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Bad Things Happen

Bad Things Happen The man who calls himself David Loogan is leading a quiet anonymous life in the college town of Ann Arbor Michigan He s hoping to escape a violent past he would rather forget But his solitude is bro

  • Title: Bad Things Happen
  • Author: Harry Dolan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The man who calls himself David Loogan is leading a quiet, anonymous life in the college town of Ann Arbor, Michigan He s hoping to escape a violent past he would rather forget But his solitude is broken when he finds himself drawn into a friendship with Tom Kristoll, the publisher of the mystery magazine Gray Streets and into an affair with Laura, Tom s sleek blond wifeThe man who calls himself David Loogan is leading a quiet, anonymous life in the college town of Ann Arbor, Michigan He s hoping to escape a violent past he would rather forget But his solitude is broken when he finds himself drawn into a friendship with Tom Kristoll, the publisher of the mystery magazine Gray Streets and into an affair with Laura, Tom s sleek blond wife What Loogan doesn t realize is that the stories in Gray Streets tend to follow a simple formula Plans go wrong Bad things happen People die Elizabeth Waishkey is a single mother She s also the most talented detective in the Ann Arbor Police Department But when Tom Kristoll turns up dead, she doesn t know quite what to make of David Loogan Is he a killer, or an ally who might help her discover the truth Loogan suspects his friend s death is part of a much larger puzzle, and he s not going to wait for someone else to put the pieces together As Loogan and Elizabeth navigate their way through Kristoll s world, they find no shortage of people with motives for murder, from a young graduate student obsessed with Laura Kristoll to a trio of bestselling writers, all of them with secrets they don t want uncovered But as the deaths start mounting up some of them echoing stories published in Gray Streets Loogan begins to look and like the most promising suspect Soon it becomes clear that only Elizabeth can find the path to solving both the murders and the mystery of Loogan himself.

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    1 thought on “Bad Things Happen

    1. ***3.5 Stars*** This mystery was an appealing debut novel, noirish in style and tone. I listened to an audio which may not have been the best format for enjoyment. Keeping track of the many subplots and secondary characters was challenging at times. I frequently read suspense novels; and, honestly they are often forgettable. This one was impressive with clever literary references and a cut above the others that I’ve read. I look forward to finding more novels by this author.

    2. This is an excellent first novel--a witty, literate tale with great characters--that grabs you from the opening line: "The shovel has to meet certain requirements."A man who calls himself David Loogan arrives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and on a whim, submits a story to Gray Streets, a literary crime journal. The magazine's editor, Tom Kristoll, is impressed with Loogan's abilities and persuades him to come to work as an editor for the magazine. In short order, David and Tom become close friends.Loo [...]

    3. An excellent first novel by an author new to me. Several friends gave this a 4 star review. I don't usually give out so many stars for a mystery-thriller, but Dolan deserves it for this effort & this is a self-contained great start to a series. The characters were excellent. Each was well drawn, an individual without stereotypes or overbearing explanation. It's someone you meet, a slow realization, subtly & fully fed. That includes the mysterious main character that we slowly learn more [...]

    4. While it did take me one month to finish this book, I wouldn’t say I didn’t enjoy it. Yes, I just executed a double negative (the double dribble of the writing world) for those of you who only approve of appropriate grammatical choices. But I wanted to prove and emphasize a point. And my point is that I really did enjoy BAD THINGS HAPPEN. I was appropriately amused and entertained, as I filled my life with hugs and kisses and machine guns.David Loogan can juggle more than just oranges, and h [...]

    5. If this book were a story in Gray Streets, it would have had an editor.If this book were a story in Gray Streets, the editor would have made Harry Dolan change at least some of the references to Elizabeth's raven hair to black hair. (I swear, he never refers to it as black--it is always raven.If this book were a story in Gray Streets, the editor would have deleted at least two or three or four or fifteen of the who-knows-how-many plot twists. (Makes you want to scream Enough Already!)If this boo [...]

    6. I read a lot of mysteries and thrillers, and there's nothing more frustrating than when I can figure out where the plot is going or who the murderer is before it's revealed. When a book keeps me guessing, I'm hooked. And that's why I loved Harry Dolan's debut novel, Bad Things Happen. I had my suspicions about where the plot would go. Sometimes I was right and sometimes I was wrong, but the book took so many twists and turns, I found myself surprised from time to time, and not because of random [...]

    7. I don't know if I can really say I liked this book. It made me curious, and kept me reading. I like the writing style and I was intrigued by the main character. Not bad for a first novel, but still flawed: first of all, there were far, far too many twists - it got exhausting trying to keep track of everything after awhile. There were also too many times when one character would say to another: "if this were a story." which of course it was, but it started to feel like the author was getting too [...]

