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Master of Craving

Master of Craving The Blood Sword LegacyEight knights bound by a brotherhood forged in hell claim their legacies the only way they can by right of arms by right of victory by right of conquest Most of England has sub

  • Title: Master of Craving
  • Author: Karin Tabke
  • ISBN: 9781439102572
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Blood Sword LegacyEight knights bound by a brotherhood forged in hell claim their legacies the only way they can by right of arms, by right of victory, by right of conquest.Most of England has submitted to King William, but Wales refuses to yield The King s trusted Blood Swords are unable to prevail, and while Stefan de Valrey is left unconscious on the battlefield,The Blood Sword LegacyEight knights bound by a brotherhood forged in hell claim their legacies the only way they can by right of arms, by right of victory, by right of conquest.Most of England has submitted to King William, but Wales refuses to yield The King s trusted Blood Swords are unable to prevail, and while Stefan de Valrey is left unconscious on the battlefield, his sworn brothers are captured Despite terribile injuries, Stefan vows to liberate them Even rescuing a delicately beautiful and naked maiden from peril cannot deter him, for the silver eyed Arianrhod is a Welsh princess, a hostage Stefan can exchange for his brothers long as Arian remains as pure as when he met her But that is a constraint Stefan finds harder to honor with every passing day.When the scowling knight slings her across his saddle, Arian knows she should fix all her thoughts on escape But Arian has never before experienced the deep, soul changing desire that Stefan arouses with merely a glance Breaking their vows could set two kingdoms ablaze can they control the sweet, terrible burning between them

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      463 Karin Tabke
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    1 thought on “Master of Craving

    1. The third book in Karin Tabke's Blood Sword Legacy. It's been a while since I read the previous two books in the series and it probably would have help if I had refreshed my memory before reading this. Stefan de Valrey wakes up wounded on the battlefield and discovers his brothers are gone. He swears he will find them and get them back after learning they were captured by the Welsh. While tending to his wounds near a pond, he spies a woman who has come to bath in the water. A man arrives and ass [...]

    2. The best of the Blood Sword Legacy by far! If the prologue alone doesn't grab hold of your heart, then it is cold as steel. "Give her only to the man of her choosing. And make him swear he holds her life more precious than his own." - Branwen, mother of Arianrhod, speaking her last words to her husband, Hylcon.Stefan de Valrey is the lone Blood Sword left, albeit severely wounded, after a horrendous battle in which his sworn brothers are captured and one is missing altogether. He stumbles upon t [...]

    3. I expected to get bored as I read furher into this series but Karin is very creative with her love stories. The wariors are bold and braw but each has his own personality. Her choice of Stefan for her third story surprised me but I am pleased with his tale. I admire her commitment to all of the Blood Sword warriors as she engages them equally in each other's tales. Many authors would leave a warrior to his love and he would be little mentioned in the next tale but not so for Karin. I'm so so so [...]

    4. Too lusty for my taste. It says in the blurb about the author that she also writes erotic romance. Well, it shows. I don't mind some sexual tension in romances, but the sheer volume of it in this book was just a bit much for me. I didn't really feel like they loved one another at all--merely turned each other on.And I was curious about the hero noticing the heroine's blush-colored personal hair when he spies her bathing. So it was pink? Huh?? Considering that the heroine was a blonde, that made [...]

    5. leslecturesdeveraliceChangement de cap avec ce tome : l'héroïne n'a plus rien de la farouche guerrière du tome 2, et ce virage à 180° est de prime abord assez déroutant. A l'opposé de Tarian et de sa conduite presque masculine, l'héroïne ici fait penser, dans les premiers chapitres, à un petit chat, toute innocence, toute douceur. Ne pas s'y tromper, ça ne dure guèreAriane, farouchement décidée à préserver son cœur de tout sentiment amoureux, de peur de se transformer en morte-v [...]

    6. Master Of Craving by Karin Tabke Historical Romance- 4 ½ Stars Master of Craving by Karin Tabke is the third installment in her Blood Sword Legacy Series. The main hero is Stefan de Valrey, one of the most fearsome knights in medieval England. After a terrible battle where he is left unconscious on the battlefield and his sworn brothers are captured he acquires a stroke of luck, and manages to rescue the beautiful princess, Arianrhod. Stefan plans to exchange Arianrhod for his brothers who are [...]

    7. Well, I read the books in the WRONG order. I read this one first instead of the 1st book in this series. I think I was also confused with the genre of this book. I specifically picked up Ms. Tabke's books for the more racy ones. Instead, I end up with historical romance. Not exactly my cup of tea anymore. The writing was well done. The characters were fine. Arian was a practical princess I could visualize quite well. Her "hero" Stefan was rough around the edges. I liked the struggle they put the [...]

