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Unfair Advantage

Unfair Advantage Master and part owner of the Diablo Blanco Club C Brysson Bryce Halsey is used to being in control and making important decisions When a long time enemy threatens to destroy the family business he t

  • Title: Unfair Advantage
  • Author: Qwillia Rain
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 373
  • Format: ebook
  • Master and part owner of the Diablo Blanco Club, C Brysson Bryce Halsey is used to being in control and making important decisions When a long time enemy threatens to destroy the family business, he turns to his best friend for help.Mattilda Mattie Lawrence knows her boss and best buddy well Well enough to worry if her curiosity about submission could turn his proMaster and part owner of the Diablo Blanco Club, C Brysson Bryce Halsey is used to being in control and making important decisions When a long time enemy threatens to destroy the family business, he turns to his best friend for help.Mattilda Mattie Lawrence knows her boss and best buddy well Well enough to worry if her curiosity about submission could turn his proposed marriage of convenience into long, steamy sessions under his Dominant hand.After demanding a week long trial period before saying yes to tying the knot, this sassy sub knows that the spankings, the toys, and the promise of a m nage aren t the only things tempting her It may take breaking a few of his rules to win her Master s heartbut what s a little flogging between friends

    • Õ Unfair Advantage || ↠ PDF Read by ☆ Qwillia Rain
      373 Qwillia Rain
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    1 thought on “Unfair Advantage

    1. Oh dear. I have seldom come across something that makes me want to launch my kindle out of the window as this book did. It's a real shame because I was really enjoying it until about 75% in.I liked Bryce. He was a pretty sexy hero, very brooding. The love scenes were very hot and for the most part quite a lot of emotion was achieved.It was all ruined by severe and sometimes bizarre overuse of obstacles to keep them apart. So many things were introduced that I just stopped caring and couldn't wai [...]

    2. Why exactly did I wait so long to read this book? I finally picked it up and devoured it. Ms. Rain writes a delightful book with a good plot and sexy BDSM. This is a 3.5 star and great for Gateway to BDSM. Mattie is an executive assistant to Bryce Halsey. In love with him for a while, circumstances forces them to marry. Is it really forcing when Bryce wants her and Mattie loves him? There are a few emotional conflicts which made me wince. I can appreciate Mattie's fear even if it is a bit unfoun [...]

    3. So I thought I'd clarify why the 2 stars. Simple: I absolutely positively hated Bryce. He is the type of Dom that everyone warns you about. Instead of being honest and open he's deceitful and closed. Any Dom who would do what he did to keep her - that's not a Dom. Like another reviewer said show that to a real Dom/Domme and they'd have some words for you. I saw him as incredibly insecure, needy, and just generally not worthy of Mattie's submission. The writing itself was fine. I also hated hated [...]

    4. Steaming pile of mysoginist crap…First of all the hero gets the heroine pregnant without her consent. But its ok because he loves her and wants to keep her. This is horrible. Not only does he fail to respect her limits, since she does not want children yet, he uses her body against her. This has nothing to do with love. He behaves like a child who declares a piece of chocolate as his by spitting on it. He is no alpha hero but a spoiled kid. The only thing she wants is for him to say he loves h [...]

    5. I'll keep this brief. I really did like this book. Incredibly passionate and erotic. Lots of great steamy scenes and tons of emotion. Even though Bryce was kind of clueless in the communication area, he was very attentive and romantic. Mattie was strong and very loyal, but a little bit of a brat sometimes. Worked for Bryce and for the story, but that little quality tends to bug me, as a reader, sometimes. Incredibly romantic ending but a couple of things bothered me; Bryce never really directly [...]

    6. I love Qwillia's stories and this one just as good as the others I've read.I instantly loved the heroine Mattie and could see the instant spark between her and the hero, Bryce. I like it when I can see the interest between the characters before any flirting has even started. Both characters were very real to me and I felt like I got to know who they were. Not only was this a satisfying romance between two people who were in love with each other from the get go and didn't realize it (slapping bot [...]

