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Rosie and Skate

Rosie and Skate A wonderful YA debut full of drama for two very different sisters It s off season at the Jersey shore when the boardwalk belongs to the locals Rosie is and her sister Skate is Their dad an ami

  • Title: Rosie and Skate
  • Author: Beth Ann Bauman
  • ISBN: 9780385737357
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A wonderful YA debut full of drama for two very different sisters.It s off season at the Jersey shore, when the boardwalk belongs to the locals Rosie is 15 and her sister Skate is 16 Their dad, an amiable drunk, is spending a few weeks in jail while their cousin Angie looks after them in their falling down Victorian on the beach Skate and her boyfriend Perry are madly iA wonderful YA debut full of drama for two very different sisters.It s off season at the Jersey shore, when the boardwalk belongs to the locals Rosie is 15 and her sister Skate is 16 Their dad, an amiable drunk, is spending a few weeks in jail while their cousin Angie looks after them in their falling down Victorian on the beach Skate and her boyfriend Perry are madly in love, inseparable until now, when Perry goes off to Rutgers Rosie is shyer than Skate, but she s drawn to Nick, a boy in their Alateen group What happens to Rosie and Skate in a few tumultuous weeks is deftly shaded, complex, and true Readers will be caught up in each girl s shifting feelings as the story plays out within the embrace of their warmhearted community.

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      188 Beth Ann Bauman
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    1. Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadTooRosie and Skate are sisters. Rosie is a worrier, mostly concerned with holding things together at home and making a good impression. Skate is a free spirit, mostly interested in riding her skateboard down the boardwalk and spending as much time as possible with her boyfriend, Perry. The one thing Rosie and Skate have in common is their alcoholic father.Rosie finds comfort in attending a support group for teens with alcoholic parents. Sh [...]

    2. Love, love, love this book. Skate and Frank will make you hungry, Barney and Lorry will make you want puppies, Rosie will make you want to use a lot of exclamation points (!!!) Realistic fiction for which the cataloging description "children of alcoholics" was tailor-made, where love fizzles and blooms again, and Drama Queen dishes advice that sounds like it won't work, but does, if you use it right. This is a keeper. It's going right next to my copy of teachers and librarians, this is for olde [...]

    3. Sisters 15 and 16 are raising themselves after losing their mother as toddlers and dealing with their alcoholic dad, Old Crow. Skate suffers when her boyfriend of a year dumps her for a Rutgers girl, so she leaves his mother's house and moves in with her boss. Rosie, the younger, is deeply effected when Old Crow loses prison visiting privileges, turning to a fellow AA member for her first sexual encounter. Both sisters think they are doing OK on their own, so the author apparently thinks that is [...]

    4. This book,"Rosie and Skate", is definitely on the other end of books I have read. Personally, I stick to books that have a lot of action and has crazy events throughout the story. But recently, I have been loving real world situations in books that can relate to others who go through different things. This story takes place in the Jersey shore with two sisters, Rosie and Skate. Their father is an alcoholic who ends up in jail. Rosie loves her dad, but Skate has a different opinion. Throughout th [...]

    5. Rosie and Skate are sisters. Their dad is in jail -- he is an alcoholic and does stupid things when he drinks too, too much. The chapters alternate between Rosie's and Skate's voices. The two young women view the world, their father, and their lives very differently. Rosie finds a new guy she likes, while Skate has problems with her great boyfriend being far away at college. Why is it that the only thing that stays the same is their father who can't get it together?I like how this book flowed -- [...]

    6. This book was simple. There wasn't anything wrong with it, you just knew where the book was going to go once the author gave you a slight clue.Although the author lets you into the minds of the two sisters, I never really felt like I was completely in Skate's head. Instead, I could tell more about her from the description of the characters' actions and words around her. I liked the switch in perspectives of their father by the end of the book. I felt like it helped develop Skate's character bett [...]

    7. Thing I liked:The characters, Drama Queen, The ending, FRANK, the puppies, the setting was rich and believable. I liked the strangeness and comfortableness of their whole situation, the way Skate lived in so many houses, and loved so many people and yet was virtually the hard sister compared to Rosie. I liked Nick and Rosie too, that they were lost together and yet completely seperated. Things i didn't like:I knew that perry was going to go. not because i didn't like him at first, i totally did, [...]

