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Gen 13

Gen Collects Gen st Series This was the mini series that first introduced Gen before it turned into a monthly run

  • Title: Gen 13
  • Author: Jim Lee
  • ISBN: 9781887279055
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • Collects Gen 13 1994 1st Series 1 5 This was the mini series that first introduced Gen 13 before it turned into a monthly run.

    • ☆ Gen 13 || è PDF Download by ☆ Jim Lee
      123 Jim Lee
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    1 thought on “Gen 13

    1. Oh, for god's sake Did I use to read this?I mean, I have positive, Weapon-X style memories of humor and breasts and excellence But then again that was the nineties: when I read Wizard Magazine like it was the word of John the Baptist, second edition, and Liefeld taught me that men and women were fifteen feet tall with eleven bendable joints in each leg.You punks don't know how important Jim Lee was to us: he was the legitimacy that turned Image from a middle finger at Marvel and DC to an honest- [...]

    2. Released at a time when new Image titles were literally a dime a dozen, Gen-13 quickly jumped ahead of the pack to become one of the hottest comics around.Gen-13 (originally titled Gen-X before Marvel's lawyers stepped in) was the first teen hero title in creator Jim Lee's Wildstorm Universe. All Wildstorm titles tie in to the saga of Team 7, an elite military unit who were unwittingly given super powers by government orders. The men of Team 7 were known as Gen-12, and Gen-13 features their offs [...]

    3. Common misconception, the story is actually "written" by JIM LEE and BRANDON CHOI.J SCOTT CAMPBELL is the artist w/ ALEX GARNER's inks, and JOE CHIODO's colors.The artwork is beautiful, heavily stylized. J Scott Campbell is what I would call a Jim Lee descendent with a whiff of Japan. I'm very much a fan of his work.The Inks are classy. Colors are top notch for the 90's.The story is absolute cheese but humorous. I always took it as a spoof on superhero teams, specifically X-MEN. If that wasn't w [...]

    4. What can I say about GEN 13? I guess it's my guilty little pleasure. I was in high school right around the time this book came out. I loved the idea of Image comics--with its larger than life art and characters. I didn't really dig the MTV vibe so much, but I did appreciate the fact that none of the characters tried to imitate gansters like most of the people I went to high school with. Mostly, I was in love with Cambell's illustrations and the idea of a strong and brilliant female leader to sup [...]

    5. A promising beginning that fell short. The team of super humans is not a new concept, but that issue was overcome nicely. It's the execution that was somewhat lacking. The story was all over the place, and I'm still not sure what some of the team members can do or why the teenagers don't have the same trouble the parents had with their powers. And I have no idea where the alien came from or who the kid is--It seems like they're important to the story, but poof! they're gone. Strange.

    6. Cómo me entretuvo Gen¹³ en estos primeros y descontracturados números, que en su momento leí en revistas de Ediciones Vid (y marco en el tomo español por aproximación, claro). Lástima que cuando se hizo serie regular enseguida le empezaron a meter crossovers y me aburrió. Pero aunque en retrospectiva puedo ver que no era la gran cosa, creo que fue un buen comic para adolescentes de los 90s.

    7. Gen13 was pretty popular in the 90s (I think), but these first five issues haven't aged well. The creators were obviously influenced (in part) by manga, but the storytelling and artwork don't have the sophistication of even a low-level shonen series. I'm guessing the creative team got better over the years. But this first outing is a total mess.

    8. Jeugdsentiment. Als ik een persoonlijke tijdscapsule van de jaren 90 had moeten samenstellen, dan zaten de eerste Comics van Gen13 erbij. Juist dat het nu zo gedateerd aandoet hoort bij de charme die ook de jaren 90 leuk maakten.

    9. Its a decent book. Only bought it to see Jim Lee's early works, nice drawings. A group of special kids developing special powers and somehow all of them related well with each other. Don't expect much from the plot

    10. A lesbian superhero, clothes that barely fit sexy women, quick witty humor and battlescenes: I loved this comic collection when I was a post-pubescent teen, and guilty-ly enough, I still do.

    11. Great art; dialogue and narration right out of campy 1960s Stan Lee with an incredible amount of cliched dialogue. Everything is explained and re-explained.

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