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Dinosaur Odyssey: Fossil Threads in the Web of Life

Dinosaur Odyssey Fossil Threads in the Web of Life This captivating book laced with evocative anecdotes from the field gives the first holistic up to date overview of dinosaurs and their world for a wide audience of readers Situating these fascinat

  • Title: Dinosaur Odyssey: Fossil Threads in the Web of Life
  • Author: Scott D. Sampson
  • ISBN: 9780520241633
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This captivating book, laced with evocative anecdotes from the field, gives the first holistic, up to date overview of dinosaurs and their world for a wide audience of readers Situating these fascinating animals in a broad ecological and evolutionary context, leading dinosaur expert Scott D Sampson fills us in on the exhilarating discoveries of the past twenty five yearsThis captivating book, laced with evocative anecdotes from the field, gives the first holistic, up to date overview of dinosaurs and their world for a wide audience of readers Situating these fascinating animals in a broad ecological and evolutionary context, leading dinosaur expert Scott D Sampson fills us in on the exhilarating discoveries of the past twenty five years, the most active period in the history of dinosaur paleontology, during which new species were named than in all prior history With these discoveries and the most recent controversies in mind, Sampson reconstructs the odyssey of the dinosaurs from their humble origins on the supercontinent Pangaea, to their reign as the largest animals the planet has ever known, and finally to their abrupt demise Much than the story of who ate whom way back when, Dinosaur Odyssey places dinosaurs in an expansive web of relationships with other organisms and demonstrates how they provide a powerful lens through which to observe the entire natural world Addressing topics such as extinction, global warming, and energy flow, Dinosaur Odyssey finds that the dinosaurs story is, in fact, a major chapter in our own story.

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    1 thought on “Dinosaur Odyssey: Fossil Threads in the Web of Life

    1. I am not a “dinosaur geek.” I have been or am an SF geek, a Trek geek, a Dungeon & Dragons geek, a history geek, a Shakespeare geek. I have been or am many flavors of geekhood.But I’m not a dinosaur geek.I am an evolution-science geek, however, and any book that talks about evolution will always be on my provisional To-Read list. (And, while it doesn’t amount to geekery, I do like dinosaurs and will willingly watch PBS or Discover Channel specials about them. In fact, I’m reminded [...]

    2. Treasure Island- John Ostrom started the revolution in dinosaurs, arguing that they were more active than previously thought- this change in thinking was advance by his student Robert Bakker (Dinosaur Heresies)- author believes that dinosaurs must be studied in the context of both ecology and evolutionStardust Saurians- good overview of the development of life with reference to the geological periodsDramatis Dinoaurae- non-dinosaurs - Plesiosaurs, Ichthyosaurs, Mosasaurs- Saurischia - lizard-hip [...]

    3. One of the best books I have read in a while.Its not just dinosaurs - - because they existed for 150 m years +, the author has done justice to the ecosystem that enabled the dominance of these species.There is so much to learn from this book - - - Evolution, the microfaunal world, endo and ectothermy - and why dinosaurs might have been mesothermsHe takes a long time to explain the world as was then - hotter and a giant Pangaea during the beginning of the Mesozoic, and gradual development of seas [...]

    4. I decided to read up on the new science of dinosaurs in this century (dubbed the dinosaur "Enlightenment" after the dinosaur "Renaissance" that began in the 1970s) and picked this book after coming across that it was called the as the most complete book on dinosaurs for laymen by Phil Currie (a Hawking when it comes to dinosaurs if you will).The praise is fully deserved. Dinosaur Odyssey is a tour de force in educating the public about the Mesozoic period (commonly called the Age of Dinosaurs).S [...]

    5. Muhteşem bir kitap.Kitabı ilk aldığımda dinozorların türleri, yaşam ve beslenme biçimleri, ilişkileri gibi şeylerle ilgili bilinenlerin güncel bir toplaması olduğunu düşünmüştüm ama kitap hem dinozorlarla ilgili bilinen/varsayılan en güncel bilgileri sunuyor hem de dinozorların yaşadığı 160 milyon yılın ekolojik ve evrimsel bir çerçevesini çizerek evrim ve ekolojiyle ilgili çok temel bilgiler veriyor. Yani hem dinozorları merak edenler için, hem de dinozorlarla [...]

    6. Dinosaur Odyssey takes you on a dinosaur-centric tour of the epic of evolution that literally starts with the Big Bang. The scope of this 332-page book is every bit as expansive as that sentence implies. By page 97, Dr. Scott has treated his readers to clear and entertaining discussions of the Big Bang, geothermal processes, continental drift theory, ecology, evolution, and weather patterns. In the second half of the book, Dr. Scott discusses more obviously paleontological topics, including Meso [...]

    7. Dinosaur Odyssey Scott SampsonVisit to a Lost World!Dinosaurs have been popular since the day they were discovered. Children everywhere obsess with them, rattling off their tongue twisting names with ease. Some of those children grow up to be paleontologist who are still obsessed with the "Terrible Lizards" and even write books about them. I'm so glad they do! Scott Sampson's engrossing book takes you on a journey back to the Mesozoic for a close look at the Dinosaurs and the world they lived in [...]

