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The Darkest Room

The Darkest Room The dead are our neighbours everywhere on the island and you have to get used to it It is bitter mid winter on the Swedish island of Oland and Katrine and Joakim Westin have moved with their childre

  • Title: The Darkest Room
  • Author: Johan Theorin
  • ISBN: 9780552774611
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • The dead are our neighbours everywhere on the island, and you have to get used to it It is bitter mid winter on the Swedish island of Oland, and Katrine and Joakim Westin have moved with their children to the boarded up manor house at Eel Point But their remote idyll is soon shattered when Katrine is found drowned off the rocks nearby As Joakim struggles to keep his sa The dead are our neighbours everywhere on the island, and you have to get used to it It is bitter mid winter on the Swedish island of Oland, and Katrine and Joakim Westin have moved with their children to the boarded up manor house at Eel Point But their remote idyll is soon shattered when Katrine is found drowned off the rocks nearby As Joakim struggles to keep his sanity in the wake of the tragedy, the old house begins to exert a strange hold over him.Joakim has never been in the least superstitious, but from where are those whispering noises coming To whom does his daughter call out in the night And why is the barn door for ever ajar As the end of the year approaches, and the infamous winter storm moves in across Oland, Joakim begins to fear that the most spine chilling story he s heard about Eel Point might indeed be true that every Christmas the dead return

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      208 Johan Theorin
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    1 thought on “The Darkest Room

    1. "The dead came up out of the bog lots of them, clawing at me, ripping and tearing they were cold, so cold. They wanted my warmth." This book turned out better than i expected. I was about to DNF it because of the slow as hell start but i continued reading it. And it was totally worth it. It's written in third person. It follows three characters: Henrik jansson (the theif), Tilda davidsson: a police officer, Joakim westin a father of a family. The westin family moved into this big haunted house, [...]

    2. Δεν είμαι γνώστης του συγκεκριμένου είδους λογοτεχνίας αλλά "Το πιο σκοτεινό δωμάτιο" μου άρεσε πάρα πολύ. Γκρίζα ατμόσφαιρα σε σκοτεινό απόμερο τοπίο, με ψηλά κύματα, χιόνι και ένα πολύ παλιό στοιχειωμένο αρχοντικό! Υπέροχο δέσιμο του μεταφυσικού στοιχείου με το αστυνομι [...]

    3. The first book in "The Öland Quartet", Skumtimmen ("Echoes from the Dead") was a pre- read for me, so a few years ago. I enjoyed it very much and certainly enough to collect more books by Theorin, including two of the other three in this quartet. For some reason though, I haven't gotten around to reading any of the others until now - but I'm certainly going to redeem that mistake.Nattfåk ("Natt" meaning night-time and "Fåk" being the Öland name for an especially nasty snow/sleet/ice storm th [...]

    4. Muy buen libro secuela de El Cuarteto de Öland. Me gustó mucho. Un ingrediente que me cautivó es la estación en la que tiene lugar esta historia: el invierno. Adoro el frío desolador y seco, una contingencia más en una trama llena de secretos, misterios y leyendas. Amé el final; no me lo vi venir de ninguna manera. Es un gran plot-twist que me sorprendió como pocos libros lo hicieron.

    5. Atmospheric and menacing winter on Öland in the Baltic Sea. A young couple with children buy and begin to restore an isolated timber manor house in the shadow of two lighthouses. The bleak history of the area blends well with the unlucky inhabitants of past and present. I was looking for ghosts and death in the grand finale blizzard. Gerlof, the octogenarian hero of Echoes from the Dead, has an important role here as well. I hope to find him again in the remaining books of the quartet.

    6. 4 αστεράκια,αν και ψιλοαπογοητεύτηκα,μιας και ούτε κατά διάνοια δεν ήταν τόσο τρομακτικό το βιβλίο,όσο υπονοούσαν ο τίτλος και η περίληψή τουΑτμοσφαιρικόμμμμ ναι ΟΚ,και πάλι όμως σε μερικά σημεία μόνοΣε ό,τι αφορά το υπερφυσικό,γιατί στο περιγραφικό κομμάτι του ναι,ήταν!Θε [...]

    7. Joakim and Katrine Westin, along with their two small children, have decided to leave Stockholm to buy and renovate an old manor house at Eel Point on the island of Öland. Along with its two lighthouses, this area has a long history of shipwrecks and drownings, and it is said that the voices of the dead can still be heard. But for Joakim and Katrine, Eel Point offers a new beginning. For their children there are meadows and forests to play in, a definite change from urban life in Stockholm. But [...]

