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Hot Ice

Hot Ice From New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts comes a seductive novel of red hot passion and cold hard cash as a Manhattan socialite living at jet set speed crosses a desperate man on the run a

  • Title: Hot Ice
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780307567703
  • Page: 345
  • Format: ebook
  • From New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts comes a seductive novel of red hot passion and cold hard cash, as a Manhattan socialite living at jet set speed crosses a desperate man on the run and finds herself trapped in a deadly game that may have no winners or losers or survivors Reckless Whitney MacAllister possesses all the wealth and beauty every woman dFrom New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts comes a seductive novel of red hot passion and cold hard cash, as a Manhattan socialite living at jet set speed crosses a desperate man on the run and finds herself trapped in a deadly game that may have no winners or losers or survivors Reckless Whitney MacAllister possesses all the wealth and beauty every woman dreams of Streetwise Douglas Lord has the good looks and quick wits to be a success at his chosen profession larceny She has the cash and the connections He has the stolen documents leading to a fabulous hidden fortune It is a business proposition, pure and simple.But the race to find the treasure, from Manhattan to Madagascar, is only part of the game For their fierce and dangerous attraction to each other soon threatens to overwhelm them unless their merciless and shadowy rivals kill them first.

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      345 Nora Roberts
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    1 thought on “Hot Ice

    1. Well this had to be one of the more enjoyable reads by this author for me."would be thief for hire" Douglas Lord has just finished a "job" lifting important papers that date back to Marie Antoinette and the lost french jewels that lead to a fortune in treasure. After almost turning over the papers he finds out he is to be double crossed & dumped in the nearest river, so he decides to keep them for himself, but he has to get to it before Dimitri & his goons get him first. Whitney MacAllis [...]

    2. Bueno, bueno… Ha sido una auténtica sorpresa. Llevaba mucho tiempo buscando un libro de romance con suspense y que se desarrollara en la búsqueda de un tesoro. No sé por qué me gustan tanto los libros de aventuras como este. Los disfruto mucho, y este no ha sido menos.Si tuviera que sacarle algún punto negativo, sería que quizá todo empieza demasiado deprisa y los personajes “confían” uno en el otro muy rápido, pero teniendo en cuenta lo que la historia me ha gustado, sería quisq [...]

    3. CHEESY!!!And if you're ok with cheese, it's not a bad book. My chief complaint is that they eat a lot of mangoes in this book's a quotePulling out a mango, he took a big, greedy bite. And theynever peel them. Obviously the author has never eaten a mango. And that bugs me, because I love mangos, andesh, do a little research. But I guess mangos were more exotic in the 80s, and most readers didn't know you had to peel them.So anyway. think Romancing the Stone, and that's about the gist of this book [...]

    4. It just didn't do it for me. The storyline plodded along, and I couldn't like either of the main characters. There didn't seem to be a plausible reason why I should root for them. Vain, shallow, brash females don't engage me, and neither do narcissistic, immature males. I finished it because I wanted to see how it would end, but I would never reread or recommend it. The end was actually the best part

    5. Wow, has Nora Roberts ever gotten better in the last twenty years! I used to love her "two-word title" books which were always her mystery/romance books. I could barely make it through my 2006 re-read of "Hot Ice"! It was so repetitive, all the characters smoked a lot, and they were just dumb. What thief just gives out his name and travels with his own papers when being pursued by a Mafia God?

    6. Definitely not one of Nora Roberts best books and the only one I've ever given less than 3 stars. This is a story about an unrepentant thief who steals priceless documents leading to a spectacular treasure from his mob-like boss and is therefore chased basically around the world (from Manhattan to Madagascar). Unfortunately, neither the hero nor the heroine were likable characters. Whitney is shallow and vain and gave off that Paris Hiltonesque vibe - more money than brains. Douglas was worse - [...]

    7. Nora Roberts dispensa qualquer apresentação. É uma autora de renome internacional e mundialmente aclamada. Apesar de não ter dado as cinco estrelas a esta história, tenho de confessar que gostei bastante. No entanto, foi-me complicado entrar na história, sentir-me agarrada, como habitualmente acontece com os livros de Nora Roberts. Não é que não esteja repleto de acção e mistério, não foi por causa disso. Acho que foi mesmo o excesso de lugares, acontecimentos e a falta de mais paix [...]

