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Dragon Haven

Dragon Haven Centuries had passed since dragons last roamed the war torn world of the Rain Wild River But as peace once again settled upon the land a lost generation of sea serpents ancient half starved and wea

  • Title: Dragon Haven
  • Author: Robin Hobb
  • ISBN: 9780061931413
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Centuries had passed since dragons last roamed the war torn world of the Rain Wild River But as peace once again settled upon the land, a lost generation of sea serpents ancient, half starved, and weary returned to cocoon, certain that they would be reborn as the beautiful and powerful dragons of legend But their arduous journey exacted a heavy toll, and the proud serpeCenturies had passed since dragons last roamed the war torn world of the Rain Wild River But as peace once again settled upon the land, a lost generation of sea serpents ancient, half starved, and weary returned to cocoon, certain that they would be reborn as the beautiful and powerful dragons of legend But their arduous journey exacted a heavy toll, and the proud serpents emerged as sickly, half formed beasts, unable to fly or hunt or thrive.For years now they have been trapped on a swampy riverbank between forest and river, hungry and barely alive, reliant on humans to provide for them.With their survival at stake, fifteen dragons among them the wise golden Mercor, the haughty and dazzling silver blue queen Sintara, and the delicate copper beauty Relpda have set off on a dangerous trek into the unknown, up the Rain Wild River, in hopes of rediscovering the ancient Elderling city of Kelsingra, the lost haven for dragons and Elderlings alike.The dragons are accompanied by a disparate group of human keepers, rejects from Rain Wild society They, too, yearn to find Kelsingra and create a home of their own, one in which they may make their own rules and decide their own fate But is Kelsingra real or merely a fragment of a glorified past buried deep in the dragons shared memories No map exists to guide them, and the noble creatures find their ancient recollections of little use in a land changed by generations of flooding and seismic chaos.As the dragons, the humans including the strong and defiant Rain Wild girl Thymara the wealthy dragon scholar and Trader s wife, Alise and her companion, the urbane Sedric and their magical supply barge, captained by the gruff Leftrin, forge their way ever deeper into uncharted wilderness, human and beast alike discover they are changing in mysterious and dangerous ways While the bonds between them solidify, starvation, flashfloods, and predators will imperil them all But dragons and humans soon learn that the most savage threats come from within their own company and not all of them may survive.

    • ↠ Dragon Haven || ↠ PDF Read by Ë Robin Hobb
      126 Robin Hobb
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    1. Only Robin Hobb could write a prologue from the point of view of a dragon, and make it equal parts terrifying and hilarious.It's all about the dragons! Her dragons remind me of cats; they are vain, greedy and dangerous when roused. They have a selfish sense of entitlement that often leaves others running after them, but they’re also capable of great kindness and love. Well, sometimes. How much of it is genuine and how much of it a ploy is difficult to say. They are not mere beasts that reign f [...]

    2. In the past 12 months or so, I finished more than 10 books by Robin Hobb. She’s brilliant, but writing so many raving reviews gets pretty boring and repetitive, so I got a little creative again: My blacked out review poem:It is lovely, like the light [shining] through.It just got brighter and [more] beautiful.Don't worry, you'll fly.This review was inspired by what Austin Kleon does in his book ‘Newspaper Blackout'. Only he spends more time on it than I did so (unlike me) he manages to get g [...]

    3. So this book is number #2 in the Rain Wild series and it's the continuation of the story of Thymara, Alise, Leftrin and their magical Dragon creatures they're accompanying. We get to see that the story picks up straight after the ending of the first one, meaning you're straight back into the action. What I liked about this book was that there did seems to be a lot more action scenes and some real moments of stress and worry for our cast of characters.So, this book follows our intrepid adventurer [...]

    4. 4.5 stars~ this one continues where part one finished. Soo basically still very much lovable! Flows beautifully~ I loooove Thymara~ And Alise her choices and growth in character is what she deserved alllll along! I feel like she will grow into this confident strong woman and finally do what she loves deeply to the chore: explore and see the world! There were more setbacks in this book that actually made it quite suspenseful at some point. And the growth of the dragons is magical :DA small thing [...]

    5. A satisfying conclusion to the story arc started in book one. The dragon's and their keeper's journey to Kelsingra continues, the storytelling masterfully driven by excellent characterization. Like many of Hobb's books I've read so far the event driven climaxes tend to happen well before the end and then things wind down to the finish. (view spoiler)[ this book I'd say the big climaxing event is the flash flood (hide spoiler)] Fortunately, most of the climaxes tend to centre around changes in th [...]

