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Always Wear Clean Underwear!: And Other Ways Parents Say "I Love You"

Always Wear Clean Underwear And Other Ways Parents Say I Love You From talking with your mouth full to wearing clean underwear here are wonderful wise and witty essays that explain those instructions of life that grownups deliver to their children Gellman speaks

  • Title: Always Wear Clean Underwear!: And Other Ways Parents Say "I Love You"
  • Author: Marc Gellman
  • ISBN: 9780688171124
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback
  • From talking with your mouth full to wearing clean underwear, here are wonderful, wise, and witty essays that explain those instructions of life that grownups deliver to their children Gellman speaks directly to kids in a warm, often comical way that doesn t make him sound like a grownup trying to teach a lesson ALA Booklist.

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      392 Marc Gellman
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    1 thought on “Always Wear Clean Underwear!: And Other Ways Parents Say "I Love You"

    1. Subtly arranged around a typical day from getting dressed to doing chores to interacting with others (presumably at school) to going to bed, Rabbi Gellman presents 32 favorite parental maxims, ranging from "eat your vegetables!" to my personal favorite "because I said so!" All reduce to one message: we love you. The author dissects each cautionary proverb on The List and imparts the Bigger Message behind each. "Tie your shoes" really means one should always finish what one starts, "don't talk wi [...]

    2. Confession: I was supposed to read this book years ago for a book club and did not. I finally did and I enjoyed it! Rabbi Marc Gellman wrote this book for kids. The subtitle is "And other ways parents say 'I love you.'" Gellman explains eloquently, succinctly and humorously why the things parents tell kids repeatedly (like eat your vegetables, tie your shoes, money doesn't grow on trees) are so important. These sayings and instructions are for kids' immediate benefit (vegetables are good for you [...]

    3. This is a cute book that is basically informing children about what their parents expect out of them. What parents always say to children and children hate it and don’t understand. They say, Do this or don’t do this. Children get so irritated and don’t ever understand but it is a book that shows that parents do this for a reason. It shows that parents love you and just want the best for you. Many children probably wouldn’t like this book, but I think the humor within the book will help c [...]

    4. Always Wear Clean Underwear!: And Other Ways Parents say I love you” is a really cute book that dedicates its entire purpose to informing children on why parents expect so much from them, and what it means when they give such unruly demands. This book shines a light on that parent-child relationship which can often be a tough dynamic to master especially as both the parent and the child grow older. Despite its simplistic nature, this book says so much about the relationship and what makes it a [...]

    5. What a wonderful book! I wish I knew about it earlier. I would have bought it tons of times over. An easy-to-read why-do-parents-do-this type of book. I'm SO thankful to the couple that passed it on to me and look forward to doing the same.The author breaks down sayings that parents say all the time into the little reason and the big reason. It is one of those that is a great graduation, First Communion, just because type of book.

    6. This is a cute little book for parents to read along with their kids that explains all those old standby parenting maxisms our parents used, and that in turn we use as well. It is written in a conversational, easy to understand manner, and has both Christian undertones and overt references. Worth reading.

    7. This is a great book-- a really great book. it made such a lasting impression on me when I read it as a kid. Reframes the way I thought about the things my parents say time and time again and reveals the inspirational life messages behind them. I just found this in my childhood closet and I think I might revisit it! I highly recommend this read!

    8. It would have been much better if it was about half the length. Interestingly, in the first perhaps 3/4 he talked about "bigger" messages and what was "good" and then in the last 1/4, when he discussed the virtues, he talked about God as well. Not a surprise if you know the author or his other books, but may be if this is the first one picked up.

    9. This is a fun and funny book that explains different "parent-isms" and the real meaning behind them. After reading this aloud to my fifth grade class, I used it as a jump start for a writing assignment, "Just Chill: and other ways kids say 'I love you.'"

    10. A rather good one for all parents to read to their children. I really liked the direct conversational style and the humour with which the book has been written. A small book with cute, meaningful and valuable messages.

    11. This is a great book for any child to read. It is well written and fun to read. Explains the importance of the normal rules that us parent seem to have a list of, such as "Don't talk with food in your month." and "Always wear clean underwear."

    12. I really enjoyed this book. Some of the reasons why we're told to do things I didn't even really think about, but they're so true! I think it's a must read for everyone! You learn to appreciate your parents' efforts a little more and understand that they really did say it all out of love.

    13. I am not done with this book yet, but I absolutely 100% LOVE this book. It is so great to me!! I want all of my kids to read it as w

    14. Similar to the "Everything I Learned, I Learned in Kindergarten." Each chapter has a piece of life advice that is a metaphor for a bigger lesson. I read it aloud to fifth graders several years ago.

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