    8. 4,25 stars - Nederlandse pocketIk heb heimwee naar Frankrijk. Naar Parijs en mijn eigen kamer die uitkijkt op de mooie tuinen. Mama houdt me steeds voor dat we niet moeten klagen. We wandelen soms langs het strand, en daar geniet ik van. We vinden de mooiste schelpen, maar als ik mama dromerig in de verte zie staren, weet ik dat ze ook naar huis verlangt. Er komen ook schepen, papa praat wel eens met de kooplieden. Het nieuws uit Frankrijk is meestal slecht. Ik hoorde papa laatst met mama over h [...]

    9. Um ladrão profissional e uma herdeira dum império de gelados é uma dupla improvável para uma caça ao tesouro. Douglas e Whitney conhecem-se de uma forma muito peculiar e uma convergência de interesses vão levá-los numa perigosa aventura em busca de um colar que em tempos pertenceu a Maria Antonieta.

    10. I counted this as a mystery - and there is a mystery to be solved here - but this is truly more of a buddy comedy/action/thriller like "Romancing the Stone". The hero and heroine are thrown together with two competing agendas against a fairly exotic (in this case, Madagascar) locale and asked to solve a historic puzzle while staying a step (or two) ahead of the bad guys. It is a little bit predictable but it is also more than a little fun as you find yourself rooting for them and figuring out ho [...]

    11. 3.5 STARSI came across the audio version on Overdrive and couldn't resist. It is old school Nora (everyone smokes like a freight train), but I still found it entertaining. Audio - Anna Fields is a good narrator. I wasn't in love but didn't dislike her style either.

    12. Doug entra num carro aleatório para tentar despistar uns tipos que o perseguem para o matar e assim conhece Witney, uma jovem que, apesar de pertencer a uma família riquíssima, vai obrigar Doug a torná-la sua parceira quando descobre que ele vai embarcar numa caça ao tesouro. Doug tem as peças necessárias para decifrar o puzzle, Whitney tem o dinheiro para financiar a expedição e juntos vão embarcar na aventura das suas vidas.Esta é a parte que eu gosto no livro.A aventura desenrola-s [...]

    13. Nora Roberts' Hot Ice, one of her older standalone books from the late 80's, is a halfway decent caper novel. Thief Douglas Lord, betrayed by the man who's hired him to steal valuable papers pointing the way to a lost treasure from the French Revolution, is thrust across the path of the young heirness Whitney MacAllister--who promptly decides that teaming up with Doug will be the biggest adventure of her life, and never mind his occupying the shady side of the law.Our hero and heroine journey fr [...]

    14. Não me apaixonou mas ri-me muito com os protagonistas nesta aventura por terras de Madagáscar. Gostei da forma como Whitney e Doug se conheceram e dos diálogos entre eles (Vai a pé. Se há aí uma arma, eu quero vê-la. De outro modo desaparece.) E a mania de Whitney de apontar todas as despesas num bloco de notas para Doug lhe pagar? Oh, o que me ri com estes dois! Lol

    15. Mehhhhh, I didn't really like either of the main characters - they had questionable morals and their personalities were not the type that I admire. Still a pretty entertaining read, but not as enjoyable as other Nora Roberts I have read.

    16. Nora Roberts a escrever 'policiais', este já é o segundo. Tem ritmo, emoção, suspense e romance; resumindo, tem tudo o que eu gosto, mas também tem algumas falhas de narração imperdoáveis que podem ser da tradução, ou não !

    17. Reviewed by JoAnneBook purchased by JoAnneReview originally posted at Romancing the Book Hot Ice is a romantic suspense which leaned more towards the action/adventure side of the story rather than the romance part which is sometimes carelessly thrown in here and there and doesn’t always seem to fit. The adventures though were top notch with lots of action, shootouts, weapons, deductive reasoning, bad guys, good guys who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, untimely deaths, thef [...]

    18. The historical fiction kept my intrigue with this title. Where was Nora going to go with it and how was it going to be worked into the story At times I was frustrated with not enough dialogue, too many times the couple was caught and so many innocent deaths. My almost last straw was the last hotel they checked into where again they allowed Remo and Barnes to find them. Why???? Why didn't they hide out in the bush until they got on the plane headed to Paris. Sigh. It was an interesting HEA ending [...]

