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Irresistible Forces

Irresistible Forces New York Times bestselling authors Mary Jo Putney Jo Beverley and Lois McMaster Bujold join forces with award winning authors Catherine Asaro Jennifer Roberson and Deb Stover in this all new antho

  • Title: Irresistible Forces
  • Author: Catherine Asaro Jo Beverley Lois McMaster Bujold Mary Jo Putney Deb Stover Jennifer Roberson
  • ISBN: 9780451211118
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York Times bestselling authors Mary Jo Putney, Jo Beverley, and Lois McMaster Bujold join forces with award winning authors Catherine Asaro, Jennifer Roberson, and Deb Stover in this all new anthology of original stories proving that love can conquer alleven the boundaries of time and space From sixteenth century Britain to the farthest reaches of outer space, fromNew York Times bestselling authors Mary Jo Putney, Jo Beverley, and Lois McMaster Bujold join forces with award winning authors Catherine Asaro, Jennifer Roberson, and Deb Stover in this all new anthology of original stories proving that love can conquer alleven the boundaries of time and space From sixteenth century Britain to the farthest reaches of outer space, from medieval adventures to tales of inter galactic love, here is a compilation that explores the wonderfully kinetic forces that lovers share forces too great to resist

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      344 Catherine Asaro Jo Beverley Lois McMaster Bujold Mary Jo Putney Deb Stover Jennifer Roberson
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    1 thought on “Irresistible Forces

    1. The reason I bought this book was for one novella: "Winterfair Gifts" by Lois McMaster Bujold, the wedding of Miles Vorkosigan and the star of my favorite book series. As soon as the book came in the mail, I read it immediately and loved it. It was very much a Lois story - wonderfully crafted and highly enjoyable. I then read the other five stories in the collection. It's very odd to find an anthology that contains only stories I enjoyed and loved. Usually, there's a mishmash of some that I love [...]

    2. This book contains:"Winterfair Gifts" by Lois McMaster Bujold. The reason I read this book. I always love returning to Bujold's Vorkosigan series, but this, like the last several novels, felt a bit slack to me. Miles's marriage is the background to Armsman Roic's love affair with Taura. Despite poison and intrigue, the plot never had the sense of urgency that used to make me tear through these books. Instead, it kinda felt like Bujold was wrapping up her time with the series by pairing the last [...]

    3. The first story in this series overshadowed all the rest for me but then again I'm a Lois McMaster Bujold fan and any extra story in Miles' world is a good thing. This is a story of Taura who attends Miles' wedding and Roic who learns that appearance isn't everything.The Alchemical Marriage by Mary Jo Putney is an interesting story of two magicians who have to work together to save England from the Spanish Armada. Pretty predictable but not a bad story and I really did care for the characters.Ca [...]

    4. Novellas and stories that are prequels or sequels or just other things in various series, or new fantasy romances. Bujold wrote the wedding of Miles and Ekaterin, Asaro wrote the first marriage of the Quantum Rose hero, Jo Beverley wrote a very intriguing story set on another planet that I’d like to see more of, from the pov of a “fixer”; Mary Jo’s story is an “explanation” of the wrecking of the Spanish Armada; Roberson wrote another Robin and Marian story—a good one, and Deb Stov [...]

    5. Recommended by Marita for the love story element (she thought I might like the raciness). The first story was my least favorite as it was a bit out there for me (sci-fi/fantasy?) but I appreciate that the authors have to get to the action quickly in the short story format. The stories got much better as I went on and I enjoyed the variety.Overallry good - quality writers.

    6. I read this book for the Lois McMaster Bujold story, which was excellent. It brought back characters I loved from previous books, involved them in a mystery, gave Armsman Roic a love story of his own, and showed happily ever after for Miles and Ekaterin. Lois gift for characters and how they drive the story really shines through.

    7. I bought this for Winterfaire Gifts, and at least tried the others; I loved the Bujold. Deb Stover's story had the most appeal to me of the others, though I don't know if I would reread it. The formula for romance appeals to me if there is a great deal of humor, or a knockout voice. I was not the audience for the Putney or the Asaro, though I'm sure their fans would like those stories.

    8. Really deserves more of a two and half stars for this book really does epitomize why I am weary of compilations, especially short stories.I only liked two of the six stories. Of the other four, three were okay, and one I absolutely hated. The book certainly didn't sell me on any of the writers.

    9. I bought this for the Lois McMaster Bujold short story about Miles Vorkosigan's wedding, "Winterfair Gifts", which is very good.

    10. I give this book five stars for the Miles Vorkosigan story. The rest of the stories are more in the romance field than SF.

    11. Read it for Winterfair Gifts and enjoyed a few of the other stories as well. I copied some of the story descriptions from Wealhtheow's review just for reference."Winterfair Gifts" by Lois McMaster Bujold. Miles's marriage is the background to Armsman Roic's love affair with Taura. Nice time spent with old friends. Not the greatest but much loved. - 5"The Alchemical Marriage" by Mary Jo Putney. Two mages have to work together to prevent the Spanish Armada from invading England. Making this into a [...]

    12. I picked this up because it was the only way to get Lois McMaster Bujold's story "Winterfair Gifts" in mass market paperback size, but I decided to read the rest of it before dismembering it. The stories are well-written, but romance is definitely not my genre.

    13. I searched for this book long and hard because I desperately wanted to read the Bujold Vorkosigan short story "Winterfair Gifts". The first thing that threw me off about this paperback volume I found is that it looks like a romance novel - embossed flowery font for the title, a romatic elfish damsel on the cover. Inside it contains short stories by Bujold (right in front), Mary Jo Putney, Catherine Asaro, Deb Stover, Jo Beverley, and Jennifer Roberson. Bujold's "Winterfair Gifts" does not disapp [...]

