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Maria Chapdelain: A Tale of the Lake St. John Country

Maria Chapdelain A Tale of the Lake St John Country Books for All Kinds of Readers Read HowYouWant offers the widest selection of on demand accessible format editions on the market today Our different sizes of EasyRead are optimized by increasing th

  • Title: Maria Chapdelain: A Tale of the Lake St. John Country
  • Author: Louis Hémon
  • ISBN: 9781442949621
  • Page: 196
  • Format: ebook
  • Books for All Kinds of Readers Read HowYouWant offers the widest selection of on demand, accessible format editions on the market today Our 7 different sizes of EasyRead are optimized by increasing the font size and spacing between the words and the letters We partner with leading publishers around the globe Our goal is to have accessible editions simultaneously releaseBooks for All Kinds of Readers Read HowYouWant offers the widest selection of on demand, accessible format editions on the market today Our 7 different sizes of EasyRead are optimized by increasing the font size and spacing between the words and the letters We partner with leading publishers around the globe Our goal is to have accessible editions simultaneously released with publishers new books so that all readers can have access to the books they want to read To find books in your format visit readhowyouwant

    • [PDF] × Unlimited Á Maria Chapdelain: A Tale of the Lake St. John Country : by Louis Hémon ✓
      196 Louis Hémon
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] × Unlimited Á Maria Chapdelain: A Tale of the Lake St. John Country : by Louis Hémon ✓
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    1 thought on “Maria Chapdelain: A Tale of the Lake St. John Country

    1. ‎دوستانِ گرانقدر، این رمان بنظرم به نوعی عشق و احتیاجات زندگی همچون زمین را مقابل یکدیگر قرار میدهد و البته میتواند اهدافِ دیگری را در دلِ خود داشته باشد--------------------------------------------‎عزیزانم، داستان مربوط میشود به کوچِ مهاجرانِ فرانسوی به سرزمین کانادا. خانواده ای به نامِ <شاب [...]

    2. Moral of the story: you should remain miserable your whole life to honor your equally miserable ancestors.

    3. Time stands still, for a moment, in Louis Hémon's Maria Chapdelaine, allowing us a view into a society that faced an internal upheaval, stemming from its very roots. While Hémon was penning his novel, Québec was undergoing a mass migration of its French Canadian citizens into the United States: between 1840 and 1930, just over a million Québécois made the move to industrial towns in the US, seeking jobs. Hémon's novel reflects this heartbreaking quandary in which the citizens found themsel [...]

    4. Maria Chapdelaine is the story of Maria, a girl living in rural Quebec in the early days of the twentieth century, and the hardships that come with living at this time in this place. It addresses themes prevalent in Canadian Literature; that of climate, isolation and hard work in overcoming both. In true Canadian literary fashion, the story is harrowing but satisfying. It can be boring and tedious - though it is never through the fault of authors; it is simply the fact that those days offered li [...]

    5. Oh. My. God. Was this book every boring. Although well-written, Maria Chapdelaine is about a girl whose father spends his entire life slaving away to build farms in the Canadian wilderness. Once his farm is complete, however, he gets bored, moves away, and begins the process again, willfully casting himself into servitude of the savage Canadian landscape. Maria, who has clearly inherited her father's stupidity, falls in love with men after meeting them an entire two times in her isolated island [...]

    6. This story is so removed from the reality of modern life that it is easy to understand why some readers might find it difficult to relate to. It is, however, a true depiction of a particular time and place (e.g.: Early 20th c. in Québec, in a remote area of French Canada.) My own grandparents and those before them lived this kind of reality: Harsh long winters, hard work, sacrifices, isolation and a deeply held religious belief. Dutiful Maria Chapdelaine is at the centre of this moving story. W [...]

    7. I read a different French edition, but close enough. An allegory of sorts. Pastoral. Roughly idyllic or idealized version of French Canadian "frontier" life around the turn of the last century. I did enjoy the colloquialisms, such as the French-speaking Canadians referring to themselves as les Canadiens and les habitants (tr. as inhabitants, those who live in this place), whereas the English-Speaking Canadians are labeled les Anglais, les Russes, les Italiens, etc. One of the dominant themes is [...]