    8. Rosie and Skate are sisters. Rosie worries a lot because her father is an alcoholic. He's in jail, too. Skate, on the other hand, does not care about her father. She lives with Perry's (her boyfriend) mom. AND her real name is Olivia.A meeting is always held for children with alcoholic parents. Rosie goes to these meetings and she meets Nick—her classmate with an alcoholic father. Skate goes to Perry's dorm all the time without telling his Mom and her cousin Angie. I like this book because it' [...]

    9. Two teenage sisters cope without their alcoholic father when he is sent to jail for a few months. The novel portrays the girls extremely well and shows their loneliness and longing. The writing about the sex lives of the two may be the best I've seen in a ya title.

    10. No joke Beth Ann Bauman is my favorite YA author right now. She could write about anything and I would probably read it. But I am glad she writes aboutv real girls living on the Jersey Shore.

    11. I picked this up because it was short and I was looking for a one sitting read. It was not a typical YA summer contemporary, it had more depth than I anticipated. I enjoyed reading a book that featured slightly quirky, but everyday characters. Rosie and Skate may have experienced a lot of sadness in their lives, but Bauman does not let the story get too melancholy. I appreciated the balance of happiness against the tragedy in their lives.

    12. This book is about two sisters Rosie and Skate. Their father is a drunk and currently in jail. It follows them through their coping with their dad and their love lifes. It's a really cute story

    13. *Spoiler Alert* *THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS* “Rosie and Skate,” is a novel by Beth Ann Bauman about two young sisters whose dad is an alcoholic in jail. Rosie and Skate's cousin, Angie, is staying with them in New Jersey, but Skate frequently stays with her boyfriend, Perry. Rosie is very sweet and girly, but Skate is very tough and is usually very rude. Rosie meets Nick, who becomes her boyfriend, at one of her support meetings for her dad's problem. Nick comforts Rosie when her dad los [...]

    14. Review:The main characters are sisters, Rosie and skate, who are opposites. Rosie the sweet and girly sister while skate the tough, confident type. However they both have an alcoholic father who they refer to as the “Old Crow” and their mother died when they were young. The Old Crow gets sent to jail and the sisters try to manage their personal lives. Skate lives with her boyfriend’s mom while Rosie’s lives at home with Angie (their cousin). Skate goes through a rough patch with her boyf [...]

    15. (This is my first review pls tell me if I'm doing something wrong.)Okay so, I read this book in like I ono maybe April? Anyway, I picked it up because I hated the books I was being forced to read, and so I was like, "hey the name Rosie I like that name" and so I read it. I liked it well enough, except I had conflicting views of the characters and it was allblech.Like, you know what I mean? I liked one the one minute, then didn't the next. Like Rosie. I liked Rosie herself, but I didn't like her [...]

    16. Review originally posted on Rather Be Reading BlogIt wasn’t until Hurricane Sandy hit and I was sitting home watching the devasting pictures of the Jersey Shore I love so much that I remembered I had Rosie and Skate to read. I dug through my bookcase, pulled out my used copy, turned it over and spotted a familar sight: the Ferris Wheel at the center of so many aftermath photos all fine and dandy. It kind of threw me for a loop.So I started Rosie and Skate in hopes of preserving some of my own [...]

    17. Let me first say that when I laid my eyes on the cover of this book, I knew I had to read it. The cover is so pretty and unique, I didn't even bother to read the jacket before I checked it out. That's something I hardly ever do, but I did in this case. It's even prettier in person than when you look at it on a screen. Rosie and Skate are two very different siblings. But despite their differences, they still went well together. I can't imagine them both being wild or them both being peaceful and [...]

    18. Rosie and Skate are sister's whose single father has been sent to prison for stealing, while drunk. All of their lives, the two have had to cope with their father's drinking. While, Skate, the older sister (16), is completely done with her father, Rosie (15) still tries to take on the world's problems and keep her family together. The two occasionally attend an Alateen group, where Rosie is making connections and the two are learning better coping strategies. Rosie begins a precarious relationsh [...]