    8. Για άλλη μια φορά μου άρεσε πολύ η γραφή του Theorin. Γράφει ωραία, μεστά, έχουν δομή οι ιστορίες του, ολοκληρωμένους χαρακτήρες, πλούσιες περιγραφές τοπίων και μια μελωδικότητα που τον ξεχωρίζει από τους άλλους συγγραφείς αστυνομικών μυθιστορημάτων. Μέσα σε όλα αυτά θα πρόσθε [...]

    9. Ατμοσφαιρικό, αρκετά σκοτεινό (έπρεπε να δικαιολογηθεί και ο τίτλος) και αν μη τι άλλο ανατρεπτικό ως προς την εξέλιξη. Αφήνει πάντως αρκετά αναπάντητα ερωτήματα, δεν ξέρω αν υπάρχει συνέχεια της ιστορίας σε άλλο βιβλίο.

    10. I liked this book and would give it 4 stars. Personally I think the blurb on the cover is an exaggeration and does not do the story justice. It is not a frightening horror/crime story. It is an eerie believable ghost story about a house that was built from wood salvaged from a vessel wrecked of the Island in 1846. However this is no Hollywood type of sinister monster house.It is the story of how Joakim and his children cope with the death of his sister and wife. Intertwined with details of the t [...]

    11. Ωραίο βιβλίο με ωραία πλοκή. Αλλά κάπου με απογοήτευσε. Δεν ήταν η ιστορία που νόμιζα πως θα διαβάσω, αυτό που περίμενα. Ήταν η εξιχνίαση κάποιων φόνων και κυρίως η συναισθηματική και ψυχολογική κατάπτωση ενός άντρα και το βαρύ του πένθος. Βέβαια υπήρχε μια απειλή στην ιστορ [...]

    12. Theorin has captured the bleak and frozen winters of Olan, an island off the coast of Sweden, not only in his descriptions, which blend seamlessly into the story, but also in the content of the narrative. The darkness and oppressiveness of the plot are enhanced by his descriptions of the setting. Add to this his skill at weaving a plot that defies prediction, as well as multiple clever twists, and you have a highly entertaining novel which has you gasping and even laughing at his writing skill. [...]

    13. Først leste jeg "Blodläge" - på svensk - og etterpå de to foregående, "Skumringstimmen" og "Nattefokk". Jeg liker virkelig Theorins måte å skrive på. Ølands landskap, sommergjestene, de permanentboende - alt sammen føles så nært og så virkelig. Theorin har gjerne overnaturlige element i sine bøker, som til slutt pleier å vise seg å ha naturlige årsaker. En uvanlig kriminalroman, hvor selve saken ikke nødvendigvis føles som kjernen, og ofte tar baksetet. For hovedpersonen er Ø [...]

    14. Theorin v současnosti představuje to nejlepší ze švédské kriminálky. Mlhy Olandu se mi líbily tak 50/50, ale tohle bylo mnohem lepší. Jedinou překážkou vám může být duchařina. Pokud ji nemáte rádi, nečtěte to.

    15. Много психопатщина има в тази книга :) Значително по-добра от първата в поредицата. Струва си, определено.

    16. 2017 Around the Year in 52 Books #15 A book written or set in Scandinavia 4.5 estrellasAlgo muy fuerte en mí nació que me llevó a leer este libro. Estaba obsesionada con empezarlo y devorarlo cuanto antes, ya que anteriormente leí otro libro del autor y recordaba haberlo disfrutarlo.Fue de las mejores lecturas que tuve en el año.Esta historia es genial, asombrosa, magnifica, inigualable, inimaginable, insuperable bue tanto no y engancha de una forma espectacular.Es increíble como el autor [...]

    17. "That's what we will all be one day. Memories and ghosts". Thus ends Johan Theorin's 'The Darkest Room' and it perfectly encapsulates the dilemma of the main character in the book and also of us readers. Throughout the novel and even at the end both cannot come to a conclusion as to whether there was actually any supernatural activity involved in the events that are described. Purists who either expect a typical crime fiction or a novel with explicit supernatural overtones would be disappointed, [...]

    18. I really don't understand why this book got so many good reviews here and on other sites. Maybe the translator did a bad job and spoiled the effect of the book (I read it in Russian)though I seriously doubt it. First of all, this book is devoid of any features of a literary style. By this I mean - no metaphors, no stylistic devices, just a mere sequence of events given in the most trivial manner ever. And it's not Hemingway or Kafka, of course. OK, stylistic devices are not so important nowadays [...]

