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Coming Attractions

Coming Attractions Are you serious As graduation approaches Katie Weldon is pretty sure she s ready for the word engaged to describe her relationship with Rick But Eli seems to always be right there when she needs supp

  • Title: Coming Attractions
  • Author: Robin Jones Gunn
  • ISBN: 9780310276586
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
  • Are you serious As graduation approaches, Katie Weldon is pretty sure she s ready for the word engaged to describe her relationship with Rick But Eli seems to always be right there when she needs support Rick is everything Katie s ever dreamed of, offering her stability and love Eli, on the other hand, brings adventure, spontaneity, and a wild love for God.Katie wondeAre you serious As graduation approaches, Katie Weldon is pretty sure she s ready for the word engaged to describe her relationship with Rick But Eli seems to always be right there when she needs support Rick is everything Katie s ever dreamed of, offering her stability and love Eli, on the other hand, brings adventure, spontaneity, and a wild love for God.Katie wonders if she s ready to be serious with any guy Maybe God wants her to seriously commit to Him first, whether her future is all planned out or as spontaneous as her impromptu life has been so far One thing she knows for sure With God alongside her, the coming attractions are bound to be a surprise.Coming Attractions is the third book in the Katie Weldon Series.

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    1 thought on “Coming Attractions

    1. Some of you may know Robin Gunn from her Sister Chicks series, or the Christy Miller Series. I really enjoy those. Robin has a very smooth writing style that will make you laugh and if you’re anything like me you’ll feel like she’s reading your mind. She’s quite funny!The best part of the book was when Rick told Katie not to “go hormonal” on him. I had someone say that to me once, and I totally understood Katie’s reaction. I love how Robin includes everyday and relate-able slang. T [...]

    2. I started reading the first Christy Miller book my freshman year. I decided to stretch the entire series out my entire high school season. Looking back on this plan, I think it was more of a "God-thing" then it was me! Every time I've picked up one of these books, I have been blessed beyond what I can imagine! I just finished the third Katie Weldon book today! I laughed through the entire book (except for chapters 8-10) and cried at the end. Now that I have finished the series, it's like a seaso [...]

    3. The first thing I noticed when I got the book was that it was part of a series, the Katie Weldon series. I don't know about you, but I'd never heard of that series (or Gunn's other series, the Christy Miller series) before so I was intrigued. I'm a sucker for a good series so I was pretty excited when I first started reading the book.And I was still excited the next day when I got to the last page of the book and Gunn left the ending somewhat open, like there will be another book in this series. [...]

    4. Coming AttractionsKatie Weldon SeriesRobin Jones Gunn2009ZondervanFiction/Christian/ContemporaryReviewed by Cindy LovenFor more than half her life, Katie Weldon had dreamed of being Rick Doyle's girl. And now she was, and had been for a year and a half. So why was she feeling so uneasy about her relationship with Rick? Why did it seem such a struggle to see him? Sure they were both busy, she finishing up her last semester in college and he working hard to open two cafes with his brother. Still t [...]

    5. Coming Attractions by Robin Jones Gunn is the second book in the Katie Weldon series. It's always hard picking up a book that comes near the end of a series you are unfamiliar with, as it was for me with Katie and her friends, but Gunn keeps the exposition to just the necessary minimum. Katie is gearing up for her college graduation and considering a life with her long-time crush and new boyfriend (finally!), Rick. But their plans seem to keep running in different directions, and with Eli giving [...]

    6. I grew up with Christy Miller and her friends, thanks to my mother buying the Christy books when I was a preteen. I was so happy to read the Katie Weldon series (although I wasn't too terribly fond of her in the Christy books, she really grew into her own in her series) to read more about the characters. Katie is an inspiration to me to live my life for God, and I love that Bible verses and faithful advice are incorporated into the stories (especially when Todd is giving the advice, the same old [...]