    19. Finished reading: November 2nd 2014“You're a first-class bastard, Doug." This time he grinned because he'd heard the light trace of respect. "I like first class, Whitney. I'm going to live there the rest of my life.”(view spoiler)[I have to admit I mostly picked up a copy of this novel because I had to read a book with 'Ice', 'Frost' or 'Snow' in the title for the Bookish Bingo: Holiday Edition challenge, and the only title I could find a copy of easily was Hot Ice. The story and characte [...]

    20. "A puzzle. I've got pieces to a puzzle and I'm going to Madagascar."Beautiful, elegant, manhattan socialite Whitney Macallister finds herself placed into a unique partnership on a hunt for a long-lost treasure. It's not just any partnership, though. After Doug Lord, a slick, determined yet charming theif hijacked her car at a astop light in attempt to run away for bad guys; Whitney now must battle with Doug, side by side, to stay ahead of the little game entitled "death".Roberts not only takes u [...]

    21. I hated this book. I read it because it was supposed to be funny. It wasn'tt even a little bit.I hated the characters. They were some of the stupidest people Ive ever encountered in print. A vapid moronic rich girl who is so desperate to have a real problem that she risks being shot at repeatedly, stalked, and the imitate threat of rape. Which would have been fine i suppose if she wasn't also shocked and mournful every time someone is hurt as a consequence of their endeavor. She is constantly wo [...]

    22. This book was so disappointing. I was extremely interested in this book, don't get me wrong. It was definitely not boring. HoweverA) Doug was such an asshole! Money is the only thing important to him. Lots and lots of money. I grew up in a home wear going out for fast food was a nice surprise. We never went to "restaurants" where entrees were more than $10 a plate, but DAMN I was never this greedy! His girl gets kidnapped and he's more concerned for the treasure then he is his lady. Smh. Even in [...]

    23. Nora Roberts is one of my favorites, and whenever I pick up one of her books, I expect great things. I found this a little disappointing, but from any other author, I think I would have been perfectly happy with it.The plot is just plain silly in some parts, and edge-of-your-seat in others. To give an idea: in the first chapter, bored socialite Whitney gets car-jacked by thief Doug. Here's my ticket to excitement, thinks Whitney. After a gripping car chase and some snappy dialogue, she decides t [...]

    24. On the run in Manhatten and the target of hit men, Douglas Lord jumps into a nearby car and orders the driver to "step on it". Heiress Whitney MacAllister doesn't like being ordered around, but flying bullets make her move fast. With killers on their heels, Doug and Whitney come to an agreement. He has information that will lead them to a treasure and will split it with Whitney if she bankrolls the expedition. Soon they are on their way to Paris, then Madagascar, in search of a priceless treasur [...]

    25. This is one of the funniest romantic suspense novels I've ever come across. It does not matter that the sex is plain vanilla, it's not germane to the development of the romantic relationship.Miss Whitney MacAllister is something else. I love that every time she has to spend money in the adventure, she writes it down and keeps track of every cent for him to reimburse her.Douglas Lord is an unapologetic thief. The author makes no bones about it. He displays values and a sense of honor, but he enjo [...]

    26. Definitely not one of my favorites from Roberts. I just couldn't get into the story line and I really disliked the characters. Whitney was just too cold and acted too much like a prima donna and Doug was just irritating. Trying to act noble when he really was just a thief. And the idea of keeping a running total of how much he owed her really irritated me at parts. I mean, when how much someone owes someone else is brought up right in the middle or right before a sex scene come on.This won't sto [...]

    27. I always find it nerve wracking to read a genre/author that I've not read a lot of before. I'm not a big fan of romances, so I didn't hold out much hope for this outing. I love being proved wrong! This was more adventure/thriller than romance; and it moved! Descriptions were lush and the author managed to move the story along, yet give the characters time to get to know each other, thus enabling the reader to do so. I really enjoyed this!

    28. This book was alright. I liked the plot, but the characters annoyed me. They kept making misstakes and agued through the whole book. And even in the most crazy situations they were so attracted to echoer that it felt ridiculous. I thought that the book was alright but differently not one of Nora Roberts best books.

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