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Darkling I Listen

Darkling I Listen Haunted by the malicious rumours that destroyed his acting career Hollywood bad boy Brandon Carlyle returns to his hometown of Ticky Creek Texas Here he hopes to escape From the obesessed stalker wh

  • Title: Darkling I Listen
  • Author: Katherine Sutcliffe
  • ISBN: 9780515131529
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Haunted by the malicious rumours that destroyed his acting career, Hollywood bad boy Brandon Carlyle returns to his hometown of Ticky Creek, Texas Here he hopes to escape From the obesessed stalker who calls herself Anticipating, and her disturbing, threatening letters From memories of the scandal that sent him to jail From the sorrow and shame of being a bright star tHaunted by the malicious rumours that destroyed his acting career, Hollywood bad boy Brandon Carlyle returns to his hometown of Ticky Creek, Texas Here he hopes to escape From the obesessed stalker who calls herself Anticipating, and her disturbing, threatening letters From memories of the scandal that sent him to jail From the sorrow and shame of being a bright star that faded too soon.But Ticky Creek is no longer that safe haven of Brandon s childhood Hidden within the town s quaint charm is a lurking, menacing danger Anticipating is back, and so is a beautiful stranger, Alyson James whose presence, and camera, threaten to blow open the doors of Brandon s worst nightmares.Brandon knows he shouldn t trust her, but he can t resist her He isn t quite sure if she s the woman of his dreams or the woman of his nightmares But though she could be the one who destroys him, he rests his fate in her hands and surrenders not only his body, but his soul.

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      362 Katherine Sutcliffe
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    1 thought on “Darkling I Listen

    1. It really is a shame that author Katherine Sutcliffe retired after only writing 2 romantic suspense books (and numerous historical romances!). I've read both her romantic suspense books now, and both were excellent - though I did like Bad Moon Rising better. She had a real knack for telling a suspenseful story that draws the readers in but doesn't neglect the romance angle.Darkling I Listen (title based on a Keats poem) is about a Hollywood actor, Brandon Carlyle, who has completely fallen from [...]

    2. Whew! If you can handle a 16-hour rollercoaster ride of intense romantic suspense, then plug into this audiobook. Talk about tortured heroes! Brandon Carlyle makes Zsadist from the BDB and Zarek from the DH look like Brady boys. The gorgeous Hollywood icon experiences more than his fair share of BAAAAD luck, as the story begins shortly after his release from a 3yr prison stint for manslaughter. He semi-retires to his little Texas hometown for some much-needed R&R, where the townspeople do a [...]

    3. Updated Mar 7. Wow. Impressive, emotional, and genuinely suspenseful. I think this author could have owned the romantic suspense genre if she had written more of these. Complex plotting, great chemistry between the leads and character growth for both of them. The suspense, once it got into gear, was relentless; especially after you learn that (view spoiler)[ Sutcliffe is perfectly willing to kill off some of her most endearing characters. (hide spoiler)] Audiobook benefits from a talented actres [...]

    4. Having first read Darkling I Listen when it was published in 2001, I was happily surprised to see it available in audio. I haven't read anything better in this genre since then and I rank Darkling as among the very, very best in romantic suspense. This is deeply moving story with all the right touches. Carlyle is a wonderful hero, tragically wounded and isolated while he barely holds himself together for the sake of his needful family. Allison barrels into his life and forces him to come out of [...]

    5. I am not sure I'd classfy DIL as a romance - but whether it is a romantic thriller/gothic or a romance with gothic/thriller undertones, I enjoyed the hell out of it. Our hero is Brandon Carlyle, a washed-out actor and recovering alcoholic who's come to his small Texas hometown to try to put his life back together after his 3-year jail stint for manslaughter. Our heroine is Alyson James, a tabloid reporter who is looking for a scoop so as to ditch her sleazy tabloid for something grander - not th [...]