    7. I am just loving this series. I love that Robin wrote a strong female lead. Christy was sweet and a great role model, but Sierra and Katie are awesome and are their own women. They are women of God examples. I bought every book just so I can have them to share!

    8. "YES!!!" That was the first word that came out of my mouth after finishing this book. The ending - perfect, absolutely perfect!

    9. This was a fairy-tale, only happens in the movies kind of book, but boy did I love it. I think this has been my favorite book of Katie's journey so far. It's so wonderful to see her story finally playing out how I know it and to read about all the details of it. I almost cried at the end at how much of a God-thing this book really was and how right everything was at the end. Only one more book in the series and I am sad to say goodbye in this next one.

    10. In the book, “Coming Attractions”, Katie Weldon is a senior ready to graduate college, with no idea what she will do after graduation. She experiences conflict within herself, and with others such as her friend Rick, Eli, and her parents. Katie has self vs self conflict with deciding some things. She also has character vs character conflict with her parents and Rick. Katie Weldon experiences self vs self conflict in this story. She is trying to decide what to do with her life after college. [...]

    11. After reading the Christy Miller and Sierra Jenson series' I was thrilled to find a series about my favorite peculiar treasure and forever friend Katie Weldon!

    12. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! SO happy the book ended that way and I CANNOT WAIT to read the next one!!! SO GOOD:)

    13. This was an interesting book but I can't help but disagree about some things. I didn't like the characters and didn't feel for them at all. Especially since I was constantly angry with Katie and my anger built even more when I couldn't understand her as a character. To me the most important thing in books is that I personally "know" the characters,that even when I disagree with them I still understand them. The plot also had way too many predictable twists that were, just that, twists, and no st [...]

    14. I do my reviews in the form of a letter, which is why they are written like this.Dear Robin Jones Gunn, I read this book from December 21st-December 23rd in 2014, and I reread it recently.This book was great! I just want to start by saying that I am so glad that Katie broke up with Rick. I do not like Rick. I find him manipulative, materialistic, and bossy. Also, I feel like he calculated everything in their relationship to much. So I am so happy they're not together anymore. Katie was too good [...]

    15. This book's ending kind of threw me for a loop. I won't give it away, but I was surprised. I have followed along with Katie and seen her ups and downs and so I was looking forward to a nice conclusion that would tie things up. I felt this book ended kind of abruptly, but once I got used to the idea I slowly began to like itt love it, but it didn't ruin the entire series for me or anything drastic like that. It was definitely an interesting way to end the series.I'm not sure I agree with some of [...]

    16. It breaks my heart not to give this book a 5, but I did enjoy it a lot! I just can't relate to Katie like I can to Christy, or even Sierra. But, I do enjoy reading about being an RA; brings me back to my college years. I didn't miss check out and walking down the empty halls of the residence hall. I find that extremely depressing.I admire Katie for being able to really pare down her worldly possessions and make a major life change without much notice. I should do the same, but I don't know if I [...]

    17. This was the best book out of the series so far. While the first two books were okay, this one was brilliant. I actually read it one sitting. It was truly amazing. Ironic enough, I have seen people saying that loved Katie in the Christy Miller series but dislike her now. I'm the complete opposite. I disliked Katie in the Christy Miller series and love her now(she does annoy me in some parts!) but I think in the CM series, she was a very loud mouth girl and I always cringed whenever she talked. I [...]

    18. I grew up with these characters, and I'm so glad Robin Jones Gunn decided to reintroduce them, only from Katie's perspective. And I loved it! Katie is a fresh, unique, and absolutely hilarious and charming woman, and as soon as this book came out I knew I had to buy it.If you haven't read the Christy Miller series, I highly suggest them. The Katie Weldon series is meant for slightly older readers, which I loved, because it's as though I actually grew up with them; starting with Christy as the in [...]