    6. Another fine fantasy novel by Robin Hobb! While I enjoyed this sequel, I did feel like it dragged in some parts and not much was happening. Still, I loved being back with all of the characters, and I loved seeing how they developed and where this story was going. Robin Hobb's stories are very easily read even though they are 500-page-novels. I think that's because her stories are very accesible, in the sense that they are easy to follow and very captivating. I'm especially fond of the way this s [...]

    7. I don’t know what happened with the first part, but this 2nd one is perfect; I loved it to pieces.The journey toward Kelsingra continues, we get a lot of action, a lot of answers and we finally learned what happened to Maulkin. Plus, we got Tarman, which turns out to be an unexpected ship.And the bunch of lousy characters from the 1st part suffered a complete transformation here, which was a relief.Too many details will spoil the pleasure of reading it, so I will just say that it was one of th [...]

    8. Executive Summary: An improvement over The Dragon Keeper. With everything set the story is just able to move forward at a brisker pace. This is really Dragon Keeper part 2 from what I understand and it feels like it. If you enjoyed the first one, you'll likely enjoy this at least as much if not more. If you found the first book a let down, you may find you gave up on the story too soon.Full ReviewAfter completing The Dragon Keeper, I really wanted to jump right into this one. However with other [...]

    9. Originally posted at eternal escapist.3.5 Stars For me, this book was kind of like an inverted Oreo; it had a dry, brittle middle sandwiched by a great beginning and ending.Dragon Haven picks up where Dragon Keeperleft off, with the Tarman, the dragons, and the keepers still trucking up the Rain Wild River in search of Kelsingra, the so-called dragon haven.The first book spent a lot of time building up to its ending, so the first quarter of Dragon Haven was actually more action-packed than t [...]

    10. Basically the second half of Dragon Keeper, this volume satisfied all the questions and dangling threads in typical Robin Hobb fashion wonderfully. And kudos for the (finally) accurate and accepting view of same-sex relationships.

    11. Guess who’s back?Hobb is back! Well, at least so it may appear to those who – like me - just couldn’t plow their way through her Soldier’s Son trilogy. Although the Rain Wilds Chronicles started out a little slow and unremarkable, I was confident that Hobb would not disappoint in the books to come. She is, after all, one of those authors who just like to take their time, sweet time in order to fabricate a compelling world and story. And I like that! It makes the reading experience so muc [...]

    12. Full Review at Tenacious Reader: tenaciousreader/2015/1I continue to be intrigued with the Rain Wilds, but I will confess If I was absolutely forced to rank all of the books, this is my least favorite of the series. And within this series, this particular book I think may be my least favorite. But, I still found it impossible to put down, and my least favorite book by one of my favorite authors is still a book worth reading.There was actually a lot to love in this book. While you may have had an [...]

    13. It's rare that I care much about how a book ends. This book set up its situations well. I liked the characters and thought them interesting. Hobb had set the stage for some good dramatic conflict. And then, one by one, the conflicts fizzled. The worst, in my opinion, was nothing more than a sort of deus ex machina. This one left the conflict in place, without any sort of resolution at all. Despite the end, I did enjoy the ride for the course of these two books. And if she decides to return to th [...]

    14. Another good one from Robin Hobb, who does a decent job in presenting a new perspective on her Rainwild / farseer world. It is very interesting to take a walk with these stunted dragons along a poisonous river and see them grow inside and outside just like their "keepers". The dragons, esp. Sintara are egocentric and strange -with the exception of wise Mercor and maybe Kalo they are adolescents. To see Sedric reformed- was not surprising after the Malta incident- hated her at the start and she g [...]

    15. I remember reading a while back that Hobb had intended the Rain Wilds Chronicles to be two large books rather than four smaller ones. For that reason, I decided to read the first two books and treat them as one for a review. It's a definite change - one of the more common complaints I see about Hobb's writing is her "slow burn" pacing. I think it's fair to say that here her pacing is practically glacial, and if you find that frustrating you are going to have a difficult time here. Much like some [...]

    16. I thoroughly enjoyed this second novel in the Rain Wild Chronicles. Everything that was set up in the first book comes to a head in Dragon Haven - everything relating to the expedition, anyway. The focus completely narrows to the journey up the river, and for a while we are isolated from the rest of the world and concerns outside of the group. Meanwhile, the small company is starting to show signs of stress and conflict, and nature is doing all it can to prevent their survival.The travel and sur [...]

    17. Robin Hobb, Dragon Haven (Eos, 2010)Every time I read a Robin Hobb trilogy, it happens. Somewhere along the way, I get sucked into it, and I wind up forgoing such niceties as food and sleep in order to finish whatever book of hers I happen to be in the middle of. It took a little longer than usual with the Rain Wilds Chronicles, but about seventy-five pages into Dragon Haven, it clicked. I finished the rest of the book in a couple of marathon sessions and am now pacing my cage while I wait for t [...]