    14. Winterfair Gifts - ***Roic is the awkward armsman for a short and eccentric nobleman on a distant planet. The nobleman is about to get married, and one of the guests is Taura, a biochemically engineered human who is taller than Roic. Sparks fly between Roic and Taura. However, the nobleman has attained many enemies throughout his lifeWhat an interesting story. Totally not what I expected and completely different from the previous books I've read recently. I appreciated that finally we had some n [...]

    15. A truly mixed assortment of novellas. Two brilliant ones, two mediocre ones and two drop-dead awful ones. Brilliant: Lois McMaster Bujold’s "Winterfair Gifts." One of my favorite authors, and I was thrilled to rejoin her and her cast of characters here. Not sure how it would play to an audience that had not yet read at least Komarr and A Civil Campaign, but for me it worked delightfully. The other brilliant one, that sparkles like a gem among the offal, is Jo Beverley’s "The Trouble with Her [...]

    16. Irresistible Forces (2004) 379 pages edited by Catherine Asaro.I would normally avoid buying an anthology but I really wanted Asaro's story of Havyrl and Lily. I got my money's worth several times over from the rest of the book. The theme of the book is a blend of SF and romance.Winterfair Gifts - Lois McMaster Bujold 71 pages. Excellent. The characters are familiar to the readers of the Vorkosigan books. This Miles Vorkosigan tale is told by Armsman Roic, the most junior of Miles' twenty armsme [...]

    17. I'm almost ashamed to admit I actually read this book because most of the stories contained herein are really bad. Most of the stories demonstrate all the stereotypical bad characteristics of romances. "Winterfair Gifts" by Lois McMaster BujoldI don't care for her Vorkosigan books, so I didn't even try this story."The Alchemical Marriage" by Mary Jo PutneyUgh. I loathed this story even though I've read several novels set in Putney's Guardian universe and enjoyed them. But this story was a bundle [...]

    18. nhwvejournal/110771ml[return][return]I bought this because it contains the latest installment of Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan saga, the short story "Winterfair Gifts", about Miles Vorkosigan's wedding, so set a few months before the most recent novel of the series, Diplomatic Immunity. The book is worth it for this story alone; I've seen several reviews along the lines of "I haven't read anything else by Bujold but this was very good". Even if you have read everything else by Bujold, as I h [...]

    19. After reading this book, I realize that I'm not a big fan of romance. And while some of the authors I'm familiar with from the SciFi/Fantasy genre, the others were Romance, and in one story in particular that was painfully obvious. And I really didn't like those Romance stories. The one I hated the most (and that I think dragged down the whole book) was one where the fantasy aspect was that a woman's dead husband came back as an angel to make sure that she would marry her sweetheart, that he her [...]

    20. I'll admit I picked this up so I could read "Winterfair Gifts" (the Vorkosigan series story by Lois McMaster Bujold), but I enjoyed all the stories in this collection of science fiction and fantasy romance stories. The Asaro story "Stained Glass Heart" fits in the "Skolian" universe; in addition to the charming romance, I enjoyed seeing characters from other stories in the series from a different angle. I also particularly enjoyed the fantasy "The Alchemical Marriage" taking place at the time of [...]

    21. This is an interesting compendium of stories, all of which turn (in one way or another) on a romantic theme. Unfortunately, the writing is very uneven. This isn't surprising since six different people wrote the stories. I bought the book because it contains "Winterfair Gifts" by Lois McMaster Bujold. It didn't seem up to her usual standard, but possibly that's merely because of the format. Novellas/short stories are not the same thing as novels. If you're a fan of the Vorkosigan series, you need [...]

    22. I have finished the first story in the Irresistible Forces anthology. I had trouble finishing it because I think it uses characters from an on-going series and I was a bit lost. I've had this problem before. I'll pick up anthologies because they have a story featuring Dark Hunter Characters or a Sookie Stackhouse short story and I enjoy the ones that continue a series I'm reading, but feel "lost" in the others. I prefer stand alone short stories.I have finished the book and overall I enjoyed it, [...]

    23. Edited by Catherine Asaro (who contributes a short story from her Skolian saga), this is a book of romantic speculative fiction. Most of the authors are better known for the romance side of their writing; I bought the book because I'm a fan of Asaro and another contributor - Lois McMaster Bujold.I was very satisfied by their contributions; the rest were okay, if perhaps a little cliched. Not a bad read; I suspect fans of romance fiction might be a little more satisfied than sci fi / fantasy read [...]

    24. This is a book of short stories. The only redeeming story in this book is Bujolds. It tells the story of Miles and Ekaterine's wedding. It is categorized romance, and even Bujold put a bit of an extra romance spin on her writing for this one. But it is still a good read and worth the money even if you don't waste your time reading the other stories included. And hey, it may get someone who only reads romance to pick up another Bujold book. Who knows?

    25. 6 bestselling and award winning authors collaborated to compile this ROMANCE book. I should most likely have given this book more stars, the writing was very good and stories very likable, some were just a little bit too juicy for my taste. That most likely means that most of my freinds would LOVE this book? :). I found it because I have become such a hard core fan of Lois McMaster Bujold.

    26. Lois McMaster Bujold's novella "Winterfair Gifts" is outstanding, and many of the other short stories in this volume are inventive as well as enjoyable. But Mary Jo Putney's melodrama took itself rather too seriously for my taste.

    27. I picked this one up for the story by Lois McMaster Bujold but I read all the stories. I loved the one by Bujold, it had some humor and a good mystery in it. I also liked the stories by Putney, Asaro and Beverley. It made me go on to read some of their books afterwards.

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