    19. ★★★★: Me encantó, en serio.Fascinante. Desde que descubrí a Camilla Läckberg que miro con buenos ojos a la literatura sueca. Y por eso, tras leer la sinopsis, supe que este libro no me iba a decepcionar. De hecho, me sorprendió. Me sorprendió mucho.Cuenta la fatídica historia de un matrimonio con dos hijos pequeños, con un pasado sesgado por muertes y madres ausentes, y con una extraña manera de vivir, al margen de las cosas. Esta familia se muda a una mansión, Aludden, en la is [...]

    20. I loved The Darkest Room, absolutely loved it. Theorin offers us one of those great crime novels that isn’t really about crime but everyone affected by it. Unlike ‘traditional’ crime novels where the main character is a cop investigating the crime, the cops play a minor role in The Darkest Room. I like it when an author writing in such a popular genre tries to do something a little bit different.Theorin blends crime and the supernatural in a very subtle way in The Darkest Room. I love it w [...]

    21. I have read Theorin's first book which had a depth of character and history that I really enjoyed. I have also recently read Chris Bohjalian's "The Night Strangers" which I hated. This book is what Bohjalian was trying to accomplish and didn't. This was an extremely well-written mystery that was also a ghost story. An old manor by the sea, inhabited for many years by those who kept up the lighthouses on the coast, is the setting for an accident that is eventually deemed a murder. Add to the narr [...]

    22. It's a good, interesting crime-ghost story. Easy read, decent, very " skandinavian" , I had a good time.

    23. Το ποιο σκοτεινό δωμάτιοJohan Theorin Εκδόσεις ΜεταίχμιοΕίχα μήνες να ευχαριστηθώ ένα τόσο ατμοσφαιρικό θρίλερ,κάθε σελίδα και μου έκοβε την ανάσα.Η περιγραφές σε σωστές δώσεις,οι πρωταγωνιστες καλοδουλεμενοι μπαίνεις στην ψυχολογία τους και το ζεις. Η υπόθεση δεν είναι βαρετ [...]

    24. Part ghost story, part crime fiction, 100% thriller, it is an intriguing, atmospheric novel that kept me gripped right up until its high-octane ending. While certain scenes lacked realism - for example, the seemingly indestructible Tilda carrying on her policework after having an axe thrown at her head and Joakim repeatedly heading out to the barn at night, leaving his two children all alone in the house when he knows that his daughter is unsettled in her sleep - the novel as a whole is well tho [...]

    25. When I had read Echoes from the Dead, I was not really expecting a taut thriller, with a sad and believable protagonist and a plot which racing between two time periods and an unlikely outcome, a twist in the very last pages. It kept me hooked up to the last page. I made the mistake of underestimating the book, and I was properly thrilled with its stature. And, then I made the mistake of over estimating The Darkest Room, and was not really thrilled by the book and its contents. Make no mistake o [...]

    26. The manor house at Eel Point, on the Swedish island of Öland, has had a dark reputation ever since it was built using salvage from a shipwreck. There have been a number of deaths associated with the place over the years, and the latest happens shortly after Joakim Westin moves in there with his family – his wife Katrine drowns, apparently accidentally. A young police officer named Tilda Davidsson looks into events, and starts to wonder if Katrine’s death really was all that accidental – w [...]

    27. Här kan du läsa min recension på svenska =)This is the second book in The Öland Quartet by Johan Theorin. I read the first book, Echoes from the Dead, a couple of years ago and really enjoyed the mix of mystery and thriller. In The Darkest Room, Theorin continues to mix mystery with thriller. We follow Katrine and Joakim Westin who move into Åludden's large farm in northern Öland. It is said that the house is built of timber from a ship that has fallen into the flock. Soon they will hear s [...]

    28. Ένα πολυ ωραίο βιβλίο, για να περάσει η ώρα σου. Να σας εξηγήσω τώρα γιατί βάζω μονο 3*.Βλέπω που λέτε βιβλίο με τίτλο "Το πιο σκοτεινό δωμάτιο" και περιγραφή άκρως σκιαχτική! Ωπα, λέω, εδώ είμαστε, Μαριλου, άδειασε 2-3 βράδια απ' την ατζέντα σου,έχει τρόμο η κατάσταση!! Ναι, αλλά δε [...]

    29. I haven't read a ghost story as good as this one in a very long time and maybe ever.This book is set in Sweden in a manor house on the shore of the Baltic Sea. Two lighthouses are also on the shore not too far from the house.Joakim and Katrine Westin and their young son and daughter have just moved into a big old long-neglected house with the intentions of remodeling it. However, "there are things that cannot be repaired, lives that have gone wrong, and secrets that have followed them."Within a [...]

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