    7. Review is mixed as story is mixed. Some I enjoyed, some sex scenes are good in part, but then the lack of trust between these tworriage for commercial reasons. Love and trust undeclared. Deliberately spiking prosthetics to get Mattie pregnant. So much that borders mix between lust, love and misogyny with Bryce. Then Mattie still a virgin at 28! Works for years to manipulate herself into her boss Bryce's confidence. But needs declaration I love you that he struggles with and can't explain his fea [...]

    8. Tropes: Older man (he's almost 41, she's 30), Boss/secretaryContent warning: BDSM, MenageQR is great for a hot read but I didn't connect emotionally with the story at all. The hero wasn't the least sympathetic.Besides being first in a series, it is loosely connected to the author's Santa's Elf.

    9. I wish there was a way to give a book negative stars. The manipulation of the sub by the "Dom" is horrific in this book. I finished reading it with disbelief and horror. No. Just no. Bryce is no Dom; he's a selfish and manipulative little boy hiding in a grown man's body.

    10. 3 to 3.5 stars on this. I did like it but I'm not quite comfortable with giving it more. Bryce's attitude might have something to do with it.

    11. The summary says it all, so I'm just going to jump into my review.I'm on the fence about this. I liked the beginning and the ending, but the middle was not very good. I couldn't connect with the characters because they seemed so dysfunctional. Bryce has wanted Mattie for eight years. He never made advances on her because of her past. He claims she wasn't ready for the type of relationship he wanted to have with her. Now she not only seems ready (I still don't know what gave him that idea), but h [...]

    12. Don’t read this if you want a well developed story. But it’s very good for lots of dominant/submissive erotic sex scenesORY BRIEF:Bryce Halsey is the older son, set to take over his father’s shipping empire Halsey Unlimited Inc. The Halsey family men have a tradition of being dominants. Bryce is co-owner of the Diablo Blanco Club, where dominants show off their submissives and have sex in public. Bryce has had an active dominant sex life, which recently became public knowledge. Two board m [...]

    13. I really tried to like this book, but I just couldn't. There were just too many things that were unresolved for me. The biggest thing is that Bryce didn't come clean / face any consequences for messing with Mattie's birth control and purposefully impregnating her so she wouldn't leave him. That is so not cool! Maybe if he came clean, and was remorseful I could forgive it, but nothing came of it. It was a non-issue. I was also really mad at the first scene in the club. He demanded that she explai [...]

    14. This is just my kind of book.1. It is complete. Like a real novel, not a novella or short story that doesn't take the time to accomplish everything and see a story through. 2. The characters were interesting, showed growth, had unique painful pasts that created barriers to commitment and love, their actions, thoughts and emotions all helped me to climb into their skin.3. The supporting characters that make up their family and the commmunity are interesting and add to the plot and character devel [...]

    15. 3.5 star read.Just not sure what felt wrong. Perhaps it was the amount of manipulation that took place. He kept saying he'd spent 8 years grooming her until she was in place to accept him but it seemed far more about him than her emotional well being. To be fair she really needed help but perhaps he could have recommended counselling or something more solid than maneuvering her into a marriage of convenience and a d/s relationship (for his gain I might add). (view spoiler)[ AlsoI have never ever [...]

    16. 3.5The story was very nice, I liked how the main female wasn't a pushover but still quite submissive.The reason this story isn't closer to a 4 but rather a 3 mostly has to do with the fact that the beginning of the story was much, much better than the end.For instance, the scene where he's telling Mattie exactly what he wants to do to her made me cream my panties (as Qwillia Rain so eloquently put it).But then, as the story progressed, the sex (although wonderfully stimulating), didn't continue [...]

    17. This is a hard book to rate and review. It started out really hotrriages for reasons other than love are really hot to me and this one did not disappoint. I loved the subplot with the board of directors. But right around the very built-up menage scene to me is where this book started to dip. After ALL the detail in the sex scenes throughout the book, the author didn't even talk about the menage in this one. It was like a chapter was skipped. One second they are getting started and the next she's [...]

    18. This was my first Qwillia Rain read. I thoroughly enjoyed this fun, quick, hot read. This book stands out in its genre because so often the sexy writing drives the plot and it can just end up as smut with a weak storyline as an excuse for the steamy scenes. Qwillia Rain has very successfully managed to include the steam without the expense of losing the emotional connection between the main characters. The steam is secondary to the plot and the emotional connection between Mattie and Bryce. Anot [...]

