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The Ship Who Won

The Ship Who Won Like Helva the Ship Who Sang and Nancia from PartnerShip and Tia from The Ship Who Searched Carialle was born so physically disadvantaged that her only chance for life was as a shellperson And like

  • Title: The Ship Who Won
  • Author: Anne McCaffrey Jody Lynn Nye
  • ISBN: 9780671876579
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Like Helva, the Ship Who Sang and Nancia from PartnerShip and Tia from The Ship Who Searched , Carialle was born so physically disadvantaged that her only chance for life was as a shellperson And like those others, Carialle decided she would strap on a spaceship Now she is on a mission to search the galaxy for intelligent beings.

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      355 Anne McCaffrey Jody Lynn Nye
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    1 thought on “The Ship Who Won

    1. A very good story that combines science fiction and fantasy. I think of it as a YA book. An easy to read adventure with a G rating, It characters character span from the honorable to self serving, though there isn’t any evil or angelic presence.

    2. I enjoyed this one just as much as The Ship Who Sang. Possibly even more. I love how Keff and Carialle bounce off each other. I was pleasantly surprised by each of the revelations, about the planet, the inhabitants. I'm reminded of this saying: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Until Carialle comes along!4 out of 5 stars!

    3. I picked this book out on Tuesday from my Books to Be Read bookcases (I have two such bookcases, both in the bathroom), as a book that I could read in about three days; and it admirably fit that requirement. It is also a pretty good fantasy book, as the fifth book in the series of books by Anne McCaffrey regarding brainships and their brawns, wandering about the galaxy and getting into various kinds of trouble. (It’s not hard science fiction, not by a long shot, but I enjoyed the book.)In the [...]

    4. A new entry in McCaffrey's Brain/Brawn series begun with The Ship Who Sang (1969) and continued by McCaffrey with various collaborators. The Brain here is Carialle, a bodiless human wired into spaceship SSS-900; the Brawn is supplied by Carialle's human partner, Keff. Explorers Carialle and Keff hope to achieve alien contact. Unfortunately, they also need to make discoveries that generate money and kudos: Cencom might not renew their contract, since a prior unpleasant experience has left Cariall [...]

    5. I've enjoyed the Brainship series. Each book is by a different author (working together with Anne McCaffrey), and so it is interesting to see each different take on the concept. This one I feel wasn't quite as good as the others in being about a Brainship/Brawn team, and focused most of its time on one planet, but the planet had some cool unique concepts so I ended up liking it for different reasons.Well, everything except the ending; it seemed rushed and unrealistic. "Oh well, you can't have th [...]

    6. Great fun. This 1994 tale is an offshoot of the "Brain and Brawn" series started by the collected stories of Helva, "The Ship Who Sang", published in 1969 (first story in 1961). The premise has seriously handicapped children becoming, when they come of age, the cybernetic "brain" of a spaceship (or city) paired with a helper/explorer or "brawn". The mission of Carielle and Keff is to find intelligent species able to join the federation, which they carry out under their adopted roles as lady and [...]

    7. As with "The Ship Who Searched", I had read this in my teens and been enthralled by it. I just listened to Audible's version, which is (unfortunately) abridged. I think taking out all the "superfluous" character development (who decides that, anyway?) took some of resonance away from it and left is a light summer "listen".Listening to it as a middle-aged adult, rather than an impressionable teenager, might also contribute. When I first read it, "Dungeons and Dragons" was a popular game, and the [...]

    8. Keff is a little bit Captain Kirk, but without Kirk's charm and charisma. (view spoiler)[He relies on Carialle to get him out of the trouble he makes for himself by sleeping with one of the women on the brand new world he's rediscovered, and he never thought for a minute about the consequences -- but even after he knew that his new girlfriend had completely the wrong idea about their relationship, he *kept* sleeping with her and remained romantically engaged, pretending like it was all going to [...]

    9. I love these characters or love to dislike them but, more importantly, I can see them just as I can see the world, a wonderful merging of science fiction and fantasy, that they inhabit. This is an enthralling takes the familiar brainship series somewhere just a little bit different while referencing ideas that will be familiar to McCaffrey's Pegasus and Tower & Hive series. Anne McCaffrey can create a huge interlinking universe, (both in the literary and the astronomical senses) and dozens o [...]

    10. Some parts of this book are great, some not so much. Carialle is very witty and sharp, and she gives on the spot remarks as she hears everything through her brawn's(her mobile human partner) aural implants(they're referred to as if its common place which makes it feel more real, in my opinion). There is a moment at near the end of the book, a major plot twist which really made me facepalm. It's obvious, and yet not. Pretty much a reflection of the characters as they don't notice it either, thoug [...]

    11. just greatI couln't put it down: I discovered D. Gemmell some years ago thanks to a guy in a bookshop. Since then, I've read all of his books as I've able to get a hold on to. This is one of the best has some more fantasy and "alternate-world-stuff" than its predecessor "Lion of Macedon" but this doesn't distract from the story. "Au contrair" it adds onto it, making it colourful, descriptive, real fun. The book seems to be very well researched, and it's amazing how the story plot blends into the [...]

    12. No ground breaking new ideas but an enjoyable read none the less. Was leaning too much towards Fantasy rather than Sci-Fi which was unexpected as I did not remember that slant in the Ship Who Sang but I enjoyed the book.

    13. This brainship book included more fantasy/magic than the others in the series. Carialle is looking for intelligent life and stumbles upon a planet with frog-like creatures that use rolling globes to travel. It turns out that the planet has been decimated by the overuse of magic.

    14. I was disappointed in this book. It's the only one of hers I haven't loved. I thought the characters where somewhat insipid and shallow and the book just didn't seem as interesting to me as her others have been.

    15. It was very good, but I didn't like it as much as the other Brain and Brawn ship books. Apparently there is another book that follows this one, "The Ship Errant," which continues the story. I may change my opinion of this book after I have read the other book.

    16. Really didn't care for this one. Just not into the magic thing, even if it seems to be built on the reality of physics. Seemed very different from the previous 4 books; had a hard time caring about any of the characters.

    17. While I did like it I didn't find it as exciting as the The City Who Fought. I thought it was good and I loved how many things were resolved. Since it was so long ago that I have read this series it is as if they are all new to me which is fun.

    18. Loved this book. Carialle the brain of the Ship and her brain Keff are searching space for a race of beings as intelligent and technologically advanced as humans are in the future. They find a race of "mages" with incredible capabilities. It's a fun book and well worth your time

    19. Nothing can beat The Ship Who Sang, but this is a close second. If you've not read this series, it's worth a look.

    20. Book 5 of the brainship delivers as good as the previous four. This is another quick enjoyable read.

    21. an interesting read, but no surprises, I anticipated each new piece of the puzzle but still a good read

    22. The Ship Who Won (Brainship, #5)McCaffrey, Annethe struggles and triumphs of a brain ship and her brawn, the loss and recovery of her fragile psychi

    23. The brain ship series was one of the first series that got me hooked on science fiction decades ago and I still keep coming back time after time

    24. Listened to the audio, was very disappointed, only an abridged version. Definitely get a paper or ebook version.

    25. My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

    26. Anne McCaffrey is one of my favorite authors Her Dragonriders of Pern series is my favorite, but "The Ship Who" runs a close secondokcrossing/journal/3

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