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Crystal Singer Omnibus

Crystal Singer Omnibus From world bestselling author Anne McCaffrey creator of the Dragons of Pern comes the brilliant saga of the brave beautiful tragic people who are the Crystal Singers of Ballybran Killashandra tho

  • Title: Crystal Singer Omnibus
  • Author: Anne McCaffrey Michael Whelan
  • ISBN: 9780552147620
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
  • From world bestselling author, Anne McCaffrey, creator of the Dragons of Pern, comes the brilliant saga of the brave, beautiful, tragic people who are the Crystal Singers of Ballybran.Killashandra thought her world had ended when she was told she would never become a concert singer And then she met the stranger from off world He said he was a Crystal Singer one of theFrom world bestselling author, Anne McCaffrey, creator of the Dragons of Pern, comes the brilliant saga of the brave, beautiful, tragic people who are the Crystal Singers of Ballybran.Killashandra thought her world had ended when she was told she would never become a concert singer And then she met the stranger from off world He said he was a Crystal Singer one of the unique ones of the Galaxy and when Killashandra tried to find out what a Crystal Singer was the answers were vague, obtuse All she could discover was that they were special people, shrouded in mystery, and danger, and beauty and something altogether incomprehensible It was then that she decided she too must try and become a Crystal Singer with all the dangers and gruelling demands made of the elite and glittering ones of Ballybran This is the story, of Killashandra and the mysterious exploits of the Singers.

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      144 Anne McCaffrey Michael Whelan
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    1 thought on “Crystal Singer Omnibus

    1. Anne McCaffrey's The Crystal Singer is the reading equivalent of comfort food for me. It's a book I pick up every few years and re-read and, each time I do the tale of failed diva, Killashandra Ree who, in a fit of emotional and psychological piqué, agrees to become the companion of a mysterious crystal singer while he holidays from his demanding job only to find herself, months later, on the dangerous planet Ballybran training for a career as a crystal cutter herself, never ceases to enthrall [...]

    2. A very interesting first book, then a plain old love story in the second; it made me reluctant to start the third (delayed it up to a month). But the third book was much better - the obligatory sanguine happy-end notwithstanding.

    3. Came across this after reading some of the Dragonriders of Pern series. It has become one of my favourite "escapism" novels to re-read whenever I just want to be transported to another world.Killashandra is a pompous, haughty singer, until the day that she's not given the part she's been training most of her life for. After a chance encounter with a Crystal Singer, which leads to her escorting him home when he is injured, she starts the process of becoming one herself.The trilogy tells of Killa' [...]

    4. I wondered why there were no reviews for this trilogy. In fact there are many, but they can be found with the crystal singer omnibus, which is of course the same work as I read. Oh well, I'll just add my review anyway.Anne McCaffrey is described as an author who wants women to be portrayed realistically in fantasy novels. She certainly succeeded in portraying a likeable heroine. From the first page I was attracted to this arrogant, slightly airheaded, but smart and resourceful woman, that gets h [...]

    5. This omnibus has the entire Crystal Singer trilogy ("The Crystal Singer", "Killashandra" and "The Crystal Line") in one book.Over all, a 4.5-star trilogy, even though the first book is definitely the best. I guess I'd rate them 5, 4.5 and 3 respectively. I loved reading about how Killashandra learned how to cut crystal in the first one, and her relationship with Lars in the second. The third book couldn't quite live up to the two first ones, and took me a lot longer to finish. It's not boring as [...]

    6. When I picked this up I had many years before read the first two novels contained in it, but not the third. Read as a whole the three work better than most of the individual parts. The sequence then comes over as a coherent history of its protagonist, Killashandra Ree, divided into Youth, Middle Years and Later Years. Only the middle book really works individually, when Ree is caught up in events of considerable significance beyond her own life and influences their outcome greatly and the reader [...]

    7. Overall, I really liked this trilogy. I think that the character development and world building is really interesting, and believable. The main character Killa was easy enough to like, and I could relate to some of her characteristics, even though she isn't really anything like me overall - and I think most people probably could, which is good in a book usually. The three books could be read separately but are even better together, as each links really well, with moments in the third book linkin [...]

    8. Crystal Singer OmnibusMcCaffrey, AnneCrystal singer, killesandra wants to find somewhere she can make a name for herself she happens to mea a crystal singer on holiday and fall in love with him. a captivating story of women and lifeKillashandra the second book of crystal singer after becoming a crystal singer Killashandra has gained wealth and prestege but she is growing over rot with the power and difficulty of singing crystal, does she have enough wealth to leave the planet does she want to re [...]

    9. 3.5 stars. This was a re-read, I read these when I was about 15. They're not bad books, but not great, either. I was deep into my Anne McCaffrey phase, though, and re-read mostly out of curiosity. Not terribly well written, but the concepts are interesting and relatively compelling, though the main character gets kind of obnoxious pretty quickly. Also in the third book, there are these long, pointless off-world scenes that are just so unnecessary.

    10. The Crystal Singer is my comfort book. It has lots of problematic things but it is also a lovely Fantasy/Sci-Fi romance/growing up story. I never felt any inclination to read any other books that might be set in the same universe. This is simply my chocolate cake after one too many bad fantasy books. hmmmmm, it's almost time to pull it out again

    11. I have loved Anne McCaffery since I was a kid, and this remains one of my favourite trilogies. Following a feisty, flawed heroine who is determined to be the best (whatever and however) this book is based on an intriguing a sci-fi premise that still gives me a twinge of longing to set a mountain range alight with crystal song - whatever the cost.

    12. Crystal SingerI liked the idea of a Crystal Singer, I found it interesting. But I didn't like the characters or their morals and there was no plot. KillashandraThe plot was good in this one but unfortunately the characters showed disgusting lack of moral and it has put me off reading the last book.I would not recommend this book

    13. yes anne mccaffrey's books are slightly dorky but i loved them when i was younger and they are still great as comfort reading when i'm feeling sad. it's so convenient that they published a version with all three books. score!

    14. First two are better than the third, but enjoyable. Not a huge fan of her fantasy but have a soft spot for her science fiction. Undemanding and won't change the inside of your head. Good for a lazy afternoon in a hammock somewhere.

    15. Not sure why I like this trilogy so much, but it is comfort reading for me. I enjoy it more than the more famous Pern (Dragon) books by McCaffrey.

    16. Discovered it randomly during my internship in a bookshop and I adored it!auxmotsinsatiables.wordpress.

    17. Just couldn't get into it. As a kid I could (and did) choked down a lot of mediocre fantasy, but I just couldn't do it with mediocre sci-fi.

    18. I couldn't support the science part of this sci-fi book. There also seemed to be parts of this series that were inconsistent with other sections.

    19. This book was great wish there where more along the same lines of this. I want to know what goes on with the junk

    20. I've read this book multiple times. I know it's not the most well-written sci-fi book, but for some reason I just love it.

    21. One of my favorite books, I read it from time to time for a good dose of escapism. Killashandra is a fun, strong female character who grows immensely through the course of the three books.

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