    19. I will start with the basics of this book. 1. FICTION2. FICTION3. FICTIONHey, it's fiction. So, those who have a problem with the Menage, BDSM (or lack there of) and the manipulation to birth controlIT'S FICTION. I totally dig this book. Qwillia did a great job! I enjoyed the characters, though I think I would have liked more background to Bryce & Matti. When the past was brought up, it wasn't detailed enough to actually understand what had happened and why it has such an impact on NOW. With [...]

    20. I don't know why, but I couldn't finish this one. I've tried multiple times to get into this book because "Rite of First Claim" #3 is one of my more favorite books out there. I guess maybe I would have a little bit of taste in this book seeming how the incident in the janitor's closet happened during this book. Saddly, there was a barely brush over it. I think also that the sex is too much in this one. I felt as though it blurred my vision off the plot. I wanted some more depth to the characters [...]

    21. At first, I was excited to read this novel. I even really liked it at first. But as time wore on and I read more and more of it, I found Mattie to be obnoxious. Even to myself, it didn't seem like a fair assessment. But I have grown tired of bdsm novels with abused heroines. It seems like such a cliche.And towards the end, I had a problem with Bryce. Mattie asks for one thing, and it's almost like the end of the world. Getting out of saying 'I love you' with any means necessary doesn't seem like [...]

    22. I liked this story. Although, there problems that i was not pleased with. Having Bryce at the end have difficulty telling Lawrence he loved her was kinda stunning for me, because throughout the beginning he acknowledges he has feelings for her. There was also the scenes wrapped up i disapproved of. I felt certain issues were not confronted properly. How come after she is locked in the closet and her past comes out nothing is spoken off about it. The characters never discussed it or mentioned it [...]

    23. So I must admit I was VERY surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. I went into it assuming I would dislike it, but I needed a dang Q for my yearly A-Z challenge and Qwillia fit the bill, so I made myself. I LOVED Maddie. Didn't care for how Bryce addresses her ("Lawrence" even after the I do's)And I did think that Bryce was a bit of a pussy for not explaining his thoughts and feelings better, BUT did understand his fear that caused his poor choices. Ultimately none of this took away from how [...]

    24. Another unique find that I made from my freebies that fulfilled one of my reading challenges (I do love that when it happens!). This story of Bryce and Lawrence/Mattie was a very hot read. Filled with some suspense (just enough to move the story along), a bit of misunderstanding (to provide an obstacle for our MCs), and loads and loads of hot sex.(view spoiler)[The only thing that could have made it better was for a more detailed flashback of when Bryce and Rick got together. Mmmmmm, that would [...]

    25. This was my first time reading Qwillia Rain, and I have to say I really liked her writing and her style. I'll be picking up more of her books in the future.That said, out Dom, Bryce, has the emotional depth of a parking lot puddle. Talk about having to bang the guy over the head!! Dumbass!! Its all good though, his assholery worked with the story line.Overall, it was a solid "like" for me.

    26. The sexual tension was super hot. The sex was even hotter. The story however was just lacking in everything. It wasn't cohesive at points I thought I had accidentally skipped a chapter because stuff would happen and it wasn't explained. It was basically reading a book but reading every other chapter. Very confusing how the plot was lined out. I don't think I'll be picking up any more books in this series.

    27. I have really enjojed this book.But this one is a tough one for me to rate,some parts i adored the others not so much.I really liked all about Diablo Bronco Club and Bryce and Matties relathionships.In the end this is very good book for those who dont want very developed story,but still have some passionate and erotic moments to read

    28. It started out well, though strange. It was going along fine til a quarter of the way through when the author lost me at the guy calling the chick's pussy a "candy box". REALLY?! UGH.It was torture to get through the rest. Some parts were ok, but he was a jerk, he didn't give her what she needed, but of course, everything comes out all perfect at the end. UGH.

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    30. Terrible. Completely ridiculous. From the absurd way of getting her pregnant, to sharing her with another, to the insane ending, this book is the is by far the worst excuse for a bdsm book possibly ever written.

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