    8. "Maria Chapdelaine" is a true Canadian classic. I read it in French in high school and now in English on my ipad. The translation is good but the editing was less than stellar with lots of spelling errors. Like all great literature, the tale is symbolic of much more than the lot of the book's characters. The choice faced by the heroine is really one faced by everyone at some point in life - between duty and ambition, known and unkown, heritage and progress. It is also a beautiful description of [...]

    9. A classical story depicting rural life near Lac St-Jean at the turn of the 20th century. I thought it was beautiful and interesting, but Maria, the main character, was a little too saintly for my taste. It felt like Hémon was teaching women a lesson through his taleSomething like, "Hey girls, why don't you be more like her?"It's hard to believe that a woman who lived isolated from any other girls her age and whose life revolved around serving her brothers food, cleaning, sewing, and praying, co [...]

    10. Don't read this if:-you're depressed-it's the beginning of winter-you're about to move to a cabin in the woods, especially if you're going to clear unbroken land and farm it. This book will make you run screaming towards the nearest city.Although this is an interesting period piece, the sheer tyranny of snow, oppressive woods, mosquitoes, stumps and people unable to speak their thoughts make this a bleak read. And I never figured out how Maria communicated so much pent-up emotion to so many suit [...]

    11. It's like the French Canadian version of Little House on the Prairie (well, kind of). I enjoyed this historical novel because of the dilemma Maria faces- to continue farm life in Quebec where the climate is brutal and the work hard or leave behind her family and culture for an easier life in the factories of Massachusetts.

    12. C'était excellent. Un beau portrait du Québec provenant d'un écrivain d'ailleurs. Hautement historique aussi.

    13. Fascinating story of a pivotal year in the life of the titular character in rural Quebec right before WW1. I couldn't help thinking of the later Little House books when reading this, because of the frontier setting, though it's actually written and taking place more in the era of the L M Montgomery books, though over in French speaking territory.

    14. Un roman qui a une valeur historique, mais sens plus. Ennuyeux, avec des thèmes et des personnages qui ne sont plus au goût du jour. Je comprends qu'à l'école on nous fait lire ce roman pour que nous connaissions notre histoire, mais ça ne donnera pas à la plus part des jeunes le goût de lire d'autres livres. C'est tout le contraire en réalité.

    15. Je croyais que la Belle Bête était le roman le plus bête et le plus plate de l'histoire de la littérature québécoise, j'ai découvert que c'était faux. Maria Chapdelaine est l'histoire d'une belle grosse paysanne dans le Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean qui ne sait qui épouser parmi trois hommes ayant rien en commun. Elle est alors confrontée par trois modes de vie différents. PS François va mourir et elle va choisir Eutrope.Est décrit dans le roman le mode de vie traditionnel québécois; le d [...]

    16. The beauty of the prose is not lost in the translation. But I like humor and plot and this one is pretty much devoid of either.

    17. I had never heard of Maria Chapdelaine before my Canadian Literature course. This is one of the reasons I took a Canadian Literature course at my university, to get more familiar with the novels and novelists of my country that are forgotten in place of American and British classics. I am happy for taking this course and happy for reading Maria Chapdelaine because it gave me a better understanding of Canadian history and more important history into Quebec and the lives of French Canadians*.From [...]

    18. Roman banal, avec une intrigue facilement prévisible et, enfin, ennuyeuse. Le personnage principal, ladite Maria Chapdelaine, est utilisé comme simple outil pour réaliser le vrai but de Hémon (qui n'était pas, lui-même, Québécois: c'est un Français qui a passé une poignée d'années dans la province et a donc voulu montrer les grandes valeurs de la société rurale québécoise au public européen, ou quelque chose comme ça), qui n'est pas de fournir au lecteur un personnage ni une in [...]

    19. C'est un hymne a la gloire de la misere. Un francais de la France arrive au Canada. Il constatent que les Canadiens-francais ont la vie dure mais ils ne lachent pas. A l'epoque, il y avait des gens qui pensait que c'etait vrai. Cependant, meme dans les pires des temps les choses se brassaient plus que fait croire Hemon dans ce petit roman lamentable.Avec Maria Chapdelaine, Hemon nous a donne une heroine de la grande tradition de George Sand. Maria est une fille de la campagne. Chez George Sand l [...]

