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Electric Daisy, Vol. 1

Electric Daisy Vol Apapun yang terjadi aku akan selalu melindungimu Itu bunyi email yang dikirimkan sosok misterius bernama Daisy untuk Teru Setelah kematian kakaknya hanya email dari Daisy lah yang menjadi pelipur ha

  • Title: Electric Daisy, Vol. 1
  • Author: Kyousuke Motomi
  • ISBN: 9789792335576
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • Apapun yang terjadi, aku akan selalu melindungimu Itu bunyi email yang dikirimkan sosok misterius bernama Daisy untuk Teru Setelah kematian kakaknya, hanya email dari Daisy lah yang menjadi pelipur hati Teru Karena suatu kejadian, ia terpaksa harus bekerja dengan Kurosaki, pengurus sekolah yang agak preman Siapa sih sebenarnya Kurosaki ini

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      226 Kyousuke Motomi
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      Posted by:Kyousuke Motomi
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    1 thought on “Electric Daisy, Vol. 1

    1. When I clicked the 'I'm finished' button, I saw it as an emotional state - this book finished me off, made me laugh, tear up, squeal and sigh over a cast of wonderful characters and of course, the enigma himself, 'Daisy'.A few of my favourite bits:A must read!

    2. 4.5 Okay so this was like, so adorable? And sweet? And hilarious? How did I not enjoy it back when I first read it years ago?? Oh yeah I was a 12 year old with no taste.

    3. Review of November 2, 2014, on volume 1It's been 3 years, Theresa of 2011, who was very obsessed with Dengeki Daisy.And my beautiful, fabulous public library now brings me the fabulousness that resides in Dengeki Daisy. So now I have access to actual book version, not just mangafox.And I will just say . . . that this manga is not bad. But what I used to think was just a guardian watching over his friend's little sister in secret is so much more than that. This guy is a hacker. He looks good to t [...]

    4. Let me start out by saying that I have never been able to read manga before. I am more of an anime girl. For some reason I always had a problem getting into the whole manga/comic reading. However, I instantly fell in love with this story and had no problems staying on track. Teru is a girl who has had a very tough life. With both of her parents and her brother dead, she has no one to look out for her except DAISY. Before he died, Teru's brother gave her a cellphone with DAISY's number in it and [...]

    5. Awwww, Dengeki Daisy it warms my heart just to think about this manga. I'm quite serious!I love Daisy's character and his not-so hidden identity, it is so obvious from the very beginning who is actually is. Then again, Mangaka, Kyousuke Motomi never really wanted to hide his identity from us xD

    6. 5 Stars, Completed* June 26, 2017*Review based on the entire series (Volumes 1-16)Man, this one was too good.Typically, I'm not someone that starts reading a manga series unless I've seen (and enjoyed) the anime or live action adaptation(s), but I decided to take a plunge and give Dengeki Daisy a go at whim since it seems to be so popular among shoujo junkies. And now, I understand why this gem is considered a shoujo classic. It has all the right elements to make a reader swoon without including [...]

    7. O kadar uzun manga listesi oluştu ki elimde bir yerden başlayıp eritmek istiyordum artık. Dengeki Daisy'ye de bu gazla başladım. Aşırı hoşuma gitti ama. Sevimli (kawaiiiiii :D), tam istediğim tarzda bir hikayesi var. Yavaş yavaş okuyacağım bakalım. Umarım yarım bırakmam :)

    8. Lord!! It's been a long time since I've read the first volume of a manga and fell in love with it immediately. I'm going to adore this series! I can just tell!And. no surprise here, Kurosaki is a total hottie! LOL - he's great! I love him! He's going to be my fave, I can guarantee!Teru and a adorable picture of Kurosaki Kurosaki! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm so much sex!

    9. Starbubbles has invited you to the event: Book of the Month! December: Electric Daisy.Date: December 25, 2011 10:14PMLocation: The United StatesDescription:Continuing with the mysterious caller theme, we are reading Electric Daisy this month! Pick up this series for a different take on taking a call from a stranger.4 stars for plot line alone-a breath of fresh air in the manga titles! thanks Star bubbles for this title! 5th star for the art, especially when the characters are drawn funny fun-fun [...]

    10. Surprisingly not terrible. I was surprised that the identity of Daisy was revealed so early (to the reader, but not to Teru). I expected that to be a mystery that dragged on, even while Daisy's identity became increasingly obvious. Instead, it looks like a lot of the plots will come from Daisy trying to hide his identity in a much more natural way. I'm also pleased that it seems like the romance will be able to develop over time. And I like how Teru views Daisy: he's her friend, not because of a [...]

    11. Full review at some point in the future but this has to be one of my favorite mangas to date. Beyond cute. Awesome. Adorable.