    19. Realistic YA fiction just got another stellar book on its list with Rosie and Skate.Rosie and Skate's alcoholic dad is in prison again and things are tough. Rosie's holding out hope for Dad to get better. Skate is trying to deal with her boyfriend going to Rutgers and starting a long distance relationship. Skate lives with her boyfriend's mom and Rosie is in their worn home, being looked after by her cousin. As life moves on, the girls' grow up. I wasn't sure what to expect from this book. If I [...]

    20. Rosie and Skate are two teenager sisters that live in the Jersey Shore area. They have a hard life since their mother died while they were still babies, and their dad is an alcoholic and is now in jail. Rosie lives at her house with her cousin as her guardian, and Skate lives with her boyfriend’s mom. Both Rosie and Skate deal with many problems but they each have their own main conflict that they have to face. Rosie, starts hanging out with Nick, a boy in her support group to help deal with t [...]

    21. It's autumn at the Jersey Shore, and teenage sisters Rosie and Skate are going through a difficult time.Their alcoholic father has been arrested for drunken shoplifting and incarcerated for several months. In his absence, the sisters must grapple with strong, complicated feelings. Their mother cannot help them, because she died when they were very young.Rosie finds solace attending meetings for families of problem drinkers, but Skate doesn't have patience for the "drama." Meanwhile, Rosie charts [...]

    22. Rosie and Skate deals with two teenagers living in the shadow of their father's substance abuse. The Old Crow, as they call him, is an alcoholic and currently in jail, leaving Rosie and Skate in the care of their cousin. Rosie is the youngest, and at first is consumed with resolving the issues around her father's problems, while Skate, at seventeen is getting her feet wet with her first serious relationship, with a college boy. The girls orbit around the scattered home they've created for themse [...]

    23. Another book that wasn't what I was expecting.I love Jersey beaches/boardwalk. In fact, I just got back yesterday from a vacation in Wildwood, south of Jersey shore. I liked the idea of sisters that live there all year round. So I grabbed it.I wasn't that impressed, though. It's a really short book, but I had a hard time reading it. It was slow. Not much seemed to happen besides the sisters having boy problems and avoiding each other. They only thing that really stood out was that Skate was melo [...]

    24. I picked up this YA title in the pursuit of reading some books from the collection that have gotten great reviews but haven't circulated much. I think the cause for this one is the cover. The inside of the book, however, is marvelous. It's a serious and engaging story of a pair of sisters who are a sophomore and junior in high school when their alcoholic father is sent to jail for stealing money from a drug story to buy booze. The chapters alternate back and forth between their very different pe [...]

    25. I loved this story of two high school-aged sisters in a New Jersey beach town over the winter. Bauman gets the setting and mood just right -- smooching boys amidst the dunes, biking down cold, windy streets, hanging out in nearly vacant arcades. The arc of the sisters' stories is entirely plausible, and wholly diverting. The only thing that kept me from falling fully into the world of "Rosie and Skate" was an inconsistent series of choices Bauman made about using Jersey Shore place names. They r [...]

    26. As soon as I saw the cover, I wanted to like this book. It's Seaside, at the Jersey shore, which reminded me so much of my childhood. My family spent 2 glorious weeks every summer in Seaside Park, and so it brought back some great memories. Rosie and Skate are sisters, and I love the opening lines, "My dad's a nice drunk. There is such a thing." Rosie, the younger sister, goes on to tell her side of the story, and in alternating chapters, Skate tells her side. There's a lot going on here, as Ska [...]

    27. I signed up for a YA reading challenge and chose this book because it sounded kind of interesting in the description on . Rosie and Skate are sisters who are living with a cousin in a dilapidated Victorian house in a tourist town on the New Jersey shore. Skate is in love with a college freshman and Rosie is angry with her father, in prison for crimes committed when he was drunk. Rosie attends alcholic anonymous meetings for family and friends of alcoholics. She struggles to understand and forgiv [...]

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