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The Monster Princess

The Monster Princess Lala dwells in a cave that lies deep below the ground worlds away from the castle where three beautiful princesses live She is the best krinkle nut digger by far but she longs for the dresses the p

  • Title: The Monster Princess
  • Author: D.J. MacHale Alexandra Boiger
  • ISBN: 9781416948094
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lala dwells in a cave that lies deep below the ground, worlds away from the castle where three beautiful princesses live She is the best krinkle nut digger by far, but she longs for the dresses, the parties, the royal life Up, up, up Lala climbs and sneaks into the castle She tries on the princesses gowns and is caught But the princesses dress Lala up and let heLala dwells in a cave that lies deep below the ground, worlds away from the castle where three beautiful princesses live She is the best krinkle nut digger by far, but she longs for the dresses, the parties, the royal life Up, up, up Lala climbs and sneaks into the castle She tries on the princesses gowns and is caught But the princesses dress Lala up and let her attend a ball She stumbles She bumbles She is laughed at Can Lala find it in her heart to forgive the girls who tricked her Will Lala find out what it means to be a real princess

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      272 D.J. MacHale Alexandra Boiger
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    1 thought on “The Monster Princess

    1. Ok. I liked this book. The story was cute, the concept was good and the artwork was fun. BUT the end of the book bothered me a little bit. I get that the message was to be happy with who you are, and I agree. I guess I'm more of a "shoot for the stars" kind of girl and I felt like the book leaned toward the "don't try to be something you don't think you can be and just settle for being only what you think you are." My kids loved the story though and it was a cute read, I'm possibly over-analyzin [...]

    2. Lala the rugabee wanted to be a real princess. But living in a cave beneath the ground wasn't the best place to start. She runs away and sneaks into the nearby castle, try's on the princesses pretty dresses, and gets caught! They decide to make sport of our sweet Lala and let her dress up to present her at the ball. But her entrance was spectacular and not in a wonderful way. They laughed and teased her and told her she would never be a princess. She ran back to her cave broken hearted. She want [...]

    3. I wanted to like this book more then I did. It really reminded me why rhyme is not perfect for every children's book. Not that the words didn't rhyme, but something about it seemed forced and jarring. The story seemed incomplete, as if it was missing some important part in between the main character being rejected as a princess and returning to the surface. On the other hand, I quite liked the illustrations. I think Lala is SO cute, mostly because she looks like my dog Oscar, if he had long gree [...]

    4. A story that dares to suggest that being a princess may not necessarily be the end all be all of female exsistence. I think I'd like it better if the other option wasn't presented to be monsterhood, however. But a cute story that many will enjoy with a well-constructed rhyme scheme.

    5. I bought this for my niece. It has a sweet, positive message, and her parents tell me that every single night, she demands they read her 'Monster Princess' at bedtime. It's her favorite story ever!

    6. My girly-girl loved this book, and I thought it had a nice, uniquely refreshing message for a fairy tale. Instead of living happily ever after becoming a princess, Lala the monster decides that she'd rather be herself, instead of someone that she's not. Even though the other princesses are very mean to her, she overcomes her understandable anger to defend and protect them in the end, proving that her beauty is more than skin deep.

    7. Never one to dig the preachy message books, this title was okay. Somewhat of a hard lesson for the monster princess who of course does the "right thing" in the face of nastiness. As much as my princesses enjoy princess stories, even they looked disgruntled at the end.

    8. didn't care for the princess who only liked the monster when they were going to die i don't like books that cater towards bullies. i thought good concept but just didn't translate to page.

    9. I read this book recently, and found it to be very different. It covered important topics like self pride, and being unique, however I do not think the book will appeal to many because of the unusual storyline that is hard to relate to. The story is told in a fairytale manner, and centers around a monster named Lala who lives in a cave with her family. She dreams of a glamorous life as a princess, and decides to attempt to live that way up by sneaking into the castle. This leads Lala to contempl [...]

    10. Always love a good fractured fairy tale, so had to give this one a try.I liked the illustrations - Lala was quite cute for a monster. The rhyme was a little sing-songy but didn't feel horribly forced.I didn't like the quick resolution. Princesses go from being Mean Girls to being wonderful and understanding only because their lives were threatened. Didn't feel like the bullies actually learned the lesson. And as important as being happy with yourself is, it felt like Lala was a little more resig [...]

    11. I liked this story. Lala is a little monster, who lives beneath the ground. She is a rugabee star and the best krinkle digger by far. She is brave and strong, and looked up to by others. Living in dark shadow however isn't her style she craves the light above ground and wants to be pretty like the three princesses in the castle above. One day, Lala decides to sneak into the princesses room while they are away. She gets caught up in the moment and overstays her welcome. She is greeted by three sc [...]

    12. Deep down in the underground caves where monsters live, Lala desires to leave her world of darkness to live a life of luxury above amongst the princesses in a nearby castle. The princesses, however, are not as enthusiastic to see a little green haired monster trying on their dresses and playing with their toys. With feigned friendship, the princesses help Lala feel as though she belongs, with the sole intent of embarrassing her at the ball. When she finally gets a chance to be accepted, she real [...]

    13. The Monster Princess by DJ MacHale and illustrated by Alexandra Boiger is a picture book that appeals to both my princess loving daughter and my monster loving son. Lala, is a talented Rugabee. She, though, is disatisfied with her life underground, especially when there is a castle full of princesses so near by.So Lala decides to become a princess. She manages to convince the princesses to help her. She's loaned a dress and invited to the ball. She, though, hasn't had enough practice dressing in [...]