    19. Robin Jones Gunn returns to form with her third book about Katie -- much more satisfying than the previous books and the Christy & Todd trio. This may be because Katie is by far one of her most interesting characters who has taken the back burner too long. This is a satisfying read with a lovely finish, all of Gunn's romance is present but is nowhere near as cloying or eye-rolling as usual.Katie's relationship with Rick, never believable in the first place, finds it rightful spot, and the re [...]

    20. Katie Weldon-athletic, competitive, spunky redhead-is also good friends with Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen, both of whom are title characters in two other series although many of the stories involve all three friends. Because this series begins when Katie is a senior at college and deals with more complex issues, I think it's better suited to high school seniors and older. At any rate, I really liked the novel and how Katie discovers that she is harboring unforgiveness and pain in her heart; [...]

    21. By far the best of the three. Katie seems to be Katie again, though stubborn to the very end--even that is very Katie and I see more of the Christy and Todd I love on there too. My complain all along was that the Katie and Rick relationship is too forced and Gunn handles that beautifully (though I think it would have been more appropriate in an earlier book) and I would have liked to see Eli's character developed more. He becomes so significant in this novel, but I barely feel like I know him an [...]

    22. I was a huge fan of Christy Miller as a teen, so I was excited to see that Katie was getting her own books. Katie is an engaging, dynamic character and this was an enjoyable read. I read the whole thing in about 2 days and will pick up the next one when I can. The only thing that would have made it better is if Gunn's writing went up a notch. Don't get me wrong - I don't think she's a bad writer. But there were several occasions when her sentence structure or order of words distracted me. But ma [...]

    23. With college graduation on the horizon, Robin Jones Gunn invites me back for a nice ending to college for Katie Weldon in Coming Attractions. I had a really good time seeing Katie decide what she really wanted in a spouse and who was not knitted with her at the heart as she once thought. Again, Robin invited me into the lives and struggles of some of my favorite literary friends. I enjoy returning to their lives and seeing what they have been up to. The plot moved at a great pace, and I had no p [...]

    24. Wow.Even though it didn't end how I always thought it would, this final chapter for Katie Weldon (for now) was excellent. I can't wait to see what Robin Gunn decides to write about next with the God-lovers gang. She definitely left this book wide open at the end for many more books - both focused on Katie and/or focused on Christy and Todd, or anyone else in the old gang! But for now, I'll just let my imagination run wild. Here's to hoping I don't have to wait another 10 years to find out. :)

    25. I read a lot of Gunn's books as a teen and when I found out she was writing about Katie, I came back to this series. This book was easily one of Gunn's best; many of her other novels resort to cliche or forced conclusions. Here, however, she was able to surprise the reader just enough so that it wasn't a complete shock, nor was it overly predictable. I actually enjoyed reading it because of the book itself, not because of nostalgia for my middle school years, and that's pretty impressive for Gun [...]

    26. As usual, I love anything and everything Robin Jones Gunn writes. The Katie Weldon series is a wonderful addition and I love reading her continuing story. * In re-reading this series I feel a much stronger connection to Katie and her story than I did in my previous reading. Life experiences that I have had made me connect with her story in a much more relevant way and I have felt so encouraged and blessed by Gunn's stories and ability to relate God's truth in such beautiful and simple ways. Last [...]

    27. This book came at a great time for me. It is part of the Katie Weldon series and has Katie at the end of her senior year and wondering where she goes from here. Katie still has very close friends and actually has a boyfriend, but feels God has other plans for her life. Its a book about growing up, coming of age, learning to trust your feelings, and believing in God and yourself. Its a great book for anyone who needs a friend to learn how to trust in God.

    28. Amazing. As expected from Robin Jones Gunn. Sadly, on her website, Robin said that this series was complete with just three books. THREE! But hopefully, she'll be convinced to write another one. I have grown to love Katie just as much as Christy. I am so glad this book turned out the way it did. HAHA AWAY WITH RICK! I dislike him. But I am glad he ended up with Nicole. And Katie with Eli. It was, all in all, a happy ending.

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