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Bait Ex Flying Squad cop Jake Moore runs a game fishing business but when Mombasa detective Daniel Jouma asks for his help in solving a baffling murder case he cannot help but become involved The mangled

  • Title: Bait
  • Author: Nick Brownlee
  • ISBN: 9780749928841
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ex Flying Squad cop Jake Moore runs a game fishing business, but when Mombasa detective Daniel Jouma asks for his help in solving a baffling murder case, he cannot help but become involved The mangled body of a street criminal has been washed up on the beach and a fishing boat skipper and his bait boy have blown up in the water.

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      236 Nick Brownlee
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      Posted by:Nick Brownlee
      Published :2019-02-13T17:59:48+00:00

    1 thought on “Bait

    1. Lots of deaths, but only a few are anything but tangential to the central mystery, which is the death of a fisherman and his "bait boy" in a mysterious boating accident. Brownlee brings to the forefront how violent the society of modern Africa can be. This is the first of a series featuring the Kenyan police Detective Jouma -- it's a little confusing with the amount of violence from different vantage points, but the series looks promising.

    2. Marked down for the language and the extreme violence. I loved this book otherwise. The suspense was really suspenseful. lol The story kept going and there was never a dull moment. I didn't see the ending coming and this made the book even more enjoyable. The plots were convoluted and intertwined with each other to make a total sum that was riveting.

    3. The latest "it" in crime fiction can be pretty common. Sometimes it's a plot elements, sometimes it's locations for books, sometimes it's the home location of the author themselves. The "it" thing I'm coming across a lot at the moment is books set in Africa. Not that you could possibly complain if the books are the standard of BAITIT is set in Kenya, and whilst the setting is used to good effect - the scenery, the animals, the weather, what is really used well is the society (emerging / building [...]

    4. The story didn't get good til about the middle towards the ending chapters. It did make me think about the time of the apartheid in South Africa. Now, the story give some insights as to what can go on in a country like South Africa. Corrupt police force with international misdeeds by ex-military men from old South Africa government creates a good story. One character is very interesting is Jake Moore. The author can have more stories with the character. Moore could be a Blaine McCracken like cha [...]

    5. I heard about this book on BBC 5Live's Book Reviews with Simon Mayo (a staple of my long list of podcast listens). They raved about it so I added it to my list of Book Club buys. I wasn't especially impressed. They give away the average twist about three quarters of the way thru. It's not particularly fast paced either. I was looking forward to it as I do enjoy things set locally (Kenya, being in Africa falls into semi-locally and plus, it's on the list of places I've been, okay?). But no, I wo [...]

    6. I was pleasantly surprised by this book: I've read one too many 'macho thrillers' in which the main character is a super-hero who ends up saving everyone and getting 'the girl', so I am pleased to say that this was not the case: the characters seem real, just normal people who end up in difficult situations for one reason or another.Also, the story is modern and entertaining, and explains brilliantly the ex-pat atmosphere in Africa, with its positive sides and, specially, the negative.The short [...]

    7. I had read Book 2 of the Jouma/Moore series, and had to go back and read #1, Bait. This was just as amazing and I'm go glad I discovered this author and this series of characters. This is the one where it all began with these two and once you discover them, you will only want more. I can't wait to read Book 3. Once you get into the lives of these characters, their dealings with each other in the various cases, the settings of these stories, the events, etc you will be as impressed as I am.

    8. Hardboiled crime novel, featuring two soft-hearted good guys: Mombasa Detective Daniel Jouma and ex-Scotland Yard policeman Jake Moore.Set in modern day Kenya. Some of the 'coincidences' in the story seem far-fetched, but isn't that true of real life?If you enjoy this genre, you'll have a good time reading 'Bait'. Fast-moving, darn good read.This was Brownlee's first novel. I plan to read more.

    9. BAIT is the first novel by journalist Nick Brownlee and it’s a ripper of a debut novel. Take one honest detective with a dash of street gangster, vigorously beat in a plenty of psychotic South African ex-army officer with a penchant for inflicting slow, violent death and add the beautiful daughter of a murder victim and you have a recipe for a grab-you-by-the-scruff of the neck thrill ride that will leave you wanting more.

    10. This book had a few interesting parts. Overall it was not good reading. It was so fractured that it took over half the book to figure out what was going on and what in the world the focus was supposed to be. It was like trying to translate a foreign language with no knowledge of that language. I won't be reading any more by this author.

    11. Jouma is a Mombasa police Detective Superintendent. Jake Moore is a retired London cop turned charter fishing captain. In this engaging first novel, they wind up as allies fighting human trafficking and the corrupt officials who turn a blind eye, or actively participate. Good story, interesting setting.

    12. The story and the style of writing was not exactly captivating. Especially at the start there were new characters at each chapter - I ended up forgetting who's who, who's new and who isn't.But towards the end, a lot of characters were dead so I solved the problem of who's who. It was ok.

    13. I've been on a mystery novel kick lately. Needing to just totally engross myself in other stories other than my own. And mystery novels tend to suck me in like that.This one was interesting. Graphic in many waysbut interesting.

    14. Really enjoyed this debut novel from Nick Brownlee, interesting thriller set in Kenya with somegood characters. Looks to be the start of new crime series & I will certainly get hold off the follow up on release - well recommended.

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