    8. I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked up this book but once I started I had a hard time putting it down. It's not a thriller but a story that turns out to be very fascinating. It was actually fun to read. Talk about sharp and witty dialogue.David Loogan is a stranger in town, and on an impulse, drops off a manuscript he writes to Gray Streets, a local magazine run by Tom Kristoll who likes the story. Tom is so impressed with David that he ends up giving him a job as editor. As time goes on, [...]

    9. Often times while I sit in my rented house recovering from a exhausting day making love to my bosses wife by rewriting the same short story over and over (of which I will never publish by the way) I receive a call from my boss (who I have known all of three months) asking that I come to his house to help him remove and bury the body of a alleged intruder. Seems he doesn't want the complications of calling the authorities. I say "sure, why not"? All this and I am less than 1/5 into the book. Plea [...]

    10. I'm not an expert, and because of that I rarely write reviews. But I did decide to write out a blurb on this one because I found the writing to be in tolerable. Maybe the style just wasn't for me, it was so distacting I couldn't finish it. Every little thing was over explained, as if the author was writting to a two year old.Mehh!

    11. "Bad Things Happen" deserves all the praise it's gotten. It's smart, literate, tight and perfectly plotted. I've rarely read a book so full of first-rate dialogue, and its deft skewering of author egos and its fresh insight into how publishing sausage is made lends to the long list of the book's endless delights. It is the rare mystery novel that cheerfully tosses overboard everything that isn't pure fifth-gear story. No stopping to smell the flowers — or describe them — here, thank you very [...]

    12. Bad Things Happen, for the most part, is a fairly clever book that draws liberally from across the crime fiction cannon to use various mystery tropes to construct the plot. The writing is workmanlike but very readable and there are some nice touches and humour. And yet, whilst I enjoyed it, I wasn’t bowled over by the story. On reflection I think there are two things that hinder Bad Things Happen from being a stellar book, which it’s easy to imagine it could have been. First, I felt the book [...]

    13. I just finished a few heavy novels and wanted something a little pulp, a little noir and a little light.This book popped up with some decent reviews so I thought I would go for it.Well, I got "light," but this was really not a very good book. A fast read, yes as it's simple style and pacing lends itself to a quick journey, but not a very good one.The book felt contrived. Always reaching to try and fool and be clever, but coming across as just trying too hard.The characters felt like parodies of [...]

    14. Here's the review I posted at MADreads:madisonpubliclibrary/mSometimes I'm reluctant to write a review of a book. Not because the book was bad but because it was good. So good that I know I won't be able to do it justice with my own words. Bad Things Happen is just such a book. Harry Dolan crosses Raymond Chandleresque noir with Quentin Tarantino's rapid-fire dialog and complicated plotting style. All this leavened with enough dry wit to make a Jane Austen fan sit up and take notice.This literar [...]

    15. This is the most annoying book I've finished in a long time, and I only finished it because my wife assured me that it improved after the first fifteen pages, the most self-indulgent and annoying opening I've read in years.Author Harry Dolan's education in philosophy and dabbling in fiction writing with Frederick Busch become weighty handicaps to his writing a mystery. He's so interested in a convoluted plot with occasional allusions to classic Noir (Raymond Chandler, for example), that he forge [...]

    16. I think part of why I liked this book so much is that it was a departure from the dull cozies we so often read in my mystery book club. It was actually mysterious, I couldn't figure out the killer(s) for a change, the patterns I usually look for in mysteries weren't there making it easy (or making me think it was easy in some of the better ones). I didn't have much thought to spare on what was really going on because there was always something making me start the next chapter rather than take ti [...]

    17. I thoroughly enjoyed this first novel (mystery) by an author who lives in Ann Arbor and who sets the book in Ann Arbor. Mr. Dolan's tone and language is consistent, talented, and reminiscent of classic "noir," including both in the dialogue and exposition. The plot is intricate (multiple bodies pile up) and at the same time smoothly logical. He includes just enough suspects to keep the reader guessing (not too many, not too few, but just right) along with unexpected yet plausible plot twists and [...]

    18. Synopsis/blurb"Witty, sophisticated, suspenseful and endless fun" -- The Washington Post The man who calls himself DAVID LOOGAN is hoping to escape a violent past by leading a quiet, anonymous life in Ann Arbor, Michigan. But his solitude is broken when he finds himself drawn into a friendship with Tom Kristoll, publisher of the mystery magazine Gray Streets -- and into an affair with Laura, Tom's sleek blond wife. When Tom offers him a job as an editor, Loogan sees no harm in accepting. What he [...]

    19. (3 1/2). This is about as entertaining as it can be. An interesting and engaging protagonist, a lady detective with a teenage daughter who is really attracted to him, and a whole cast of mystery writers who are up to all kinds of mischief. This story draws you in right from the beginning and builds very nicely. A couple of great twists at the end make it even better. I sure hope we get another David Loogan story because this one was a gas.

