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The Devil's Arms

The Devil s Arms We both know who you really are Jake s voice was harsh So stop the charade about amnesia Lyn I don t want to hear any of your lies The girl s eyes darkened with hurt and weariness What did he mean He

  • Title: The Devil's Arms
  • Author: Charlotte Lamb
  • ISBN: 9780263094015
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Hardcover
  • We both know who you really are Jake s voice was harsh So stop the charade about amnesia, Lyn I don t want to hear any of your lies The girl s eyes darkened with hurt and weariness What did he mean He called her Lyn, but she didn t really know who she was or where she had come from He said they were engaged, yet he treated her with savage antagonism He eve We both know who you really are Jake s voice was harsh So stop the charade about amnesia, Lyn I don t want to hear any of your lies The girl s eyes darkened with hurt and weariness What did he mean He called her Lyn, but she didn t really know who she was or where she had come from He said they were engaged, yet he treated her with savage antagonism He even suspected her amnesia to be a lie Bewilderment and unhappiness fought in he paleface If only she could remember

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    1 thought on “The Devil's Arms

    1. Hilarious soap opera that would make even Susan Lucci roll her eyes at its wackiness. It's like a tapas bar of over the top, outrageous tropes: Amnesia, psycho ex, adultery, twins, marriage of convenience, forced seduction, nude paintings, punishing kisses, near-drowning, all washed down with about a million cuppa teas, you name it, Charlotte Lamb's got it. If you are in the mood for a crazy, 80s style soap, this is gonna be your jackpot.But amongst all the WTF moments, my favorite one and the o [...]

    2. Hoo boy. I can’t add much that Naksed and StMargarets haven’t already said. Angsty goodness abounds with amnesia, forced seduction, cruel epithets, a disapproving mother, moors, marriage of convenience, and an evil twin. Alfred Hitchcock would have had a field day with this one.I am happy to say that I bought the ending and the hero’s love. The heroine actually develops and shows off her spine when she challenges the hero, who is a portrait painter, to a paint off. If he can prove that he [...]

    3. All my troubles melted away. Seriously. This was so whackadoodle loony tunes that I couldn't help but be completely absorbed. The story opens on the Yorkshire moors when the bleeding, amnesiac heroine is found by the artist hero, her ex-fiance. Heroine is shocked to discover she had a fiance and that she was a slutty mcslut in her former life. It soon becomes obvious that there must be an evil twin out there - since the heroine can cook, but can't swim, isn't allergic to cats, likes animals, and [...]

    4. As OTT as the premise of this book was, I have to say I really liked this one. I guess it's proof of just how skilled CL is at formulating plots that are so sinfully entertaining, you're willing to suspend disbelief and be happy about it too. The story begins with a young woman lost on the moors of northern England. 'Lynn' has no memory of who she is and no idea how she got where she did. There's mist and there's confusion till she's finally rescued by the H Jake and his faithful dog Sam. Yet, h [...]

    5. Read this years ago and went back and read it again more recently. Funny how time changes things. Definitely doesn't gell with today's norms. Still enjoyed it. Nostalgia works wonders. Edited to add:See those boobs on the cover of the Harlquin Presents version? Well, my mom saw those and almost took my book from me (I was maybe 12 when I stole borrowed it from my aunt.) I had to do some fast talking. If she only knew. ROFL!!

    6. I'm disappointed that I wasn't as crazy for this one as everyone else. 1) The whole twin aspect was very obvious2) How he realized she was the twin, was predictable (I anticipated that all the way back in chapter 2) 3) There's a full on violent rape, where no jury would dare to convict her for trimming his "man parts" 4) The love didn't feel credible for either one and her willingness to go back to him without making him "work" for it, just let me down. I'm sorry painting her portrait for three [...]

    7. I read this one back in the day. As I was rereading yesterday, I remembered it as I went along in a hazy sort of way. This one was very well done. Angsty amnesia story. What could be better? The hero had been engaged to the heroine but they had split up. He finds her wandering the moors and takes her in supposedly until she gets over her amnesia. But of course he falls in love with the sweet girl she is now unlike the bitch she was before. Even though he hated her before and struggled with trust [...]