    8. This is a very impressive book, as it's well-suited for both adults with little scientific knowledge of dinosaurs, and for devoted amateurs already well-read regarding that part of paleohistory. It does a remarkable job of using real-world examples and comparisons to make the subject relevant to novices. Simultaneously, the appealing hook of dinosaurs is used as a way to present a number of interesting scientific concepts that have applications beyond the fossil record. Sampson even convincingly [...]

    9. A very good book. In some ways, it's not really about dinosaurs--it's about how dinosaurs fit in to their ecosystem. A lot of the book focuses on how evolution and ecology are essential to understanding any living thing, dinosaurs and humans included. I am a strict amateur when it comes science, so I found this incredibly informative and interesting.There's plenty of discussion of dinosaurs, emphasizing the incredible diversity and weirdness of dinosaurs. Sampson also talks a lot about different [...]

    10. A pop-sci book trying to synthesize the explosion of ideas and controversies following the so-called "Dinosaur revolution." Sampson starts slow; the first half of the book is largely dedicated to background concepts: trophic hierarchies, ecology, and evolution via natural and sexual selection. The middle portion of the book shines; there are plenty of interesting theories tying together everything from "mesothermy," to carnivores giving up meat, to the impact of plant life on the biosphere. This [...]

    11. Oh I so wanted to love this book, and I do but I have several comments:1. Print is way too small and fills many pages with no pictures or graphs to offer relief2. Not enough pictures, graphs, etc.This should have been produced like a textbook with the two suggestions above.I simply could not finish the book because of the 2 objections above--it just put me to sleep every time!!!! AARRRHGHGGHGHGHGHNevertheless the information I did manage to get was truly outstandingSampson covers the whole of ea [...]

    12. Without a doubt, the finest general introduction to the paleobiology of the dinosaurs now available. Comprehensive, readable and well illustrated, this should be on the shelf of EVERY dinosaur lover. This is the first thoroughly documented, authoritatively written book that treats dinosaurs as animals and places them in their ecological context. They are so much more than just a pile of bones and scattered parts, and reading this book will demonstrate just how much more these marvelous creatures [...]

    13. Mr. Sampson's book grows out of the sense that paleontology has grown beyond discovery, classification and cladistics or evolutionary relationships. This book is delves into the ecology of dinosaurs. How their evolution reflects their environments as those environments changed over time.Mr. Samson and the end expresses the exciting, to me at least, idea that we should be teaching what he calls "The Big Story." The inter-relationship of geological change and evolution, or to put it differently, h [...]

    14. Best modern dinosaur book out there. He talks about evolution a bit too much, but there are plenty of other topics covered. It did take me a while to get into this book because the first three chapters are slightly boring (repetitive). If you don't like any given chapter, just read a different one and you'll be sure to find something you're interested in. He does a good job explaining why dinosaurs are relevant to people living today. This book belongs on the shelves of naturalists, environmenta [...]

    15. This book is probably a great introduction to biology for people interested in dinosaurs and to dinosaurs for people interested in biology. However, since I have already read a lot about both of these topics, I didn't find what was said in this book as interesting as I might have had this been my first experience with one of them.Despite that, this book does do a great job of explaining the ecology and evolution of dinosaurs and the other animals in their environments.

    16. An excellent, readable, and fun exploration into dinosaurs, the world they lived in, and their connection the past and the present. It gave me an appreciation for biology that I never had before, and it explores almost every other area of science here and there, from geology and plate tectonics to organic chemistry and astronomy (i.e. giant meteors!). For those who don't know, Scott Samson is the "Dr. Scott" of Dinosaur Train fame.

    17. I really liked how this book brings the world of the dinosaurs alive. For anyone deeply interested in dinosaurs and their entire world I would strongly recommend this book. The first 4 chapters were a bit heavy as the author attempted to give the basic science necessary to understand the rest of the book. So if anyone gets frustrated I would recommend skimming through the first part.

    18. Excellent and thorough discussion on dinosaurs, ecology and evolution. Comprehensive, readable, assumes nothing but the ability to read and understand. Would work as a PBL style course for an intro to Biology.

    19. The first chapter is really good, and the author raises tons of great questions throughout. A little bit repetitive in terms of its messages, and lots of frustrating parts where an excellent question is raised and then turns out to have no answerbut still, best dino book I've read in a while.

    20. Dinosaurs are totally rad, by which I mean sweet. This book would have been more awesome if it had featured more gnarly pictures of dinosaurs, which are totally badass.

    21. This book is by Dr. Scott the paleontologist from PBS' Dinosaur Train! It was a little slow in the beginning, but I learned a lot about what's current in paleontology.

    22. The author is a bit of a Gaist and spends most of his book describing paleo-ecologies and evolution. Not the first book one should read about dinosaurs but maybe the second.

    23. Good book talks about the problems in dinosaur studies and continues to make the point that dinosaurs are only the most visible portion of whole ecological systems.

    24. A well-written overview of the dinosaurs, but also of the world and ecosystems in which they lived.

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