    18. Dragon Haven starts right where we left off in Dragon Keeper. As the second half of what was originally meant as one book, this book was more exciting than its first counterpart. As our characters continue their journey, they face harsh realities that come with traveling on the Rain Wild river. There is lack of supplies, brooding desperation, and inevitable confrontations. I've always loved Hobb's skill in writing her characters; there is no black and white or good and evil and how she captures [...]

    19. Robin Hobb is quite possibly my favorite author. So, it's no surprise that I absolutely loved this book despite the money grabbing way these books have been chopped up. If book one and two were released as one installment then that book would be a five star read, no questions asked. But because they were awkwardly cut in two I must, in good conscience, deduct brownie points.Greedy nonsense aside, this story is amazing, expounding upon a world that I already loved and creating new and wonderful c [...]

    20. I enjoyed this one so much more than the first one. I've heard some people mention that they were meant to be one book but were published in separate editions for some reason. I think that it would have been better as one big ass book, but who am I. I'm not going to divulge any of the story as I don't want to spoil anything. All I'll say is that this one picks up pretty much where the first one left us. A lot more seemed to happen in this one, there was the expected character development and the [...]

    21. In three words: dramatic, intense, exciting."'But perhaps it takes a different kind of strength to keep my word when every bone in my body cries out for me to break it.'"Dragon Haven is book two in Robin Hobb's The Rain Wild Chronicles series, and wow, things definitely start getting more exciting in this book. If you've read my review for The Dragon Keeper, you'll know that my biggest issue was its very slow pace (although I still really enjoyed the story because, y'know it's Hobb, and she's am [...]

    22. reviewstaphorosis 4 starsMy mother made sure we always had some kind of dessert or sweets to snack on. At the same time, with two teenage boys in the house, she got a little upset if an afternoon of baking disappeared in under an hour.I finished Dragon Keeper, the prequel to this book, yesterday morning. While it wasn't as good as Hobb's best, I liked it. And when I found two sequels on sale for a few dollars apiece, I picked them up immediately. Now, less than 24 hours later, I've finished Drag [...]

    23. Short review: Once again, Robin Hobb knocks it out of the park. Dragon Haven picks up immediately after The Dragon Keeper. The biggest knock on these two books is that they should have been published as one. If Peter F Hamilton can publish 1300 page opuses, why can't Robin?Once again, much of this series is devoted to character development. There's some action and certainly plenty of plot progression but character is most important here. I loved every minute I spent with Thymara, Alise, Leftrin, [...]

    24. Nothing whatsoever happens in the first book. Then in this one, I wait for ages and ages for the good stuff to happen (them finding the city), which only happens right at the end and we don't even get to know what happens to them after that. There are really only one or two exciting things that happen in both books.I would be way happier if she reduce both books to one book with a total of 400 pages max, then actually write about the interesting stuff which she never got to at all.I started read [...]

    25. ♦ My Thoughts. This is a series that is signature Robin Hobb. There is sporadic action, a few thrills, chills, catastrophes and plenty of conflict but mainly it is about characters. Each is distinctly individual and while some share common backgrounds, each experienced those backgrounds in vastly different ways. The dragons too are as unique as their keepers. They are arrogant, wise, self-serving, insecure, quick to anger, loving, cruel, affectionate, in a word, complex. Only one really takes [...]

    26. Spectacular - the world building and character development in Book One really came together for an action packed 500+ pages of pure Hobb.

    27. 11th book into The Realm of the Elderlings Series and Robin Hobb is still fascinating me by revealing the world that she has built. Hobb's focus is always the characters and using what the characters go through to illuminate the world building to the reader. Dragon Haven is no different as we learn so much about Elderlings and their relationships with dragons. Because these books are so late in the series it is hard to talk about this book in any real detail. It is basically the journey of a doz [...]

    28. Every year I tend to give my personal, "The Mos Dramatic S*** Of The Year", award (last year's winner - After). I mostly give it to unreadable crazy mess with tons of sex, kids, stupid to the Moon characters, and most importantly Wait for it Drama! And well, if you have questions - yes, it's a "bad" award. But today I decided that it doesn't have to be. Drama can be nailed. (And I almost forget how to write positive reviews). And R.Hobb nails it pretty well. She managed to find just the perfect [...]

    29. Unsurprisingly this book follows directly on from the events of "The Dragon Keeper". It does start off with a info-dump prologue that at first glance looks like a unnecessary read if you come directly from the previous book. But the prologue not only recaps the events of book one, Hobb has hidden some interesting new info in it, so it is an essential read. This book takes place wholly away from the civilization of the Rain Wilds, and follows the journey of the dragons and their keepers further i [...]

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