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America For use in schools and libraries only By age America has spent years lost in the system America is a boy he thinks to himself who gets lost easily and is not worth the trouble of finding But Dr

  • Title: America
  • Author: E.R. Frank
  • ISBN: 9780613664769
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For use in schools and libraries only By age 15, America has spent years lost in the system America is a boy, he thinks to himself, who gets lost easily and is not worth the trouble of finding But Dr B takes time to listen, to explore, and to find America.

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      251 E.R. Frank
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    1 thought on “America

    1. America starts off as a book about a 15 year old boy who is in some sort of mental home. He is what you might typically picture when you picture the "bad boy" that has depression and tried to kill himself. He's stubborn, he curses all the time, and he refuses to talk to his therapist. He even occasionally throws chairs or other things.However, the novel alternates between the present time, and America in the mental hospital, and the past. We learn that America was a crack baby, and grew up with [...]

    2. I loved the story of America. Just wish someone besides Rosie O'donnell had produced the movie because I laughed all through it, whereas the book actually got me deep.America is a young boy of mixed heritage (black mother? unknown father) who feels like he fits nowhere. He's lost and can't seem to be found by anyone because people do not see him. The system fails him so many times he resigns himself to go wherever the winds blows. The only stable figure in his life would've been his foster mothe [...]

    3. America is a child who has fallen through the cracks of society. His story is a highly disturbing one. Told in fragments, which intertwine and interrelate, America tries to explain his tortured existence of feeling like no one who is nowhere. He has been subject to sexual abuse, has attempted suicide, has lived in the foster system, is a runaway. While he is committed to a residential hospital, he meets Dr. B. Like all therapeutic relationships, the road is rocky and rough, until America can sta [...]

    4. A book my 13 year old read after finding it on the shelf at the library. On one hand, I'm sad she read this on her own. There is definitely mature content for a younger teen. But, on the other hand, she gave me the book and told me to read it so we could talk about it.Well, I read it. It is a tough and violent tale of childhood gone very very wrong. I can't imagine how tough it would be for a 6 year old to be let down by almost every adult in their life. The story is told in current time with fl [...]

    5. At first, when I started reading this book it was really confusing for me. I didn't understand the writing structure of the author. But once I started reading more and more of the story. I got why America a nine-year old boy was so messed up. Not only mental, where he was feeling insecure of himself. But the trama that made him feel special, yet he didn't know any better because he had never really had any love in his life. And with this he had finally thought that he was being loved for once in [...]

    6. This book influenced me greatly. Have a kid who gets lost in the system, drinks vodka and Coke as a little kid to loosen him up because of one of his reckless guardians, the naked lady lighter, five o' clock at the fountain in the fucking AM, attempted suicide through hanging as an adolescent, abandonment, crying for months on end and never stopping after a tragic fire that brought death to a criminal loved, endless "huh's" during therapy with a psychiatrist, pain and loss, loneliness, survival, [...]

    7. This book was really confusing at first because when I started reading it I didn't knew what it was talking about and I got kind of lost. After a few days reading the book I founded interesting and easy to read, I just needed to get into it and comprehend every thing it was talking about. In my opinion I liked this book a lot because it really got my attention and I got to learn a lot from it. One of the things I learned from this book was not to give up in yourself. I know this might be hard fo [...]

    8. America's story is certainly filled with some raw and dark moments that resound with the reader, but for me there was just something a little off. Firstly, America comes across as a fantasy character to me, a romanticized idea of what a troubled inner city youth is, rather than the real thing -ie. he secretly reads and loves Laura Ingalls Wilder. I never believed he was real. Then the book jumbles between various time sequences and it is unclear what specific age America is through most of the b [...]

    9. America is the victim of the foster care system. A nurturing relationship with Mrs. Harper when he was very young helps him overcome the many traumas that happen to him over the next twelve years. That and a good therapist.

    10. I was touched. Completely and utterly touch by America's journey written in first person from lost to feeling found. I took his journey and I'm enlightened by it the most.

    11. After America attempts suicide, he finds himself as an inpatient at a mental health facility. It is through this treatment program America explores his past and the effects it has on his present. It discusses drug issues, sexual abuse issues, and other tough things. I thought this was a realistic exploration of a young man's life.

    12. I think this book was perhaps slightly above my level in some way that I can’t quite explain, but I guess that’s the only way to learn right? All the sexual stuff made me incredibly uncomfortable, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as “Running with Scissors”. I can really see how America’s early sexual experiences made him into the person that he is, *MINOR SPOILERS*especially in terms of his conflicting sexuality. That was something that I found interesting because I guess I never really t [...]

    13. America is a gritty, raw, real, and emotionally heartbreaking story. The story begins with a teenage America in a treatment facility after a failed suicide attempt. It alternates between the present mostly his therapy sessions with Dr. B. and the past. At first, the shift from present to past confused me mainly because the flashbacks were at bit unclear in the prologue. It finally cleared up as the chapters were clearly labeled "Then" and "Now". Born to a crack addict mother, America was raised [...]

    14. E.R. Frank is an American fiction writer and also a psychotherapist. She wrote many young adult and teen-fiction books such as "America", explaining that she is also a clinical worker and she worked with many young Americans with bad intentions of violence and vandalizing that have been abused and sexually harassed either with their parents, relatives, or anyone else. The story takes place in various locations around New York City. One of the main character's name is America, who was born with a [...]

