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Larceny And Lace

Larceny And Lace With all the stress of opening her new vintage clothing store in a renovated old morgue Madeira Cutler feels like a bag of bones until she discovers the real deal unearthed by an intruder in an old

  • Title: Larceny And Lace
  • Author: Annette Blair
  • ISBN: 9780425229118
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • With all the stress of opening her new vintage clothing store in a renovated old morgue Madeira Cutler feels like a bag of bones until she discovers the real deal, unearthed by an intruder, in an old body drawer And the bones are as vintage as Maddie s stock, or so says Maddie s resident ghostly hunk, Dante Underhill.Could the break in have something to do with the locWith all the stress of opening her new vintage clothing store in a renovated old morgue Madeira Cutler feels like a bag of bones until she discovers the real deal, unearthed by an intruder, in an old body drawer And the bones are as vintage as Maddie s stock, or so says Maddie s resident ghostly hunk, Dante Underhill.Could the break in have something to do with the local playhouse and its curator going down in flames Somehow Maddie will have to juggle dressing the store, party planning, and crime solving Add to the brew the local witch s costume ball, being held at her store, and Madeira is wishing she knew how to ride a broom right out of there

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      286 Annette Blair
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    1 thought on “Larceny And Lace

    1. Annette Blair’s series about psychometry with old clothing caught my interest but I didn’t know what these books entailed and they sat for years. It turns out, I am rewarded in my search for an adult series with ghosts, along with subtle witches and became an immediate fan! Madeira Cutler resigned as assistant to a designer; ready to stand on her own. An empty funeral parlour was discreetly owned and maintained by her hundred year-old friend; looking like an eyesore on the outside and disput [...]

    2. This book was tough. I enjoy reading quick mysteries and light 'romance mystery' type fiction things for down time at work or at home when my husband is watching something crappy on tv. this was not a 'quick mystery' it took me forever to finish.Not because it was insightful or long, but because it was so poorly written, scattered with bad english and grammar, and full of over the top, unneccary characters. Where there should have been detail there was none, conversly there was WAY too much deta [...]

    3. Ok, let me just start off by saying I liked this book (book #2) of the Vintage Magic Mystery series, more than the first book. I wanted to give it 3.5 stars, but since that isn't an option, alas the four stars. I liked the storyline of this book much more than the first one and I also think I have begun to like main character Madeira Cutler more. In the first novel of the series I think I was still trying to decide if I liked her or I was trying to figure out her character, but I feel in this bo [...]

    4. 3.5 stars. Fun and better balanced than the first one. In fact, the first one really just felt like a setup to the series. The characters felt more real in this one. And some of the things that bugged in the first seemed toned down in this one (Mad's using sewing terms when cursing, for example). I also think the vintage clothing store helps. Mad setting it up was a nice touch. I still definitely prefer one of the two love interests. This one works better as a book, but I do think the mystery as [...]

    5. I enjoyed this book just as much as the first book in the series, A Veiled deception. I loved the relationship between Mad and Werner, and kinda rooting for him now even though I still like nick. The struggle within Mad to embrace her mothers belief is intriguing because it comes so naturally but she is still unsure. The relationship shift between Harry and Fiona was also charming to read about. The characters just keep growing and you keep learning more about them. A few new characters were int [...]

    6. I'm really enjoying this series. I'm not sure how I feel about Nick. I don't see any redeeming features about him, especially as a love interest for Maddie. I am confused as to whether the author wants us to like Nick or Werner, but for Maddie I would definitely choose Werner. I love their constant bickering back and forth. Its definitely entertaining! Nick can go at any point and I would be fine with it! The mysteries in the stories aren't the greatest, but the characters more than make up for [...]

    7. Another enjoyable mystery. Still having trouble with the paranormal "thing" but that's my own issue. If you enjoy that and fashion as well as a good mystery, you'll enjoy this series.

    8. Book synopsis: Madeira Cutler is busy opening her new vintage clothing store in what was once the town's morgue when she discovers an intruder snooping around a bunch of bones in a body drawer. Now, she'll have to dig up more than the past to solve a crime.This was one of the most strangest books that I have ever read. This author was way too distracting for me, she was all over the place. She has 5 different charters that did not add to the story, they didn't need to be in the book at all. They [...]

    9. Larceny and Lace is the 2nd book in the Vintage Magic seriesMaddie Cutler has given up her job as a fashion designer in New York City and returned to Mystic Falls to open a vintage clothing shop. While getting her shop ready for the grand opening, a burglary occurs. Maddie and Eve, her best friend and cohort in crime, find a vintage had made quilt with diamond engagement and wedding bands in a secret pocket. With help from Police Chief Werner and others, a decades old disappearance is solved, ju [...]

    10. Vintage clothing shop owner Madeira Cutler has enough to contend with before the grand opening of her store, but finding some old bones leads her to a long ago murder. The killer is still alive, however, and determined that Maddie doesn’t get a clue about what happened. With the help of her psychic abilities and a resident ghost, she follows the threads, weaves the clues together, and gets to the cut of the crime. Cleverly magical.

    11. Another great book in this series. I absolutely love Dolly and Dante they are two of my favorite characters from the book. I can't wait to see what happens in book 3.

    12. This cozy was somewhat difficult to follow. I liked the idea of the shop being housed in a former funeral home with a resident ghost, major points there, hence the two stars. Too many characters with complicated tie ins, I lost interest in who they actually were, including the main character and her crew.I did enjoy the expletive "Scrap!". That was cute.

    13. Once again Madeira (aka Maddie or Mad) Cutler, former New York fashion designer, finds herself smack dab in the middle of a mystery. After purchasing the old Underhill Funeral Chapel, curtesy of her friend and centenarian Dolly Sweet, remodeling it and walking in to prepare it for the grand opening of Vintage Magic, is it any wonder she gets a little cranky when a theif breaks in when she's only been there an hour? Even Dante, the resident ghost, can't help Maddie ID the culpret.It isn't until a [...]