    14. In a cave, there was a little monster girl. She had a mom and she lived in a cozy cave. One time she went up to see the world. She went into the princesses' home and put on one of their dresses. She got caught by the girls. The monster girl said oh, sorry! I just wanted to be a princess like you. But then they said, let her go to a ball. They give her a fancy gown. But she fell down and everyone laughed at her, even the princesses. She went home and was sad, but climbed up to return the dress. T [...]

    15. D.J. MacHale’s The Monster Princess is a well-written poetic story about a heroine that children can learn from. It has a strong theme about being happy with the way you are. Filled with gorgeous illustrations, parents and children will equally enjoy reading this aloud. With a cast of colorful characters and written in beautifully flowed rhymes, it provides perfect opportunities for parents to give the characters silly voices and act out a wonderful story that will maintain children’s attent [...]

    16. This is a rhyming fairy tale about a troll who dreams of becoming a princess. She has an opportunity to leave her own life for a time and join a group of princesses, but discovers that they are mean to her and that she doesn't belong. The tale moralizes about accepting yourself for who you are and embracing the things that make you special. It's an important lesson, although for young girls who might not be one of the princesses, I'm not sure that they want to be told that they are trolls. Still [...]

    17. Lala longs to be a princess with the dresses, balls and castle. After all she lives under the castle where the three true princesses live. After an encounter with the princesses Lala struggles to know what it really means to be a princess and what comes with the title. This is a cute book with a good ending. I think this book would be perfect for teen girls. Its about princesses and becoming a princess so it doesn't really focus on boys to much. I think if a boy decided to read it he would like [...]

    18. A monster, Lala, who lives deep down in a cave longs to be a princess and see the light of day. She climbs up, up, up into a castle and tries on gowns belonging to the princesses of the castle. They act friendly but it is just an act and treat her cruelly. When the princesses are in trouble, will Lala help them even though they were unkind?Teaches several lessons in a fun, rhyming story.g kind even when others hurt you, being yourself, appreciating what you have.

    19. We have had a monster theme since my daughter's birth and I've always called her my monster princess. When we saw this book, I knew I had to grab it! This was perfect for our family. We read it at least 3 nights a week before bedtime at her request. She now "reads" it with me and corrects family members that miss a word. "My star who shines bright," is even now something she must be called and is even on a piece of my jewelery. Who knew this little gem could mean so much to our family!

    20. Oh man. This book is awesome. Sam and I read it probably five times one day. It talks about how a little monster is just dying to be a princess, but in the end she realizes she doesn't need to be a princess after all. It's a very cutesy book, but provides a great message. This is a good book to talk about peer pressure and fitting in. Sam loved it because it was about a little monster girl who loved to get messy.

    21. Lala is fast and brave and the best krinkle-nut digger. But she is unhappy, and dreams of being like one of the princesses in the castle above. One day, Lala gets her chance, when things go horribly wrong Lala is left feeling more sorrowful than ever before. Never fear, though, the story is not over and children and parents alike will cheer at Lala’s ultimate victory.

    22. Rhyming fairytale. Very cute story with a good moral, about how an ugly monster wants to be a beautiful princess like the other girls her age. Book portrays the idea that sometimes the grass is not always greener on the other side. Everyone has their own special talents that make them unique and valuable to those around them and even valuable to their own communities.

    23. Cute tale about finding your own happiness. The moral and aspects of the plot were a bit predictable to adults, but that is a good thing in my book, because you want to share this with kids. Kids who are overly concerned with looks and appearances and what others have and do may benefit from this spunky and adorable monster princess.The art is lovely and the writing flows. Highly enjoyable.

    24. An amazingly kind little monster sees pretty princesses at first, then comes to learn that their beauty is only skin deep. Their ugly personalities come shining through in due course. Little monster's kindness saves the day and she finds out that she would rather be good than an meanspirited princess!

    25. This book is really cute (the adorable cover caught my eye). I do like the message I think it's trying to send: be happy with yourself just as you are, but it ends up coming off as just accept whatever lot in life you've been given. (Some people are just supposed to be princesses and others monsters. Deal with it.) Even though I don't think that's what is meant, it bothers me.

    26. The rhyme in this wasn't great. In fact, it was often a little clunky. And, though it may see weird to question character motivations in a picture book, the 3 princess characters are hard to figure out. Mean and planning a trick from the beginning, or misguided?All in all alright, but with Monsters and Princesses combined I wanted to love it.

    27. Absolutely love this book! There is a cadence, rhyme scheme that make it perfect for storytime. It's about a little gnome who wants to be a beautiful princess, but when she does, she is rudely awakened to that lifestyle. She becomes the heroine by rescuing the princesses from an evil creature!

    28. The Monster Princess was a cute story about Lala the monster who wants to be a princess and tries to sneak into the castle. The pictures were great and it had a good moral of being yourself and contributing what you have.

    29. A delightful wonderful read about a monster who wants to be a princess. Great for storytime because of the rhyming text. A wonderful read for kids who feel like they want to fit in, but want to embrace they're individuality. Boiger's illustrations are delightful and airy.

    30. The kiddie's liked this book, but I felt like the story was rushed and the rhyming was off. The message is good though. Be who you are, do what you're good at, and "the grass isn't always greener on the other side" kind of stuff.

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