    20. From ISawLightningFallBack-cover blurbs should serve to sell a novel, but those adorning Harry Dolan's Bad Things Happen almost made me put it down. When Nelson DeMille, Karin Slaughter and James Patterson heap kudos on a book, I start thinking, "Yeah, I bet this will end up being a hyper-commercialized title, the kind of mindless mystery that gives the term 'beach read' a bad name." But while Bad Things Happen certainly has mainstream appeal, Dolan possesses more erudition, good humor and plain [...]

    21. In the final pages of this literary mystery novel, one of the characters declares the proceedings to be "tedious." I feel that's an apt summary of this book.After "mysterious" loner David Loogan helps his boss - the editor of Gray Streets, a literary magazine for mystery stories - bury a body the titular "bad things" begin to happen. Bodies pile up and suspicions are cast on David and the writers who are attached to the magazine. The central conceit - that the victims and suspects are all someho [...]

    22. I have the good fortune to have a friend who works in a bookstore. Everybody who reads a lot should have a good friend who works in a bookstore. They get all of the best new books first, and, if you're really lucky, they have an innate sense of who might like what book my friend takes a lot of pleasure in matching books to people. She's not merely good at this, she's great. She'll thrust a book into your hands and say, "I think you'll like this," even if it's a book that you might not ordinaril [...]

    23. Note: Harry's entry was my favorite from the 2007-2008 Breakthrough Novel Awards contest, and I am SO EXCITED to finally have a copy of the finished manuscript!I have been anticipating this book for a year now, and Harry Dolan did not let me down. His style/voice is efficient, but there's an excellent wit and richness to it, without it ever feeling indulgent or amateur.My plan this morning (around page 45) was to read "a few more pages," but once I hit around page 70, I could not stop. I spent [...]

    24. It seems like lately I’ve been reading a lot of debut novels. I didn’t plan it, but on several occasions I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Such was the case when I picked up “Bad things happen” by first time novelist Harry Dolan.The book was unsettling for many reasons. First and foremost because the reader doesn’t know who the protagonist is for the bulk of the book. He is referred to for the most part as ‘the man who calls himself David Loogan’. Who is he really? An ex-cop (there [...]

    25. I liked the idea of magazine writers in a novel trying to figure out a crime as if they were writing fiction. The main character, the mysterious Mr. Loogan, arrives in the university town of Ann Arbor, Mich. and tries his hand at writing stories for the local magazine, Grey Streets. He is "discovered" and hired as an editor for the magazine by publisher Tom Kristoll. When Tom's apparent suicide turns out to be murder, Mr. Loogan becomes involved. Loogan bowed his head and his eyes were lost in s [...]

    26. I thoroughly enjoyed "Bad Things Happen" by Harry Dolanwhich is so deliciously written that it could also be titled "what is really happening". When a book starts out "The man who calls himself David Loogan" has you wondering from the beginning just what is real and what is not to be believed. The man who calls himself David Loogan is leading a quiet life in Ann Arbor, Michigan, working as an editor at a mystery magazine called "Gray Streets". One night the magazine's owner/editor and his friend [...]

    27. This is a crime novel about authors of crime novels. These authors have always to remind themselves that they are not characters of a crime novel. Centerpiece of this crime novel is a crime novel that has never been published. One of the reasons for that is that the novel in question (“Liars, Thieves and, Innocent Men”) had too many characters and too many topics inessential to the plot. Truth is that the novel out of the question (“Plans Go Wrong, Bad Things Happen, People Die”) has als [...]

    28. A corkscrew of a whodunit. Set in Ann Arbor, MI where, as Dolan reports, anybody who orders a mocha latte has it handed off by someone who read Hamlet. Students huddled on streets, smoking, add to the noirish mood of the book. Downtown in the 6th floor offices of Gray Streets magazine, and up and down the Huron River, people are dying and other people- who write murder mysteries- are pointing fingers at everyone else. Policewoman Elizabeth Waishkey has to sort through the bodies and the fingers [...]

    29. In a time when politicians have blown past any sense of normal, one needs fiction that is all the more convoluted. That's how BTH feels with its multitude of twists. A novel that even Stephen King and I can agree on at that.The story has a noir quality of presenting an everyday, straightforward murder that soon throws our protagonist into a deep pit of muck where the struggle to separate fact from conjecture seems impossible to overcome.The more one learns, the more one finds what he knows is no [...]

    30. The fact that this is a first novel, quite simply, makes me very angry. No one should be able to write a first novel this good. I comfort myself by thinking he spent 40+ years working on this one, and his publisher is only going to allow him two to write the next one. Enjoy that stress, Mr. Dolan!!!Edit: Well, shit. He wrote this in 2009. I'd thought it was not only his first, but also his only, book. He actually did get his next book published within two years, and then another one three years [...]

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