganistan face, I can't help but feel a little bit skeptical about the authenticity of the whole story.Please correct me if I am wrong, but I was under the impression that Muslims did not have any icons or portraits of the prophets or of the god Allah. There is certainly no evidence of any in the many mosques I have visited in different parts of the world. The practice of ima [...]

    18. This novel is truly inspirational and heartfelt to everyone. Would be enjoyable for students who love history and have a passion for finding the depths of human emotions and struggles. I only knew about this book because I need to study it this year, and I am very pleased with it. It was intriguing to discover the other side of Australia, that people are still lining up to enter this prestigious land. It thought me that every refugee has a story instead of making a generalisation of them, being [...]

    19. An extremely heartfelt, honest novel about one man's struggle through something that most of us will never even begin to comprehend. I appreciated this book for its honest recount of Najaf's life. Najaf is an innocent, hopeful man who sees the world through a certain filter that many of us will never experience. He has gone through so many horrible experiences but in the end still has a very strong and special character trait; he is a simple man who sees the world for all its good. That is a rar [...]

    20. An appropriate book to finish on Australia Day. The memoir provided a powerful account of life in war-torn northern Afghanistan, Woomera (an Australian detention centre) and as a non-english speaking refugee in Melbourne. The language, although largely translated, was lyrical and a lot can be learned from Mazari's experiences making this an enjoyable read. While I appreciated the human perspective/voice this adds to the asylum seeker debate in Australia, I think a small section concerning a more [...]

    21. Loved this book. Captivating, funny, charming, suspenseful, interesting, tragic it has it all. Very well written. The two authors must have worked well together. The way the chapters move back and forth in time between different places and parts of his journey add to the suspense and work to contrast the different worlds he has had to adjust to. If only more people read it, the government would be less able to get away with their even-more-atrocious-than-Howard-era policies on asylum seekers be [...]

    22. Such a wonderful story, I have so much respect for Najaf for all he has been through yet maintains a cheerful and positive mentality. You can't really rate a story that is someone's life. It is an easy read and a lovely tale written by someone who doesn't speak English as a first language. I was very warmed by the happy ending in this book, and hopefully Najaf continues to spread his story to others.

    23. Told matter-of-factly in the past and near to present time, the experiences that Najaf Mazari endured in achieving his desire to become an Australian is very moving. Afghanistan is a country of contradictions, with a very complex history and this books enlightens the reader about the reasons that many flee their country in search of a better life. The path they tread is a difficult one, but at least in this case, a journey worth making.

    24. A heart-warming story of Najaf Mazari and his inspirational journey to flee Afghanistan and save his wife and daughter. The story weaves chapters from the present with incidents from the past. Najaf shows what faith, honesty, and hard work can do. He suffered terribly in the hands of the Taliban and survived. He endured through months of incarceration in Woomera, the refugee centre.This book is beautifully crafted.

    25. When I started reading this book I didn't think I would like it, the only reason that I actually started reading it was because we have to read it for english at shool. But once I had started reading it I found myself enjoying it. It turned out to be a very interesting book and I enjoyed reading it.

    26. If ever you wanted proof that not all asylum seekers are terrorists, this is the book for you. Beautifully written, it tells Najif's story from his boyhood as a shepherd in Afghanistan to his detention in a camp in the Australian desert to his successful business as a rug seller and repairer in Melbourne. A "must read".

    27. An interesting insight into the travails of one of the refugees seeking asylum in Australia. Najaf has escaped ffrom the horrors of Afghanistan to seek a new life in Australia. We learn much about his family background and the losses he has endured. A must-read for many Australians who deny the situation of refugees and asylum seekers.

    28. I loved this book. Najaf is a very humble, likeable person and I enjoyed reading his story immensely. The chapters took turns in telling his story in Afghanistan and in Australia. I have read other books that have chapters jumping between times and locations and it was difficult to follow, but in this book both stories flowed and it worked.

    29. This is the incredible truth behind why refugees need our help. It is an engrossing story with an amazing narrator that will remind you what it is to be a great human being under extraordinary circumstances. My heart goes out to him and so does my respect and utmost belief in the strength of human nature. I wish I could meet him. I will always have this story settled like silt in my soul.

    30. I read this to support my VCE son in his English for next year and I have to say it was a very insightful book. One that everyone should read to get a glimpse into a refugees life, what they go through and how much they sacrifice to do it. I loved his outlook on life, in the most devastating of circumstances it was always positive and hopeful.

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