    8. I liked this book very much. I enjoyed the characters Stefan & Arian very much. Both characters were very interesting. Arian starts out as a very quiet, spoiled, naive, sheltered,virtuous princess who gets kidnapped & turns out after awhile into her kidnapping to be quite the wanton, quite outspoken who puts Sir Stefan in his place. Stefan kidnap Arian initially with the thought with her as a means of her being the key to get his brother Blood Swords who are being held captive free. He i [...]

    9. All the Blood Swords except Stefan and Rhys are taken prisoner after a battle. Stefan vows to see them freed and luckily stumbles upon Arianrhod, a Welsh princess and devises a plan to use her in exchange for his brothers. Of course, it isn't quite that easy. I really liked Stefan (who was burned romantically and vowed to never love again) and Princess Arian (who after watching her father fall apart when her mother died, vowed to never fall in love). So we have two strong people with an undeniab [...]

    10. The writing style is great, Tabke can create a whole world with the way she wields her pen. Very talented author. This particular book, however, did not demonstrate her ability to create a story line that enthralls, binds, and grips the reader. Compared to the first two in the series, this one didn't hold a candle to them. I didn't like the story as it progressed. I didn't like the predicament the princess was put in from the time she meets Stefan until the book ended. The entire time, I was unc [...]

    11. 3.5 stars, didn't like it as much as the first two, but still good. I just didn't like Arian as much as the other two heroines from the first books. She redeemed herself in the VERY end, but much too late. I had to suffer with her for the entire book.I still like the series and am sadden to see that other than the novella in 2009, I haven't seen mention of the rest of the series coming out. So sad, I hope Tabke plans to pick up this series again and finish what she started. It's just not fair to [...]

    12. The bloodswords are taken down during a battle and held as prisoners. Stefan stumbles upon a princess named Arian and realizes she is the key to getting his brothers back. So he kidnaps her.This book really wasn't as good as the first two, in my opinion. I didn't feel the same attachment to the characters. Arian kind of annoyed me. Every time Stefan would save her, which happened a lot, she would throw it back in his face. It got annoying. I thought the ending was really weird, how it all played [...]

    13. I really love this series.Adrian the Princess that is taken hostage by Stefan, one of the Blood Sword Knights, is kind of whiney, but if you made me wait for like 300 pages to have sex, I'd be whiney too. But she won me over in the end.This book had way too much of Adrian's internal dialog for me. The constant "I want him, but I can't have him, blah, blah, blah got old. But I love these kinds of stories and this kind on alpha bad ass knights that easily overlooked it.Can't wait for the next.

    14. I like Karin as an author and this series is goof, not great, but good. I enjoyed reading it but it's not a five for me and again that's my I could read it over and over again but this is just a one time good read but she's got some great books and this series is creative, set back in time, the blood swords are powerful and hot.worth picking up if you like historical.

    15. Karin Tabke makes you want to live in the past. Vikings! Norsemen! Saxons! OH MY! The story of Blood Sword Stefan de Valrey and Princess Arianrhod is a wonderful, delicious romp through Wales. Blood, Lust, Honor, Desirewhat more could you ask for in an amazing and compelling story of soul-mates?

    16. Encore un très bon tome.Stephan a des manières un peu cavalières mais il a une sorte de virilité brute qui est poignante. C'est le mâle dans toute sa grandeur avec un côté brute de décoffrage qui passe finalement assez bien. Ariane est très sympathique mais parfois un peu trop naïve et superficielle. J'aime beaucoup cette saga et j'attend les autres tomes avec impatience !

    17. no one can predict 'what happens next?' in this book. an absolute page turner, especially near the ende way HE marries the heroin is absolutely dramatic. the only disappointment- again no mention of THE prophecy, though if we look closer we'll find all elements. still I'd have liked the threads connected.

    18. This is my favorite so far in the Blood Sword Legacy series. It keeps you going with lots of twists and turns and passion that will keep you glued to the pages.There is only one thing that I found missing, that there was no mention of the character Manhku in this book?

    19. This is a must read like the legacy's before. Karin just draws you into the stories from the very first paragraph. You tend to fall for the characters immediately. I am trying patiently to await the next legacy. Hope to see it very soon.

    20. This the third book in the Blood Swords series tells the story of Princess Arian and the dark knight Stephan. Karin Tabke is amazing in her story telling. She keeps you interested and wanting for more.

    21. As with the first two books in this story , this book had a lot of depth ,good story line,wonderful charactors that come to life, i applaud KarinTabke on her writing and cant wait for the next book in the blood sword legacy .

    22. Really liked this book, especially the ending - kept me in suspense wondering how they were going to work it out. I hope Tabke continues with the rest of the series but I don't think that she does.

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