    8. 3 1/2 Stars ~ Waking up on the cold misty moors, Lyn finds herself in a living nightmare. She doesn't know where she is or why, and even more alarming she doesn't know who she is and anything about herself. She's relieved when a man and his dog come upon her and seeing the bloody gash on her head, the man takes her to his home and then to the hospital. After a few days, with her head wound healing, her memory still eludes her. Assuring her that her memory will return, the doctor releases her int [...]

    9. "The Devils Arms" is the story of "Lyn" and Jake.When Lyn wakes up one morning on a strange moor with amnesia, she realizes she doesn't know anything.Thankfully Jake rescues her and provides for her, while she realizes what a bitch she's been in the past to his mom, him and everybody in general.As the new Lyn reveals completely different identity traits, Jake blackmails her to marry him- which she agrees to- and then later we have a very uncomfortable scene of non-con sex which finally reveals t [...]

    10. Well this book is about a woman who lost her memory and the hero thinks it's his ex fiancé who cheated on him. She is of course her identical twin sister who is a slut and bitch. Poor girl has to suffer all her sisters lumps! Not fair also he rapes her after they are married thinking it was just a ploy her innocence and sweetness! He quickly discovers his mistake after this and is sorry. Why I think it was worth 4 instead of 2 is that he did not jump on her after the wedding but weeks later of [...]

    11. My take: I give this book 4 stars. One morning Jake find's Lyn passed out in the forest (wooded area) behind his home. He is very cold to Lyn because she is former fiancée. Jake had recently broke it off with Lyn who worked in a gallery where his work was featured. "Lyn" suffered a nasty bump to her head during the night. This was one of Charlotte's best books. This is most definitely old school harlequin romance for a number of reasons. The hero wasn't wealthy in fact I doubt if he was middle [...]

    12. Read way back, never reviewed but I loved this book. It was such a twist I just didn't expect what was going to happen. The hero was all kinds of heartless but from what he had been through I couldn't really fault him. I felt horribly sorry for the heroine because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    13. Seems i am in for getting loads of surprises with this author,this is another wonderful amnesia emotional read,really liked how the plot kept developing as to how Lyn changed and then the twist which shocks all of them and changed many things.Completely understand Jake's bitterness and anger yet he did'nt turn his back on Lyn helped her till she will be all right plus the revenge goal on his partLyn what to say my heart went out to her first of all lost her memory took all punishments and cruel [...]

    14. I enjoyed the read. The story is mainly about a woman who had no memory of who she was. She finds out her name is Lynn and she's supposedly engaged to Jake Forrester, whose antagonism towards her was as obvious as a 200 pound pink elephant. He thinks she's faking her amnesia but he still takes her to his home where the soon-to-be- mother-in-law is introduced. Feeling unwanted and miserable, Lynn can't help disliking her own identity. In the end, everything was just a huge misunderstanding but th [...]

    15. After reading the first few pages, I realized that I've read this one a long time ago translated to my own languish, even though I continued with it. Not quit a 5 stars read as I thought before reading it the second time but close enough. Oldies will always be my favorite read no matter what crazy, unrealistic things goes on in it.

    16. thank God I didn't read any reviews before reading this. it was a nice read. hero was very cruel to her due to his past experience and tried to fight his love throughout thebook. h who had amnesia was bewildered throughout the book without knowing what she had done.

    17. I give this a 3.75 stars. Spoilers in the review. I'm pretty sure I read this book years ago but when I read this again last night I had a very vague memory of the story and the DO NOT READ BEYOND FOR SPOILER "twist". The reason I gave this a 3.75 stars because I was definitely very intrigued by the mystery and the story and I wanted to know what zeee heck is going on?! I took off 1.25 stars because in the beginning I thought the family life of the heroine and relationship with the (view spoiler [...]

    18. This was a pretty decent older HP. Definitely kept my interest wondering what on earth was going on (I guessed correctly, though it made quite a far-fetched story). I liked the characters pretty well, liked that the hero couldn't seem to help himself with her. Did not like the idea that the HEA included living and scrubbing the house with the hero's mother all day long in a seemingly isolated area -- and no friends seemed to stop by either, what a life! Though at least the mother was nice, I gue [...]