    6. Darkling I Listen by: Katherine Sutcliffe is That haunting tale of murder,suspense mayhem, & much much more.That can Only be defined as a beautiful disaster.A storm Rising over flooding every corner of my mind,while listening I was gifted by the author 2experience listening pleasures. While the lovely story rapidly unfolds.hauntingly ghostly being told It's so hypnotic I’am still amazed at how it mesmerized me from beginning 2 happy End. Ones Visual minds eye saw an array of colors come 2l [...]

    7. This was one dark and angst read Gorgeous Hollywood actor, who is a recovering alcoholic, ex-con meets Alyson, tabloid writer. She leads him to believe that she is there to write is autobiography. This man has one troubled tortured past, starting from when he was 8-9 years old. I could not put this book down and it took me a while to figure out who the bad guy was. This book will go on my reread stack!

    8. Started out great, but turned out to be a DNF after some annoying scenes. Could have been much better.

    9. It's really 4.75 stars - loved the development of the characters, especially how Brandon's real nature was gradually revealed in comparison with his public persona. Another great aspect that the good guy characters were flawed, but still very likable so I felt invested in them to work out their problems. Something I really appreciated is that so much of the suspense of the story came from the mistakes the characters made. Alyson starts the book by doing something potentially really hurtful to Br [...]

    10. This book was my introduction to romantic suspense. My first and most beloved. Such incredibly dynamic character and plot development I was sucked into this genre with no hope for return.

    11. It's been years since I listened to Darkling I Listen but I still remember nearly every scene. The major hero star in hiding, the nosy reporter heroine (I had a hard time with her character in the beginning), the hero's supportive aunt and uncle, and the really, really bad guy. I thoroughly enjoyed this book in audio but had difficulty staying tuned in when the scenes turned violent and grotesque towards the end.It's about time for a relisten. The only reason this one failed to reach the five st [...]

    12. This book is amazing. I read it years ago, then listened to it on tape, then read it again, many times. I even created a workshop on how to write the perfect romantic suspense page-turner using excerpts from Darkling because this book is the perfect example of "go big or go home!" The hero is a bad boy actor who shows his sweet, vulnerable side when he talks to the one person who can't talk back--his aunt who is in a coma. The conflict between the hero and heroine is perfect because she works fo [...]

    13. Audiobook - Pretty good one at that ! A little predictable , but that did not take away from the story really . I had things figured out by the second disc ( and was right for once ) , but there is a twist to the predictable that I don't think anyone would have seen coming .

    14. I had it figured out by the middle of the book. The book was just too predictable for me. It's definitely more of a romance than a thriller read.

    15. It was just crazy. A large cast of characters -- each who was either wholesome and earnest or batshit crazy -- propelled the impossibly beautiful and desirable protagonists through the plot.

    16. I'm not sure why everyone thinks Brandon is at the top of the tortured hero charts, because, yes, what happened to him is awful, but compared to some of the other heroes i've read about, his past wasn't that shocking (though that didn't stop me from wanting to give him a hug and take away his pain).I think there was too much of the secondary characters. Yes, I think the author was making an attempt to develop them, bute didn't even really do that. There was one character who spent the whole book [...]

    17. An above average suspense/romance -- hard to put down. The narration was very good although she missed chances to lighten the mood by changing her inflection of exaggerated similes --- IMHO this would have taken the book to the level of Susan Elizabeth Phillips books. Still is was a well written mystery/suspense.Still, I have to say that I have a problem with a Heroine who feels that the love of a good woman will cure alcoholism or the damage from a childhood of sexual abuse. The sex scenes are [...]

    18. This book pulled me in from the start. Sutcliffe has such a way with words and the way she draws you a mental picture of the scenes, the characters, the setting just puts you right there. These two characters were made for each other the hero was a broken and the heroine was just the right person to put him back together. This is the kind of book that you will reread because you'll pick up something new each time. I wish Ms. Sutcliffe hadn't retired or whatever happened. Such a great talent.

    19. I can only give this about 3 stars. I was NOT in love with the characters or the theme itself. The microscopic print was rough also. I have seen this book listed on several people's favorites lists but I truly didn't understand why. It just wasn't up to my particular taste and standards.

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