    12. That was so good that I feel like I need a cigarette even though I don't smoke. Better review to come.

    13. This manga has me smiling like a moron every time I pick it up. The romance is sweet and thoughtful,the characters are strong and compelling and I like how is isn't just your average shojo what with all the computer references. All in all a lovely read.Stars:4.5 only in the sense that the age difference is a tad odd but I guess if you do the half your age plus seven thing then its OK .Ages:14/15+

    14. This is another series I would never have bought if I hadn't come across the scanlations first. It has a look of the more smutty of shoujo manga and that is what it parodies and satirizes and plays with.The girl is so take-charge that the male hero, who is totally aware that with their 7 years age difference (or so) he is starting to be a lolicon, has to fight to keep ahead of the trouble that surrounds her - which isn't because of her beauty or because the most popular male in school likes her [...]

    15. I expected the story to be as lame as the title but I was pleasantly surprised. Teru is very likeable as the main character. She is strong yet still able to be silly at times. She is able to stand up for herself when she needs to not just relying on DAISY to come and save her even though she asks him to. I think the thing that makes her stand out from your average shojo heroine is that she seems like a normal girl. Such a simple thing that not a lot of shojo artist seem to get right.Like Teru, K [...]

    16. I'm enjoying this way more than I thought. The main idea behind this manga is really sweet and new. Of course I may find problems with it if I want to. I mean I always do but Dangeki Daisy is funny and heartfelt at times. I haven't facepalmed yet.

    17. Dengenki Daisy more then proves that you shouldn't always judge a book by its awful/mediocre description.The start of Dengeki Daisy threw me, for the first chapter I couldn't get the tone of the story. It seemed to be over-the-top, and I kept catching myself reading the dialog in mock soap-opera voices. Which is understandable, I mean did you read the description for this? Despite the fact that it does accurately explain the story, it just sounds over-exaggerated. In contrast through, the way th [...]

    18. Si has tenido días que no te apetece nada, ya sea leer, ver TV o una que otra serie o película, esta historia te levantara el animo, a pesar de que no sea una "gran" historia, siempre hace que te saque una que otra sonrisa - sin olvidar las risas, ese Kurasaki es un desmadre - que dan mas ganas de seguir leyendo. Muy adictiva y entretenida tanto por Kurasaki como por Teru - de la cual me identifique, esta loca xD - y mas con ese final que te deja WHAT?. Aun así, vale la pena leerla - y mas po [...]

    19. This is for all the 72 chapters that are out to date Dengeki Daisy.5 stars.Finally I get my hands on Shoujo manga that is worth reading, it gives more than just school festivals, School Exams and School trips. The Characters are great, all of them. It has a real plot beyond the interaction of the MC. You want to know what is going to happen no matter what. It is Truly funny when it should and dramatic enough when it has to.The Female is great, she is not annoying she is how a girl of her age sho [...]

    20. I don't normally admit to the amount of manga I read. I feel like it unfairly inflates my numbers and it would probably shock y'all to realize how much shoujo I consume. HOWEVER I felt I should make an exception with this one because I just finished the entire series and I have been GLUED TO IT almost every waking moment of the past 3 days. Dengeki Daisy was really fun. It isn't quiet Love So Life, Vol. 1 or Skip Beat!, Vol. 01 or Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 1 (or Special A, Vol. 1) but i [...]

    21. I have no idea how to rate this. I've never read manga before and I was recommended to read this first.To be honest, I was not sure about Dengeki Daisy. Everything felt a little silly, cliché. The fact that Teru is alone in the world and nobody thought about taking her in to foster care? Nevermind, I kinda know there's like a whole different world and rules when it comes to this genre.About the story, it felt good. Kurosaki is a goddamn hot bad boy and Teru is the funny and silly heroine but a [...]

    22. I love this manga so much!!The best romance manga ever. Kyousuke Motomi sensei knows how to target not only teen readers but also young adults. The heroine in this manga is not your typical girl in a shoujo manga who is very annoying, weak, overly sensitive and too clingy. Teru is strong and knows how to save Daisy. I also love the fact that sensei used an unusual love story setting. Daisy exist in Teru's life only thru phone messages or so she thought.He's a ________*no spoiler* who became a sc [...]

    23. I like it. 3.5 deh, setengah poin untuk gambarnya yang bagus dan rapi. tadinya saya kira preman di sini bener-bener preman yang gahar, tampang menyeramkan dan ditakuti semua orang. kenyataannya ya, cuma orang yang galak dan tidak terlalu pandai mengungkapkan perasaannya. memang sih tipikal serial-serial cantik lainnya. tapi saya suka setting ceritanya, tentang hacker dan cracker. cuma mungkin perkembangan cerita seputar hacker dan cracker-nya hanya jadi latar, coba lebih dikembangkan gitu. pada [...]

    24. A fairly well done manga. I thought that the plot wasn't as raw as it could have been. The comedy was nice and light, and not to romantically drenched yet. I see it coming though. Check next review later most likely I will have something to nit-pick at. The few questions to ask yourself are as follows: Who is Daisy? What did Teru's brother die of? How was Daisy beholden to said brother? The cover was nice, but something about Teru's lips just don't seem right.

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