    19. Aww sweet book. I loved the angst, the chemistry and how hero and heroine fell in love. Great old-school Harlequin!

    20. Since i knew about this book a few months ago,i have desperately wanted to read it,and i didn`t get disapointed at all.Charlotte Lamb always surprise me with her fluently plot and beautiful language.The hero and heroine and their sexual chemistry were SO HIGH all over the story,and the angsty between Jake and Lyn (her real name is Linda) got me really intruged.I love angsty romances so much!And Lamb are Prom at writing really sexy ones.I supected the twist halfway through the book but was surpri [...]

    21. Nella brughiera inglese avvolta da una fittissima nebbia, una notte… e all'alba una bella e giovane ragazza bionda riprende conoscenza ai piedi di un masso, ma nella sua mente un'altra nebbia, ancora più fitta di quella esterna, le impedisce di ricordare. Perché Jack Forrester, il pittore che pure l'aiuta, la odia e la disprezza? È stata davvero la sua fidanzata dalla condotta tutt'altro che irreprensibile? Una donna venale, sfacciata ed egoista? Se la memoria finalmente le tornasse, a qual [...]

    22. The Devil’s Arms by Charlotte LambFirst time I read this story I was just about 13 or 14 years old, it was one of my favorite books. So when I found it again 15 years later I had to start reading it again, to see if it really was as good as I remembered it. And it really was. The story starts when young woman wakes up alone in the foggy moor, her head all bloodied and no memory of anything. So when she is found by a dog and a stranger, she doesn’t understand the hate the man seems to have ag [...]

    23. A good book with several twists and turns. Although the hero was generally not the typical Harlequin dark and brooding, he was a nice change to the rule. He was an artist who fell in love with a girl called Lyn but then dumped her when he found out that she was sleeping with half the neighbourhood. Then enters Linda, Lyn's twin sister, although we find this at the end of the story and he falls for her instead. I really like when Linda told to draw a nude potratit of her so she could find out whe [...]

    24. One thing i LOVE about Charlotte Lamb is her lovely heroes that does everything to have the woman they love and her carefully twisted plot just to show how our hero loves our heroine. The Devil's Arms prove to be one of those. Charlotte Lamb tortures our hero just a little bit; making him jealouse, possessive, and blind with passion- a major factor of my love. So call me badm but i love watching the hero jealous. Ive always read about those heroine getting jealous about small things and thought- [...]

    25. This was an ok story. I felt sorry for the h who was going through such a difficult time yet. I didn't get why the mother made her do chores while the H only came in to ask about dinner. No romance btw the H and h which was my real issue with the story. The h acted like a total flake and then decides she loves the H even though he keeps insulting her. And what is the deal with him constantly storming out of the room?? GROW UP!!!! No wonder he still lives with his mother.

    26. جحيم هواكروايات عبير الجديدةاخبروها ان اسمها هو لين شريدان وانها كانت مخطوبة للرجل الجذاب جايك فورستر والتي كانت تقيم في بيته في يوركشاير ولزيادة الغموض كان من الواضح ان جايك يحتقرها ويكرهها.واذا كانت حقا تتصرف بالطريقة التي اخبرها انها تتصرف بها.فهي فعلا لا تلومه.على كل حا [...]

    27. جحيم هواكاخبروها ان اسمها هو لين شريدان وانها كانت مخطوبة للرجل الجذاب جايك فورستر والتي كانت تقيم في بيتة في يوركشاير ولزيادة الغموض كان من الواضح ان جايك يحتقرها ويكرهها.واذا كانت حقا تتصرف بالطريقة التي اخبرها انها تتصرف بها.فهي فعلا لا تلومة.على كل حال كان عليها ان تثق ب [...]

    28. Sometimes I wish Charlotte Lamb books had more sinister plots. I can totally see the heroine's pov when she doubts that the hero wants her for herself. It's not the best way to meet someone. The hero wasn't too mean considering the circumstances and the heroine was too pathetic most of the time.

    29. This was one of the first Harlequin books I ever read when I was eleven or twelve years old. It was translated to my own language; Finnish. Whole time I was reading this it kept me in its hold and it is the book which I can actually recal mostly.

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