    15. America by E.R. Frank is about a kid named America, because his mom was a slut and his dad could have been any man in America. America had a really messed up childhood and his mom was never around, and him and his brother could do whatever they wanted. They lived in New York City and got in trouble for minor things like stealing, but eventually were sent to child services. America was adopted by a woman named Mrs.Harper, and a man named Browning. While living with them America really loved Mrs.H [...]

    16. Frank, E.R. (2002). America. New York: Simon Pulse. 9780689857720 The story of sexually abused and institutionalized fifteen-year-old America is a challenge to get through. Written by a clinical social worker who has “known many Americas,” the book switches back and forth between ‘then’ and ‘now’ showing the experiences that brought America to the office of Dr. B, the psychiatrist who just may be able to help him decide against committing suicide. America struggles with being ‘lost [...]

    17. Like many school librarians, I’ve read a lot of young adult psychotraumas. Even so, this one is a severe shocker. Child sexual abuse leads to fatal violence and twisted sexual torment. Much of the storyline is set in psychotherapy. The language is profane and abusive, and the characters are difficult for anyone with a happy home to relate to. Bottom line, there’s only so much ick I can take. For those with sterner psyches, there could be a lot to like here. America tells most of his stories [...]

    18. Book: AmericaAuthor: E.R Frank Reviewd by: shawn The book America is about a 15 year old boy named America who is sent to Ridgway to get help for thoughts of suicide. An interesting fact about America is that he doesn’t like to think, wonder or talk about anything when the doctor asks him some of the questions.You really get deep into America’s life story. It talks about thing like how his life was happy and cheerful and how it changed within weeks on how he turned bad. It also tells you on [...]

    19. This is America:(read page 93 - middle)I’m scared poopless. I’m afraid to sleep because of the dreams, and I’m afraid to be awake because all these flashes keep squeezing through and I can’t stuff them back the way I used to. I’m afraid of never being able to get back up there to Everest, and I’m afraid that if I get back up there, I’ll never come down, and I’m afraid of Dr. B. because he sees me and he knows things and when they see you and know things they mess everything up, a [...]

    20. America is one of those characters that you just can't get out of your head. I read this book several years ago and I can still remember him and his story. This novel is thought-provoking in ways that YA fiction is failing to do be today. It is the story of a troubled young man, America, and his struggle to cope with the hard life he is forced to live due to his absent mother and low societal status. The author illustrates a life for America with such substance that it forces you think twice abo [...]

    21. I did not like this book at all. "America" was probably the least enjoyable book I have ever read. There were no exciting parts that a person would hope to see in a book like this, about a kid who has had a very troubled past. If I were E.R. Frank, I would seriously reconsider writing this book and make it much more entertaining or exciting. A book like this, which is targeting an audience of about my age, should have many ups and downs and things that a person would never guess would happen, th [...]

    22. America This book is called America and is a novel by E.R. Frank with 242 pages. This book is realistic fiction. The action of this book mainly takes place when he is having flashbacks of when he was younger. The author makes you feel like you were in the book by being descriptive about the things that were happening. The main characters in this story are America, Ms. Harper, Dr. B, Brooklyn, and Browning. All of the characters can be a real person around the world somewhere. The story is about [...]

    23. This was one of my favorite books in late elementary/early middle school; I re-read it recently out of curiosity.I still really loved it. I love ER Frank so much for writing such raw, hard-hitting, no-holds-barred YA books. She writes about incredibly serious, dark topics like abandonment, poverty, drug abuse, suicide, and sexual abuse, and she does it in such an honest way. America, in particular, delves into the very-rarely discussed issues of sexual abuse of young boys in the most amazingly f [...]

    24. Not awful, I supposebut lacking. Considering this is meant to be a young adult novel, it reads rather like a pysch 101 textbook's chapter on troubled teens. There's just too much analyzing in this book - it's repetitive and gets boring quite quickly. The book is heavy-handed and the foreshadowing is even more so. Seriously, if you didn't know that Browning was going to turn out to be really creepy/pervy from just about the first major scene he was in, you probably shouldn't have even bothered wi [...]

    25. America was just a great novel. I think the best books are ones that change your thinking and help u develop into a better person. America is one of those books. America is a boy who sees himself as a nobody. His therapist, Dr. B asks him "where do u see yourself in five years?" America responds with "nowhere." His troubled past is so much full of despair and terrible abuse that you feel so bad for this poor kid. I recommend this to any kid who feels neglected and abused. They will understand wh [...]

    26. The story of a troubled teen of mixed races who has spent most of his life in the foster care system. After a failed suicide attempt he has been paced in a mental health care facility and it is through therapy that he is able to open up the wounds of his past and finally begin to heal.The horrors that America faces throughout his story are difficult to read and include neglect, molestation, poverty, and abandonment. In order to survive, America builds a wall to protect himself from anything that [...]

    27. IF YOU LIKED THIS TRYFor mature readers only!!!Abused and troubled kid tries to make it back out of “being bad” through an extended relationship with one particular therapist. I was most interested in the therapy conversations. The chapters flip between “then” and “now”, giving you the history that makes him so troubled. A lot of dialogue, most of it rings pretty true. Definitely for mature (XIIIs) audiences; explicit sexual material in terms of his trauma and development. Got me tow [...]

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