    14. picked up A Veiled Deception, the first of the Vintage Magic mysteries, a few weeks ago and just decided to read it the other day. Just after I finished it, I happened to be at Borders with $5 in Borders Bucks, happened upon the sequel and picked it up.In the first book, Madeira Cutler goes back to her (fictional) home town of Mystick Falls, Connecticut to help with her sister Sherry's wedding to Justin Vancortland. At a dinner party on her first evening home, Maddie finds an ex-girlfriend of Ju [...]

    15. For an escape simple read this book is taking time to plow through. The story line is interesting - buy an old funeral home, renovate and open up a vintage clothing costume shop in a small town. The story comes complete with a resident ghost who keeps the new owner appraised of all the comings and goings in the shop. The author though seems fixated on designer clothing and making sure the reader is fully aware of every nuiance of cloth on the characters in the book, right down to the Jimmy Cho s [...]

    16. #2 in the Vintage Magic cozy mystery series. In this book Madeira (Mad) is getting her shop together for the grand opening. Unfortunately a fire breaks out in the lot across the street, and a dead body is found. Not only that, but some old bones are found in Maddie's shop. As in the past, Maddie can touch certain vintage clothing items and get a vision of the person who wore them last. So not unexpectedly, Mad does some sleuthing, along with her best friend Eve, after Mad handles some of the ite [...]

    17. Clothes whisperer Maddie Cutler has moved from big city New York back to her hometown to open her new vintage clothing store in an old building that used to house a morgue, but now houses a resident (and friendly) ghost. With the help of family and friends, she has just a few short weeks until her grand opening to furnish and decorate the building and unpack the boxes and boxes of vintage clothing. In the process, Maddie's building is broken into, a fire across the street uncovers a murder, and [...]

    18. I enjoy Annette Blair's books. They're fun, frothy, cute and clever. They're also quick and easy reads that entertain without requiring any heavy work on the reader's part.This is the second in Blair's Vintage Magic series about Madeira Cutler, escapee from the New York fashion world, who's come home to Mystic, Conneticut to open her vintage clothing shop. In the first outing, Maddie got embroiled in a murder when her sister was accused of killing her rival for her husband-to-be and Maddie had t [...]

    19. This is the second book in the “A Vintage Magic Mystery” series. I liked the first one, A Veiled Deception enough to pick this one up to read. I have mixed feelings about this cozy. When it comes to cozies you expect to suspend your disbelief and when it comes to paranormal cozies, doubly so. There are just some places that the characters reactions veer off into the ridiculous.There is plenty to like in Larceny and Lace. I love the theme, vintage clothing and the covers of this series are be [...]

    20. Madeira Cutler is finally leaving her life and job in New York behind as she moves to her family hometown in Mystic, Connecticut. Maddie has huge plans which includes opening a vintage clothing store in a renovated morgue. The building needs much work, but Maddie is determined to have it completed by opening day. Unfortunately, an obstacle gets tossed in her way when an intruder breaks in and old bones are discovered in one of the morgue drawers.Meanwhile, the building next door goes up in flame [...]

    21. A solid 3.5 stars for me. I thinkLarceny and Lace is actually better than the first book, which was a nice surprise.The characters are a delight. I love the friendship between Maddie and Eve, Blair has done a wonderful job at showing their relationship. It's a welcome relief from so many other paranormal mysteries, where the lead character either hates other women or we're told about her friendships, rather than shown.The mystery was intriguing and I liked how I was given enough pieces to form m [...]

    22. This is the second book in this series, and I enjoyed it every bit as much as the first book. Again, the author has a way of writing that pulls me in, and she leaves you hanging at the end of almost every chapter. The only other books I can remember that made me want to turn the page so fast were the Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter on Mars series. And most chapters aren't that long, nor is the book, so it's easy to slide into each new chapter. But then, you're left hanging again. But really fun [...]

    23. Each new novel in this delightful series makes me enjoy it more. Our sleuth, Maddie is starting her new life as sole-proprietor of a vintage dress store. The store comes with beautiful clothing, antiques, and even its own handsome, and winsome ghost, named Dante.As Maddie arrives to her store (tired by a non-ending final work day, driving home to Connecticut from New York, and an antique quilt is found by Dante (Yes, our Maddie can talk and see him,) filled with bones and other treasures. Maddie [...]

    24. Madeira Cutler arrives back in town, anxious to get to the site of her new store. She immediately runs into a burglar who tries to scare her away and then is drawn across the street when the local theater catches on fire. She discovers a body and them the thief gets back into her store to steal what turns out to be human remains. Two bodies in one night. Even for her that's a record.The police take in a friend of hers for the body in the theater and she finds herself getting vibes that may go wi [...]

    25. Although I didn't fully enjoy the first book, I figured since the second book was just sitting right there I'd read it. I wish I hadn't.The main character's connection to the murder that comes up is sketchy at best, and the police's handling of the first crime is completely unrealistic (from what very little I know about police work, which isn't much, they still need probable cause to arrest a person).Madeira walks in on a break in (twice)--doesn't bother to report it. She comes across the old b [...]

    26. The main reason I tried this one was the average rating of 4.0. It sounded like a fun little mystery with some paranormal thrown in. And it was, kind of. I didn't manage to finish, because the cutesy-ness was really getting to me. The main character is a fashionista who opens a vintage clothing storeok, fair enough. But she's apparently so far gone into the world of fashion that she says things like "oh scrap! If I don't get the Hermes out of here, he's going to knock me on my Ascot." This is ac [...]

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