    20. À Péribonka (Québec), au début du XXème siècle, Maria doit faire un choix entre trois prétendants : François Paradis ( le coureur des bois), Lorenzo Surprenant ( l’homme d’affaires établi aux États-Unis) et Eutrope Gagnon ( l’agriculteur).Maria Chapedelaine est un classique de la littérature québécoise. J’ai bien aimé le côté roman de mœurs présentes dans le roman qui illustre l’importance du clergé et la colonisation de certaines régions du Québec à travers le tr [...]

    21. Coup de cœur pour "Maria Chapelaine", grand classique de la littérature québécoise! Il a été écrit par le français Louis Hémon qui a vécu au Canada et qui est mort en Ontario, frappé par un train. L’histoire a initialement été présentée sous la forme d’un feuilleton présenté dans un journal de Paris. Le livre a finalement été publié en 1914. L’histoire raconte la vie rude et difficile des fermiers au Québec à la fin du 19e siècle, plus précisément, la vie de la fam [...]

    22. This book was very cool to read. It really captures the life of the early French Canadians and the harsh life they had to live. This is also a beautiful love story with heart wrenching scenes thrown in. I only wish I knew how to read French because I'm sure a lot of the beauty and description of Northern Canada has been lost in the translation. This is a good quick read and what I kept thinking about the entire book was how our ancestors got through living in this harsh landd can understand why [...]

    23. Having grown up in Canada, including several years spent in Quebec, but settling as an adult in the United States, Maria Chapdelaine touched my heart.Canadians, even now, are hearty co-conspirators to Mother Nature, making plans & living actively with Her and in spite of Her, ever respectful of Her. The lure of a life with Lorenzo, who promises ease & excitement, and represents something "other" than that which Maria knows, still calls to Canadians. The writing in the final pages, as Mar [...]

    24. De Québécois zijn simpele, maar pure zielen en hun leven is hard, maar eerlijk. En ochhere, zo schoon dat dat is. Blijkbaar zou het een pastiche zijn, wat het boek zou kunnen redden. Een satire zou echter uit de tekst moeten blijken. Quod non: de fysiek van elk personage wordt uitvoerig beschreven, waarna er niets meer mee wordt gedaan. De plot is eerder een excuus om elke handeling uit het boeren leven in Québec te beschrijven, van het kappen van bomen tot het plukken van de bleuets: ja, het [...]

    25. For those who are wishing to study Canada, and to understand the differences in Quebec society, than Maria Chapdelaine is a must read. The traditional roman de la terre, it is a essentially a love story, yet it must be understood as cross section of early Quebec society. The novel is about the the traditional pillars of Quebecois life. Land, Language, and Institutions, and how they affect the decisions of Maria. A good novel, yet very short, it is a little difficult to read. Enjoy!

    26. This is supposed to be one of Québec's great novels, but it struck me as provincial and formulaic. The writing style is fine enough and the translation smooth, but by its end the book simply dissolves into a long-winded, heroically patriotic, and ultimately bland paean to Québec. Perhaps it was only meant to present an authentic vision of a Québec colonist's life and this, at least, it does reasonably well.

    27. Très représentatif des romans du terroir: trop long, trop de descriptions inutiles surtout à propos du paysage, l'omniprésence étouffante de l'église, le manque de substance des personnages qui ne sont là que pour vanter les mérites de la vie sur la terre. Les seuls personnages un tant soit peu attachants sont les seuls à vouloir changer de vie, et l'un meurt alors que l'autre se retrouve dans une complète solitude. Déprimant.

    28. Un des premiers romans du terroir. Déprimant! Le public devait être les lecteurs français. Il ne faut surtout pas associer ce roman à la quête de notre identité collective. Le Québec rural est mis en scène pour d'autres. L'auteur est observateur et n'engage pas le dialogue avec ses personnages. Il décrit les us et coutumes du Québec sans vraiment en tirer l'essence.2/5

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